Curing Our Faith #09 – Grab the Rope

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AI: Summary © The Prophet sall drive is used to motivate individuals to pursue new experiences and make a commitment to the Prophet sall Drive. The importance of the Prophet sall Drive is highlighted in a book, "The Roslyn spoke," which uses a hypothetical analogy to describe how Jesus spoke to his followers. Pranksters use the book to motivate individuals to pursue new experiences and make a commitment to the Prophet sall Drive. Everyone should act with attention to the information and pray at night to boost productivity.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was a big marine Allahumma in Raqqa fall into hiball alpha 510 Allah you are the one who pardons and love support then so pardon us. This is the door I have little cognitive the door of those seeking later to record that as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and we heard from our good brothers out crocheted last night.

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The wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to also say when the last 10 of Ramadan answered the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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used to fasten his belt, he would tighten his belt and awaken his family, and give life to the entire night meaning be active the whole night in worship.

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It is you know already from the great bounty of Allah that he only asks of us one month out of the year, to seek new beginnings.

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But the fact that he gives us the last 10 Being worthier than the first 20 combined is truly a gift from the bounty of Allah, that we should all capitalize on with that dua with engaging the Quran in a better way in the last 10 than we've done in the first 20 in being more charitable in the last 10 In the last 20 and being more resolute more serious about new beginnings and this last 10 Before the last 20 Do not let a night go by without these resolutions without these donations without these prayers, without this commitment to the book of Allah azza wa jal

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May Allah accept from us and you all and rectify the affairs of us as individuals and the OMA everywhere Allahumma Amin

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I spent the first two thirds of Ramadan speaking about some of the qualities that signify the presence of somebody felt the presence of some blemish to our faith and some presence for our hypocrisy. And this last third, I want to speak about the cures some of the most important cures for any FARC and there is no doubt not just because this is the month of the Quran, there is no doubt as Habibullah Arata, or the Allah who I need to say, you need to be sure that you will never get closer to Allah with anything better than his words. His wonderous word subhanho wa Taala his great book, you will never nothing will advance you in your journey to Allah azza wa jal, nothing will cure you

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from what lurks inside you. Like his words Gela gelato.

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You know,

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there's a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari that I will say that 100 of their loved ones mentioned that him and a group of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stopped by a village and the people were like, very unhappy, hospitable, they wouldn't even host them. And then as they were about to just get fed up and leave, the chief of the village was stung by a scorpion, and then they told them Hey, guys, wait, can any of you perform any sort of like special medicine and Iraqi or like any incantations any spoken cures? And they said yes, and one of them stepped up episode eight himself, the young companion, and he began to recite on the mantle Fatiha with certainty in the

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power of the Quran, recite on him and Fatiha. Forget Annamma, national pulmonary Akkad the guy got up very quickly as if nothing had happened. And so they went back to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam to make sure he approved of this action that came to mind there he had, they use their discretion, and he approved of what they did. And he said to them, how did you know that this is a cure? How did he know that it is okay. He said to them sallallahu alayhi wasallam? So YBNL claim Rahim Allah Allah when he's commenting on this hadith, he said this hadith reminds us that there is no better cure for our souls than the Quran. Because of the Quran is so powerful that it's a cure

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for our bodies. And the Quran didn't come for the physical didn't come for the bodies it came for the hearts, then for sure, it is the best cure for our hearts. Look at how he took that. Right it is a rokeya for our hearts. what lurks inside our hearts to flesh it out and to flush it out all of that. Even though claim Rahim Allah Allah He even says elsewhere it comes to mind now he says, Because Allah said 100 Zero mineral Quran he Maharshi fat. We sent down of this Quran that which is not a medicine, a cure, because a medicine could work and could not work. But he said that she found a cure. He said because of this idea. He said that means that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam will complain of certain people on the Day of Judgment will call a rasuluh era be in a comida ha ha

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The Quran and Madura the messenger will say, Oh my lord, these people have taken this Quran is something worth abandoning. He said one of the categories of these people, not the most prioritize, or the biggest category, those are those who have rejected the Quran altogether. But he said, Those who don't turn to the Quran to cure them, because it came down to cure. And so if you didn't see it worthy of engaging for your cure, then even though on a lesser level, you have still abandoned it, may we never be in that category.

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And that is, you know, the Quran. When it comes to cure us. It is not just by like empty listening, it's very important to say, like, I've been reciting to you, I asked and I asked and I add in all of my reminders, but passive listening can only do so much every person needs to own now engaging the Quran all year round. Whatever that means, however little that may be whatever that may mean but to engage the Quran to actually send it through your heart. You know, the door I mentioned on the first night of Ramadan, that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam taught us to say, ah, Al Quran, Arabi. Appleby, O Allah make the Quran Daraa BIA of my heart, we roughly translated as the spring of my

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heart. But you know what spring actually means

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that I'll be in Arabic, which I'm translating a spring has two meanings, the season, the season when things blossom, let the Quran cause my heart to blossom, cultivate the player in my heart, that's what it does, it spreads played in your heart, right? But also, the robia is the rain that comes down in the spring, the springtime shower is basically the rain that comes down to to feed the earth, quench the earth so that it can blossom. And if you remember the analogy of the hearts receiving EMA and and receiving hypocrisy, receiving freshwater and receiving blood and pus, you need to send that water through your heart. That's something you have to do. It can't work with

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passive listening. It won't work to subject your you see everything I said about them when I 15 is there in the Quran and the things I couldn't say are there as well. And also what will interest you and getting rid of it and what will interest you in improving is also in the book. But if you approach it intentionally, that's the idea. And the good news I will end with here in the next two minutes. I believe it was a tad that one of the tambourine students have also have, he used to say by Lemma Kamala lado, Mona Phil, a hypocrite will hardly ever pray at night. You know why?

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Because if you pray at night,

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and you're a hypocrite, you're not going to find the worldly gains, which is what you're really focusing on. No one caught me. No one saw me no one praised me. So I'm going to stop or it means that if you insist on praying at night spending a little bit of time in private with the Quran every night, you're not going to be in one effort anymore. The monastic will not pray long at night. And so set aside any little bit in your night to send this Quran through your heart to reflect on the Quran man Alka. Some others Quran is the best reminder Allah said, for those who give it their hearing well who are shaheed while they are attentive, and Allah azza wa jal said, in Nashi, atta

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late the beginning of the night offers an opportunity for a shed dewata And for the most intense form of overlap between what your tongue is gonna say, and what's gonna, you're gonna feel be impacted within your heart. So may we all have a share even if it is half a page of attentiveness to the Quran each night make the NIA now May Allah subhanaw taala allow that for us all year round building on it year after year in sha Allah of hola hola. That was the for Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who may Nikka flew into hipbelt i 451