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alone. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to another episode of the power of victory. In this episode in sha Allah, we're talking about certain circumstances or situations in which a Muslim should be remembering Allah azza wa jal, we've talked about the morning in the evening, we've talked about waking up and going to sleep, and inshallah we're going to now talk about the widow and the prayer. So before the widow, what we do is we say Bismillah, and this is our first record. After the World War. One of the things we can say and there are other many things that are underrated to say after the widow, but one of the things that we can say is a shadow and La

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ilaha illallah wa rahula Sheree Cara wa shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasool Allah murjani miniter we're being rajani Makoto,

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Allah, I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, alone with no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a slave and his final messenger.

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Allah, make me from those who repent and make me from those who purify themselves. This is a beautiful art and it has a huge reward for it, that in this, the you see this thing and there is a huge, huge, huge reward in sight of our lives. So watch out for it. So make sure this is from the car that you do on a regular basis. Now we look at the prayer and there are various times for Vicar during the prayer. Of course this is there is there a citation of the Quran. But even before the recitation of the Quran, there is dualistic, the vicar that you say when you begin the prayer. So for example, from the adkar that we say when we begin the prayer is the statement Allahumma buried

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benei verbena kataya come about adverbial machine if you will mother it Allahumma monokini minella hapa comma unocha soble abiel domina Denis, Allah ma Cassini mineral hotwire amin kataya, befehl, G, Wilma, evil Bharat and this again who Allah distance me for my sins, just as you have distanced the east from the west, or a lot purify me of my sins, as a white robe is purified of filth or Allah cleanse me of my sins with snow and with water and with ice. And there are you know, of course other two eyes that we say for example satanic Allahumma, wilbraham, deca, whatever about like a smoke to Elijah took what are either have Iraq, how far from imperfections you are, Oh Allah, I praise you.

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Bless it is your name and lufti is your position and nine has the right to be worshipped except you. So these are things that we can say and there are others that we can save before the press we're learning the vicar that happens before we recite sorts of Fatiha after we've said Allahu Akbar.

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Then there is the time of record. Of course, the standing is in recitation of the Quran, which is itself the best form of Vicar, then you have the record and of course everyone knows in the Roku, so cannot be loving, supine or below the panel appear loving, but there are other drawers in the Roku other than subpanel ability, such as to say after supine or appeal of him three times to say Suppan Allahumma, satanic alohomora banner will be Hambrick Allah mcfeely to say Subhana colome how far from imperfections you are to spear so panela

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Rob better our Lord

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will be handy and against the panelo will be handy. So this is coming again in the Roku, alarm awfully. This is a game from the things that we can say in the record. And there are others that we can send little quote as well. So to make our Roku longer to make our Roku more beloved to Allah, there are as cards that we can learn for this. Upon rising from record of course we say or better well I can hand our Lord and all praises to you. But we can add on to that after we say semi Allahu Allah Mohammed, Robin our can hand Allah listens to the one who praises him, our Lord, All praise is due to you. We can say Hamden, Kathy or anti human mobile I can feed, a praise which is

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hadn t about appraise which is type which is beautiful, which is good, which is Catherine which is much which is more biography which is mobarak and which

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It has Baraka in it is blessed. So we praise Allah azza wa jal, a praise are the best form of praise and a praise which is much praise which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and a praise which causes us to be blessed and is a blessing in praise of a Lost Planet Allah. So these are things that we can see, when we rise up from the

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record. When we go into servitude, all of us know sapan RPL, Allah Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, glory to be be to my Lord, the Most High. But we can also add in other two hours after this. Again, we're trying to keep these in Arabic, depending obviously on the disagreement amongst the scholars, but especially in the form of prayer, and indeed, my advice is in all of the prayers, you stick to Arabic, and you learn these, you learn these for yourself. So for example, from the eyes of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say in his sujood after he said, Subhan, Allah, Allah, He used to say, yarmulke label kurobe separates Calvi Allah denecke or Turner of the

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hearts turned my heart upon upon your religion, from the eyes that he used to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in sajida is along in our rules will be revoked. I mean, Celtic will be more emphatic, I mean, robotic, were also becoming law or Sienna and Alec and Tacoma as Nita and an ethic that the prophet SAW Selim used to say, Oh Allah, I seek refuge with your pleasure from your anger, and with your pardon from your punishment, and with you from you. And I cannot enumerate your place, I can't be able to praise you in the way that you deserve. You are as you have praised yourself. And this is the difference between allies origin and everything that is worshipped besides Allah subhanaw taala

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that everything else you run away from,

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to Allah. And as when you wish to run away from the punishment of Allah, you run to Allah Spano Tata. So in everything else, you run away from that which you're scared of, with being scared of Allah, you run to Allah, not away from him. So you seek refuge with Allah from Allah, because you seek refuge with his pleasure from his punishment with his anger from or with his pardon from his anger, and you re seek refuge with Allah from Allah azza wa jal, because there is nobody that can save you from the punishment of a lie except Allah subhanaw taala. And there's nothing that can save you from the anger of a lie except his pleasure, and so on and so forth.

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Between the two prostrations, there are two hours in Vicar that you can make or bill fairly or bill fairly is from the things that you can say in between, you can also say, Allah homophily, or harmony wakeeney or alfine was Oconee. Or Allah, forgive me, and have mercy on me and guide me and give me health and grant me sustenance. These are from the things that you can say in between the two such this. So this is all about lengthening your prayer, making more crucial in your prayer, making your prayer closer to that, which Allah azza wa jal is pleased with, from the two hours that you can make, in the prayer, is that what you make after the Tisha wood so you We all know that to either or

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lie seek refuge with You, from the punishment of the grave, and from the punishment of the Hellfire, and from the trials have been of life and death, and from the trials of the mercy had the job, we will make this to iron, it's many different forms. But after that, there are other icons that you can make, again, and again. So it's about learning all of these different adkar in different places, and they're different positions. So lengthening your prayer, mooshu, and your prayer. Now we come to the topic of after the prayer. And just before we talk about after the prayer, let's just skip back a moment to before the prayer, and just make sure that everybody knows that there is no need that

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you say aloud for the prayer, there's no Vicar to establish the need for the prep. But the need for the prayer, it means that if somebody stops you and says to you, what are you doing? You say I'm praying for Petunia? Somebody stops you and says, What are you doing? So I'm praying Margaret, how many records at three, Petunia you the fact that you know what you're doing, but if you were to be stood there praying, let's say,

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Margaret, and you have in your heart that you don't know what you're doing, or you can't remember what you're doing or you sort of stood there and you have no idea how you came to you sleepwalking then this is not the right knee but Nia is where you somebody stops you and asked you what you were doing you will be able to answer. It doesn't have a verbal form. It's like oh a lot and praying these two Raka behind this Imam in this Masjid, and I'm going to read in the first one and then I'm going to do a little while and then I'm going it's not like this. You're near is something that is in your heart, and you need it before we'll do what you need it before.

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Jumping back now towards the end of the prayer. The end of the prayer after the salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. You have a fantastic opportunity for us. Call

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You have this beautiful car after the prep from the beautiful car after the prayer is to say Subhanallah 33 times counting on your right hand, not counting on your left hand, not counting on rosary beads or tickers. But counting on your right hand using the marks using the the marks on your thumbs and your fingers to count Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah go around once they get that 15 then Subhan Allah Subhana laws go around again, that's 30 and then sapan Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah that's 33 and likewise Alhamdulillah And likewise, Allahu Akbar, and they are from the most beloved of the words to Allah azza wa jal, there's also an aeration for doing them 10

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times each, so you should balance between them and you should do it 33 and then every now and again, you can do it 10 times as well. So those are those those things. There are those things that we say for example, after the prayer immediately we say a stub federal law style federal law style federal law Allahumma anta Salaam woman Casa Lam turbo elector yeah though generally when we say that or law you see it Forgive me or laugh Forgive me, Allah, forgive me, or allow you or a salon, from you comes all safety and security. And so you are as salam, you are the the cause of us being protected and the cause of us being saved. And you are the source of our safety and security. And from you

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comes Salaam, from you comes the safety and security that we have our peace and safety and tranquility that we have comes from you tabarrok the blessing are you. Yeah, the jury were crammed. Or you are who is the owner of Majesty and Honor, the one who all Majesty and Honor is attributed to him. And if anyone else has any degree of majesty or any degree of honor, it is because Allah subhanaw taala has given it to them.

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And then of course, we read it to corsi, and I too could see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the one who reads it after the prayer, there is nothing between him and paradise except death.

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The only thing stopping you between paradise and between you and Paradise is for you just simply to die. And all you have to do is to read it. After every single prayer Allahu Allah either. Who will hire you to the end? What what are you loving to the end of the I 255 in salsa bar. So you read this ayah as well. You read cool hula or had you read cool hours of European Falak called your openness. And there are some other simple two hours like a lot of them are in the clicker or shoe clicker, worsening evatik or ours Nevada tech or Allah give me the ability to remember you to do your Vicar gives me the ability to thank you. And help me to thank you and help me to perform your worship in

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the best possible way. So these are some of the outcome not all of them, but some of them that you can do after the sauce. So we see right from the wall door all the way to the end of the prayer. There are plenty of art cards that you can learn. And we asked the last parents Allah to teach us what benefits us and to benefit us with what teaches us what he teaches us and to give us the ability to implement what he teaches us and to make what we know approved for us, not against us. Please do join us in the next episode of the power of Vicar where we'll be looking at another place at another time for Zika in the life of a Muslim was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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