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This khutbah was given at Irving Islamic Center on October 2nd, 2015.

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Alhamdulillah Harlequin will God mean Adam what you already knew demeanor? budem well mostly just subliminally.

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One will get over it and another

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financial guru who either nasai become an attorney and when suddenly

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the shadowfell a sham when noodle atom, when kitabi lucam or camellia Nabina will

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say Ed Villa de

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la diva shalabi here is Ave Maria de la te Rahim Allah Hassan Hina. Can I have a debate Allah moharram sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He hated Oman. And la Vina barakallahu li him Catherine NASA out of Birmingham al

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa ala Nicola Valley umina Lee what can be wrong? But hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah and Latina who want to study know when to stop? When you want to talk and when not to be human surely unforeseen elements at annalena when you have a lot of Allah mobila woman you will follow hajela wanna shadow La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah what a pseudo Salah hola hola Allah will Houdini the youth hirahara de Vaca fabula he shahida for Salalah alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathy and Kathy, some in DC Kitab la vida de Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in National Marine were in Nakula desert in beta wakulla with it in Walla Walla Walla

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yehudah subhana wa Taala.

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An akula

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team with Alicia Delica horden illa. Allah was co Rebecca Ivana seat work with Dr. Bailey acaba. mahadasha rubbish actually sorry, we have silly Emily, that me Listen to me now, but I mean from Ramadan. In today's clip, I'd like to before getting into the actual subject of the whole comment a little bit about the terrible tragedy that so many of you have already heard about, that has taken place at the house of Allah in the hood on the crane accident, as a result of which many of those that went to the atom for the intention of Hajj, have already become Shahada. Many people have been killed there as a result of that terrible tragedy. And I just wanted to take a moment to remind

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myself and all of you of a few things about that incident. And when such incidents occur, first and foremost, our obligation as Muslims and our right upon each other is that we may go out for those people that allows whose time had come, and it could not have come a moment sooner. And it could not have come A moment later, this was the way and the time that these people were going to leave this earth, just like you and me have a time when we're going to leave this earth. So in that sense, this is a large decree on them. And that is what we are we know that Allahu Allah decreed and what he decided he did, but at the same time, we will offer them and their forgiveness, and especially to

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offer their families and those who they left behind to come visit the house of Allah. And now they are in a much better house that is made by Allah azza wa jal, they are all Shahada and Allah became us of who they are with their with their rug being provided for Allah azza wa jal says, You know what, that's a coup. De Sevilla here what don't say about those who are killed in the path of Allah that they're dead. The path of Allah is actually those who fight in the path of Allah who make hijra and the path of Allah and what more beautiful than fulfilling the sooner we have Rahim Allah, his salon, and the ultimate of one of the most ultimate obligations of our religion, to make the

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hedgerow to the house of Allah leaving everything else behind. And literally when people go to make Hajj, the clothes that they wear, are the clothes in which they are ready to meet Allah. Those are the clothes that they go in, in those clothes, and what better, there's no one better prepared to meet a lot than the one who comes to his house, leaving all of his dunya behind all of it behind. So we are in some sense, we should also be jealous of these wonderful believers who will not call to his house and from there, he called them to his agenda. And Elijah will accept all of them agenda and give their families and as a result of that sudden, one last comment about this tragic tragedy.

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Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, for anybody who comes to the Haram and Allah who can Amina, whoever entered it has been in a state of peace. Anybody who enters the harem is in a state it's safe, he's safe. And somebody watches this and says, Wait, how are they safe? a crane fell on them they died a violent death. How is that safety? You know, when that IR came down?

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I mean, there's a monkey I uh, you know, or early But did he actually buy some? And then that I also what's going on in the huddle when the Muslims are getting beat up even at that time? Even at that time, and what I mean window idols are all around the huddle. What does Allah mean by the one who enters it is that it's safe, because clearly that's not the case. And by the way, not just this incident every year people pass away at large. Somebody gets trampled.

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Somebody has a heart attack, somebody dies of high blood pressure, some are over a heat stroke. These things happen every year. So what does it mean that whoever has entered it is in a state of peace, we understand that peace and safety is part of it is in this dunya and part of it is in the Hara. And the one who comes there is coming to save there are Hara nobody goes to the harem Fredonia, it's not a vacation spot. It's not the kind of temperature you want to spend vacation. You don't go to Mecca for the scenery. It's not a beautiful place. I'm not chose one of the harshest places on the planet to put his house. So you know, if the home was in Hawaii, or if it was in

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California, then you would have other reasons to go there to you know, make the life and enjoy the ocean view. No, no, no, you're gonna you're gonna go to Makkah, you're gonna go to Mecca. And the only reason that place even survived is miraculously Allah put water out of that place, otherwise be wildly innovative, either a valley that has no life, and has no reason for human beings to go there, except that they want to save their IRA. So the one who comes to it with the right intention, Allah has offered them safety, meaning Allah has offered them safe passage into agenda. That is the guarantee of a line that is the promise of our messenger to are they sought to set up that a hedge

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that is accepted, what happens all your previous sins are forgiven, all of them are forgiven. This is why because you've entered into the safety of Allah And may Allah azza wa jal, you know, help us internalize that and appreciate that about those who Allah has called to his ultimate house. Now, finally, the subject matter of today, which is kind of related to this matter, but I really wanted to talk about this idea, even though I've spoken about it many times before, but I don't think in this Masjid. Allah azza wa jal says, well as a DJ in

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Canada, this is one ayah. Allah says, Don't you dare say that I am definitely going to do that tomorrow. Don't say that. Actually. He doesn't just say don't say that la taco. He said, lotta kulana Don't you dare say it ever. about anything that I am definitely doing that tomorrow. Now, if you do that, if you stop at this idea that there seems to be a problem. Because your boss says you better hand in the assignment tomorrow. You say I definitely. Now I'll do tomorrow. Yeah, sure. Sure. Sure. inshallah, and sometimes you say, inshallah, sometimes you don't say inshallah, but people make definite promises all the time. Yeah, I'm definitely going. Are you coming to the

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invitation? Yeah, I'm definitely going here. Are you going to tomorrow? Yeah, definitely, definitely. You know, we say these definite things all the time. It is only in the next ayah that Allah completes the subject. And he says in sha Allah, with the exception that you say that Allah wills deal. The only exception is I intend to do this fully accepted for levels meaning this is why in the culture of the Muslims, when we talk about the future, we use the words in sha Allah, if a lower two will, I'll see you tomorrow at three o'clock in sha Allah, meaning if Allah decides that I'm not able to see you, that's out of my control. My intention is there. But alas, plans can be

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different from my plans. So as far as my plans are concerned, I'm making your commitment. But if there's a rainstorm, or an earthquake, or my car shuts down, I don't know, a look and decide anything between today and tomorrow, the future is not in my hands. So I have to make that insurance claim. And say it's in the hands of a lot because it's in the future, the Muslim understands that the future is not in their hands. But here we have to understand the very powerful aspect of violence, the Muslims, unfortunately, Subhanallah when we get further from the book of Allah, even the beautiful teachings are of our religion become ugly. They look beautiful on the surface. But

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when you don't stay connected with the book of Allah, you don't stay connected with the service messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then those same things that are supposed to be beautiful, turned into something ugly. And this is what many of us are guilty of. So we say in sha Allah, which means Probably not. That's what we do now. Hey, are you coming in sha Allah? Which means that I'm not sure. I'm not sure. So insha Allah is actually our way of getting out of making your commitment. These ions are not about escaping your commitment, as a matter of fact, in need final danika hudon are very strong words, for sure. I am absolutely going to do that tomorrow, making a statement of

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guarantee and making a promise and making your commitment that you're definitely committed to doing this is not the problem. As a matter of fact, that's what you should do. You should in fact, make strong commitments. You shouldn't just casually say, Okay, if you can't do something, say I can't do it. If you can't be there, just say I can't be there. But if you make a promise, then commit to it, commit to it, and then add, the only way that this will not happen for me is if Allah decides something that's beyond my control that's in sha Allah, Allah insha. Allah does not mean if I wake up late, I'm not coming. Or if I'm not in the mood, you don't use in child love for that. That's a

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misuse of this powerful phrase. You're recognizing that not everything is in your control. Allah has given you the ability to make commitments and the capability of fulfilling your commitments. But even if you have some capability

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Allah has. He's well adequately shame Cody. He can stop you in your tracks with all of your intentions with all of your intentions, this is the this is the essence of the phrase Illa Allah Allah. But then Allah adds, he adds what's called Rebecca is aniseed mentioned your rub. make mention of Europe when you forget. It was interesting Allah azza wa jal didn't say in a seat if you forget, he said when you forget, and there's a big difference between if and when. Because if something happens, it might happen it might not happen. But when you say that a seat when you forget Allah is guaranteeing because Allah can give guarantees I can align is guaranteeing that you and I

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will forget you And I will forget there will be times where we make promises about the future and we're not going to remember to say inshallah we're going to make plans in our head sometimes you don't even say something by the way a call in Arabic. Allah Yoku in Arabic is not just speaking with your head with your mouth, but even saying something to yourself. You know in English I said to myself that idea just a thought sometimes you have thoughts I'm definitely doing this or that or the other. Even that thought should be accompanied when a child law even that thought and sometimes it's not sometimes I just have it in my head. Yeah, this week, this next week, this tomorrow, this

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flight, then this meeting, Okay, I got it. I got it. All right. I know what to do now. But the thought of inshallah didn't come in your head. And it should. You know, sometimes you're talking to somebody on the phone, and you make a promise about the future. I'll see you at dinner, okay, I'll see you. Somebody come and you hang up on you. Oh, I didn't say inshallah. Now, that doesn't mean you call them back and say, Hey, by the way in child law, just wanted to leave you a voicemail and child mother, no, no, don't do that. They don't have to hear in child law. Allah azza wa jal wants to hear you say, you say to your wife called Rebecca then as he mentioned your rub when you forget,

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and this is really beautiful language. Illa Ania. Sha, Allah was guru who is an se, remember him when you forget Allah didn't say that. He said, Remember your rub. You see what Allah has already been mentioned in the ayah. Allah insha Allah, when Allah has already been mentioned, when someone's mentioned by name, then the next time you mentioned them, you mentioned them with a pronoun. For instance, to make this easy to understand, you know, say if Allah wills and remember him next time, remember him when you forget. Now the word him would refer to Allah. But actually, Allah doesn't use the word him, he doesn't use the pronoun, he says, rub back. This is actually reinforcing the idea

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that you're almost reintroducing yourself to the concept of rub with Allah, that Allah is in control of your future. He is your rub, he is your absolute Master, and you cannot lose sight of that this is part of the authority of Allah on you that your future is in his hands. So let's specifically went out of his way to say Rob buck is on a seat, when it comes to us making commitments about our future, that it is in fact in Allah's hands. Now, this is an incredible idea of balance so far, because on the one hand, you are making the strongest guarantees in neath Malika hada. Not even in Nisa, for those of you that are familiar with Arabic, it's not even a verb. It's this commitment

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with a noun within Islam fine. I'm absolutely doing that tomorrow.

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But then on the other hand, you have this absolute reliance on a lot too. And so we have to talk about this balance a few minutes before I move on. There are some people in this world they think they can do everything because of themselves. I am really intelligent, I have a really reliable car, I'm a really good driver, I know the best way to get there before I get laid I IV all the reliance is on myself. The reason I have a successful businesses because I have a really good business plan. The reason I have a good job is because I went to a good school and I got a good GPA and I have a good resume. So it's all about relying on yourself. And they have these it's actually a multi

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hundreds of millions of dollars of industry of this the the self help and self motivational industry, which the beginning and the end of it is you can do anything, you're amazing. You don't even realize your own power and your own potential. And people pay 1000s of dollars to go for a weekend to hear them say you can brush your own teeth and you can take your own flights or whatever. And they get fired up. Because there's this idea of the self the power of the self, which has some validity. But on the other hand, there are people on the other extreme there are people who say I can't do anything. I'm just a miskeen I'm just Abdullah what am i i'm not worth the you know the

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dust of somebody who you know, I am nothing I made up to rob. You know, I made a note for like Allah describes this humble, pathetic creature, then I can't really do anything at all they have no self confidence at all. And I say Allah does everything I do nothing. Allah does everything I do now and these people you know what ends up happening they they do nothing in life. And when nothing happens, they say well, I decided nothing should happen. So they blame everything on Allah. On the one hand, you have people that rely and none on Allah entirely on themselves and on the

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Other extremely odd people who rely only on a line put no effort themselves. This is among many in the Quran is an IRA balance, you have to make commitment, you have to take action in nifa and on Valley casada. But you're the same one who has to understand that your commitment and your action and your capability is in the hands of your Rob. And he will only grant it to you when you make that when you try to fulfill it. When you make the best of your efforts. Sometimes your plans and allies plans are the same. Sometimes, sometimes you decide to go somewhere and Allah decides to let you go also. Sometimes you decide to go to a college and that gives you admission into that college also,

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you decide to graduate early, and he lets you graduate early also. So things go according to your plan. All that means is your plan. And the last plan was the same for that one thing. But sometimes your plan and unless plan are not the same. Sometimes you want to stay in that job for 10 years, but you get fired after six months. Sometimes you apply to this school and you had the best application but you still didn't get in and people with a worse application than you got in.

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It happens. Sometimes your plans and alas plans are not the same. These ions are recognizing that not everything will go according to my plan. I will still have to make a plan, I will still have to put in the effort. But at the end of the day it is Allah who will decide whether this plan will come through or not. This is what Cobra Baca see. But then the most powerful part of this ayah that I wanted to spend extra time on because this is really one of the most beautiful lessons in the entire Quran. In my opinion. If the Muslim understands this, their life becomes easy. localizer and yeah, the Anurag de acaba minha, Rashida, these words are a DA, and more than $1, they are a statement of

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optimism. Let's introduce it that way. This, you're thinking about the future, just because of the use of the word asset, which is helpful ethology in the Arabic language of a word or a fit lithology, a verb used to express hope.

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Allah is teaching us in this ayah that the Muslim has to have hope in the future.

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My Iman in the Quran makes me optimistic about the future. I am I don't care what the news says. I don't care what happened yesterday, and the day before and the day before and the day before, I will not be among those Muslims who sit on a table and say the situation of the oma keeps getting worse and worse and worse. Oh my god, things are only gonna get much, much more terrible. And there's another tragedy coming, I guarantee you watch what happens. Or you think 911 was bad because it's the anniversary or you think 911 was bad? Oh my god, that was nothing. Watch what happens to the old man now and then watch what happens. Now, this attitude is directly against the idea of this book.

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Just in the word eisah. You're, you're supposed to be full of optimism and hope that Allah will make things better for you, for the people around you for humanity, you're supposed to have that attitude. And then he says that what you what should you say about your own future? as, as the Anurag be? Perhaps my master will guide me. Hell give me guidance, what is the most optimistic thing you can have in your future? Everybody wants a better job, or better financial situation, or a better family situation, a better health situation. We want all of these things. But you know what the most fundamental thing you and I need more essential than the oxygen that we're breathing is a

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lot of guidance. So once you have that everything else will work out. When you don't have that you can have everything else and you have nothing. So in this ayah there's an optimism that Allah will guide me as I yanira be that Allah will my mind will guide me my master will not forget, forget me. I remember him when it comes to the future. He will remember me when it comes to the future. See, when I say in sha Allah, I've remembered him. And because I remembered him when it came to the future. He will remember me for the colonias kirkko remember me? I'll remember you mentioned me I will mention you. Now Allah is giving you the guarantee of guidance. And again here an important

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thing for Muslims to understand today. So many people I meet around the world have the same question. Well, will I leave you it doesn't matter which part of the planet you go people have the same confusions today, same questions over and over again. And one of the most common questions I hear is people say, you know, there are so many different versions of Islam.

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So many different videos about what the Quran means, or what had the means. And some people believe in this and other people believe in that this shift is this fatwa that one gives that fatwa Should I follow this or should I follow that somebody says this is Hello. Somebody says is haram. I don't know anything anymore. It's all confusing. There's so many variations. How am I supposed to get guidance? How do I know if I'm even following the right thing? How am I supposed to know it's too much information for me to process and I agree we are living in information overload. We are there we are bombarded with so many different perspectives even within Islam. Look at the audience that is

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sitting in this hall. Even though we're locals from this area. Most of us the way that you've learned about Islam from the person next to you is very different.

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The teachers you've had the people you've been exposed to the lessons you've learned, they're very different from each other. So there's a lot of variation in how we're exposed to Islam. And a person gets overwhelmed and says, How am I supposed to know if I'm even following the right thing? And you know what, this is the answer. I don't guarantee guidance, and YouTube doesn't guarantee guidance. And Google doesn't guarantee guidance. And people don't guarantee guidance. It is our hope that Allah Himself will give me personally guidance, guidance will not come from anywhere else. Whether you have no information or over information, that doesn't matter, that Allah will guide you to the

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right course depends on how much you asked Allah, not anyone else. And once you ask Allah, you don't have to be nervous anymore, because you have absolute certainty that Allah will give you guidance, he does not turn anyone away. Getting guidance from Allah is not difficult. It is not difficult, Allah has opened the door of guidance wide open for those who seek it. We just have to be people who seek it. That's it. I mean, this ayah belongs to sort of God and I can't talk enough about God as is evidenced in this code bar. But these these are these people of the cave that we read about every Friday, these people have no prophet around them, no Island around them, no shade around them, no

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Sahabi around them. They're by themselves. And they live in a village where everybody worships idols. And they come to a conclusion that you know, there can only be one God, they don't even know how to say, just we can worship these things, then that the 1111 we can worship other gods. And that was enough for a mother guide them with no knowledge, with no revelation, nothing that was enough for Allah to guide them and guide them so much, that today, people who study the deen for years and years and years studied the fasciae of these young men who knew nothing compared to the alumni that learn from them. Because they got a lot of guidance, because Allah would give them guidance because

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it doesn't matter how you know how dark your situation is, how hopeless it is, when you have hope in a lot. That's enough. That's just enough. I saw Gianni rugby league acaba mahadasha. Now the last and what I consider the most beautiful part of this expression,

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perhaps a level guide me guide me to what guides me to what he says the acaba mahadasha. You know, the language of this is so profound and you know, in a football I don't, I can't give you grammar lessons because you'll have a headache. So I'm going to try to make this as simple as I can. In the Arabic language, sometimes you say over there. And sometimes you say all the way over there. When you say all the way over there, you're saying that I'm I'm guiding you to your destination. If you just say over there, maybe you get over there, then you have to go somewhere else and somewhere else and somewhere else. But if I say all the way over there, then I've told you that that's where you

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have to go. You don't have to go any further than that. When the alarm is used. I saw a yeah Danny Robbie Lee acaba alarm, this lamb what it suggests this is a one Haha, it's there's no higher thing to ask for in this dunya if you get this, there's nothing better to ask for. If the word Allah was used, then you get there, then you get to go for something else and go for something else. You see. So what I'm asking a line this ayah and what you're asking Allah in this ayah is for something that if you have it, there's nothing better. It is the ultimate end. Now what is that ultimate end? He says Lee acaba Madhava. Closer than this, I hope Allah will guide me closer all the way closer than

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this. What is the word this mean? This means where I am right now. Now let's understand what this means in simple language. All of us Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah have some degree of guidance. The fact that we're sitting in the house of Allah and Juma means Allah has given us some guidance. Some people Allah has given more guidance, some Allah has given less guidance, some have more knowledge, some have less knowledge, some have better attention, when they pray, some have less attention when they pray. We're not all on the same level. That's a fact. But you know what this is telling you. My ultimate goal is to get closer to Allah than I am today. I am not here to compare myself to someone

00:24:06--> 00:24:34

else. I am just here to compare myself from where I am right now, if I can just work on getting better than what I am right now. That is the ultimate success before Allah. There is no higher success, you will never become perfect, I will never become perfect. All we can work on is becoming a little bit better. And then a little bit better. And then a little bit better. Just getting a little closer to a line a little closer. And if a person dies, becoming closer to a lot, they're successful.

00:24:35--> 00:24:57

You know, a lot of people you know what they do they compare themselves to others. Well, this one's already memorized the entire Quran. Look at how they recite their commercial every single day. They're there before the dawn is even called. They're, you know, they're worshipping Allah so much more. There's so much more knowledgeable, they have so much more than they know Arabic They know Tafseer they know this, they know that, you know, or they dress better as Muslims than I do. You know,

00:24:58--> 00:25:00

don't compare yourself to anybody else.

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That's the little ones Ally's not gonna put you next to someone else and compare. He doesn't even want you to compare yourself to others and dunia forget us.

00:25:09--> 00:25:42

Not even Indonesia, not satama, no Ma, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba ba. don't wish for what other people have what Allah has given some preference over others. Don't do that to yourself. So what is what are we learning that we're learning that if for example, you're starting to recite Quran today, you're 35 years old, you haven't read it, you haven't even opened the book for 30 years, and you decide to start reading Quran today, you can't even get through Bismillah You don't even know what a bar looks like anymore. Now you have to learn like children. There are people who are your age, you can read like adults, but you have to read like a child, but that's okay. That's okay. When you

00:25:42--> 00:25:49

learn even that NF or that ba and you make a little bit stronger, closer to Allah and you died that way. Maybe you're better than even.

00:25:50--> 00:26:25

Maybe you're better than a half of the Quran, who memorized the whole book, but has no appreciation didn't want to make themselves a better person. because well, who wants to make themselves a better person is in the heart. And Allah knows that. So don't underestimate where you are with Allah. People can underestimate you, Allah does not underestimate you. People make it sound like guidance from Allah is hard. It's expensive. It doesn't come easy. And allies opening the doors have it wide open. He's just asking for you and me to embrace it and say Allah guide me, bring me a little closer to yourself. The Acrobat, I mean, hada. Russia, in terms of uprightness in terms of guidance. The

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last word of this is Russia that actually acknowledges that the fact that you're making this means that you're already on some guidance, that you shouldn't say that I'm misguided. It already acknowledged that the fact that Allah gave you the ability to make this draw itself is a gift of guidance from him. And Allah will give you more and He will give you more and He will give you more. This is the optimism of the Muslim. When guidance comes in this world. Then Tama Nina comes, you know, it's Vietnam comes of a heart becomes tranquil. And I'd be thinking in LA, he talks about Hulu, and this is what I want to conclude with. When a heart becomes tranquil when a heart becomes

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at peace, then the people around that person, they're also the peace is infectious. That demand is infectious. Peace spreads in the family, peace spreads among friends, peace spreads in a community when guidance comes if the problem of the world is is conflict, hatred. If the problem of the world is war, then the solution to that is not other policies or more weapons. That's not the solution. It's not economic sanctions, what the what humanity needs is guidance, because without guidance, you can have peace. You just can't file for the fania Haku. Will an unnamed country and Latina Armando

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who deserves more peace, those who believe those who came to emaan this is what we're asking a lot as I watch it, when you and I made the offer peace in the world for peace in the Muslim lands for peace for those who are oppressed. When we make those dollars, then we're actually directly directly asking Allah to increase us And the world around us in guidance. May Allah azza wa jal increase all of us in guidance and make us of those who are positive about their future, their own future, the future of their children, the future of this oma and the future of the world over this entire world. We have to be concerned for it not just our own oma the entire world. We are the min Davi Rahim

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Allah is salam, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam used to be concerned for all of humanity, that is the legacy that we've inherited. So we have to be optimistic about the entire world that law is always gonna make us that way and make our future generation a beaming example of what it means to live the beautiful teachings of this book and the Sunnah. barakallahu li walakum wa Salaam Alaikum wa barakato

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hamdu lillahi Wa Wa salatu salam ala Tina Safa Susana, Allah Allah him haha tamina been Mohammed amin, amin where Allah alayhi wa sahbihi Ah my name Yahoo la gente kita Karim Buddha Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim in the law Hello mila eketahuna soluna and an AVI Yeah, you handed in amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal sala de la Rahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in naka hemudu Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kebab Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim Rahim Allah Allah mean in Dhaka homido Majeed Eva de la rahima como la de la in the La Jolla movie what he thought about Vienna and in fashion he will mooncup whether the crew La La La

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Jolla la Motta stone, Optimus Allah in la sala Taka Nikita makuta