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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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In the hamdulillah

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monastery no one has told Pharaoh whenever we will be learning in sugery and fusina Woman sejati Anna Lena, my fellow mobila woman up lil fella Holly Allah Monisha

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in La MaMa Winder hola Sherry cada wanna shadow under Mohamed Abu rasuna some more and he was he was so happy he was suddenly just leave and can do it the law will see come on FCB Taqwa Allah He Isola gel. Come on all Allah subhana wa Jalla by the rules we'll be learning in a shape on one gene Bismillah bohem Yeah, a Yohannes INTERCO Bakula de Hanukkah ko Minassian Wahida waffleh Coming hasm Jaha what mean humeri Jalan keffi on money.

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worth double my lady Tessa Aluna b He will or ham in number her can la C'mon Eva, my brothers and sisters. Today we take another name of ALLAH SubhanA wa terhadap. From the lesson Names of Allah azza wa jal, we will learn about the name of Allah a norm, a norm, which is a very famous very commonly heard the name of Allah so agenda, we know very well that insalata nor Allah Subhana Allah talks about the norm of Allah azza wa jal as well. And so we will look at this and try to understand how to implement it into our lives. First off, what is the definition of a norm?

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The norm of Allah subhanho To Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth For He says in the Quran, Allah MINOURA Semovente welcome.

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Allah. Kenwood, Allah says that he is the more of the sanella of the heavens in the earth so he is the Light of the heavens in the earth.

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But to understand this more, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the guide for the inhabitants of the heavens in the earth. He is the guide for the inhabitants of the heavens and earth. When we walk into the masjid at the time of solitude, Fudger and the lights are off, can we see where we are going? No. But we open the lights and the light acts as a guide for us. It allows us to see where to go, it takes us in a certain direction. When you look at the example of Musa alayhis salaam when he was wandering last trying to make his way back to Egypt, or matsukawa to Anna had placed in the distance that fired that light that he approached and came closer to. It was a guide that guided him not only

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to the way to get back to Egypt but also guided him to that level of Prophethood was hammered out of less than was profitable.

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And so new, the newer of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the guide for the inhabitants and he himself is our guide as His servants and his creation on earth. He says yes, the love will remain Yeshua we will look more into this in the second part of this clip about inshallah Tana but in this ayah Allah Subhana Allah says

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his new is like that of a niche.

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Like a little cave think of it has a little corner little cave

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and in it

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is a lamp.

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Now obviously when you walk into the middle of a dark cave

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corner you need some light to see what you're doing. Allah Subhana Allah says that lamp is within glass

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and it is shining like a brilliant bright star.

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And it is lit from a blessing olive tree.

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Giving the example of how it needs sun from the morning straight till the evening.

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It receives light

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from the east and from the west. Not only in the morning, not only in the evening, but there's always light constant

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the sun is shining on it from the furthest points

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glowing without fire.

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Think of this witch left glows without fire.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says it glows without fire even touching it.

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And then he says Moon Hydra

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Light upon light.

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Yeah the lonely naughty man Yeshua Allah subhanho wa Taala guides with his nor who he wishes who he works. There are two types of norm of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we will learn about today in sha Allah Putana The first type is the physical and the second type of law is the abstract or as we say in Arabic, Mariana we English physical SE and abstract manner we which we will look at in the second half of this book on Shabbat to Allah abou Kohli how that was stopped for a while I still feel in the womb working

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I mean Alameen wa ala Altima to limit the pain of suddenly what was only more Anana Beagle Karim la forma Salah to attend Tasleem another art. So the two types of Nordman first one is the physical light the physical nor, this is the nor the light that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada physically possesses. And then a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if the veil of Allah was removed, and he was exposed or shown to human beings, right human beings were able to see him or the creation of this world was able to see him it would burn everything in its sight. So the physical light of Allah subhanho wa Taala is real he himself possesses this radiant light. And when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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refers to his light and touches upon the throne, or his footstool, or even Paradijs it is not the light that comes from the sun that radiates from these creations of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is the light of a law that is being referred to not the light of the sun. So that's the first aspect of the moon, the physical aspect of it. The second part is abstract, or as we say, in Arabic, like I mentioned, Natalie, what does this mean? Allah subhana wa to Allah shows us that this light is the light of the hearts of the prophets, the messengers, the pious people, the righteous, those who believe in Allah azza wa jal, every single one of us deep down in our hearts, we have this light

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this noodle, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminds us in the Hadith that we should recite Surah to a calf on Fridays. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah places move in our week, from one Friday to the next Friday, so long as we're going to rsyslog to kind of what does that mean guidance.

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Distance from sin,

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protection from what is harmful. He is through difficulty. Baraka in wealth and sleep and food, goodness in health, all of that is the mover of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah that He gives to us as those who believe in Him, almost kind of went to Allah puts that room in all of his creation that submit to Him, the angels have this No, but prophets have that norm. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has more doesn't just isn't just limited to the angels in the humans, the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa to have that is no the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is nor its guidance, the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we've been learning every single week, learn a name a week,

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implement that name throughout the week, and you will find that your life starts to change for the better because we learn about

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Allah azza wa jal, and we implement that into our lives and we submit to Him. And we know that anything we go through in life, whether good or bad, easy or difficult, ALLAH SubhanA Boitano will be there for us. So nor is in the hearts of the believers. It is on the tongues of the believers. It is on the faces of the believers. How many times have you traveled and gone to a new city, or even a new country, and you're looking for a masjid, or you're looking for head and food or you're looking just to find someone who's going to help you. And you see a Muslim and your heart automatically feels content automatically. You're, you know, taking your family tenant in to Niagara Falls in the

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summer, and it's time for thought and you're looking around where can I find a place to pray and you see some Muslims standing on the grass praying, immediately your heart feels content, and you're drawn closer to them and you join them in prayer. So the believers have this thing within them which is known as the NOR of Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance that brings us closer to one another, not us possessing ALLAH. Whenever he has a villa. Some people think that a piece or portion of Allah is in every one of us know. It is the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala that's within us.

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Allah is guiding us to what is true and what is right. And we conclude by reminding us that this is the winter. These winter months we noticed that the days are very short. The time for Bahasa Madrid comes really quick. And the lights the nights are very long.

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And a lot of Canadians suffer from what is known as seasonal depression. Because we feel like it's cold. It's depressing. It's dark, it's gloomy. It's difficult. It's slushy, it's, it's hard. Allah subhanho wa Taala is on board.

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When the nights are dark, fill them with normal. Allah gives us the opportunity now with long nights

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to stand up in prayer.

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To make dua

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to recite Quran, to memorize the few Ayat we've always wanted to memorize,

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to do some sort of a bed in the middle of the night. And then Allah Subhana Allah has no extends remember, it doesn't end it's not only limited to the night.

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The day is beautiful, nice and short. And cool. We could fast those who have missed days of fasting make them up now. The days are short, it's easy to fast them hamdulillah right in the winter, and the weather is cool so we don't feel thirsty. We don't feel hungry haven't been eaten up. Look at this lesson of the last 100 Boitano upon us. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for every single one of us to submit to Him as a Nord along with Sunday I know Muhammad Ali Mohammed colossal Lita II know either early human medium rigid or birding Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim A majority are welcome in our in our in our Athena allotments Coppermine salicaria from

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a walking in the unlock these make it easy for us to understand what what to understand your names and what they mean. Allah please make it easy for us to find guidance through your names that we are learning week after week. Allah please make it easy for us to find our way when we are lost by turning to you and you alone. Allah you are nor you illuminate the way in our life make it easy for us to find a way to generate all of these make it easy for us to submit to you and to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad some Allahu Allahu wa salam ala Please forgive us our sins and remove all of the bad deeds from our book and place replace them with good deeds, Allah please make us be from amongst

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those that are under the shade on the day of judgment and allow us to enter into the highest levels of paradise and love these make it easy for all our family members that are going through some sort of hardship and difficulty. Our community members our extended relatives elbow many of us have lost parents and family members relatives children no bless all of them and grant them all favor and goodness Amenia hablando mean

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what is it for when

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you either look into the code of global health group with a surgical module on what we're about to sell

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Allah Allah

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is treated rose tried to beat any gaps that are between you

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fill the row in front of you first before starting another one. And if there's any

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if there's need for any extra space

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At the gym is always an option

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Have you

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ever been to D

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and E

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at the center

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when it says Europa League

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me MGP T

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to email

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he meant to be

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semirara long

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me in a washing washing the

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he was saying

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to her

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Set up aleikum wa matomo

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la kumara

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welcome my brothers and sisters Please remember we do have another generic that you come in in another five minutes from now. Please refrain from staying behind the fingers and we do request that you know pray any Sunnah prayers later on in sha Allah. Also remember to donate generously on your way out of the masjid and we do have our family program tonight after slot inertia, which is at 730. So we look forward to seeing those who are vaccinated year for slot detection and program afterwards and Shawn launches our call center morning

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except from her, slowly become center

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how are you? Oh, there we go. Anything okay. You did what are you