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Fatima Al Samarqadi was a woman, the wife of a scholar, a daughter of a scholar and a bonafide jurist herself.

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh I torchbearers in my class with a modern minister. Today we talk about a great female scholar by the name of Fatima Assam up India.

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She is the daughter of a grid scholars as well, who wrote a very important book in the Hanafi for political football. And ironically, she married to also stated knowledge was chosen carefully by her father, to marry her to him. And her model was that the,

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the, basically, her husband would write an explanation for his book duck with the football ha, which is we still have until today, her husband, by the way, has a title of King, the king of the scholars medical who did not like him, Allahu taala. And here are the great books and hanafy felt that I personally benefited from it, as well as many, many, many scholars through the history.

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The point that I like to focus on on the class, that how her

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father and her husband supported her so much, until she became that woman who she was a she reached the level that she became an advisor, or give advice and a counselor to the king of Alibaba at that time. neurotensin ki Rahim Allah to Allah. So when she came even to Alibaba, the scholars of Alibaba came and they discuss with her certain issues and debated and the Nv said, this woman isn't very knowledgeable woman, she's to issue federal during her father time signed by her father and by herself. And when she got married, she's tissue federal, Angela, it will be signed by her then her husband's name. I mean, we looking forward to see this today in our community, our society,

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unfortunately, so many times when a sister get married, you know, her husband will take care away from all the good work that she used to do prior to marriage. You know, sometimes in my community wish that as a sister will not marry some of the brothers because what happened in my experience after they get married, she's not allowed to talk to him out to organize events, she's not gonna participate. She's not to volunteer. And that's really it's a very negative things. But by studying the life of Fatima kondia, we found out that that's not the case. And because of that support that she got from her family, she became one of the greatest greatest scholars that we have in our

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history when it comes to that faculty member and Eva himolla. Looking forward to discuss more lessons from her life, and my class torchbearers.