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Alhamdulillah hiline hola como tal hyah Talia blue Akuma youcam Amara,

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a Hungary la isla de de alguna Matthew a nor was a Horsham Seville camara lemon arada you

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Adi shakoora Alhamdulillah he lady Dora aka Dr on our Amar on our Jelena Taka Farah zakenna. Amana

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how to narrow Metro Amara Tina Baraka to hopefully he was sunny for LA who Malik al hamdu. Hamden, Cassie Ron Paul, even Mubarak and Fie. Local him to help can help or what I call him, a Buddha worka sama Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad was early he was supposed to be he was suddenly mila hamata Sleeman kathira.

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All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters, there is no doubt that to every human being, his or her heart attached to this life, we love to live and everybody. It's a natural thing that we will love to live and we hate to depart from this life. We don't want to leave it behind us. And that's the believers who believe in a line the day of judgment and those who don't believe in along the Day of Judgment.

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What Lydian aka furuya kulu una cama tackle and a more narrow Muthu alone. What I didn't know

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why. In wamena Latina shotoku Yo yo yo umodel Alfa Sana, Allah said about this disbelievers if they can live 1000 years they want to live 1000 year more.

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And the believers will head either pulsipher Sahih al Bukhari and others that didn't Ibiza Salam said that Allah said or not told the truth and Shane nfra Terra de un COVID de Nevsky Abdi mcminn, Yahoo remote, Accra who Masada

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Allah saying that I never hesitant to do anything.

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And the hesitation comes out.

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Because you're hesitant to do something, either because of the fear of the consequences because you didn't know what's going to happen next. And that's not the hesitation of Allah here. Or the hesitation because you're afraid or lack of knowledge and that's not the case. But sometimes you're hesitant to do something out of mercy out of love, I'm hesitant to tell no to my son because I love my son so much. That's different that's coming from a good quality for in the top to the top the up the hill movement. Now we're on an Kamali Mahabharata he met he was 30 when a seminarian knocks outside on and knocks hashoah Kela subhana wa. Anyway, so here is saying I never hesitated to do

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anything, except hesitating to collect the soul of my servant, the righteous servant,

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to basically to put him to death, because my servant hates death. And I hate to upset him or her.

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And I just want to hate to put to do something for you, that will upset you. So even those righteous people don't like death.

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And this is very interesting, unique perspective.

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But yes, we both love this dunya but we love to live in this dunya but for different reasons. The true believers they don't love this dunya just because of the dunya to eat and drink and to fulfill their desires, because we know as believers, that the next one has more and more beautiful food and drink and joys and desires way more than this one. We know that for sure.

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So our love for this dunya is not just for these desires to be fulfilled. It's for something better that's why inhibition Solomon he was asked

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about karate Allah and I, you know, see higher, who's the best person he's the one who live longer and was able to do more good deeds, and the worse the one who live longer and do more about deeds. That's why this notion that Muslim just want to die and just, you know, they love death and they don't care for life, though.

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Not true. We do care a lot for life. We would love to live healthy and we live longer and we do everything and take every means to make us. You know, stay healthy and weekend, live and enjoy life. That's going to be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, let him and then Hello Kumamoto nudelman waka they don't wish and pray for death just because you're going through a hard time and individual allow adios lm sir Allahumma mattina vs Marina were absorbed in a vocal watching an Abba hater. He used to ask Allah subhanaw taala to let him live and enjoy live while he is healthy. So the low audio audio signal

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problem is that this live no matter how long you live is still short. An individual Salam said Allah Almighty Nabina citynews sabrine the majority of my Ummah wall die in their 60s and 70s the biggest bulk of people will die and between the basically in the 60s and the 70s.

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So if you look at those few imagine self love 70 years, just some example Shahla, you live way and the average age for an American today is way it's more than 70 so I hope you're ready for everyone to live longer, but just to put it in perspective, somebody lives 70 years 15 years this your you know, childhood, being all the way teenage today, that's 15 years to say this long time I said today until it became mature today I will say until 25.

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But 15 years versus 15 years of of your life in no maturity going left or right. If you average six or seven hours sleeping, that's another seven years of your life, or 17 years of your life gun

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17 years of that 17 years gun.

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And if you work eight hours a day,

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that's 23 years of your life gun.

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Just 55 years of the 70 years done,

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I'm not touching anything. It's called traffic. No Sure. No college, I'm not touching smartphone, I'm not going to Facebook, I'm not going to family, not going to entertainment, I'm not going to you know I'm not touching anything of that

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what's left in your life for Allah I need to be dedicated for knowledge and for this and for that

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life is short

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you know, and it is hard

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and if you think about how can I that's means I have to maximize my benefit from this short period of time that I'm living

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and to maximize your benefit because we don't have the option to expand our life according to our wish like you know what, I'm gonna live 1000 years

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unfortunately and I don't know why hopefully smart doctors we have We'll figure that out How can humans live long again 4000 years something but anyway, so here we cite that when you have this is the was left for you? How can you maximize your benefit from this short period of time? That should be the thing that you think about it the most because I lost my thought I said for either jaja Logan last October I stuck the moon when your time comes when dollars whether that's the moment of your death, you can't add a single moment a single second your time.

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So to be local a movie about the Maria in a satin Lhasa Attila kabocha

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we do have a concept in Sharia it called or we seen the Quran and the concept they talked about in details if you go back two weeks ago, my class in Milan, we talked about the process of them when he said being good to your relatives, being good to your kinship and taking care of your parents and looking after them. That will increase your lifespan. And we said that there is no harm of saying literally, you can literally live longer.

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So Allah subhanaw taala instead of letting you live 61 you became 65 or 70, whatever it is, and that's many of the scouser that's possible with overwhelming evidence that this is can be literally happen.

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But also it could means Alzheimer's Allah blessing in your life. So what you accomplish in one year, people take them years to accomplish.

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Also some enemies so that means that the thing that you do in your lifetime will continue bringing rewards to you after your death. And your name will be recognized as if you're still alive.

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And we said at that time I repeated again here, there is no harm to say three of them can happen, when the numbers are some said that increase your life, or you live longer, that can mean all three, that you can literally live longer. And also it means that you accomplish things as if you lived longer. And also it means that your name will and your deeds will continue to live after your death. And there is no my and there's no reason for us to choose one of the three.

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So this is the case, I think one of the things that we should start focusing on is to see how can we maximize our benefit. So our life even if it looks short, but the outcome of it will be great. In essence, Mashallah my community, a lot of you guys in business, there is a concept of business when you run a business, and you have employees and people who work for you. And also also this applies to you for personal development. There is a difference between being busy and being productive.

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being busy doesn't mean that you're doing good.

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We have a worker who always busy doesn't mean that he's a good worker. Now busy and productive, stupid, different things. So here, the point is not to be just busy, is to be a smart worker, to be a smart movement, a person who produce so much in a short amount of time with less effort. And that's something that's interesting. And the shelves are filled with examples like this is your your ylim udraw, who was a sonata for shale party of Iraq.

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For instance, since I just mentioned Rama and head are going to Mecca you know, in Ibiza Salaam told us that one salah and Mecca, one salon must have the harem equal to 100,000 Salah

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so let's say you go for two days even though we are going for but let's say you go two days and you pray two days every day the five daily prayers in the muscle

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that's 1 million prayers.

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That's as if you prayed 1 million prayers you need to live 548 years

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to make 1 million prayers.

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So in basically in 48 hours, you can make what you need 400 or 548 years

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is when you maximize your agile under your work in such a short period of time.

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You know the 12 rocker that we supposed to do every year every day. The two before 5g are on for before World War Two after no two after Microsoft Azure we call center Roger let's assume Mashallah you are committed to this and in every single year, every single day during the year now December's coming for 2019 you did not miss that for a single day from January 1 to December 31 not a single day. That means you prayed 4320 rockets

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if you continue doing this for 100 years metal I'll make you live long, healthy and

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that means what 432,000 Sala

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if you pray just volunteer five rock as an atom. That's a 500

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that did me

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100 years of 12 o'clock every single day

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it's an amazing opportunity for people

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and Mr. Harmon Nebo he or Mr. de novo it's 1000 for oxides of 500

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maybe you can go you know a salon in the mustard here and congregation I don't mean here particularly this semester. But in any congregation and the master individual solemn said it will be multiplied 25 times and another narration 27 times can you imagine you and a person

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you and whatever person do you think oh, he prays in the mustard and you don't pray the mustard. But you both of you always pray the same amount of sunlight. You don't miss the fact that your prayers but when you go to your grave he's 27 time more than you

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because he regularly come to the Muslim

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and individual Allah to serve them said that in many a hadith and in Ramadan others and that's why encouraged us to hover the alarm to take advantage of lost friends have fallen. And I lost my dad as gifts.

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If you think about that woman came to the presentation Yasser Allah

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Is it young jasola in Rotherham, he decided he should we can come to them all the time with busy home work, kids. You know it's not possible What about us than in Ibiza Salaam said if you pray inside your home, in the smallest place in your home, even if it is in your bedroom basically that if you put any beta key

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you will take the same agile like men praying in the must for muscle and via Courtney beta. She made a masala for herself inside her house. And she used to pray there.

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Another way, which is the Nafisa the volunteer prayers, Carmen Levy, Salatu, Salam Salatu, wa julita, one hatred IRA buenas tardes boo Allah sarathi vainness humps and we're actually in a model

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that 25 times double. If you pray the volunteer prayers, where people can see you in your home and your offers

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doubled and Nebojsa Salah meant to encourage us to pray at home

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it's kind of interesting. Sometimes I feel like some of the Hadeeth sounds so strange to people these days. You know why? Because you can't relate to the concept and never be so Southern was trying to make sure that the Sahaba pray volunteer prayer at home

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and not written in the mustard because of the don't pray volunteer prayer at home the kids and the children the family will not see anybody praying

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because the Sahaba by default pray every soldier in the master

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and our days yeah Mashallah we pray that the home more than the mustard so nobody's gonna want to make sure that these homes will still fold with Salah so that's why I encourage them to make sure that they pray they are now feeling at home.

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In Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, Men was salomaa jumeau ativa Tessa we're back carob taco. We're Masha when a miracle

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when within a minute mm your stomach our am yellow. Canada will be called to harm him bt mustard. I'm at a Senate in a judo crme have a pm

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in the visa Salaam, sir, when you come to Juma early, early look at the condition, you take a shower and you make other people look sharp.

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And you come early and he said and you walk and you don't write

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and you come near the Imam not far and you listen tentatively

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and you don't distract yourself or to break your soul out with anything that break Bishop basically or distract you from listening and paying attention to the map for each step that you take to the master and he word of it word of a whole entirety of prayers and fasting

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any Hadith whenever some said every step you take you take the edge of this such and such it's apply to cars, apply to

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bicycles, motorbikes, you know, come with a helicopter come with a hoverboard, whatever in the future they come up with, apply to it, unless, unless he sits on a limb, not riding in the hustle never upon when America

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alone without an aha. I don't know any other heading specifically, he said, I'm not writing, it has to be walking. So I asked once one of our Machina, I said today, very rare for people to come walking. He said it will apply for him where you park your car until you come to the midst

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or from where you go from your home to the car. So any part of this distance from your office to your car, because that's the walking part. But the part that you basically write will not take the editor for for that because in that he specifically said walk and didn't write. So I bet you anything shallow next week I will find the church parking lot more full on here.

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I saw a line Yeah, I don't know. Else. I thought it never really

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prevents us from gaining such beautiful opportunity. But what it takes it takes for an attitude.

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The opportunity is there. The offer is there.

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The way is in front of us, but it's just a matter of you the will and the determination and the awareness and the encouragement that we encourage one another Alice haidara in general

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Hunter Ilaha salatu salam ala Milena via who about

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one of the most beautiful I'm bringing this heady for Azad

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in Nabi sallallahu Sallam said

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that in regard to them and how do you feel about Ivan your hazard of the Allah and

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he said when I've been called for masala and people respond to the TO HIS EVENT everybody respond to this than the person who call the van he takes the edger for everyone come to the must also include the marshal I always make the van for too long can you imagine everybody came to the mustard the steps that they did the newbies or some Spider Man Michel de la kanima who

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he said New York to Florida to applicaton your friend and mustard as if you take the same reward as you go to head

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skinny imagine the amount of reward that this person takes.

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And the salon the congregation actually it does multiply 27 times anyway just for calling that out so how about are they aligned when they heard that? This is your sort of light and he This is unbelievable amount of reward? That's why you know yeah and m&s if you just understand and know and realize nothing then was suffering a one less time or LA if we know the amount of Agile reward and what you gain by calling other than being in the first line people will fight over

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that initial solemn so when you hear them either repeat after him and say like what he says and after that he taught us to say that you're out that you all shall familiar with and in a very subtle low anyway he was told that this was bacon basically will be

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after you finish sell to ask Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will give you any there is another reward for you. If you there listening to the event and repeating after a

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little further, what more than 1000 months

00:22:15--> 00:22:23

can imagine salon later as if you lived more than 83 years doing salaat do karate doing soccer and so forth.

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So send me the hustler Islam or honeycomb when you Islam is perfect and good and excellent. Your word became 500 and up

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to 500 multiply his Salah is 500 times and

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that's when you perfect your Islam

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in w Salaam. He basically showed us his companion and he encouraged us to take advantage of this offer from our last panel Todd

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and I just had to come and Yara la savaria and Kathy Zephaniah

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hassle of one third of the Quran in one night that's kind of hard

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he says

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I didn't

00:23:11--> 00:23:13

read the prologue equal to three

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it's not hard for you to to gain so much agile in the past and a lot and sell them by Julia and she was making a discount he went and he went with his friends and did his work. And by the end of the day he came back before the whole time

00:23:35--> 00:23:48

she's still in the same position making the you should since they left you until now you've been doing bigger said yes harakat contraband Ducky kalimat the wooziness Bhima quality porn yo ladder Let's begin

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with our heart well

00:23:54--> 00:24:03

he said I said after a few words if you compare the audio that I got out of these few words to one human saying the whole day mine has more reward in it

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and this not because he said it's also not because the words themselves so your solo What did you say Subhana Allah who would be handy added whatever NFC was in uttarkashi homie Daiquiri mochi

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as many as he created, so how to live him as as much as he's pleased with himself as much as the weight of his throne, and as many as his words referred to by Muslim.

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And I will just end here but one of the things that you should remember, one thing that will create a huge amount of reward for you is to be a person who opened the door for other people to do good. You can get the reward of teaching or on of teaching fifth teaching, how do you even though maybe you don't know how to report on, but you know what you help someone to the law

00:24:59--> 00:25:00

you support

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

As a teacher, you sponsored a class you printed a book you stablish a website to teach or

00:25:12--> 00:25:20

what have you you can be a person who making solaar and car and had an ombre and you did not leave Houston

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

you just left behind your righteous son and a righteous daughter

00:25:26--> 00:25:29

who continuously doing good after your death

00:25:30--> 00:25:33

who you guided someone to do something good.

00:25:35--> 00:25:39

You inspired someone to do something to change their lifestyle.

00:25:40--> 00:25:42

You save somebody's life.

00:25:44--> 00:26:04

So there's a lot of opportunity for you to maximize the benefit of your existence. But all what I want to leave you with all what's going to take is not is there is a paternity or not. No, it is are you have what it takes to do that? The determination the will he'll call via Litem what

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would you do

00:26:08--> 00:26:09

and commitment

00:26:10--> 00:26:41

and the offer to be something that you always think about, and it's in there in front of you and in front of your eyes. Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who always when they wake up in the morning, their eyes on the right price which is really the Lost Planet Allah to Allah to be pleased with us and to enter his agenda. May Allah forgive our sins and the sins of our parents and raise our levels all of us and you're not to name and to accept from us our good deeds alum I mean, a lot of the majority on our land our hammer, which are for now on turabian and yesterday seven Al

00:26:43--> 00:26:58

Azhar Anna minkee taberna la ilaha illa de su Kanika in the middle of bloody mean, but believe it or not camera he mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala Houma, Sleeman kathira oma Satya from Kuma