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hamdulillah Ahmed who want to stay in a study he want to stop

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him and surely I'm fusino Mensa Melina Mia de la palma de la mejor de la,

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la la la la, la la sharika washer Donna Muhammad Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Maha Mohammed while he was alive he was a limit Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira about all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the Day of Judgment I've ever witnessed that I was the only one worthy of worship and Mohammed Salah La Jolla, Selim his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, during the year we have heard Mashallah a lot of hope buzz, a lot of reminders, a lot of good advices a lot of points were raised and subjects that were

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covered with by me or Chef kumada, Brahim or any other guests speakers we had during the year, and cultiva, and lectures and so forth. And I thought maybe in the end of the year, I would like to share with you a random quotes that I picked from statements made or said by

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the greatest of scholars among the early generations. And some of them even may be living lived in the modern days. But these are random words of wisdom.

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You might click with one or two of them, you might pick one of Tony's field, this is something that because each one of them is just a Jim, some incredible advice, like a pearl, something that you should hold on to it. And I will I did this to be very not on one topic in one subject. But this is something that you can memorize you can think about you can dig in and this is very common. Every one of us should have a couple of statements that always stuck in my head. This is what I always think and remind myself was one of represent how I think and what principles that I hold on what goals that I'm trying to achieve. So I'll start with our bucket of San Diego the Allahu anhu Ottawa.

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He said once La Jolla Rafi hiring bagdana when I shall be sharing the whole agenda there is no any good and goodness that after it Hellfire, any that is no good than anything that you might think it's good for you, but it will lead you to hellfire.

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And there is no I would not consider something bad. That does something bad I go through it but it will lead me to gender. If it's a hardship and it's bad maybe it's a sin but it will lead after that the gender is the word. You know it's a struggle, but it will lead to gender that's I wouldn't call that something bad. I wouldn't call something good I had a good time I had a good this I the good deal. But that deal will lead to hell fire over him and throw him home and then he wants he said in the law house.

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Remember when it comes to Iran and barbaric? Allah see what's inside you as he see what's outside.

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Omar are the Allahu answered men keturah kalama who keturah Sato those who speak Omar said those who talk too much make the make too many mistakes and also tomorrow the Allah and said if you want to have a true someone to love you so much and to be so near to you and care for you so much became like your friend and he loves you or she loves you so much. Do these three Carla min Musa Felix

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to oversell them every time you see that person you greet him or her first. By the way, these are very good advices for us at home too.

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You start this big greeting the person wanted to be a humble esmaeili you call the person with the names that they love the most. There's a nickname or some way you pronounce that. And they love that name. Call them don't call Don't make fun of their names or call them names they don't like Then he said to us the autofill medalists that every time this person comes always make a space for that person to sit near to your close to you.

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Oh my god, Allahu Anwar la said, Well, you know Lehman Kennedy Jr. Hammer. will hop I Amato k for your demo hidden the country matter, hydrophone Saadoun. Omar said what a great loser the person that all his or her concern is the dunya and most of their actions or consider sins. How this person will deal with tomorrow, which is that day of judgment. What you plan today you will collect tomorrow, you will collect tomorrow. I'm delighted the minister of the law answered once. memorizing the Quran is not by saying it without looking at the most habit not just by memorizing it. It does by

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by applying it in your life quarterly, or on behalf of the trophy. We're in Namibia comma to duty. And he said the worst of times of misguidance the misguidance that happen after Allah shows you the way yeah and if you are blessed that Allah give you knowledge and a reminder and shows you what is right. And he gives you the knowledge then you choose to go astray. That's the worst type of misguidance and once he said to an outward will hire for hire either. He said once make good deeds part of your habits, part of your routine. Because if you get into the habit of doing good, you'll find doing good becomes something very natural.

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olofi Anna bahat para para Dada, for more of an RG

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that he moved to Syria. He was living in Damascus for Connemara. 10 years, the mesh and tumuli 115. And who I mean to zero said people of Damascus You are my brothers because you know he is Arabs, you know from Arabia came from to Damascus. He said You are my brothers in Islam. While grr nofit da and you guys are neighbors even before Islam while on sorrow Are

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you the one who have been fighting with us the enemy you accepted Islam you became Muslim, you find it with us the enemy Miam narrow commodity or in Nima una Tiana v recoome. But you notice that the people of Damascus were not, you know, giving him the attention that he would expect. And he meant by that the not coming to learn from him. There's a lot of people don't care about learning from him what he learned from the profits or something. So he was a little bit you know, not happy with that. And he started with this software. Then he said, What is it? You're not responsible for me financially? Someone else is Molly komiya. Mattoon, would you Hannah come later on the moon. I see

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that this color is dying one day after another, one after another the dying. And I don't see the ignorance among you seeking knowledge and learning. what compelled me to feel Allah can be observed. What are up to me today. I see you worry so much about the thing that Allah granted. Allah grant a basically he gives you a guarantee that he will give it to you, which is their provision, but you don't care about the things that you've been ordered to seek which is knowledge

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In a Ben banner wash a do a general kathira amaroo Bear EDA for us Babylonian, bora,

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bora, people, other people before you or other nations before you had long hopes gathers so much. They build so many. But what they ended up, they end up whatever they built, it became their grapes, whatever they collected, they lost it. And Africa and lemuel and Lima, I advise you to learn, learn your DNA. And that's something really very painful not for that only but for me and for anyone who in our and leadership position, when we see that the community doesn't care about knowledge, doesn't care about learning.

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He said, I love it. I love to learn and teach

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an animal motor and LIMU will address our fitness about the human, the best in the society and community, those who are learning and those who are teaching

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them aka Avon, one of the beautiful statement, which is I think it's very interesting to topline, your life about us Daniel is also a great scholar from Damascus, pan. ly yourself.

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You will not be a true leader until you master two qualities. Pan Hatter Guna FECA his Latin and yet Swami mefi, ad nurse, whatever for the economy know that you need to learn how not to desire what people have in their hands. And you need to learn how to let things go.

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If you master these two, you will be a leader. You'll be a true leader at home. true leader at work true leader in society. But if you pick up everything, if you always looking at what people have in their hand and you desire it, people will not like you cleaning up near Mubarak. Can you tell us in one sentence tell us

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how can you possess the best of manners? He said avoid anger politics.

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And robotic give us a great advice once he said he yakka and to janissa so he will be there. Don't ever set attend lesson learn from an innovator and I'm saying this because today we don't care we just turn on the TV to any channel or any YouTube channel or any speakers. He's as soon as it is dispersive all of a sudden are not ignorant or knowledgeable. That's dangerous. That's very dangerous for your dean.

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It is a sharpie Rahim Allah Allah said either legitimately rasulillah salam Salam Sunnah for W one.

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If you find a clear signal from the prophets of Salaam follow it and don't follow what other people saying. You know today you see people's know what the person recommend you to do, but they don't do it because of peer pressure. Because it looks different. I'm not going to look like that society. I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to do that. You know not all my friends you know or somebody told me that this is not

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right. If that's what the process I'm sending you 100% sure about it doesn't matter what other people say or feel or think

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often will be how that led me Abdullah Khan Canon phoca how we at our salon a female buying a home viterra

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for hot used to write to each other these three advisors in the early generation.

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column and Amelia harati kefa Hello. I'm gonna do nia.

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If you work hard for your Acura, Allah will also will take care of your dunya he will never leave leave you

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and US law has errata US law Holla Holla Anita and if you fix what between you and Allah, what you do in private, we're no one sees you. Allah will also fix your reputation in front of the public.

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Woman us Lohan avena who have been a la isla Allahumma Veenhoven in NUS and if your relationship with a lot is good alone, make sure that your relationship with your with others with people good as well. I asked her last panatela to give us wisdom and to give you the ability to hear the speech and to follow the best of it. I put them as an item we'll start with a line you Welcome to stop

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Medina Viva la Vida.

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Once the madness of Yana thodi Rahim Allah said

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is still so the net effect number about

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I advise you to take care to support the people who follow the Sunnah who care for

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The sooner who teach the sooner there is only few of them. And that's the towel Safina 30. So what do you think of today?

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pata Safina 31 730 is a great scholar particle imager Mila did one of my favorite quote today, Parliament dounia Padre Baka aka watermelon. Rebekah ecovia

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he said work for the dounia in the same in according to how long you're going to stay in it and work for the alpha according to how long you're going to stay in it.

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I've had I've missed the hereafter.

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So how long are you gonna stay in this denier and this live work as much as you'd like kokkola whatever calculation you're gonna make, but also the same time when you feel to the hereafter. That's how much you should give it attention according to how long you will live after death

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cannot fly live near the airport or law he may a handle in Britain a new vehicle but what a fancier umbrella

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for cater to the Muslim

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for later man said if it is haram in Islam to hurt a dog or a pig

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How can be How can it be you Yeah, he allowed himself to hurt a Muslim

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for pig or dogs how long for you to hurt? What about your Muslim brothers?

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I even Lima Rahim Allah was asked how can the person be safe from people?

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Is not pessimistic, but he's realistic. He said

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to leave him what I mean when

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you give them and he didn't take anything from them

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Why do Nicola took the if the harm you don't harm them?

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Duck the masala how one or two can leave home Koba Masonic you help them and you didn't ask help from them.

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Yeah mama de Saba yeah mom that's hard any you can? How can you live like that? And if this is what gonna make us safe from people that's kind of hard. He said what unlike a Tesla, and he said after you do all of us, you might be safe from people.

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And he will not even guarantee that they will leave you alone.

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pilot has celibacy, Rahim Allah

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hello and hello to a man with a method.

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For solid with Vic O'Hara. If you want to taste the sweetness of a man, you will find it in three things and if you don't find it in these three, there is something wrong going on in your life. You need to work on your email. You need to work in your relationship with Allah. These three are when you pray. If you don't feel the sweetness of salam, the closest or last Python, in the Quran, you make the Quran you make Dre and when you recite the Quran or listen to the Quran

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yaku Abdullah Muhammad masari Rahim Allah number two an equal amount up to insert and assume your woman to come to our tab will assume a journey. Finally to a new column attempt to insert an atossa wb Durham femin hook bedarra him.

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He said, I have problem that you know sometimes I backbite I mentioned people so I decide every time I mentioned someone, I'll fast one day. He said I get fasting a lot. And it became hard for me to keep up with the fasting. So I said, You know what, if I make an email to anyone backed by anyone or say something about someone, I'll give it to him, I'll pay money, like amount of money. He said, my love for money make me quit backbiting because I saw spending a lot of money. What I'm trying to say he said this to us, you might think like negative and but you should understand how honest this person is that he telling you about his own weakness.

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And I'm sharing this because of the lab. No, I haven't necessarily one of the greatest judge ever, ever

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seen in Egypt, like one of the best is one of the greatest scholars.

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But you still have this weakness have this problem. It's not something wrong to admit your mistakes. It's not something wrong to work in your mistakes. It's not something wrong that you do it and you fail and you try it. It's a smart thing to keep trying and it's a smart thing to keep approaching the problem from different dimension different ways to see what the thing that motivates you. If it's money if it is this if it's to see what's the thing that will work as long as Hannah

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and I will

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just jump to something I found it also very, very beneficial. A quote from shirtless nambiti me or him a lot. He said

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just to cover many different generations. He said hi old man Makka lillahi wa or he saw him he

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was the best deed he

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Ask. He said the thing that make you more submissive.

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It makes you submit more to Allah.

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It bring your heart to complete submission to Allah. And the thing that it will also it will please allow the most and it will benefit you the most

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once Shan Shan urbani Rahim Allah tada said something interesting and I will end with this pile so he will help you carry that he was our heaven our live free alpha Delhi.

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Very true. Is it the one who follow the truth? Just one evidence, one point you make. It's enough. He was okay. I agree.

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That's fine. The one who follows desires. If you bring them 1000 proof, they will still argue.

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And that's very, very true as to who you are. That's why the ignorant person, you just show them the truth. But the one who have how our desires don't who want to argue is not about following the truth. This person need to work on his heart or can has a man working his tail It was not about proving the point to him or to her. I asked the last panel to add on this plus days to end in the end to bless our days and I asked the last panel data to bless this year and ended in good and to keep all of us safe. And I ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect all of you from the evilness of this pandemic and to make inshallah, the next year it's more much much better for you all. ask Allah

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Subhana Allah to bless your wealth to bless your business to bless your family to bless your your

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your children and your your your days and nights. As we come to the end of the year, we realize how you know life goes by very fast I still remember when we started the pandemic and we're Oh my god, we're going to stay all the way until Milan oh my god is gonna be all the way until the summer Oh my god. It just the days goes very fast yada yada yada yada UBS maker has no sabbatical. So instead of kentuckiana Shaka hydrobiologia and I mean it's sort of unnatural. Sort of Shut

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up, Danny. No, money No, honey, no Andrea Chino, anatomy Jemaine a la escuela Maria Aloha. masuka Maria, Maria, Maria de mucho la llamada matana. Aloha, mahalo Tana aloha mahalo Tana along lovely Abba you know Manhattan alarm overly about you know, my heart You know, alarm over the other you know, my heart You know, law mahina had an Islam on the second episode that you had done a minute, but often I went to Robben Island to subhanak and Nicola Amina Bali mean, Masoli Allahumma salli, ala nabina, Muhammad Muhammad Hassan como la