The Virtue Of Helping Others

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Alhamdulillah juanda was salat wa salam O Allah Milena ba bada

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ba bada boom bada bada

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bada kitabi when Ashley Madison Yachty Amanda do follow

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him. Well mommy Minato Babu Ali Baba Sara colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers. There is no doubt whatsoever that presently, in our country in particular, there is a certain degree of apprehension and fear with regard to the rising rate of COVID-19 infections. We are hearing and seeing people becoming infected, becoming ill becoming sick, and many of our close friends, sometimes relatives, we are hearing about them passing on. And this is something that gives us fear and apprehension. And there is nothing wrong with regard to fear and apprehension that we say that there is nothing wrong in having that fear and apprehension. These type of fears and apprehension is

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not against women. It is not against faith. It is a natural instinct of human being, when there are things to be fearful about that you become afraid. He smuckers chuchmah him Corona Chioggia sim or Corona ki metallic be Mario ki Bertie, Rita de moda surah tal Kiva just a logo Morocco for Bethenny, kill her Dorian or yo for the switch or beach any Islamic Halima tefillah. Nee Naka, Eman casilla

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and Natalia in the Holy Quran has made mention with regard to MB Allah who salat wa salam who became afraid. The very famous incident of Azad mousseline salat wa salam is made mentioned in the Quran many a times musala salam, Allah tala told him take your stuff, throw it down, he became a snake. So when it became a snake, now normally human beings we fear snakes, sometimes more than what we fear a lion. Although the lion has got much, much more data and much more power, so Allah Allah in the Quran says, Can

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well number 01

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musala Salatu was Salam saw a snake? He ran Sha one la Pira well have you activated and even look back a lotta lotta have come back up bill will not have come back Don't be afraid. Now to be afraid if it was against you man. So he's a masala salat wa salam didn't heavy man.

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It was a natural fear that when he saw of snake he, he ran away from that. And Natalia in the Holy Quran makes mention of the statement of the Sahaba when they saw the great amount of enemy forces in the Battle of the trench, Hata Bella Taku

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they had came up to the mouth. You know, the way we say you have your heart came up your mouth

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open and he came up with a throat out of fear. So to have fear is not against him. And so sometimes we have this fear Allah Allah in the Quran says

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I will test you with fear. Sometimes Allah Allah says I test you with fear and what happens with fear is fear makes you humble. Fear leads to humanity. Fear makes you turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala kowski. Allah tala cater of microdata to your homeschool curriculum need

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to have fear there's nothing wrong with regard to it. However, what I want to do today is to channel our fear in the right direction, that there is this fear. Now let me channel this apprehension into something more positive. And today what I would like to do is to say that channel our fear, our apprehension in helping people who are in difficulty helping people who are the what is this whole thing and be authentic? Isn't the government

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Who's come Ozawa Junior low coffee mutata

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cheese near their bar ha ha ha is half comb mousse. roof deck is a rotten or as many Skylake mashanda ito k logo co Masekela holla mother Karna apne Hoff CO is rock man. But take your fear take you apprehension, and help other people with regard to it. This morning I was reading a most beautiful article which says that helping others helps to relieve stress. Helping others helps to relieve stress. And I will read exactly what was said. experts in psychology confirm that helping others leading leads to easing stress. When getting involved in assisting others, it stimulates a certain aspect which is known as endorphin, a hormone which helps in feeling psychological comfort.

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So now this fear and apprehension journey towards helping others helping others it relieves stress. This isn't too slow committed karna hamari sweep cashews cocom karna mutter Gar savate hoga. That is one aspect. And now this is one aspect that helping others is the most beautiful way of channeling our anxiety, our fear into a positive direction. But there are many, many benefits with regard to helping others to helping others is one of the great deeds in Islam. Let me give you some indication with regard to the the benefits of helping others in our religion in our Deen helping Allah helps the one who helps others. Allah helps the one who helps others in a heartbeat. nebia Kareem

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it's a very famous Hadith. He relieves the distress he relieves the difficulty of people in this world. Allah will relieve his distress and difficulty in the after.

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Job etc hajat monkey mushkil koduri caraga Allah tala is jr accurate man who's keeper a sham Yoko Formiga, her dose Allah Allah will put away his nebia cream sauce loves Honey, you help someone here in this world with regard to his distress with regard to his difficulty and today people have got so much difficulty, it can be financial, it can be psychological, it can be a word of encouragement, it could be that he is anxious and you remove his anxiety, it could be his fearful and you take away his fear. Help him in this world. Allah will help you in the after, remove a person's difficulty in this world. Allah will remove your difficulty in the after. This is one of the benefits with regard

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to helping others. The second thing, Allah tala forgives The one who helps others and now forgives The one who helps others. There is a very famous Hadith that navia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said a person was walking on the road. He saw a phone. He saw phones on the road. And then when he saw phones in the road, he removed it. Today if we see any dirt in the road, we swear the counselor

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if we see any phones in the road, anything we say the counselor, we swear we say the government no service delivery. I'm not saying that they are not supposed to do their work. But sometimes if you can help it Do what you can do

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in our force, but there is so much type of debt is is something only the responsibility of our SMEs are in a case Coca Cola or our debt that is here. We can also doing the reoccurring saw some said a person was walking he saw thorns he removed it and that Allah forgive him because of that. And that Allah forgive him because of that. Too slow kimitaka Nirvana koala de la fermata

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Kayla a cardinal charata or cantata rusty missing Allah tala ne schema for my nebbia cream sauce number one hobby. The greatest aspect of tea the greatest aspect of a man is the kalama La Ilaha Illa de la la Mata colada and eatery. The lowest form of human Eman says Mr. Kis upset come there, john. Yeah, did you take away something on the street which is offensive? He says that live there Chico Rasta Miss etana Yeah, Eman is upset.

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So through the means of helping others understand what Allah forgives you. Let me just bring one aspect of humor. Sometimes we try to help someone and you can try and help someone who can put more putting more into difficulty. They see three friends were in a in an island. The ship had crashed, and they were alone in the island. So there was a portal there. There is a human discovery to suit me. I don't come and ask me for you know, where's the reference point reference the SCA. So they found a portal so they started grabbing the bottle with the famous Genie came up and written in the genie. So the genie come and said first as the friend What do you want?

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Give me a wish you said I used to be with my family that Jimmy took even took up his family, the second particular person, he was not married. So he wrapped that he said What is your wish? He said I want to be with my friends took him back to his friends, the third person who was he said, What do you wish? He said I perceived my friends I want them back.

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So sometimes you want to help instead of helping people avoid difficulty, so I help people. So the first thing you help people Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you second thing through the means of helping others. Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives you as it has been made mentioned in many other you know, aspects. Thirdly, helping others. It is part of your Eman it indicates strong Mr. and sincere brother would do straight dose rocky Madonna must vote a man or by Chara chiamata by charkie kilometer. It is a sign of being sincere in faith. And it is a sign with regard to showing brotherhood to the person who is next to you. The very famous Hadith in incidentally in yamamah, a

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person was dying. A person was dying when Sahabi came to him and said you are dying. You are thirsty, let me give you water. And then there was a person next to me said no, no, go to him, give him water. Give him water before you give him he went to that person. That person had another person caring for water. He said go and give him water. By the time the Sahabi went to the third person he had passed on. He rushed back to the second person he had also passed one he passed and he came back to the first person who was his cousin. But then he also passed on to helping others is a sign of sincerity of faith. It is a sign of Muslim Brotherhood sign of human brotherhood that we help people

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when they are in difficulty. Jamelia mamama savani apne PS Coco banker can do so copani

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to Yeah, don't loco Monica. Yeah, Eman kalama. So this particular aspect. Then another fourth thing with regard to helping people it is a natural instinct. And the magnanimous person cannot endure seeing a person in difficulty and not doing anything about it.

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You fit rich Isn't he SQL took my data up to Hannah appneta poker banker was America. He fit rich isn't. Look at us at musala salatu salam Mashallah. salat wa salam fled Egypt because your own wanted to arrest musala salatu salam, he comes to Midian when it comes to material, he is alone. He doesn't have anything. He doesn't have anything. And he doesn't have any food, no accommodation, no nothing. But even in that state. He saw two women who were sitting on one outskirts of the well, the entire community were filling up water in the well. And these two women who are on the side, they were sitting there with a bucket and they were waiting for the crowd to get away. Then they would

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fill the water musala Salatu was Salam couldn't bear it. He went to them said What is your situation? He said, Our father is all he can come to the well, we have to come who sorry salat wa salam said, leave everything. Then they he went into the well, he went to go and fetch the water. He came and helped them despite the fact that 10 year absolutely nothing. Then you may do out in the lemons in the front matter that that particular aspect led to his making decart one of those women who went to he went to out, that's a long story. But this just tells you it's a natural thing. You see someone in difficulty, it is your

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responsibility to go out and help them as azimuthally salatu salam did

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even when he was a halifa. He used to go out in the outskirts of Madina munawwara to go and help a blind woman used to clean up her house used to get put and give a water

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one day when to go and see her, sees that she is blind. He said our going to help her. I will go and help her. But every time he wants to go and help her, he sees that all her needs have been fulfilled over the mountain is amazed. He said who is helping her before I came here. One day he came very early. He hit the island he said Who is there who is helping this Old Woman Who is there? And what does he see ameerul momineen avocado gelato coming to help the woman and the woman in the halifa of the time coming to help a woman who is blind and helping her wiping away and cleaning a house and giving a water O'Meara the ultimate end said

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every time we try to compete with you You always outraised us to always outdid us we cannot we cannot compare with who you are who you are the best person in this coma.

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Then, another aspect with regard to helping others is the reward.

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The reward of helping others is so tremendous that I can't you know we can you know we sometimes we only think

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That reward is contained in ibaadat, which no doubt there is. But there are so much reward in terms of helping others. As they live near bossa nova setting in Attica, a person came to him as a blood near bus, a dingy hanaway cafe with a common occurrence of puja. Morocco is a hot mess, a better career. So when he caught up to go in a system, he got up to go in a system. And then the person said, but you either take off.

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So he said, I know I'm gonna take off by the hurt, and he turned towards maybe a cream sauce from his cover. And he said, I heard the person in this cover saying, whoever helps, and wherever assist, whoever assist in the needs of another person who helps him out of his difficulty. And now we'll give him the reward, I'm not sure with regard to it exactly. It is one month, or a year of reward of a ticket.

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To help another person, it is equivalent in reward to one month's a tick off, and then applied in person, one nights a tick off.

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Because of one night at companies that distance between you and Jonathan, the distance between the heaven and earth, to help another person, it is the equivalent of one month's worth of reward

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material to others. This is I'll give you another amazing incident.

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It is something that I heard from my uncle. And he used to really relate and he used to give the reference with regard to it. At the time of partition of India, Pakistan, there was a great deal of uncertainty and fear. People were losing their lives.

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And the gangs were looting and killing one another. And there was a whole aspect. So in that time, there was an album by the name of one of my heroes ramen Swami. He used to help the people in the refugee camps. And he used to try and help them to get them away. If they wanted to go to Pakistan, he used to pick the the situation so that they could travel. So in this particular way, he helped a lot of people, when he helped a lot of people. In one particular occasion, he helped so many people. Then after a while, he went to a chef.

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All right now after this, he really helped everyone people after everything got settled down. He went to his chef Monica right.

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And he told mangaka right putti that because of helping the people. I could not make my sicker Oscar, you told me I must make the secara Marisa Mashallah, what I must do this, and then because of that I couldn't make my sicker.

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So do you know what is Chef mamuka ripely Rahmatullah told him.

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Take all my secrets. Give me the reward of you helping the people who are in difficult.

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One, man, take all my secrets. Take the rewards of all my seeker, give me the reward of helping your people that you gave, and you went to the refugee camps and you went to go and help the people give me their reward and take my Zika that is a reward of helping people, brothers in these particular times that we have, where people are a sham. People are in difficulty. People are in distress. People are ill, the families are ill. What are what do they need? Take our anxiety and fear going help people well as in there are certain times when good deeds become more multiplied, and many fold the benefits and rewards. This is a time helping others maybe a cream sauce and said Allah is

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helping a servant as long as he's helping his brother and law helping others fuels our stress. Helping others reflect our gratitude and our sugar to Allah, helping others forbid our entry into jahannam. Helping others is our thought and our benefits in the last day and helping others can erase our sins. We are lucky enough to have a

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