How Do I Repent to Allah

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The transcript discusses the importance of apologizing to Allah for mistakes and mistakes, as it is crucial to avoid future mistakes. The speaker emphasizes the need to stop past past mistakes and avoid future mistakes. The importance of apologizing for mistakes and mistakes is emphasized.

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So even when we say when someone accepts Islam what do they have to say first like as they want to enter so that what do they say? Four words la

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la isla has stopped there La La there's no God stop for Allah Allah You know, that's how you start you empty the dirt. You see that you empty that plate, you wash up that plate La Ilaha then you put in one, continue La Ilaha illa Allah did you see that? So even those who worship Allah that alone is not sufficient because people in Quran even in Medina, they worshipped Allah but they used to go through idols. You see that? So they had Allah they believe Allah is the Creator Rob was somewhat evil, but what was it they had to go in somewhere in between me I'm a protector cerebral alanine. So why were you saying this is because as we you tried to become a better person? You having good

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friends alone does not sufficient to make you a better person. You have to get rid of a bad friend Subhan Allah, right. Allah says in the Quran that Allah will accept the good deeds in lemon tab What am and those who make repentance they apologize and what's next? Who knows the iron? Well, I'm in a side hustle you apologized and you make up for it is he that you cleaned up that plate and you're gonna put the strawberries in the craps inshallah he gets a crate scrap. I said crap one time. Last week chef, I said crap, that's Nutella. And then my daughter came she said, I can't believe you're cursing in your lecture. No, I said crap. Baba crap, right. Anyhow, so anyways, the worst part is

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it's a creep that someone's not a creep. Okay? So the point being here is repenting to Allah subhana wa Taala and this is one of the main steps that we have to do throughout the strap is to apologize to Allah I really hope when I say apologize to Allah not a single one of you says apologize for what law is no way apologize for what should I remind you and remind myself what we did last weekend?

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How we use our phone how we went through that video like it was beautiful lecture in the next video that if I was around or if you were around me or someone who was around someone else you would have never watched that video May Allah forgive us apologize for what not just apologize for the mistakes apologize for not doing a better job on the good stuff too. Right. Whenever Rahim Allah in salaam built the cabin Tom is something you've done and I have done and the world has done better than building the cabin. After he built the Kava. What are you saying?

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What to Ballina? Yeah Allah forgive us forgive you for what but it did Kava.

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He's built the kava, forgive me. If I took longer than I supposed to if I took extra rest unnecessarily if I didn't take that break as soon as as soon as I showed up, yeah, Allah forgive me to Ballina. That's the first thing he says. Then after he apologized and sought Allah's forgiveness. Then he told Allah teach us how do I do tawaf? We're adding them in a second alright, that actually that can be forced, right? Well, I didn't know my second minor second, I want to get into trouble right. Then after that he made dua to Allah to send a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So if you think of that as much as you possibly can, if all what you and I know is that the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Wallah, he says Wallahi in neither Estelle fear Allah how to boy I say Allah, forgive me. I seek your repentance out to return back a stop for Allah to Allah. He says that in one day more than 100 times, and he's Rasul allah sallallahu wasallam. So all that appreciate Allah Subhana Allah blessings upon you. So how do I feel that sense of the CPR because sometimes people ask, you know what, I don't feel bad, and that's a disaster. I don't feel bad is a disaster. Why? Because if you don't feel bad, God does not accept you're asking of his forgiveness.

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Did you see that? Why because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and let them will tell them the essence, the roots of repentance. The number one pillar is what to regret. You got to feel bad. You have to feel sorry for what you've done. We don't say you know what, it's okay. We all make mistakes. I learned from it and I move on. No, if you want to say that you have that sense of, of pain, maybe bring some tears onto your cheeks right and you cry to Allah subhanaw taala May Allah make us regret for the other but Allah mean? So I'll end really quick with how to return to Allah subhanaw taala Can we do that really, really quick? Because we have a wonderful syllabaries Allah

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Grantham Jana say, I mean, may Allah bless his family, his children, his wife, Dr. Robert alanine. All right. So let's say Yes, sir. Right. So if I had the bottle of water opened, and then I have some water poured onto brother yesterday by accident.

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How do I properly apologize?

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Well, and acid so Hey, brother, Selma, as I mentioned, as I'm sorry, yes, sir. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. You're right. I'll take that

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That's one of the conditions so I apologize, right? I'm so sorry. You had to verbalize that. But said, man, what else should I do? I'm so sorry. I stop. Right? So when you want to repent from a sin, you have to stop it immediately. You don't have a planning schedule Inshallah, in No, you're gonna do immediately and you don't know how far you live right? So you tend to stop immediately. So it has to do with the present. And the past and the future Toba has to do with a present past and the future the present is to do what stop the past I have to regret I'm so sorry. I really apologize. What's the last one? The future?

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To not do it again? I'll take that part of the future but what else?

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Make up for it? How about your Knuth? Over shallow? Right? Right by Maynooth job take his snow dry it out and you make up for it. Sorry, just like that and stopping it may not be enough many times you have to make up for it. As Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us that follow Attabad follow whenever you do a sin follow it up with a good deed tiempo ha it erases it. So with that being said that escolas Pena with data to make today and for the rest of our lives, a moment of repentance to Allah subhana wa Taala as Rasul Allah is Allah Allah and insulin is to always ask for Allah's forgiveness. I say whatever I have said I asked her to forgive us all the other bill alanine