Ramadan Debates 2016 – 02 Fajr Adhan and Eating

Waleed Basyouni


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If adhan came in for Fajr, shoudl i stop eating, or finish my food?

June 01, 2016

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As the person is eating and hear the than, or about to drink and hears that that should stop immediately or the person can finish actually disregard this anytime and they'll be salamati. So now that you said that then in the end it comes in up who wish to he fell out

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of the hatchet, a woman

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called that, while you have something, a container in your hand, and you desire it, don't put it down until you fulfill your desire from it. And that as many integrations from the companions will be allowed, Massoud and others that then was called, and they were eating and the finish whatever was in their hand.

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Well, then it's called. And first of all, this goes back to simple fact that

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Entebbe salatu salam, then that it was

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made as a signaling, the forbidden of eating, and the person should not eat anymore, is the addition of the live Nomi Maktoum and he was blind person and they used to come to him and tell him a spot us by federal entrance and he will walk to the place where he called that and he will start calling that event. So here from the moment that the notice the federal until the moment you call that that you took about a minute or two so things is not as you know, restricted and, and by seconds, like like some people might think so. That's why I say that if that is called and you still desire that thing, or maybe you wake up late, you are allowed to eat or drink as long as then still exist. But

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if you don't desire that water or that food, it's better to avoid it but you're fasting inshallah, we'll be correct.

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Taking consideration that most of that.

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Then timetable today are there is a minute or two some of them five minutes, like saving net in it. So I asked a lot of data to accept from all of us.

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Last month, Allah knows best