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AI: Summary © The importance of remembering that one is appreciated by others and everyone is aware of the unconditional love of Islam is emphasized. A woman lost her job and went to a reunion in her hometown while writing a letter to her son. The speaker discusses the impact of Islam on people, including the historical moment where a woman was given the ability to move into a new building and receive a reward for being strong and healthy. The segment also touches on the historical moment where a woman was given the ability to move into a new building and receive a reward for being strong and healthy.
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go through trials where there are people who don't want that person to be around them. That person is not appreciated by others. That person is not loved by others.

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We're centered brothers sisters, I want to always remember I want to remind you that if you are ever in that state,

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if you are ever if you find yourself in a position that you are not appreciated by anyone, you feel like that there is no one that's out there looking out for you. If you feel that you are not loved by anyone,

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always remember that there is still someone who loves you. And that love is considered as unconditional love.

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That is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala for you.

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Always remember that Allah loves you.

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If there is no one in this world who cares about you, Allah cares about you.

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If there is no one who's looking after you, Allah is looking after you.

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All of you being here for southern July, is a sign that Allah loves you.

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You remember Allah is a sign that Allah loves you.

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Allah loves us.

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The Prophet sallallahu ala he was sent out one time was sitting with what he was seeing with the Sahaba really a long time.

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And he saw a woman

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frantically looking around for her child. She's going here she's going there looking for her baby.

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As soon as she finds her baby, she picks that child out. And she has that child

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probably saw a lot of it. He was sending him he says and he asked his questions, his companions that Could you ever imagine this woman throwing her baby into a fire? The promise of this hello Yolanda Ron who said, Oh prophet of Allah, we cannot even fathom this. We cannot imagine this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Allah loves his slaves 70 times more than this woman is showing love to her child.

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Want to share a story with you that I came across, I read somewhere.

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There was a there was a child.

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That while he was growing up, he had, you know, one thing that he had to go through was to know that he had a mother, this child had a mother, and she only had one eye. She only had one eye.

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This child he would go to school. He would feel embarrassed. Whenever his mother would come to pick him up, he will feel embarrassed that everyone else is fine. My mom has only one eye. You will feel shy about it. embarrassed about it. His he will be his friends would come around. And they will say something about that they had a comment about that. This made him very uncomfortable. And he would tell his mother and specifically that I don't want you to come around me when I'm around my friends. When I'm at school, don't come around me.

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This child grew up with this resentment and this kind of embarrassment in his heart.

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But he wants you to know he does keep the embarrassment in his heart. But he chose to stay away from his mother.

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So as a result, when he grew up, he chose to go somewhere else where he does not have to see his mother, he can stay somewhere else and he can become a successful man.

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Well, Allah gave him what he wanted. He went somewhere else. He became successful. He earned his degree. He got he began to pursue his career. And he got a new job. Later on. He got married in his life. And it said that when he got married ALLAH SubhanA, Allah granted him children. And he said that one day, his mother came around looking for him. She knocked on his door, and he opened that door, his door open the door, looking at this woman, he became frightened a unit he ran inside.

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This son comes and he sees and he recognizes that this is my mother.

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This is my mother. And he instead of welcoming her, he told her off. He disrespected her. And he told her that you came here and you scared my children.

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He told her I don't want you to ever come back here around.

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She said fine. She went back home

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her hometown. He receives a letter that there is about to be a school reunion taking place.

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And everyone of this year who graduated this year is welcome to come. He told his wife that I'm going on a business trip. But he goes to that he goes to their reunion.

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When he goes to that reunion, he feels he feels that let me go home. And let me see what's going on with my old home, the house I grew up in. So he goes to that house. When he goes there, he finds no one there. He goes to the next door neighbor. And he says that there used to be an old woman living over here. Do you know anything about her? They told him that she has passed away.

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So he says that you should leave anything behind?

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And he says he hid and they say, yes.

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It was a matter that they left and that she left behind. Are you the son? And he says, Yes, you know, this letter is for you. So he begins for me that letter, and respected brothers sisters, you see the love a mother has for her child.

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She writes in that letter, that Oh, my son, the only thing I ever wanted was to be close to you. That's all I want to

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you are a piece of my heart. I cared about you.

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But you felt embarrassed whenever I did come around you. And then she she wrote in that letter, that the reason you see me one eye, is because when you were young, you were in an accident.

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And you had lost an eye.

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And the doctors told me, I gave the suggestion, that is impossible, I will sacrifice one of my eyes from my own son.

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She writes, I gave out my eye, so that you do not get behind in this dunya I gave my my eye so that you don't feel embarrassed and awkward around others.

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This is the mother I mean, every time I think about this, it brings tears to my eyes. Because this is what a mother is willing to do for her own child. Now once again, think about this. Allah loves us more 70 times more than our mother's love us. Let that sink in.

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Respected brothers and sisters, if Allah loves us this much, the question that we need to ask ourselves is, do we love Allah?

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Do we love Allah?

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I asked all of you this question. Imagine you show your children that love and they turn back and they give you a cold shoulder.

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Could you die? Could you any of you digest that?

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I guarantee none of you can digest that.

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The question is, do we love Allah subhanho wa taala. I want to share with you another story

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about another youngster.

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This youngster what he would do is that he told his mother that I have to go and study to go and study. And his mother said that I will let you go only on the condition. That time they never had emails. They never has time. You have to write me a letter every single month. And he agreed that I will write a letter for you every single month.

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But there was one thing that this woman could not do. She could neither read nor write. So every single month, this chart, this youngster, this teenager, he would write a letter to his mother. And when she would receive this letter, she wouldn't go to her next door neighbor to a woman who had the capacity to read and write. And she would give her that letter and tell her told me what my son has written for me. And so she wouldn't read the whole thing.

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Well, one time she received a letter, she went to her next door neighbor, and she was not there.

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And this desire just to know what's on that letter was making her uncomfortable. She just wanted to know what's on that letter.

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So So now in order for her to be independent, she thought the best way is for me to learn how to read and write. So then she began to read, learn how to read and write. And she went through many pains.

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She went through so much just to learn how to read and write

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Well after that,

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whenever her son was sent a letter to her now first it was someone else read the letter to her. This time she's read the letters for herself. She would read the letters every single day. She really wanted every single day. The old letters she would take them out and read them every single day. Why? Because she loved her son. Because of her immense amount of affection. She read those letters, receptor brothers, sisters, we also have the letters of Allah subhanho wa Taala is called the Quran.

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How much do we read the Quran?

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Ask yourself this question. How many times every day or what, how many times during the week? Do you pick up the Quran and read the letters of Allah subhanaw taala

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because when you do that, when you take time out every day and you pick up the Quran and review the Quran, that is a manifestation of your love for Allah subhanho wa Taala those are the letters of Allah subhanaw taala

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respected by the sisters once again the question that we need to ask ourselves is How much do some of us have a

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look around us? Allah has given us everything.

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Look at it dunya look at dunya around us. This if we if we actually sit down and ponder what's around us, I guarantee you this will create within our heart an appreciation for Allah Subhana

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Allah says in other words, you will Oh, well he does a lady when the heavy the iron Alba part over what's around you.

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I love even more happy Yemen. We're all done. We're allowed to be him. When you

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get up at karoun

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We are the rune

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fee hunters and I work with

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people we don't resettable ancestors we don't know Allah subhanho wa Taala is well, like we don't know what it is.

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Today, I can sit down with a person who's in the IT field. And I can tell that person talk about your industry. Talk about what you do. And he can talk about his it coding whatever he does, for hours and hours. Sit down with a Physician He can talk to you about medicine for hours and hours. Sit down with a kid today. One from one week. What are we from today is the Super Bowl. Which teams are the Super Bowl who are the quarterbacks of this of those two teams, the wide receivers, the defensive players, what is the strength of the each team, the weaknesses of each team?

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That youngster that adult can sit down with you and talk to you on hours and receptor brothers sisters, I asked you if you will talk about Allah subhanho wa Taala How much can you talk about Allah, the One who gave us everything, the one who has created everything around us, the one that we claim to love the way the one that we claimed our entire life is for Allah. Do we really know who Allah subhanaw taala it's sit down with your child today at home and tell them you Allah go talk to me about the Wasp Ohana without telling me what Allah subhanho wa Taala is, we started with the sisters we cannot.

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Is this one is this what love is?

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Is this what love is look at the entire Quran from cover to cover. Allah is talking about himself, Allah even that that you want to summarize without Allah in that in that you max amount well you will owe there is something considered as a landlord. The landlord owns the structure of the house or the building, you have a tenant who owns the contents of the building or that or that house. Allah says Allah in the villa He

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Allah owes the entire duniya Allah in the now you Madison I work with all what exists in this dunya Allah Oh is also the owner.

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We're in the home affairs. Right now you're in Naboo Allah has the keys of the unseen

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well that has to do with work but it is

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that no leave drops from a tree. Think about in the season of fall. How many? How many leaves fall off the tree. So the handle Allah says that I have knowledge of every single leaf that is falling off the tree.

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This is who Allah subhanho wa Taala is the other day I went to go visit him

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I have a young brother of ours, who fell off and he's here he was actually with a, he fell off a horse, and he injured himself. I went to the hospital with a doctor in our community.

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And that physician that doctor was explained to me that what an amazing machine Allah has created us, this human being this body that Allah has given us, the how the mind is connected to every single part in the body.

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Who has created this law called the Halacha man in Santa Fe.

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It is Allah was created this respective brothers and sisters, if I don't know who Allah is, if I cannot describe who Allah is, then where will the love of the law come from? How will the bulk Allah come within our heart? And I want you to think about this. Because there are channels of learning. You know, how you learn in life, either by hearing, by seeing

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by comprehending and by talking about it. This is how you learn anything. The Sahaba they will hear about the greatest of Allah.

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The Sahaba would visualize the greatest of Allah

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DPDK table

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where he came from fields, where he then humanity came to see that we're in and out of the cave.

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Can we describe Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhanallah so beautifully

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in such a beautiful way. The Promise of Allah isn't a one time walk by, he saw an hour RV and Bedouin man, he was making blow up.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, he stood there, you're just passing by. But when he heard this man, the way he was describing Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he stood there and he just waited to listen to this person. This person he's just he's making dua and he before he makes his go Hi, describing and he's he's praising Allah subhanho wa Taala which is done in such a beautiful way he says, Yeah,

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you owe you that no, I can see whenever a little balloon, and no mind can comprehend.

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When I guess people will watch the phone and nothing can describe Alaska, the way he is to be described. When I have to take you to a winter holiday. The situations on earth the situations do not affect him to not change him when

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the passing of time does not create fear within him. You're living with happiness you

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this is a man describing hola

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Jeevan they you know the weight of the mountains. woman came in and Bihar and the volume of the oceans. Why did the country and

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it is within your knowledge. And you know how many drops there does exist of all the ocean put together? What are the one thing and you have the knowledge of every single leaf on every single tree? What either the amount of lava you made, and every single thing that night brings his dark upon is does exist within your knowledge. Well, Ashoka

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and everything the sun brings is spied upon does exist within your knowledge. What he meant was

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that no sky can hide its content. No sky can hide from another sky, no sky can hide the sky from you. Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala what that he says,

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the body and what does exist as death and in the darkness of the ocean, that also is within your knowledge. When, when

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and what exists in the deepest and darkest caves of a mountain. That also does exist within your knowledge. And then he says much money Oh Allah make the best of my life and last on my life and well hi Ronnie Hawaii, and the best of my armor to be the last on my arm and Ohio ame Yamaha Caffee and make the best day for me the day I visit you in the day I eat you.

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Brothers Sisters, can we describe Allah in that way?

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Do we have the knowledge to describe Allah subhanho wa taala? If the answer is no, based on what are we saying that we love Allah Subhana Allah. If Allah loves us this much, don't you think it's fair that we love Allah subhana ability? Don't you think that it's fair to prompt us to make an effort?

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Indeed, and I want to also share this with you.

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When you when we began to praise Allah

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When we began to read the Quran every single day, this will bring us closer to Allah Subhan Allah God. And when we come close to Allah, we become a beloved of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah causes your brain to braid come,

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he says Jabra. In other words, I love this person I want you to do to love him to

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jewelry is and then go to the angels. I love this person. All of you should make fun of this person.

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And the angel comes and makes an announcement that Allah,

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Allah and all the angels, they love this person. You should also love this verse.

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Another Hadith in Sahih Bukhari never ever, I will never be alone. And I promise, the promise of long term says that Allah says that I need to concede that manner I

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prefer the other than to hope and hope that anyone who shows hostility towards my slave, I declare war against that person against my body. I declare war against a person. Well, not the whole nother layer of add shade in a hobble either

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that a person who does those things which I have made obligated upon him, he does those things to come close to me.

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Nobody at the bottom of the layer didn't know.

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And this person continues to come close to me through the voluntary actions until I love that person. And what happens when I love a person can to some Our Lady Yes, now that I become this IRS through Him who listens to through through in essence, was one person

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that I become his eyes through him through he sees whether we'll be able to be there or become his house to you which he grabs where we were originally when they began she'd be happy that I become his legs through which he was well inside the knee level. So

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when he asked me, I will give it to

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the old Vietnam Most certainly I will give it to him. When he whenever this is Lenny, let worry that if he seeks my protection, I will protect him. Respected brothers sisters, what are we waiting for? If Allah loves us this much you think the daughter of Allah knows we should make an effort to come close to Allah, we should make an effect maybe we should make an effort to love Allah subhanho wa Taala because once again, went back to the beginning, when we talk about the heart, if the dunya is in our heart, and not in everything else in our heart is does exist except for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a cause of concern. It is a cause of

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concern, which should be in a heart is a lot and the promise of a body, the love of Allah and the love of God So

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may Allah grant all of us the love for so long, so long. And may Allah Subhana Allah grant all of us the love for our own vertical loan and our principal and only when I found out what he wanted Hakeem I stuck to the law How do you welcome we're starting to swing for stuff you don't

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know where to start getting all that stuff you don't want to have been done showing the love of a human for the idea that we just

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want to score number Hamilton off blue with another recession brothers sisters, in the end suffering behind the very first chapter of several hotties kick out the EMA the Sahaba of the Allah they will say that we will meet with one another and they will tell each other it did this Vina note Musa

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sit down with me. Let's revive our iman. How would the Sahaba Reviver Iman they will talk about Allah subhanho wa Taala we need to learn how to talk to Allah subhanho wa Taala we do not really realize who Allah subhanaw taala is.

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So this is a general request that every single day take some time out. Learn about what Allah subhanaw taala is reasonable on handle the meaning of the Quran and learn who our up is, so that we can gain a better a better a better appreciation for Allah subhanho wa Taala so we can get more love in our heart for Allah subhanahu wata Allah may Allah Subhan you have all this ability to add what's been said and hurt. Now in our community there are there are a few people who are six please make dua for that. The brother who stands there every single Friday collecting money, that whether whether or not if he has been hospitalized, he's going to offer him

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There was a brother in our community as I said that he fell off a horse like he went through a successful surgery, the loss of a holiday give him the ability to recover inshallah and all those who are sick please make dua for them on the other On another note, I want to just remind all of you that tonight inshallah we have a very historical moment that's that will be taking place and so much of night. I would all of you I'm expecting all of you to be here inshallah we have invited others from other communities, and which is that our last face to help us move into our next building. The contract of that last phase will be signed in Sharla. Tonight and from the entire community in

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Sharla. This is a historical moment for all of us here in this community and hunger the machine where it is Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our Messiah masjid and all the other misogyny May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to move into that building inshallah by the month of Ramadan. So I would I'm hoping that all we will be here we also have an event that has been put together by Epic US and elsewhere other reward them and bless their hearts. So please try to be here tonight for all for all that mail. So how usability to alcohol has been sending her along