Friday Sermon – How to be a Happy Wife 4 of 4

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The transcript describes a sexual encounter where a woman is upset and emotional, but eventually apologizes and says she is a woman to her partner. She talks about her partner's actions and suggests not drinking alcohol. She also mentions her partner's political expression and describes her behavior outside the bedroom.

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Hi so so you can see the big smile on his face when when when hearing her voice she said she reminded me of my wife

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he's still after her after her very faithful then she said

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I'm just wondering she was very old woman lost her tea from being all I don't want to please see her a beautiful young wife Why is still so connected to her with each other?

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Don't you know that being faithful it means it's part of our faith

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being loyal that she is someone she can come to you

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every single day or every other week or every other month.

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brothers sisters

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let me leave you with this I need a lot of vitamin A

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attention appreciation affirmations affection.

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Remember that

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number one forget to make your act almost kind of

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I don't find a problem to quote one of the brothers here

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that he taught me a great lesson

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from this

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isn't your job. It's a very tempting job. I have so much fun I go to people's house. I've been

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in positions where I've been seduced literally by very beautiful rich for eating ice.

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He said this one thing almost kicked me after.

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Straight and not to look to the heart.

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My often violent action with my wife is so strong that he says I've been learning more than 20 years but the way I look at my wife I decide exactly exactly the same way I desired her 20 years ago

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I said that's impossible. So

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even when we came to him

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he said to me What's the secret?

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worldwide I don't remember ever a precondition or federal I say my should you make me enjoy my wife to the max

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that's exactly what

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he said it's amazing how I think it's not because many things

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so don't ever underestimate the power of the outdoors

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and it's part of

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being our wives our children

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satisfying us

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mail this kind of product to make our wives and our family go

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we need to add in establishing that the you belong in them so we're going to go into power alcohol. I can put in a couple hours okay.

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And Tony Romo de la

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documentary nobody voted him I mean, overcast will not sleep. What can detain anybody, even your political from a balcony or somebody that was sending out an email, whether it was off the internet.

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la la, la

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la la la

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la. Hey, outside Sana.

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