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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of love and how it is a result of a desire to be attached to someone. The speaker explains that love is a result of a desire to be loved and that suffering is attached to any love. The segment also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and rewarded relationship for long periods of time.
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This module is about what love how Islam view love. First of all, SLAMM view love as a very important

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emotion. And love is the basis for all humans actions as an Abraham Allah once said, and if we talk about specifically loving a man or loving a woman, Islam or we recognize this as something natural, because Allah Subhan Allah, Allah as he told us, He created us, and he puts in our heart,

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it's part of who we are, that we have love, and comfort and attraction attractive pneus to words the opposite gender, this is how part of the human beings love is not something to be shamed of, unless it leads to something shameful, like a shameful act, or it happened due to a shameful act. But love in itself is something natural.

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And love is a very mysterious things is a mystery. You know,

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fascinating. And when you find it with the right person, there is nothing better and relationships.

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And if Allah subhanaw taala give you that love for for your spouse, it just unbelievable.

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And it became the best thing that ever can happen to you. Met Love is a mysterious things. Love have been so fast. And by the way, can also go away very fast. So don't take love for granted.

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Because it can turn your heart can turn away from the person.

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Love is a very tense, strong emotions. That's why in the Hadith, don't expose yourself to a test that you cannot handle. Don't put yourself in a position where you cannot handle Lima Muhammad syrup in relation to this hadith. He said how the fish will help you answer that that's in regard to exposing yourself to be attached or to be in love with someone. Because if you fall in love with someone, it became so hard for you to leave it or to quit, it will take over you.

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Also one thing in Islam when we talk about love, we know that anything that you love other than Allah, it will never be a pure joy. There is a kind of suffering attached to it. Any love

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that has nothing to do with Allah subhanaw taala there is a form of suffering attached to it.

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Loving Allah subhanaw taala it's a pure joy, no suffering in it.

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Even when you do, act of worship that it might need or require from you an effort, you enjoy the process, you enjoy the effort,

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but any other love, it's not pure joy, there is a lot of joy and excitement and great feeling.

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You know you feel so good and great. But still there is some first, when you love someone, you're always worried about them leaving you turn it against you. You know, you need to maintain that love and to be worried about it all. Love is a heavy also responsibility. That's why if you love somebody for Allah, and for the sake of Allah will be completely different than just loving them because you personally in love with them. And that's why a marital relationships, that you must not only love your spouse, just because of their personality of how attractive that your spouse looks like but also you love them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so that love is something that you will be

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rewarded for it and it's a love that will remain forever. When you love someone for the sake of Allah and citizenship will continue but if you love someone for the look, look will change your love someone for the wealth and the fame, lose it one day

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but when you love them, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and for who they are, you know

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what love became so tense and so strong

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and help

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the word help two letter have or any two letters or

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Only hat and that

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hat comes from here, from your throat that come from your lips.

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This is where all the letters start and this will all letter ends, lips and throat. They said these two letters were chosen for the word help because you need every letter in between to explain what help is all about.

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I have an Arabic language means something that appear, have Bulma and when the water comes, they call this help. And help is something that is so deep rooted like the seeds have the seeds of the original the thing that originate others so help is always deep in the heart

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and help something has to appear in your actions. It's just not a feeling that you keep it to yourself.

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When you love someone, it's so clear that you love them from the way you look at them the way you talk to them. The way you treat them.

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