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days or months or years, they were moments. If you think of your life, how old are you? Are you teenager? Are you in your 20s and 30s and 40s and 60s and 70s. When you think about your life, you just think of it as moments. Flash just run like that in front of you. And basically, that's the nature of life. It goes very fast. Tomorrow a yarmulke Ohmori Surya

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and all the sudden it will be said so and so passed away. So and so died all of a sudden a news comes in hits you have the death of someone that you didn't expect. Someone that you know someone who's close to you, or someone you don't know a lot of people dying around us day and nights. Could Lucia in Harlequin logia what a Hula, hula hula hoop como la hater Joan. Everything will die except Allah, the Creator of the death and life.

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No matter how long you live, it will always be short because it ends at one point. No new Halley's Santa was asked you lived 1000 over 1000 years. He lived over 1000 Is he was asked how that feels. Kind of key for Kurdish tax. I mean Alfie Santa

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Clara right to her the dunya Cara Julian feeder in the Holloman berbahasa Menaka this life to me it's like you walking into a house or a room from one door and exit from the other door. That's how it felt after all these years and decades, in Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam so once I did live now more than two hours building and decorating his house for Kalia Abdullah in El umbra. Assawoman. Derek, it is faster than what you think. Yanni the end of this life is faster than what you think. You think you will live a very, very long but in reality no matter how long you live, it is very, very short.

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It's in the end of the day, which 7060 It's it's short, and it goes like this

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cutterbar Omar Ragnar ZZ Rosae Akula I'm bad for indem and UK thirimanne decree remote roll the minute duniya Bill yessir those who think about death, this life will be anything and it will be sufficient for them. No greed.

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Because they know that this is a temporary life. Mohammed ethnicity and upon his death was in tear and he was asked what make you cry at such and such moment. Carla ABCYa letter free the film aim and Hollier will kill Latina Amelie little genital Alia Wilma, Eugene, even a narrative Hermia. I cried today because I have missed so many opportunities in my life to do good to do what is right.

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And also, I have not done enough to earn the paradise that God had promised us and I have not done enough to protect myself from the hellfire.

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I have not abstained from the thing that I know it will lead to the punishment of my Lord.

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One of the greatest ever kings that known in history in the medieval time in Baghdad in the abassi dynasty, Moon

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had a conman Maruka duniya one of the greatest king that the Ibis dine is known when it comes to power. Upon his death, he said, Take me down from my throne, put me in the ground.

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And he put himself right on the ground and he said, I want to touch the soil. The sand, I felt heard the fedora.

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He put his head on the sand. And he looked at the sand and he touched it and he said, Yom and Leia, Zulu, Milko, Arrhenius omocha.

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He said, Oh, the one whose

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his power

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his might, will never change. Have mercy on the one that now he's losing his strength in his kingdom.

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Another great king before him in the Omega Dynasty, which is before the Abbas's. He looked at his family crying

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around him because he's about to die. For call he Shamokin Abdul Malik

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J shell

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On lamb dunya to move a bit bootcamp I'm leaving now behind me a great deal of wealth.

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A great deal of money for you. That's what I'm giving you before I cry die.

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And what you giving me tears and weeping and crying?

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But Thorak Tula Kuma, German what? Tarak to Lima human

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I'm giving you all the thing that you never worked for

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all his children and why we said you never worked for what I worked so hard for everything that you're going to have after me. This is something you didn't work for it. I work hard for it. And I'm leaving for my children now.

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But you know what I'm gonna be leaving with my sins and shortcomings.

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No one will see you better Hey sham Illumio harmala He sham in a great trouble problem big problem. If Allah does not have His mercy on me upon my death

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anything that is temporary is not a true joy. Anything it's it's a very short period of time you enjoy your life enjoy your vacay but it's not a true joy because it come to an end

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that's why Al Quran emphasis so much on the importance of always connecting your heart and your mind with the hereafter because the hereafter It Is this the one thing that will last forever so any joy there it will continue to be better and better and you enjoy it more and more. You don't need to worry about when it will end and wherein you will be bored with it

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well hello to Jairo Abacha al alpha is better and it would remain

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Yeah, call me in.

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to dunya matter what in fear Alterna you're in Clearwater here

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duniya it's a temporary joy, but the hereafter set where you settle?

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Are you Hello Adina Man oh man, I can either be in an upcoming few movies or be in

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a pontoon in

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Arabi to Bill higher dunya Amina

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firmer Mata dunya feel in burning or who you believe. Why don't you respond to Allah's call? Are you so attached to this worldly life to this earth?

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To the extent that you prefer it over the hereafter? Whatever joy in this life is nothing is short, is temporary, comparing to what's in the hereafter.

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One I had been hired to dunya

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one hour in doubt,

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lay here down here, how can we on the moon and so that's an uncovered and he Donald hat and I believe this dunya is what is just

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low distractions and you know, and temporary joy and having maybe a little bit of fun, but in the end, it will. There is an end for it.

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But the hereafter it's the life that it will never end.

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Allah says he sorta rod, Allah who your suitor risk Halima Yasha overreactor Shellfish kobada were very who will hire to dunya wa Malhotra to dunya

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karate limita

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you're so happy with what you gain in this dunya with the joy that you have in the dunya you're so happy. You're so proud of it. You're so excited about it. Whatever you see in this dunya from this life you love so much.

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It's nothing compared to the amount of happiness and joy that you will have in the hereafter.

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Alladhina stay bonal Hayato dunya Kira, we also do nonsevere Allah who are born Allah eager for you bother him bye embodied in Surat Ibrahim, Allah told us who are the one who in clear error who are so misguided who are so far away from the right path.

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are the one who prefer this dunya this live over the next the one will only focus on what related to this life but they don't think about what's after death. Well at two min che Ming che Yanni Are you che anything that you've been given in this life anything

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anything that you're proud of that you happy with that you love so much anything

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how you cannot be more general than that. Allah says for material hey it dunya was in a Taha warmer in the Aloha Euro Abacha Africa Takeru.

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If you can comprehend, if you can, if you can understand and comprehend you will know that whatever you have in your hand and you enjoy today is nothing compared to what Allah have prepared for you in the hereafter.

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That concept is so clear in the Quran, so clear in the mind and the heart of the companions, that why this live and whatever and it never ever took over their hearts and their mind.

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And one of the things that always surprised me when the Companions reached to the, to great civilizations at that time, you know, when the Muslims came out from Arabia, there is two great civilizations, the Roman civilizations and the Persian civilization. have alternative no comparison between what's the Arabs

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upon nothing loving desert nothing will lie when you read in the Sierra when you read in the history, they very simple live no civilization nothing. But can you imagine you bring someone like that and you put them in front of a giant civilization, like the Roman civilization, or the Persian civilization, you would never find a single narration shows you that a Sahaba of the Allah and him or the believer, they were like, so impressed by these to civilization, to the extent that they felt less, or they felt, you know, like weak, or they felt that they are in the lower level, or lower or basic, the lower hand ever.

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Never look, oh my god, they were like so fascinated by their civilization,

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the benefit from it, the add to it, but they never were like, you know, taken by this glamour civilizations at that time. Why? Because it dunya never wasn't their heart.

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This world we live in all what's in it never was in the heart. It never was something that took over the life.

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The real life of the person, my brothers and sisters, the free value of your life is what you accomplish in this life, that it will lead

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to what will happen to you after death

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as the real value of this life, a dunya mezra It's like a farm, whatever seeds you put, and you collect, you collect and it will happen after your death.

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When you look at the best example for humanities

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are the prophets and the messengers that Allah have sent to humanity since day one from Adam, all the way to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, all these prophets and messengers, Allah have told us their stories in his books, and send all these books that that scripture of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Salah Salem, and all the other prophets and messengers, telling us about their stories about their life, about their mission in life, you will see clearly what kind of lifestyle that they had, what kind of goals that they have, what kind of impact that they left. And this is for not entertainment. This is not to make a movie out of it and to entertain us about their

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stories. No, Allah after he mentioned 18 prophets, by names to His Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he told our Prophet Muhammad SAW salam after that, we can let in

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Furby Houda Teddy.

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They are the one who Allah have guided. So follow the guidance. He telling our Prophet Muhammad says unto follow the guidance of the Prophets and Messengers follow their footsteps is it only Mohamed Salah was ordered to do that? If that verse was only for Mohamed Salah

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you it means we need to follow them from the messenger as well. You know Muhammad wa salam with all the perfect knowledge and guidance that God have. Allah told him to learn from the prophets and

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messengers, what about us? We indeed in more need for that, but not even. That's logic conclusion that you come come in your own know Allah stated in the end of the verse in Hua in the Quran in Hanuman

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as a reminder for all people

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to know the importance of looking at the life of the prophets and messengers, and if you look at their lives and live it as one clear thing, you can see a common factor between all of them,

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that the value of their lives, it's about what the accomplished, the change that they have made.

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The thing that they have left behind, that they were able to save themselves and so many people, not only in this life, but the most importantly in the next one.

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It is heart, when they know that there is so many of us,

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will live and die, and will never be remembered.

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So hard when you think of yourself that way.

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Or you live your life and you end and you have nothing in the hereafter. That's the greatest loss will lie whatever you collect from the dunya means nothing if you come in the Day of Judgment empty handed.

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Because the true value of you is what you have done in this life and what you have earned in regard to the next life.

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And if you look at the life of the prophets and those who follow their footsteps, you'd be amazed suddenly when he dies it'd be so solid it doesn't really matter to man the Throne of Allah was shaken by the death of side of Newmont

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or the Allahu and Abby Buck heavy Allah who the Illuma hemorrhage or the Allah on me Ahmed Have you ever been lobby lol Oh Matteo mille mana.

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These Abubaker giants, Allah protect the whole entire Islam through him, otherwise will this religion will be lost?

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He brought back people to the religion remodel the Allahu Allah, Allah open through him.

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The hearts before the lens. Al Quran comes four times to support the amount of opinions verses that we still recite until today.

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I thought I spent 30 years in the masjid learning but guess what he spread the knowledge of Hebron Ambassador the knowledge of the Sahaba for generations to come. These are the Imams the Fatah, the great scholars of Hadith the great scholars of FIP that we entered today we benefit from their knowledge

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they've been Tamia who who wrote more than 1000 books, some of these books it takes months just to rewrite them again or two months to explain them while he wrote them in few hours Rahimullah

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Chevrolet so many people that I witness Sherman Sherman buys Rahimullah I just this week I've been writing a paper I need to know how many times I go back and during Hajj get so many questions I still go back and see what's the chef said what's the photo of Shama says as if his life today with us

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as if he's alive now preparing for the hope of going back to Chicago Albani What did he say about this hadith as if he's still alive?

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That's you know what, not only that there is people build massage there is people have helped or established organizations there is people have guided others

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these people have left behind a great family

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a great community

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not everyone will be a scholar not everyone will be a share. Not everyone will be Author of books

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shabdrung Amanda Smith, it was said that about 5 million people's inter Islam because of him five millions and Africa

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I think that's a question that we should ask ourselves what our left behind me when I die.

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How can you

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leave this dunya while you have left behind? It's something worthwhile.

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When you look back at your life, you know what it's worth looking at? It's worth remembering.

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Yes, people will leave we will be departing from each other's

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butt but you know what? Before we depart before we leave uh, no one knows who will die and when will die. Make sure that you prepare for your outcome. Because even if you do nothing but to save yourself to raise your rank in general, that's in itself great when the ally confuzzled Ali Nicola Luz Peridot. It's a great success to save yourself from hellfire. InterGen you

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Hello Spanish Allah save us from the Hellfire men make us among 100 in Coloma, Sumitomo stop robot

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and hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana Viva Hobart

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My dear brothers and sisters.

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I hope that today's hutzpah wake us up. We're living in a time I call it Zemon Teva and we're living in a time where the time of silly things which matter the most silly excuse my expression stupid things are what matter the most. That would stick talk about that's what the social media is about. That's what gets the whole world talking and focusing on

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people don't anymore have great values, great ambitions, real impacts real change.

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Things become so artificial.

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But you know what's not artificial?

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What Yeah, Sakura to help people vote. Euro Sakura told Moti will help.

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It's the death that is our ultimate truth

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is no joke.

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It's the ultimate truth.

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That's something nobody can skip. Nobody can deny. Ferber, Helen mo to Dunia

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death have exposed this life as an hassled bus reset.

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one of the thing that shocked the people

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like I was shocked to so many millions, hundreds of 1000s not be any can be even said to the million of people shocked by the death of one of my greatest closest friend recently just yesterday.

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Young man nobody expecting that.

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Just Hey, so and so died,

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passed away.

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Just like that.

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Motul fetch. There is narration that is one of the sign of the Day of Judgment. The closer to people due to sudden death will be common.

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Sudden Death doesn't mean that this person is bad or good. This is certainly sudden death. If it's for a good person, it means a good thing. If it's a bad person, it's a good It means this is a punishment from Allah, Allah just want to end the evil of that person's life. But also the person is righteous as good It means Allah subhanaw taala want to save this person from the suffering of death and the last one that I want to say to bring him to him closer to him so Allah protect him from things might be bad in the future

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or Allah subhanaw taala want to protect him from him so he died upon good before he change

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so that sudden death can be interpreted based on the person's situation

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and in the end of the day

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will entail mortality interferon I mean who knows

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that will meet you will hunt you down you can't escape death it's one thing that we always we all know it's gonna happen and no one can say it's not gonna happen to me because I'm young or older.

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It can we have in this mustard people who are on were like you know athletics and working on diet.

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People who are old died

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how did you really not be so solid femur or Tabara Neiman had decided beside Carla Muhammad added Manchester in a coma variable. GLORIA Mahamadou every one one day you will live or that person will leave you

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either judging him for either judge

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nice stuff you're gonna say well I stuck the moon What are you okay or Allah Who laughs and either Jah Aloha

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Abdullah delighting the soldier Padma ossabaw Illa who Allah if women who area for life for Motorhead, while man while area tomorrow Duda.

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah as a endless hotbar to make us think more seriously about our life. Because the real meaning of life sometimes can be recognized by thinking about death.

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I think one of the most beautiful things about death it make my life has more value.

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When I think about death, it makes my lives has more value to me. I take more advantage of it. I don't waste my days and moments. Because when I die I'm not just gonna be die.

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And now for another month not to recognize the colonel Motorola has actually done what I can either mattina or ethna Luba, who unconditionally and if we will just die and we just vanished. Death will be the best things ever. I wish it for me now right now

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to rest but when you die you will be standing before your Lord and you will be asked about your life

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and that's the point that would make your life worth

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yeah you huddled at the top Allah will tumble enough so now but the meta level what Allah in Allah Hobie rhombi ma maroon Allahumma rizona has snarky Betina more equally her journal metaphyseal dunya our other Benard Allah Hama and Nana odo Vika min Pooja metric wa avec Warnock Matic, which I mean it's so hard to cover Naria or hamara he mean Allahumma in the know that we came in with a young Pharaoh called Bella sha Allah, Allah whom in nanosilica hustle Hakima Too often our interest in an era of avant or hum Jimmy mo Tana moto Muslimeen Allahu molfetta Nemo ta no moto Muslimeen Allah MOFA limo Tana our moto Muslimeen la morpholinos have in our genome and moto wear them out, you

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know, do it now. I mean, Allah Allah suddenly was suddenly Mubarak, I never you know, Muhammad Ali. He was like he was a limit loan with the Sleeman Kathira or Saramonic