Waleed Basyouni – Ramadan Debates 2016 – 03 8 or 20 Rakat of Taraweeh

Waleed Basyouni
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Brother Omar hombre was asking about selected tarawih

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20 Iraq as a truck as

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I would assume that he means 23 or 21 or 11

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or it should be

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done or you do it at domestic. There is no doubt praying salata tarawih in domestic in congregation it's much better and more rewarding because it never be saw someone told us that selected within a 30 minute walk and thought that either film that we need three people better than two to better one and so on. So praying with the Gema absolutely there's more reward for you.

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And especially salata tarawih it is the sydnor is to pray it in the massage and to for revival this. As soon as that oh my god allow Anwar revival. And since the time of Omar the law and the Sahaba used to gather and to pray together in the masjid and the successors. That's why wouldn't it be thought If so, in a coup for the miss the mustard, have lights and people praying in the night? Kala know what a local backcare Omar Come on water, a sajida muslimeen May Allah fill your grave with light as you filled the massage with lights during the nights of Ramadan? So my advice to you be with the community go pray in the mustard that is even more than just the prayer. First of all the

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process of them said Mount Carmel in Manhattan and take it to Malaysia if you pray with the Imam until the man finished the Salah, that as if you prayed a whole entire night and also there is a hadith where the prophets of Salaam said man measure elastically you suddenly nephila GitHub Allahu Allah will be a drama, when you go to the muster to pray an extra or a volunteer prayer like donno if you can do the work of ombre, so you will get these rewards inshallah to Allah by coming to the masjid adding to this during telawi their talk and reminders and fundraisings and meeting your brothers and sisters in the mustard and greeting them all these other great rewards you will lose

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them if you don't come to them rested. If you say at home, I have more horseshoe I can concentrate with so you can pray more at home

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is it must attend to the Torah we had missed it knows the whole Torah which is just a volunteer act is not watch it is not watching you to pray. Yes, it's allowed for you to pray at home.

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But I will recommend you to pray at the mustard. Ask for 20 araca or a truck as or, you know, what are the numbers of the salon in NaVi Salalah Salim as I described him, he never prayed more than 11 rocker. But when she said that they allow on her she was trying to answer the question that presented to her about to describe the prayer of the Prophet. And she said that has an interest in the hidden Napoleon don't ask how beautiful you need another word. They are so beautiful the process of them spend so much time in his salon, having to shoot and edit we're a beautiful salon and with that it was not more than ever like I would I should have the Aloha and heart It seems to be

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saying that in abishola the point was not the how many records that prophet SAW Selim prayed the point always is what kind what the quality of the prayer not the quantity of the archives, the quality of each record. So that's why if you pray in congregation, and even if the read read only 10 verses or 20 verse But there's concentration on it if you pray seven rock I have taraweeh 11 but with who sure and and and you prefer it good It's better than praying 20 or more what's been reported authentic narration that model they allow and in the beginning, when he gathered the Sahaba to pray together they prayed 11 rocker or they allow and or modern Sahaba there is other narration

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suggests that he added on later 22 and some duration even said

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3436 and the reason for this because he tried to increase the number of rockers so it will be shorter because Can you imagine the Sahaba used to finish salata tarawih in the floor, eventually any right before fragile. So it's very, very long prayer to be divided to 11 o'clock. So aroma, divided to larger number to shorten the amount of standing in each and every locker that shows us that the numbers were not an issue because they understood from the prophets of Salaam statement Salatu layli mathnasium Athena the night prayer or to Raka Raka Raka

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So that's that's an open invitation for you as you pray as much as you want. Again, it's never it's not about the numbers of Raka it's about the quality of the record that you pray. May Allah Subhana Allah to malice wanton accept from all of us and help us do

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met the amylase in Ramadan because it never is also limited. When karma Ramadan Amana what is happened with your Allah who matter at the moment then those who pray in the nights of Ramadan seeking the word of Allah Subhana Allah and the doing it with sincerity for Allah. Allah will forgive all the past sins.

20 vs 8 in Taraweeh, Which is better, what’s right?

June 02, 2016

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