Friday Sermon – How To Be A Happy Wife 44

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Hi so I was so jealous. You can see the big smile on his face when and when when hearing your voice he said she reminded me of my wife

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he still after listening to out for her very faithful they she said

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I'm just wondering she was very old woman lost her team from being old. I don't want to play see her a beautiful young wife. Why is them so connected to her with each other?

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Because she

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a history

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Yeah, I should Don't you know, that being faithful it means it's part of our faith. Part of our human

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being loyal that she is someone she can come to you you not count on her every single day or every other week or every other month.

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Brothers Sisters,

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let me leave you with this. They said we're gonna need a lot of vital

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attention, appreciation. affirmations, affection.

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Remember, remember that

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never forget to make your outcome was kind of

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I don't find a problem to cope with one of the brothers here in this community that he talked to me great lessons once from this from ours and he's listening to metal. Isn't Jeff my nature of job? It's a very tempting job I have so much fitna I go to people's house. I've been

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in positions where I can seduce the attorney by very beautiful wrote for me, I seen a lot of

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he symptoms one thing almost kicked me after the loss coming to Adam straight and not to look to the heart.

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He says that my my relationship with my wife is so strong that he said I've been married more than 20 years but the way I look at my wife, I decided exactly exactly the same way I desired her 20 years ago.

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I said that's impossible. So Elijah, even when we get into

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that I said to him What's the secret? He said Jeff Walla and I don't remember ever I prayed Misha or federal unless I saved my schedule or Allah make me enjoy my wife to the max

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Tao of materialism and

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that's exactly what

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he said it's amazing how the West Chinese and I think it's not because many things because

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so don't ever underestimate the power to act I lost my brain to quality and peace and it's part of the to Allah told us before God

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when I mean as large in our reality in

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our minds our children could satisfy us

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mail this kind of product to make our wives and our family full of active duty.

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So I doubt a lot of

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need or be added to snap that the you log in and sort of conclude our our dinner at info Selectric was

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Antonio Mo Da da da and under Socratic. It couldn't be nobody mean different it mean overcast, actually, what could it mean and in medieval Europe medicale kind of our commune or somebody that personally matter. Hammond whether it was like the direction of who decides

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along with local law or

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law should have been number one with almost all law, Hay House Hayyan and fella

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