Hussain Yee – Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 26

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various profits from the previous week, including Abby tet run, Avi huray minor, and Atilla's profit. They emphasize the importance of being moderate and offer advice on how to handle negative emotions. The success of working with the brain and the importance of learning to avoid mistakes are also discussed. The importance of remembering and following the Prophet's words is also emphasized, along with a woman in Missouri who talks about her brain being full of things and not thinking of anything. The speakers also mention a woman in a Missouri Virginia who talks about her brain being full of things and not thinking of anything.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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and then hamdulillah Hina Mehta who invested in the stock of Euro

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and owns me lemon Chateau de un fusina women say, Medina

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Mayor de la palma de la la one my father had Deanna

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shadow Elena in the more shady kind of shadow and Mohammed Abdul

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Shout out to other system brother Let us listen to two or three of our profits Muslim tonight.

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Number one is from Abby hora hora de Allahu anhu.

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Another salam wa sallam Karna

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use the jam Buddha decom marami

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colada to follow me

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from a Volvo Raina radi Allahu anhu the Prophet Mohammed some Muslim said

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the door on the application of any of you is answered

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in Sharma as long as he did not give

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and would not get impatient and said I miss application or Allah and I have not been answered.

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This hard this is to remind us when we are asking online especially the last 10 nights of Ramadan

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we have a lot of thing to ask Allah

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especially in the keynote

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we keep on asking a lot for this and that

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but we are not supposed to give up hope when you ask Allah for something and that's why the Prophet said

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as long as we does not get impatient

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then allow or respond to our prayer

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number two from Avi hurayrah to

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an obese Muslim Carla. You said yeah, Buddha Deacon marlim yet Oh, me Our karate at the right time. Oh, yes, Jim. Fire coup de falla RR esta je Budi fed

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both Hadees from among Buhari

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the profits and loss and set again

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this application that don't have any of you

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is answered by Allah so long as he or she does not make any dough for something that displease Allah

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to cut off ties of kinship

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and does not become impatient and say,

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Oh Allah, I've met supplication.

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And I do not think that I will be answered. And that's why I stopped making the one.

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Giving up hope is not the character of unbelievers.

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Brothers and sisters.

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And if one had this could see

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our Prophet sallallahu wasallam remain his own Mumbai Sing out Sania bbts in OC cumbia.

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I may have shared this hadith to see if all of you every year especially in the month of Ramadan

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but I keep on reminding myself and all the good brothers and sisters

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that the Prophet Solomon loves and I'm saying that along

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have remind him if nine things and now he wants to share these with all of us.

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And he's hit also need glasses. Similarly, we're Alinea.

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Number one, a lot of remain of our profit Some of us are dumb and our profit remain his alma to be sincere in whatever we do, secretly or openly, whatever we do. Make sure that your intention is very clear.

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purely for the sake of Allah.

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When you want to say something you must think you must make

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Whatever you say, bring goodness, bring happiness, give positive respond

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from others. Number two, well Atilla terrida Allah

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Allah remind our Prophet and the Prophet remind all of us to be judge

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whether you are in good mood or not,

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you must always try to be just

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don't make any judgment to anybody, especially when you're in anger.

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Even the judge have no right

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to pass any judgment when he's angry.

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Number three, what cost the field arena alimony? One

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we must always be moderate weather in good time, or bad time.

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Meaning even you have a lot of money. You're not supposed

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to be spending

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you should always be moderate in your spending in whatever we do.

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Number 414 among many

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you always prepare to forgive whoever have wronged you.

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Number one,

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number one,

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good. Number five. What are the man harmony.

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If you have anything extra, just keep on giving.

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Even the one that you keep giving, do not give you anything at all.

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Don't worry is like the parent key on giving to the children even the children after they have their children they still want something from the parent and the parents they will give

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as long as you can give just give.

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Let A lot of us

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don't stop giving because the person that you help or you always give something do not give anything back to you

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know number one

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what is the law la man kapa Ani,

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wha si la man kata Ani number six.

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You must try your level best

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to strengthen the ties

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to strengthen the relationship that you have built early.

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And hamdulillah. We are very proud with our German who perform harsh with us from time to time. They always plan to strengthen the ties between the JAMA they always have family reunion hash reunion, ombre reunion, there is very good.

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Anything to do with reunion Alhamdulilah.

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Number seven, what if cone some day.

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Always make sure that when you are alone, that mean

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you are by yourself in silence. Don't just be silent without thinking of anything. But use your silent moment to thing, thing, something that benefit you and benefit the oma.

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There were some

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brain specialists out there.

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One of the brain of the men

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is that they have an empty space. Their time that the men don't think of anything.

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But for the woman, their brain is always full of things to thing. The things are fast. So when they speak, the men always miss what they say.

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Because the man is very simple minded. They are time they know how to cut off everything. They don't think of anything. The blank, the blank, everything. One thing is good. You must learn how to cut off everything. But sometimes women don't like that.

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Number eight, one, not a zakra. Make sure that when you want to speak when you want to say anything. Make sure that what you say bring benefit is good. If not silent is better. Because every one word that you say should present a secure reminder.

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If you're reminding somebody we have something good okay but if not

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Then it's better not to say anything. And the last one, one Missouri Abra. And Allah gives you the eye to see. And that's why you see the companion was blessed by Allah. Because when they move with the Prophet, whatever the Prophet does, they will observe and they will follow.

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I finally attain something you can learn from just seeing you don't have to ask, you just see how the scholar is doing. And you just try your best to follow you will benefit from that. Sometimes there's a lot of things that you can learn to your eyesight, not necessarily Siri, you must be reminded

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by somebody and you only learn from hearing you can learn through seeing, that's why the Sahaba very, very

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alert about the action of the Prophet and the saying of the Prophet nazari Abraham, everything that happened around us is a reminder a lesson learned we have to pick up what is good

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you can follow what is not good is a reminder for you to be careful. So that mistakes done by others will not

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be done by you. You are not going to get involved in the same mistake anymore. This is very important. How many reminder from the profit now?

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How many? Nine number one

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the model, we get an answer from you. Today I just share the nine tomorrow. You give me the answer again. Yeah. Remember nine I've said nine and make it very easy.

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Because the night prayer today and hamdulillah so I will see you tomorrow.

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If I don't see you tomorrow I'll see you after tomorrow. If I don't see you afternoon I was kept on singing one of the night in Sharma

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but remember name now you can share with your friend Now you remember this last one. I remember the second last one. I remember that that last one. So you start to write it down in sha Allah. This is an exercise May Allah make it easy for all of us strengthen our memory in sha Allah Subhana locomobi handig Sha shadow a lot of stuff will go to will a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Lastly, Siri will Allah Nia

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flstc Viva La Nina alania.

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Remember that?

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I was thinking because you

Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

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