Mirza Yawar Baig – Islamic manners #13

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The manners of eating include learning proper manners and avoiding on the wrong side. The speakers also discuss the use of hand and fingers during eating, as well as the risks of embarrassing guests and not overloading oneself with alcohol and salt. They advise against overloading oneself with alcohol and not overloading oneself with salt, while also reminding not to express dislike or dislike of the food and not overloading oneself with alcohol and salt.
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filarmonica re Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have become even more sullied. Muhammad Rasul Allah is another highly he won early use of Salam has given cathedra cathedra Komaba. Now visiting

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non Muslims who are ill.

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She says you may visit non Muslims who fall ill be their neighbors, relatives, co workers or business acquaintances. Well, Mohammed Abdullah re reported their source of Salam visited his non Muslim uncle Abu Talib on his deathbed and urged him to actually embrace Islam. Member Carina Mohammed reported the anime Malika there are no said that a Jewish boy used to serve a source assylum preparing his evolution and bringing him in shoes. The boy became ill and resource Solomon to visit him he found him gravely ill with his father sitting by his side, browser asylum invited the boy to Islam asking him to say later Hey Lola,

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the boy looked at his father who kept silent so as a slum repeater is requested in the white again, looked at his father who said to Him, obey, I will pass him. The boy just before dying, said a chateau La ilaha illallah wa shadow Naka rasool Allah. As soon as I saw him said I thank Allah for enabling me to save him. Commenting on the Hadith even handler of Quran he said that this indicates many rules. Muslims are to be cordial to non Muslims and are allowed to employ them and to visit them while sick. It allows the employment of us to offer them Islam if they are mature to make a decision and to accept their conversion of the if they accept and embrace Islam. Similarly, Imam

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Badrul he said these are these provides us with the permission to visit ill non Muslims, especially if their neighbors, such a visit demonstrates the kindness of Islam, and we encourage them to embrace it. The Hadees also allows the employment of non Muslim encourages cordiality towards them, it also concerns to employing youth and implies the acceptance of their conversion to Islam. One may ask why Rasulullah sallallahu offered Islam to his young boy under these conditions, and in the presence of this father, the answer is this. The answer is that this was his duty, as ordered by Allah to guide humanity to Islam.

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whole issue of

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being kind and good to non Muslims is, I have I have two things to say. One is that whether or not they accept Islam, they will become

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more positively inclined towards Islam. And I think this is an important thing today for us to keep in mind because even if people don't accept Islam, as long as they stop being

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naked, negative as long as they stop being hostile to Islam, this is a great service as far as we are concerned. So if we are able to do anything which helps that to happen,

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which makes people more inclined towards Islam, I think this is or at least more positive towards Islam,

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or less,

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hostile. I think this is itself and in itself by itself is a great service and this is why we should continue to do that.

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expressing condolences to non Muslims, one may console grieving non Muslims using appropriate expressions. I'll call the abuse of said at the end of his book on courage that he asked Abu Hanifa Angela about how to condone console a Jew or a Christian who lost a child or relative, Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah they taught him to say Allah decreed death for all his creations, we ask Allah to make the deaths to make that the best fit to wait for

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in Allah He won't

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be patient and enjoy the calamity of use of narrates. They're a Christian he used to attend the lectures are possible because you had died upon hearing this person or their arm, or somebody down the ladder to when to console his brother. He said, may Allah reward you for this calamity as he rewards you fellows may Allah bless our death and make it the best fit to wait for a Be patient and as misfortunes therefore, one may say these kind words reminding them of death as the inescapable fate with which we can do nothing about but accept and be patient. In his book, rather matar Imam and Abbe de now even Aberdeen quoted Shafia scholars, who said you may console Muslims on the death

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of a non Muslim relative. On such an occasion you may say May Allah increase your reward in patients in the console non Muslims on the last one Muslim. on such occasions you may say May Allah forgive your disease and give you best controls? consoling them on the loss of a non Muslim you may say May Allah compensate your loss.

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We come to the chapter on the manners of eating.

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The importance of the matters of eating, the matters of eating are very important to learn perfect

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Since they are repeated many times a day, one must learn how to eat properly. Whether eating alone with family or with friends to avoid pretenses you with your family should practice proper eating manners until it becomes a natural part of your behavior. The manners of eating, there are certain indispensable table manners, they are as follows say Bismillah

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and it's preferable to say the full form Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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when you start and thank Allah subhanaw taala and say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Arabic Allah mean

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when you finish, eat what is in front of you eat using your right hand. Mr. Bean, Salma Sabirah Delano says, about dosa salah, he tells the story. He said I was a young boy. And my hand used to go all over the plate.

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There are sort of a certain Sami doing this and he said my son say Bismillah, eat with your right hand and eat what is in front of you.

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this also refers to the way that the Arabs used to eat when they eat ate and company which is like, in many cases they are once you know, the tribes they eat. It's also a rural customer in India, where people eat out of what in Oduor Hindi we call it highly volatile, which is a large like it's like a large tree. It's not a plate, because plates are individual. So if you have your plate, then there's really nobody else eating from that plate. There is just you eating. But in this people sit around this large tray in which the food is the food is that and in that case to reach across the tray or to reach in the middle of the tray to pick up choice morsels this is something which is bad

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manners and must not be done.

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Touch only the side where you are sitting, eat from that side. If there is a choice, Marcel, pick it up and give it to somebody else. Don't pick it up for yourself. These are good manners to practice. In that case, even if you're eating from your own plate by like my mother used to tell me eat with three fingers. Now make sure that your

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fourth finger is not even in the food. So grabbing the food with your whole hand getting the whole hand engaged with the food. We don't eat with no with knives and forks and spoons. It's not haram it is permissible. If you want to eat it, there's no update with that there's no problem but that's obviously not the Sunnah and therefore it is preferable to eat with your fingers which is the Sunnah. But for whatever reason, if you need to eat with the implements, this is not prohibited.

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It will come back to the book on another occasion a hypocrite was eating with his left hand when I saw as I said, I saw him and he advised him to eat was right. The man said I can't eat tomorrow, but

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may that be so and the hypocrite was became paralyzed in his

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right hand he could not different right and again, these are our sources Salem follow his example, in stressing the use of the right hand while eating during certain tabs are the alarms clarify so a meeting he saw a man eating with the left hand and similarly advised him to eat with the right. The man said, My right hand is busy.

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So then I repeated his request, the man repeated his answer. So then I asked him busy with what the man informed him that it had been severed in one of the battles is my right hand in order Scott says an hour there are no neglected himself. He blamed himself and reprimanded himself for neglecting such disabled people and ordered the treasurer to give the man with a severance to help him.

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When eating with your hand, use three fingers with small morsels lifting it gently with ease to your mouth. Now they told me the Madness Madness and my mother taught me.

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Keep your mouth closed while eating. To avoid unnecessary noises don't speak while there is food in your mouth to eat on the floor is closer towards Nosara service to do so. You know if you have if you have spirit or so for other stuff are in it, but there is no problem to eat at a table.

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In our hotel is set to eat at a table is to make eating easier there is nothing against it.

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Do not start eating ahead of the elders or the nobles meaning people who are scholars and who are of higher status.

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If you are the elder do not commence eating before everyone is at the table. You

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Just refer that eating should not be conducted in silence. It is good manners to talk during meals but not talk with food in your mouth. The topic should be pleasing and suitable to be discussed by eating at the end of the meal.

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And before we go that Mr. Hazara handler is specifically prohibited talking about death while eating. And they asked him why. He said, Because if a person's heart is alive, then he cannot eat anymore, because he's now thinking of his death. And if he continues to eat, it means that his heart is dead. And this is a matter of embarrassment. You don't want to embarrass your guests.

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See the detail? See the the subtlety see the sensitivity of our scholars, in how much detail they thought about these things. So Allah may Allah be pleased with our manners, monetary reward.

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At the end of the meal, say Alhamdulillah thank Allah subhanaw taala as an arranger in the Hadith reported by a Buddha Odin and on the site in Mal, Al Yom were a nail

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Praise be to Allah Who fed us and provided us with drink and guide us to Islam.

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This is the this is a dua that we allow

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in that we that we make after the at the end of the meal.

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And I'm Delaila the Dharma nap was where I mean it was really me.

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It is very appropriate to make a prayer for your host, Islam. Imam Muslim around the rally reported that in the last word the law narrated that a sorcerer seldom said May Allah feed those who have fed us and provide drink to those who provided us with drink.

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Do not express your disapproval or dislike of the food placed in front of you, or eat it either eat it or pass it over quantity. abora the alarm reported this person never expressed his dislike of any food. If he liked it, he ate it. If he disliked it, he set it aside. One of the things I always remind myself in this context is to think about who is the one who's feeding

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the real one who's feeding me is not my wife or the or the waiter in the restaurant or my friend or whoever is that the real rasa is Allah subhanaw taala so this food which is coming to me is coming directly from Allah subhanaw taala the person who is bringing it to me is is just the means

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the cook whoever cooked the food and so these are the means. So if I'm expressing disapproval if I'm saying well this Food is not tasty, it has too much of this food as of this have really commenting negatively on the net worth of Allah smelter and so never never never do that. How's the food or hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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Is there enough salt yes Alhamdulillah right. So, there is no need to because enough is a is a relative term enough. So hamdulillah

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do not put the boat do not put in your plate more than you can eat for your leftovers could be thrown away and wasted and this is against Islamic teaching. This is a big problem that we see whenever Muslims are eating the pile the plate with food as if they have not eaten for you know for for 10 years. And as if they are that food is never going to come back to them again. Please smaller portions and the chef says put smaller portions twice rather than one large portion that you will not eat. So as a result of did not approve of leaving any food on the plate. He said you will not know which portion is blessed. Food is a blessing Allah della Dorado to misuse me to misuse it is

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contrary to Islam. Do not forget people who are poor and needy and who need the portions that you are throwing away you ask ultramarathoner to help us to do what is pleasing to Him and save us from that he doesn't please him. Well Sal Allah Allah Allah will pay him while he was a beard member

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