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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various examples of behavior that can be considered "will" and how it can create environments that "we" and "we" around the world. They emphasize the importance of positive engagement and positive behavior in helping those in need, and suggest starting small small actions and gradually increasing one's behavior. The speakers also emphasize the need to stop selfish behavior and encourage others to be helpful and charitable. They emphasize the importance of praying in public to offer advice and guidance, and emphasize the need to practice being helpful and charitable.
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So then Abu Bakr radi, Allahu Allah, Amara Delano.

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Both of them used to compete with each other in goodness.

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Each one trying to see what he could do better than the other.

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So after Saison Abu Bakr passed away on

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Wednesday, the Navara Delana became the Khalifa.

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Somebody said to him, that

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he asked people around he asked him, What did a worker used to do? So he said, Look, there's a camp outside of Medina.

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Somebody I don't know who it is, seems to be a poor person.

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Then Abu Bakar radula know used to go into this scam

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very early every morning.

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And he would spend some time there, and then he would come out. And this is a daily thing used to do.

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Suzanna said the number went to see

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when he got there, he found that this is a tent in which there was a old woman who was blind,

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alone, nobodies.

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And in the tent, was a goat, milking goat,

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and some pots and pans and that's it.

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realize what is to be done. So he cleaned out the whole tent, he cooked some food for the lady, and he made the goat.

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And then when he finished all that, he took the vote in a plate and he gave it to the lady.

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So the lady said, You are not the person who comes every day

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said an hour of the land was very suppressed, because he's a blind lady, how does you know?

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So he said, How do you say that? Why do you say that?

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She said because the person who comes everyday knows that I am not only blind but I have no teeth.

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My teeth have all fallen out. So I cannot chew

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and this bread which you are giving me he used to crush it and soften it and then he would feed me

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so say that our avellana realized and he did what he had to do. Then he said to her Do you know who that person was? Who used to come every day to you?

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She said no.

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She said he never told me who was he?

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And why is he not here?

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Turn well said that was

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Khalifa Rasulullah

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and he's not here because he passed away.

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Ameerul Momineen was a deitel Omar Al Khattab Ravi Alana was never caught when he was called the khalifa to Rasulullah

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Ameerul Momineen came later because when zaisan Amara de la became Halifa they didn't know what to call him because now our workers today it was Khalifa rasool Allah. So if you continue that then Omar will Kata is Khalifa Al Khalifa Rasulillah then what happens to the 10 Khalifa he is delivered to khalifa Al Khalifa This is not a doable thing.

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Then our lives are ours and somebody else they came I think it is July and somebody anyway they came and they said you know we have heard people using this term I mean of this and that so why don't we call you um you know, meaning because you are the Emir of the believers.

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And that's how the title came and then that title remain with the

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full alpha as long as the healer for three meant

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this was a worker

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putting others before yourself

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so then our Alana was going somewhere.

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He saw a tent and a man sitting outside the tent.

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And the way he was sitting it looked like he was in trouble. And from inside the tent, they could hear the sound of a woman in pain

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you know, morning sounds so sad an hour of Milan Wednesday. He has the man who are you what are you

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to imagine? I'm Mustafa. I've come from somewhere I've kept here I came to see every woman in murder Khattab

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say seven hours what is the sound what's happening inside?

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The man said You mind your own business you go there is none of your business.

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To seven hours I know I'm I want

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To help you to tell me what what what is the problem you're who is the tent what is nice.

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He said my wife is in a tent. She is in labor. delivering a baby. She is in difficulty. So I don't know whether she will live or the baby will live or what will happen.

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Seven our told him wait. He went running to his house.

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He asked his wife, who may have also been the IE when avatar is

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the daughter of Hollywood avatar, Ava Lara was the wife of Omarosa Katara. Delano.

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So he said, he said to her, Do you want to earn the mercy and reward of Allah?

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She said, Yes, of course. Tell me what what what is the matter? So explain to us this is what is happening. Will you come and help this woman in our delivery? So she said, Yes. So she gathered whatever she needed, said an hour, took a sack of

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And they went back,

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his wife went inside the dead,

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to help the lady to deliver seven hours set up a store outside, and he started making some bread.

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And while he's eating and doing that, this man, the owner of the dentist sitting next to him,

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so then our other landlords wife called out from inside, she said, Ameerul, Momineen, tell your friend, he has a boy, he has a son.

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That is when the man realized who this man is.

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He said, You are there.

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And I'm telling you go away and this and that.

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Said you are there? Yes.

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I told you

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positive selfishness. Why am I saying that? Because imagine a country that is ruled by leaders who personally help poor people by hand themselves not not only delegating, and so on themselves, who personally help those who are in need?

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What kind of nation would that be?

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So putting yourself first versus putting others first, when you put others first, you create an environment, which is beautiful for everyone, including yourself.

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So that's why I said it's not about altruism, it is not about

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selfishness, it's not about selflessness. Neither of the two

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this is about what as I said, I call it positive selfishness because understanding clearly what's in it for me. So therefore, now let us do the exercise for this

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to say what is it that I need to do what changes do we need to bring in ourselves

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to put others first before ourselves?

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Talk about what you need to do and what we need to do within ourselves as well as talk about in terms of raising of children upbringing of children, what must you do? How much to inculcate this from their earliest childhood right?

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Alright start

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Salam aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

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So, the exercise on attitude,

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what we agreed violently agree to start within this group is to

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is to identify an elderly person in the community

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visit with him or her, you know, help them do some housework, do their chores. And then for contiguity you get your children or a child to continue that visit very nice

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clear thinking clear goal, right. So part of the start. Another one to start is other than this I just mentioned is we start

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patronizing hawkers and petty sellers who try to make some money or we find out it's usually when you go to buy a banana nowadays, and they say the 600 The first thing you do you say, oh, yeah, it's 500. But from the examples we just had about 1015 minutes ago, life changing for us is, why not buy from them and try even to increase 100 or 200 for them?

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You know

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for stop

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the second one for stop is we stopped patronize the malls because their prices are fixed. And we may not be helping the the media and downtrodden by doing that.

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So I'm gonna make a very, very good and very important I think this is a thing everywhere we try to bargain with poor people

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but nobody bargain we thought right

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Gucci Has anybody ever bargained with Gucci? No

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you tried

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to lie your workout group you have a few things that we decided that we need to start or increase

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which increase in generosity, charity and care for others.

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So in general, just be more selfless and helping others

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also have always having a positive attitude and outlook towards life. So don't focus on the negative things and always try and see positive and what

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be more humble.

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cheering for environment as well and for the weaker people. So visiting the sick as we have the examples.

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What we decided to we need to stop is being negative selfishness, as you said, with positive selfishness, there's also negative selfishness where you know that you're not the best person for something. But because you want the accolades, you, you you insist on doing something. We also decided on the we need to stop allowing our egos to influence us.

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And also the fear of poverty or the fear of losing something.

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I think that stops us from doing a lot of things. And we also decided that we need to continue with being helpful and being charitable under the law. Very nice.

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All right, next group.

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Salam aleikum. Wa alaykum Salah are outlawed, what we need to practice. What we need to start practicing before advocating

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is whatever one is doing, he's doing it for his second eg helping sick widows, etc. Then number two, we change the orientation that when we help people, we think that we help them and we should develop good habits when helping people.

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Number three, the factors that help to succeed is a constant reminding of the concept that we help people that when we help people, we help ourselves. Number four, the factors which may hinder the efforts

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discouragement by others eg spouses and friends. Salaam aleikum

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wa rahmatullah weariness.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa.

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The way it went at this table was interestingly, very different. We, we came up with case studies of our own personal, our own personal experiences of things that we are very quick to offer advice to others about but we ourselves are not practicing. So one very interesting one from someone here was that there was a conversation around how in Islam, it is

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the Islamic way of marriage. When marriage discussion time comes for your children are for anybody.

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You should focus on no barriers, race,

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wealth, all those things should be immaterial. And you should look at the clock and the character of the person. Immediately after discussion with close friends. Somebody in the group said to her, so when your son comes back and says he wants to marry a white person, how will you handle that? And she physically reacted to that?

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No, not on my watch. And there were other such examples of I'm very quick to say to someone Subhanallah here's the positive. You know, here's the goodness in this thing and

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The minute it has turned around and said, Well, what if it were your child? What if it was your so and so your true color comes out as No, that's not something I want for me. But I'm advocating it's good for you.

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So our conclusion was, other than just being the mothers who yell at your children and yet tell them to Speak gently, tell them not to lie, but tell them it's okay to go and say I'm not here. First of all, we start with really reflecting, and recognizing we have hidden demons, hidden conflicts that we all hide very well. Sometimes it's hidden even to ourselves. And that would be a good place, but also to embrace I don't know, when someone comes to you, you don't have to be the fountain of knowledge to offer advice and wisdom just because they're there. They've come to you. You can see I honestly don't know how to help you with this, but perhaps make dua or I can guide you to somebody

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else who has a better answer because you may not know what you're hiding. So we would stop rushing to offer opinions and advice and to continue on earthing what our own inner conflicts are, that's where we are. Now let's make it easy.

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He was doing he was doing what Henry Ford said about the about the first car. Ford made the t

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what is what is the Model T the Model T and that Model T was only black. So they said to him, why don't you have also other colors he's an absolutely any color you want. As long as it's black

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just like a light did the whole thing. Boy I'm not saying do this, do that whatever. But point the end of the day it all boils down to what is it that I can do.

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It's very easy to tell other people you should do this you should do that. You should do that. Yes to but when it comes to yourself

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take a very simple one and take the prayer in the masjid

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Allah subhanaw taala made five Salawat for

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and he made these five Salawat for the in the masjid. There is a very big misconception in the minds of people who feel that Salah need not be done in the masjid. I'm going to I'm not talking from my opinion. I'm giving you the line right?

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam y'all know this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, I wish I could tell Bilal to call the other. And then I would go looking for people who were praying in their houses. He did not say I will look for people who don't pray. No. I will look for people who pray in their houses. And I would lock the house from outside and I would collect firewood and burn the house down on their head.

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Now who is saying this Rahmatullah mean?

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So my point is if somebody like Rasul Allah, Salah Salem had to say something so strong and severe, what does it say about praying in the masjid? A man comes to him, ya rasool Allah, I am blind.

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I have difficulty walking.

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Do I have to pray in the masjid Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said if you know the value of praying in the budget, they will come if you have to crawl.

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Nebrija Selim said the one who prays Salah Tonisha and Serato Voyager by Jama what is the mommy?

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Where is it?

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In the mall?

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Masjid right, the one who prays Jama Salah to Asia and Salah to further by JAMA, what is the reward for a

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reward for him as if he has prayed the whole night?

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So somebody asked you would you like to be in a state where every single night of your life from today until the last day of your life you are counted as prayed the whole night would you like this? Very simple sleep the whole night. Just pray Salah to Malaysia and Salah go further in the masjid. Even if you sleep the whole night no problem it is written for you as if you have prayed the holiday.

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So those people who believe that praying at home is sufficient or it is not sufficient. That is an exceptional condition. Leaving Salah is completely and totally haram deliberately leaving Salah is Coover you are outside Islam all together. So therefore if you are in a situation where there is no masjid, there is no congregation there is nobody with you. You are alone somewhere you are travelling in the train plane something driving Allah knows what time for Salah can What must you do? You're not going to go hunting with a magician. You don't even know where it is no bro just pray. Make sure you pray at the right time.

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Even if you're praying alone inshallah Musa Allah subhanaw taala will accept the Salah and give you the reward but

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where there is a masjid? Where you can go to the masjid

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what is the reward for praying Salah by Gemma in the masjid how many times 27 times what more do you want? Who wants the who tells me that it is not necessarily to go to the masjid.

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You don't want 27 times the reward.

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If you're saying that then you really have belief at all in the hospice.

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Then issue of women praying in the masjid please understand is another big, big trouble. There's a detailed article of mine also on this