Marriage Of The Most Unattractive Sahabi

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And that's why it's so important when you get married when you think about marriage, just understand this concept. Because sometimes it's all about I'm attractive to this person's physically or not, or all is about, you know about personal feeling. Yes, this is important. But Islam also wants you to keep in mind other aspects. That's not enough that you're physically attractive to the person. It's important, but it's not the only thing. There is another important aspects you have to look at it, because it's like a package marriage have multiple things you have to look at one of it is the dean that this is will help me in my relationship with Allah as well. It's an act of worship, and I can't

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think of any better story than or evidence to show this point. Then the story of Julie beep

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he was not one of the most you know, handsome men in Medina wasn't handsome at all, actually, in nebi, Salah Salem, when he talked to him, and he talked to him about marriages. Yeah, so Allah, no one wants someone like me, you know? And it'd be sal Allahu Allahu Allah wa salam said, but you are very well or very well wanted and appreciated by ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada, even if many people don't appreciate it you in this life, and when the prophets of Salaam, talk to a family from an ensemble, if they would like to marry their daughter, they thought in the beginning, that person would marry her, but then they'd be so solid said no, I have someone for her. And when they told them them,

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about Julie beam, he kind of taken aback by this. And they said, you know, jasola so and so as for our daughter, and so and so, and we said no to them, you want us to give her to this man.

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I'm not sure. She was listening to the conversation. And they consulted and she said, What's wrong with you? The process I'm recommending a man for me and he's saying maybe when they don't know. Yes, I will marry him. She married him or the Allah Azza wa Alba. And in Nabi SallAllahu sallam said, Allah Houma so badly him will hire a sub Ben saba. Y'all Allah give them both abundance of goodness. What after July Isha home kid in Canada, and don't let both of them live in any hardship or difficulty.

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Soon after the marriage, her husband died in the battle as a Shaheed

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and sort of the law and said, I never seen in my life widow like this woman.

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And by the way, I saw the law and lived 100 years almost just to name anyone he said having never seen a woman. He talks about a lot of experience. It's a never seen a woman like her.

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A waiter like this. Why Carla Cana to UNFPA AIIM the most wanted whether or woman that you can ever think of people were racing to marry her after the finish her head after her husband died. Everybody was just fighting over her to marry her. Why? Because of the prophets of salaam drew out for her. The problem made the drought the term live will be just perfect, great. The draw that I just mentioned earlier.

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And that's the result of her obeying the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and choosing what the process alum have chosen for her.

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Marriage when it comes to religion, you think about it from a religious perspective. It's different