Missing Prayers During Winter

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The speaker discusses the shortened weather during the winter months, which is causing people to skip or miss their prayers. They suggest taking a few minutes to figure out when and when to pray, starting at a certain point, and reading ahead to ensure everyone is taking appropriate prayer time. The speaker also reminds individuals to pray in their appropriate time and to ensure conditions are met before starting the prayer.

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Salam, alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh quick video that I wanted to do regarding the time of the year that we are in right now. As we know, in the winter months, the days are shorter. And what that means is that we have less time to pray Our prayers. Specifically, we're talking about the Valhalla awesome, and Mosley prayer. So what happens is people go from having this long, drawn out day, and they kind of get used to having their prayers at a certain time in their day. So if someone's a student, or they're at work, they know that maybe at school or at work, they'll have to pray a lot. And then they can come home and pray, a lot of them have comes later, and so on and so forth. Now,

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as winter comes along, it seems that the day shortens very quickly. And especially if you're living in those countries that have daylight savings in North America and other countries, it seems that effects is even more where the day gets even shorter. And all of a sudden now person's at school, or college or whatever it may be or work. And normally they would have to pray one prayer at work or school. And now it's they got to pray, they'll have they got to pray outside as well, they got to fit those in. And for some people, even Muslim, I know most of them here comes in right now approximately 5pm. And that mean, those people who are in school, or college until five or six, they

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have three prayers that they have to pray or somebody works until, you know, five, that's another prayer that they have to fit in. And what can happen is that because of that quick shift, people end up skipping or missing a lot of their prayers. A quick fix for this is to simply take the time to schedule in your prayers, take a few moments and figure out where and how and when you're going to be able to pray your prayers. So whatever you do, as I said, whether it be school, college, work, whatever it is, whatever you're doing, whatever is going on in your day, just take a few minutes to figure out when you're going to pray that you have a certain amount of time while in my day where's

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it going to fit in where's where's also going to fit in Where is money going to fit in, once you can kind of pencil that in, figuratively or literally as well. So you have a schedule and just write it in. Once you figure out where those prayers fit inshallah Tada, you can readjust. So it's important in the winter months in the shin, you know, when they're shorter days to take the time to readjust your day and fit your prayers in to whatever you may be doing during the day. So yeah, just a quick reminder, obviously, for myself and for all of you as well. Don't let the winter months be the month where you end up skipping your prayers or you know, some people, they just come home and line up all

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their prayers and pray their prayers like that. May Allah protect us. Obviously praying prayers better than not praying a prayer but the prayer should be prayed in its appropriate time knowing that conditions of our prayer being accepted is that it is prayed in the time allotted for it and ask the last printout and make it easy for me and for all of you as well. Until next time, said I want to come to light or what I got