The Mawlid is it Bid’ah or Sunnah?

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Hungary Lahore salatu salam ala Nabi abajo, hoonah Vienna Muhammad Ali, he was shocked he was elimin lahoma to swim and Kofi Ra. My bad appraisers do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my brothers and sisters, today the 13th of an hour and yesterday the 12th or below what is the date that is associated in so many Muslims mind with the birth of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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and many Muslims today in the world, they celebrate the motive of the prophets also lemon, the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in many different ways and forms, you know, but there is one common factor between all those who believe in celebrating the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, which is that the 12 or four hour is a special day where the prophets of Salaam was born and we celebrating it and we being thankful and grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for it, then they will practice certain rituals and certain act of worship. And commonly things has to do with the remembrance of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam different type of ethical

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or odd songs and breeding chapters from Sierra or the whole entire zero, the profits are so low and things of that nature.

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So, this been said, I would like to have a comment on the celebration and how we look at it from the Sharia perspective. And I'm sure you're very familiar that there is, you know, it's a controversial as people say, or an issue of debate and people say how I'm super hot and we kind of hear this a lot and happen every year. What's the point Today's the 13th My point is not really to, to stop you or or judge you if you did this or did not as much as my point is to educate

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us about this subject because this subject that has other areas or are other issues related to it, certain principles for me that are more important to be known to be clear, then the issue itself, then the issue itself. Number one, we have to understand that the word eat can emit to eat it's well it is defined in Shetty as a time or a place where people will come back to it in a regular base for ritual reason for an seeking blessings on nearness to Allah Tada. And he shall who are letting your ad to La mia Eden your ad to LA in Macedonia no Amazonian a place like what like Mecca every year and had you go to alpha you go so out of date, the defeat, or it's a time like either unhide or

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filter, it's every year the same time we basically have certain rituals and what's the ritual and

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nothing but at the car what are our Salah, you see so it's a certain ritual the ordered hagibis had ordered fasting, Ramadan and so forth or Friday where we gather together and celebrate Friday. That's why your Jumeirah Island eat who are a donor for sport. So that's what it is EAD means and in an amount of healing a lot recognize that the prophets of Salaam said Larry, Danna, 11. Islam there is only two needs for this now, this hadith there is two understanding for it.

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Both groups couldn't look a bit different to him, Jamie, on all of them agree that this Hadith,

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Islam is definitely including any type of eat, that it has a religious sense, or there is a ritual associated with it. As all the scholars across the board, they said you cannot assign or appoint a day. What do you appoint in that day, certain rituals certain about that certain things that you do, and you come back to that spot to the place or to that time, an irregular basis and you legislate that and you're regulated that for yourself or for that public would you became even a problematic, some even included the things that is not related to ritual. That's why you hear some even scholars, I don't agree with the other opinion.

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That it will include any day that you honor and you have a special place for that day. That's why there is some scholars from that day from that holiday said you cannot have celebrating birthdays or anniversary or anything like that. That's an opinion. It's exist. I respect I don't agree with, I believe that this head is mainly about the IID, which is has a religious sense and will be

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added to it. But anyway, both groups agree that you cannot have a day where you are associated with the religious meeting. And it became a sad day that you come back to it every year. And that's exactly what we're doing. So I wouldn't, I said, The celebrating of the motive is a form of adding one more aid to Islam. That's why the Sunni scholars, the we don't have in the Sydney Addison ojima room, we don't have celebration, like, you know, Modi did Hussein, molad, Madrid, Hassan,

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El Mirage, all these things that come out of him and Milan, you will not find trays for this kind of celebrations, and early hundreds of years, three 400 years. And Islam. Nobody knows anything like that. This is a very new concept, in turn introduced to the religion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it's all because of that Hadith because of that concept that is so clear in the mind of the scholars. Number two, and nobody saw someone told us that we will follow the footsteps of the nations before us. They said Yasser Allah Al Kitab, the people of the book The Jews and Christians, he said, Yes. And it's, you know, what is so interesting about this celebrating of the moment, it is

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actually literally literally following the footsteps of those who celebrate the birthday of Jesus,

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in a very interesting way, that when the people celebrate so one aspect that you celebrate the birthday of Muhammad, there is started by celebrating the birthday of Jesus. But not only that, there's even another problem, deeper problem, that those who celebrate the birthday of Jesus, all of them, all of them, every single Christian scholar, every one of them knows the following fact that December is not 100%, the day of the birth of Jesus on Easter. They know that this is something that is no a very solid evidence to prove that he was born in December or born in the day of the Christmas that we celebrate today, all Christians do regardless what denomination he's talking

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about. Some of them said yes, we will recognize that as a debate, maybe I choose but all of them understand that this is not a fact clear cut very clear. All of them understand that there is a debate about that. And for us as Muslims and many others, you know anyone who have a you need to dig deeper, a little bit more recognized easily that the 24th of December, it's a very far fetched to be the truth as the day or the month that Jesus was born. We know for example, put on that Allah told us that when Maryam was in the delivery, a lot told her to shake the palm trees. So the dates fall, and anybody knows anything about dates will know dates will never be on the tree and December in the

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winter. It's only stay there in the summer season is not in the winter season. Anyway. So what's interesting, that Muslim not only copied them in the issue of celebrating the birthday of their Prophet, but also they copy them in the same problem that's in there be sallallahu alayhi Salaam, actually, all the scholars recognize the fact that there is no any solid evidence that the prophets of Salaam was born sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this month, okay.

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Basically, nobody knows when the prophets of Allah exactly bore you any This is something is not established. And allama Rahim Allah to Allah have debated among themselves a lot. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born. Some of them said, you know in nebby Salallahu alaihe salam was born in the second hour. It was said in the 12 hour it

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he said that about Rahim Allah even some Ramadan mentioned mentioned that as well. You know, some people said he was born in South Africa and many different months. We don't have a single evidence not to have a single I'm saying this again. And as a fact, do we don't have a single evidence to show exactly when the process alone was born.

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So for you to pick, we know for sure 100% that individual Solon died and the 12 hour

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we know that for a fact

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But he was born of the 12th hour, this is something very debatable. And because of this, you will find that the concept of celebrating the birth of the prophet SAW Selim is something the trace of it, he doesn't go to anywhere near to them. But first of all, you will not find a single heartbeat of the process or limb, encouraging or recognizing his date of birth, as a as a date that should be celebrated or recognized, or any significant into it, except that he will talk about it later. But Sahaba the alarm after him never recognized that day. For years, for hundreds of years, this was the case until the late fourth century, any 500 injury, where there is a state in Egypt known as the

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state of obey D. It's an extreme Shia state smart aliens, who are who believed that God came down to earth walk in the shape of a man who is the ruler of Egypt at that time, very similar to the Eloise basically, that we know of today. And they started, you know, Egypt is a Sunni Muslim world, a part of the world, Syria,

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Sham in general, Palestine, Georgia, all this area, North Africa. So for people to come with that believe, from the far west, and Morocco, or in that part of the world, they came and they occupied Egypt, and they start, you know, ruling with this kind of ideology, it's very hard to break through the mind of the Sudanese. That's why they took a very aggressive approach. And the same times, a very nice approach to break through the aggressive killing, you know, abandoning any, any one belong to any one of the four modalities, if you claim that you belong to any madhhab, you will be put in jail, and it was very aggressive policies for for four decades. But one of the things that they did,

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as a matter of law said they started this concept of molad. And this molad they started with mainly very famous six modes. The first one was the motive of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Addie and Fatima and it has an Hussein and the celebration of the birthday of the ruler of Egypt at that time was a habit and it became something commonly as a McAleese Rahim, Allah said in his book about who died and 883.

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He said, I didn't mean

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to I mean homology Nabi Salama ish, why do you

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say that I had done that, and these celebrations ended by the handle Salahuddin on the sixth century 567. And basically, he stumped these kinds of celebrations. But why it was started, it started as a way to win the public, who would not every Muslim love the process of them, every Muslim loves and has seen and has said, you know, something that Gianni it's very good, and they will use this to promote their ideologies. That's why Mr. ruffini Corona jibe, if you look at the book of history, you will see how they used to do that had

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kind of a Cana, you must do Phil, Moly DC mountain and he comes to Allah, Roxy mushiya, they will put basically, like a, you know, we have a community dinner here, they will do like that. And the street, they will put tables and they will bring people to eat, and they will put in one just table that's how big on how long it does. They will have 5000 5000 sheets, but will I show it to the judge, they will distribute about 10,000 chickens, and we'll meet to L physiopedia. They will send over the world you know butter and bread for people to eat. What alfacashier de halwa and 1000 plates of desserts. So hundreds of 1000s of people literally will benefit and eat and celebrate and

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have good time. Who would say no to that? That's right. Yeah, no who would say no to discount price and Christmas hood it's it's a it's a way to promote what's behind it. It's just, you know, people became so used to it, and it became a fun and also a place where for honors recited poetry is recited about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. An after this bit ended with the fall of this state. It was a revival again by two groups. The Soviets who revival the concept of motor didn't be sola Salim and the Shia who revival the concept of celebrating Ashura and the motive has an initial state and even it is was not a common thing to known before that in the Muslim world, until there is

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a king and Kurdish

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King king in our been above our MOBA for Abu Saeed who basically celebrated this unzipping Kathy Rahim Allah, He said he spent a lot of money and made it a very big celebration. And that was about in the end of the

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630. So on the seventh century, so you talk about something last for 600 years, Muslims really a common average Muslim dunno, that's why you will never find in the books, or the books of Hadith, and mentioned of the concept of moded individuals, Allah, it's not exist, literally for all these hundreds of years. And that's a good lesson for us to see how common This is today. As if it is a fact and you know what, well, he has just been an odd person talking about this, I'm against the whole world, just for you to understand how some innovations religion can completely change and people can mindset completely change and perspective can be completely changed about things you

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know. So, you know, just so, when we look at the trace and the word is goes goes back, either to the Christianity as as a copy of what they do, or it goes to the, you know, to the, to the, to the extreme shear who started this practice, or go to, you know, to the seventh century and and sixth century and so forth. Remember what they thought of the logo and upon particular about the tech lemmya Tibet house hub rasulillah salam, O Allah Tabitha wacana Malik, Malik, mikuni, oma Eden dienen for Julio Maria Sabine, they follow the Alliance said anything that the Sahaba did not practice, don't practice.

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You can bring things new to the religion, and it was not a dean in the time of the processor and his companion is not going to be part of the dean today. You know, so keeping that in mind is so important to understand how things can be very popular, but again, have no base have no base, ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and to always allow us to see the truth and to worship Allah subhanaw taala according to the way that he loves and follow the prophets of Salaam and we love the Prophet Solomon follows and the way he taught us as well. According to Mostafa La Jolla.

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hamdulillah salatu salam Ala Moana via the hora

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and St. Muslim in the bees are seldom used to fast Monday and when he was asked about fasting Monday, one time he said salatu salam, that's the day where I was born. On Monday, I was born on Monday. So some people said, Oh, we got it.

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is the proof the process that I'm used to fast celebrating his birthday?

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You know, everybody told me that I said do you fast Monday?

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Do you get it is this what promoted is about too fast? Monday, or too fast the 12 hour.

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You know what you have a point of the prophets of Salaam happened to be that Monday on the 12th for a period of one so he said I'm fasting today which is Monday, because today has nothing to do Monday has to do with the date the 12 hour. Otherwise, we have to celebrate every Monday which is I have no problem if every Monday in the week, you remember that this is the day where the process of I'm born and I'm so happy and to remind me of the blessings of having sauce on them come into the world. Nobody would have a problem with that. But when we have a problem with the the the ritual and the celebration that it is known to most of you that it's take place every year in the 12 hour for a

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beer an hour, you know

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and also the Hadith shows in another generation why He fasted Monday is not just because he was born there he said I fast monday and thursday not only Monday because these the days were the deeds are represented before Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And that's made an important point. Yes, we are grateful and thankful for the process on birth. Nobody can deny the fact it is I am happy I just even though I know he was not born rubella, but this is one opinion I'm having and remember how last month Allah blessed us oh man with this prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this feeling this happiness will forever be Melinda will have been so solemn as part of our demand We have with us not the point of you know reservation we don't have a problem with that. That's why please don't give me to that side of the argument dummy. Oh, why don't you love the processor lamb Why are you not happy with his burger? I'm happy with his birthday so

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loud. But that's not the issue. The issue is not what you feel and how happy you are. The issue is, what the act of worship that you do and the basically the ritual that you have attached to it.

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invented day that you made up or you insist on it without any solid proof. Also, one of the things that we people cite,

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don't you want people to learn about the seer of the process alone, the issue is not learning the zero the silent or praising the process alone or knowing about his life, we can do that to long it is you have the issue with that you are the one who making it only in that day or restricted to be a something that done in that day. You know, if you just treat it like any other day, we have no problem we should learn about the process of the mere law. So the composition is not about learning about him or loving him. that's beside the point.

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And also, nw salaria salams his birthday. They said, Yeah, what? Why are you saying this? Yeah, what do you do you know, the prophets of Salaam when he born? This is the new This is the who that came? Yeah, I know that. You know, it is we happy that Islam came. And I said, if this is if that's what's really motivating you, I have a question. Which one is

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have more any make more sense to you to celebrate his birthday, or the day when he was sent as a messenger?

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So why didn't you guys celebrate the day that he was received f crop,

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avoid be the case, always celebrating that he became a messenger to us. The messenger is not the date of his birth, it's the day he was assigned to be a messenger. And that's what you that's the logic that you're using. And nobody does that.

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Because I bet you anything, they don't even know what that data is.

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And they don't do that. You know, Sahaba of the law, I know when they tried to make the most important date. And that will carried on from their time all the way to our time, which is the lunar calendar. That is allegedly, they didn't choose the process allowance, date of birth.

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If that's really what it is why the Sahaba did not ever a single time or the successors are the four imams or their students all this years, nobody recognize how important that date is.

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Until you come to do that. I'm saying this because it is important to know that it doesn't stop here. As we say the buck doesn't say that doesn't stop here. It's continued. There's so many things in our Deen in our life have changed.

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And we should when it comes to the legend, be very careful, be sensitive about their love. That's what kept Islam pure until today. And the moment you lower your guard and you say yes, okay, that's not a big deal. The moment you do that, the moment your religion will be lost.

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And I have bad news and good news. The good news is

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the good news is that the religion will always be saved, the one will be lost as you the one who adopt this methodology. And you will not be able to be part of that saved.

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enough people will also not promise that it will be saved from the toddler process until a generation after generation until the day of judgment.

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I know that the people who celebrate the molad they have different levels. People who can mature in this moulage praying to the prophets of Allah, people who praise the person I'm giving him attributes that only belong to Allah saying that he knows the unseen, blah, blah, blah. And I know also the same time people do this with a very low level of Buddha like some just card on our eyes and in Sierra, you know, which is not a major beta or a major

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a major beta sub What have you we don't you know, many people don't know especially young people. I have seen some of this melodic I seen it with my eyes, where people claim that the processor and came his soul came and processed someone and he was shaking and jumping and I was saying if the processor and soul enter the enter that person's body what he Louis why he's so crazy like that. He should be common nice.

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I seen people in different ways. celebrating this moment, men and women dancing and musics and in the different ways. So it is not right to fool the public by saying or suggesting one form of celebration. It's many different forms. And I recognize that they don't generalize that judgment.

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And I think it would be much better for us to keep the religion safe. final point. Many people say yeah, Surely this is better. Hassan This is a good bit.

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You know what every Friday I've been reading what the process alum said in his most of his hope he said every bit is misguided

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for you to come to say no, no, no, it's not every

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that's that's just contradicting what the press have been. Keep saying to us. Every every major gathering almost he would say could

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Ruby, I think banana?

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Yeah. shefali you're a scholar and you know that some earlier method that has been awesome. Yeah, I know, like, Sam, but you have to make sure you understand what the said, the only talk about a good bit, you know what they're referring to they don't refer to the bitter end religion, they referring to the bit that that it is part of the culture. And that's why I said I'm giving an example of what building schools making names for signs like this are paid the signs, no signs, sort of signs, no Tafseer signs, the present time, there is no such thing called Deaf co ID through Facebook. Also, all these are new things. So that's what he talking about. He's not talking about you starting a

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ritual, and you call this a good bit. Those who can't accept that concept are not among the popular among the mainstream Sunni scholars. That's it. If you want to propagate any evil things, you just say it's a good bit. I have not seen and I spend a good quite of my life studying theology and history and theology.

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I've never seen come across anyone ever in my life, saying you know, I have a bit for you guys. I might be the evil beta.

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I never seen that yet.

00:26:17--> 00:26:19

You really have to be dumb to say that.

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Everybody said you know my bid is good be down

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with Alec,

00:26:26--> 00:26:27

bash and Omar.

00:26:29--> 00:26:36

Could Lupita ambarella and Ronda Hashanah, even more said every bit as misguided even if people think it's a good thing.

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That Amal Malik Raja Kalia Marikina here azido, Murphy, Daddy, I want to make a harm. Not from what the person told us extra miles like I will add more miles so just what's what's the big deal? What's the big deal of doing this? It's good. Maddox. It's kind of intimate fitna to Bonnie and Tara and Nicki Minaj Rasulullah. The problem is, you think that you can come up with something that the Shetty and the religion didn't come up with? thinking that it is good.

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Please do whatever you want in your worldly life, in your culture in your personal life. Just keep the religion as it is. Yeah, whatever the problem give us we're not fulfilling it. So why we add to it, why we change in it. Just keep the religion simple, safe, and and sound. And you know what, do whatever you want in your life, as long as it is hot.

00:27:34--> 00:27:43

And with this, I hope that this is something that a methodology that we can adopt, in our way of dealing with the Dean of Mohammed's a lot isn't.

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My, my, my last message to you is, vote. If you have not yet, make sure that you do. Today's the last day of the early voting and just make sure that you vote. And if you have a doubt about how important your vote is, talk to me, I'm willing to have this conversation.

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And if you think the vote doesn't matter, we have a problem religiously. Please talk to me talk to you about algebra. I'll tell you how important that is.

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Our announcement quickly

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and before around so just make our while I ask Allah Subhanallah by his names and attributes to a new Sunday we sell them and then abena Mohammed Salah lo and evaluate salam wa Salatu was salam wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala home at St makira Allahu melphalan. Our ham no after no after no I couldn't do Celina Allahumma Gerardo economizing cotton methanol organifi Dino juniata they fall out a no no it's not mano a mano Elena or Latina, Latina and one another gelato econ Vedanta. shockula, who agita who Angela Madame Domino, madam Nana, Silicon Valley, da da da

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da da da da da da

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da da da da da da da da da da da da sala de humo. Salim American and Amina Mohammed.

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that's a strong point for the first announcement

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says our weekly donation It is indeed our declination has been

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