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The importance of love and showing one's love to others is discussed, including the need for proof of love and humane treatment in relationships. The speaker discusses the use of personal examples and the importance of humane treatment in relationships. They also touch on the importance of being close with one's friend and partner, and the use of positive affirmations to bring out their legacy. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of following the Prophet's teachings and purifying their hearts with their actions to bring their legacy out of disarray.

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Al Hamdulillah

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hamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah Allah Azza wa Jalla who iwgia from Al Hamdulillah

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Allah de la la jolla mula wala mucuna Hakuna had from Alhamdulilah no matter who you know who messed up

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when I was a biller, human surely unforeseen a woman say Dr. Malina man Yes he level philomel the Nala woman you

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wanna shadow in La la la la la la sharika lashana Mohammed Abu Bakr pseudo salatu wa he was at m en la Ubud Allah Allah tala fille Kitab al Karim, Baroda shaitan Rajim cool enquanto buena la Veta biryani about

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everything in life has a proof.

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When you're hungry, you feel pains in your stomach. And as Ramadan approaches, a lot of us are thinking ahead of the long days that we're gonna have to fast and the hunger that we're going to feel when you're tired. Or when you're sleepy.

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You feel very exhausted and you want nothing more than to lay down in your bed and go to sleep.

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When you're motivated for something, when you really want something for a lot of the younger brothers when you want to get married, or for people who are graduating or finishing grad school and you want to get a job. Or if you want to buy a car or a house or something start a family then the proof that you wanted that thing is that you got it.

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Brothers and sisters, if I asked you all the question, if I asked you each a question and myself a very simple question, the answer would be a resounding yes. This question is something that we learn throughout Sunday school something that we learn from our parents at a young age, something that if someone accepted Islam later on in life, it's one of the first tenets that we learn something that all my god lavon he had to ask himself when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was testing him and asking him and said Jamar, how much do you love me? And he said you have a school of law. I love you more than anything except for myself.

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And the prophet SAW Selim responded to Omar. Omar not yet Jamar not yet. Meaning what that your Eman hasn't been tipped over to the scale of perfection yet not until what until you love me more than you even love yourself. And so on top came back to the Prophet Mohammed sauce enemies ln jasola now now you had a little I know I love you more than I even loved myself.

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The question is brothers and sisters. Do you love the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah

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anywhere I go, any city I traveled to, whether it's my hometown and Knoxville, whether I go to England with Shackleton Nasr, whether I come here to Ioh K and beautiful Southern California. If I asked this question to any Muslim, any person who claims to believe in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad little School of Law, then the answer is yes. I love the Prophet Muhammad.

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We love him. That's why when we teach our kids about him, we sing songs about him, we send praises on him. We asked the last part on Sunday Peace and blessings upon him. That's why when we say his name, Mohamed, we say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But as with everything,

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as with hunger, as we're being sleepy and tired as being motivated, love has a proof.

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Love has proof. If you love something,

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then there's some proof that comes with that. I love my wife, for example. hamdulillah for a lot of younger brothers, who are all wanting to get married challah one day, it will come soon. I love my wife when we were first getting married. I used to say things to her like

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she used to live far away. And I said I would walk all those miles just to see you for 10 minutes.

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All right, brothers take notes. By the way, that's how it's done.

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I used to say Why? Because I loved her so much that the proof of my love that I wanted to prove to her that I loved her. So I said I would walk 700 miles on foot just to see you for 10 minutes and then turn around and walk back.

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And it was at the time it was true. Now a little bit older five years into the marriage. My back hurts a little bit. Maybe not so much. I'll drive.

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But the question is, do we love the Prophet Mohammed selsun?

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And what is the proof for loving the Prophet Muhammad? Listen.

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If we look at the lives of his companions, both people on whom we look at the companions, the Sahaba are examples. Our role models are superheroes. If we look at them, we find them

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The proof of love is two things. The proof of loving the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem is two things. Number one, it's imitation.

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Wanting to be like that person. When you love someone, you want nothing more than to be like that person. That's why I grew up in Chicago in the 90s. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player to have ever lived sorry, Kobe Bryant.

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When he played basketball, Michael Jordan had a couple moves that he would do. When he was dunking, he would spread his legs and go like that, when he was driving to the hoop after an amazing layup, he would let his tongue hang out. He had some signature things that he would do. So all the kids, no matter what age, what color, what background, whatever, kid, when they played basketball, they would do the same thing. Why? Because we loved Michael Jordan.

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On a more realistic level, you see a lot of young parents in the crowd today.

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Your kids imitate you, and you know what I'm talking about. They want to be just like you, when you make a new friend, and you really click with that, that friend, you get really close with the brother with the sister that you're friends with. Then you start to like the same things. When you get married, you start to enjoy the same kinds of activities together. Because when you love someone, you want to imitate them.

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And the companions taught us this, that when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, when one of the things he was known for

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was taking care of people, one of the things that he was highlighted for you know what, when he received the revelation, when he received the Spirit of bigger love, he caught up when he received a relation. You know what he thought it was a punishment. He didn't know was coming from Allah subhanaw taala. He didn't know that it was ye the angels of real had come down to give him this message that was gonna change the course of history. He didn't know. So he went to his wife.

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And he said, Yeah, yeah. Deja is my wife. He said, am I being punished? He said, What happened to me? He told me the whole thing is that am I being punished? And she said, No, God would never punish you. He would never be angry with you. And what was one of the first proofs that she said? She said, What because you take care of people.

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Because if anyone needs help, that they know that you Mohammed bin Abdullah, you are the one that's going to help them.

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And so where do we find this invitation?

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Welcome Sadiq. This is long. This is after the death of the Prophet Mohammed Al Salim

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welcome Sadiq lead the federal prayer. Imagine that we're in a Masjid together and the mountain leads. And after fetcher, what is everyone's supposed to do? We all know this. We're supposed to say that if God right upon Allah, hum de la la acabado say there's God and we know that we're supposed to make da we're supposed to praise Allah subhanaw taala thank Allah for all the blessings He's given us. Read some Ethel corsi read the different area. But Abubakar Siddique, after he got done with the law leading February he got up and he left.

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He got to be left. And he would do this for a few days in a row. So all over this October, Ilan, Omar, he saw this happen. And he said, Why is he leaving? He was that we know we all know the culture is to make Likud after prayer and to you know, get started with our day in a good on the right foot. He said, Why is he leaving? So one day Omar said You know, I'm going to follow him. I'm gonna follow him.

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And so he got up one day, said the salon he got up and he left and almost said, Okay, here's my chance. So he got up and he followed him. And he kept creeping behind him like around the corner because he didn't want all the walkers to see him. And he follows a book of Siddique to like the outskirts of a town. Very, very the far outskirts of Medina. And he sees a bunker enter a house.

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That's weird. Whose houses this? He goes, does he move? I don't I don't think he moved. So he goes and he follows him. Then he creeps up to the window of a house there's a window, he creeps up to the window and he looks over. And he sees his friend of Aqua Sadiq, the student of the Prophet Mohammed salsa lamb, the one who loved the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim. He sees our workers the deep cleaning. And then he sees him cooking. And then he sees him taking care of the chores, doing the errands for a house. He says what's he doing?

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So then abubaker said he finishes and leaves and all more hides. He waits until bucho Sadiq leaves but they'll on and then all Mark goes up to the door and he knocks.

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Does anybody home?

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And the person who answers the door is not the person that you'd expect.

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It's an old, frail, blind woman.

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And she says Hello, who is it? Sam wykel. He says why they come Sam. Yeah, only my mother out of respect. He's showing her love and respect. He says to me, did you know that someone was in your house?

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And she said yes, there's a man who comes here every day and he helps take care of them.

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Things You know, he helps lay out my all my

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chores and stuff that takes care of my cooking. He was very nice. Even Walmart hilltop says, Yeah, my mother says, Do you know who this man is?

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And the mother says the old lady says, No, he won't tell me his name.

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This is the leader of the Muslims. He's doing chores and cleaning someone's house, and he won't even tell the elder lady who he is. Because without her eyesight, she can't even see who he is. And all mercato he's Upon hearing this, he begins to cry. And he says, Yeah, but you're making it very difficult for us to catch up with you. Meaning what? Like, you're just you're killing us right now. Like you're owning us in the edge and hustling that, like we can't even compete with you. Right? Where did Abubakar Siddique learn this. He learned this from the person that he loved. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam during the early days of Mecca, was once

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walking. And we all know that the message of Islam was not accepted in the early days of Mecca wasn't readily accepted. People weren't really excited to hear it. They were challenging the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to a point where actually they even hurt him, hurt his followers, and even killed some of his followers. And they will do terrible things to them. So the Prophet Muhammad SAW said I was walking in the street and he sees an older lady. Right story sounds familiar, right? And he says, Yeah, oh, me, my mother. He says what seems to be the problem. And we know this isn't the prophet SAW son was a mother because his mother passed away very early on in his life when he was

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six. And so she says, Yeah, Amy, my son, and they're speaking each other with love and respect, which teaches us that if young people want love and respect from elders, we have to give them love and respect first.

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So she says my son, this man came, his name is Mohamed, and he's ruining my city, the city I grew up in Mecca, he's ruining it by spreading this message of La la la la and saying that he has a little school of this Allah.

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She's saying, I don't want to live here anymore. So I'm packing up my things I'm going

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and he said, Yeah, oh, me. I'm, I'm so sorry that you feel this way. How awkward is this conversation, by the way, that she's hating on the Prophet Mohammed Saul salon, and he's literally right in front of her face.

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So then she said, he says to her, he says, You owe me I'm sorry, you feel this way. But if there's anything I can do to help you to make you feel better, then let me know when she goes, No, I want to move. I don't want to stay here. And he says, Can I at least then help you? If you've made up your mind? Can I help you move? And she says my son that would be so kind. So he packs up her things and they begin to walk to the outskirts of a town Sounds familiar? Oh, because the deacon See, the imitation, the love.

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So he begins to walk her and she says what she starts talking all this trash about the Prophet Muhammad SAW centum she starts saying that he's, you know, a crazy person. He's a magician. He's a, he's a poet, saying all these nasty things about our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah, and he begins to look and he just listens. He just listens and takes it. I mean, he could make a draw against her. And a lightning bolt would come and take care of the whole situation. Like he could do anything. He's the Prophet of Allah. But he patiently takes it. He they get to a spot. She says here, this is where I want to live. He says here, she says here. So he sets up her things. He builds

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her house, he does her errands. He cleans her house. And then he says, Yeah, oh, me. I'm done. Is there anything else that you need for me? And she says, you know, you've done so much. And he says, You owe me Do I have your permission to leave?

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Do I have your permission to go about my day if you don't need anything else? And she says, My son, of course you have. You don't need my permission. You did this on your own. You're so kind. So he says, You owe me I then bid you farewell. He turns and starts to walk away. She calls after him. She says my son one thing.

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This whole time you've been helping me. This whole time you've been serving me. This whole time You haven't told me your name.

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And he said, I'm the Mohammed that you hate so much.

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And she said she had the one La ilaha illallah wa eyeshadow and Naka Mohammed.

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She said you are the Messenger of God.

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And we see what that his student, his friend, his companion, Abubakar Siddique, our teacher, our role model, he loved the Prophet so much. So Sadam that he did the same thing. He copied the prophet to the tee, imitation is a proof of love. Now the question we have to ask ourselves, do we imitate the Prophet so similar?

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Do we love him? Yes. Do we imitate him? That's the question. Do we even know enough about the prophet SAW sent him to imitate him?

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Do we even know how he would handle certain situations? So that when we go through those situations, we can respond in a similar way?

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how he treated his family. So we get into an argument with our spouse or with our kids, or with our parents. Do we know how the prophet SAW said and thought about his parents?

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are treated his spouse or his children? Do we know how we did that? And if we didn't know that, or if we do know that, are we doing it the same way he did? Are we imitating him? Or is our love for him? just lip service?

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That's the question

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is if we love him Are we like him?

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The second proof of love is sacrifice.

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And this again, we go back to No, no one else but Abubakar Siddique, the prophets, best friend, his companion,

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la casa de cadila, Han, was one of the masters of sacrifice.

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Again, with all my friends, I thought they always used to have this little competition about who could get closer to the prophet SAW Selim, who could follow him more. And so the Prophet Sal sort of asked for some some donations and sponsorship, you know, for them to give for the sake of Allah to give, and it wasn't like pulling teeth. The prophet SAW sent him didn't make you wait, you know, until they read a certain fundraising goal before you could eat your dinner. Right? He would just ask and the companions would give right that was how they work. And so he asked one day and on top said you know what? There's no way there's no way I'm losing today. Today is the day Omar's gonna

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get a W right? Almost gonna win. He said I'm gonna take half of my wealth. Half. Could you imagine giving half of your wealth, selling your house, your cars, everything, cutting it in half, and coming to shake in Amman Vegas? Ha, come on, I have half my wealth for you. I know he'd love it. Right? And I know the students that okay, we'd love it. But could you imagine?

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inshallah we could all do that. I asked a lot to make our hearts all able to do that. I mean, but could you imagine actually doing it?

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It'd be tough. But Omar said for sure. Today's the day I'm gonna get that w so he said, I'm gonna do it. So he comes to the soul of Los Altos Island, and he says, yo, Lola, I have half my wealth pledged for you.

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The prophet SAW Selim says, may Allah reward you all, Mark, this is a great donate is a great and then the book goes to D comes up quietly.

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And the Prophet says you have a buck, what do you what do you have to do? So I have all of my wealth.

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Omar says every time I can't compete with you, every time you beat me, this is the work of Siddique. This is the one who loved the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah.

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So one day in the early days of Mecca again, we talked about this a little while ago, we said that the message wasn't received very well.

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So about give us a deacon the Prophet Muhammad SAW sent him were sitting and they were worshipping Allah.

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And the gang the thugs of kurush the gangbangers right? These are worse than the Crips and the Bloods man. They were tough.

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They were tough. And they didn't care about your money. All they cared about was your message.

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So they came and they went to the Prophet Muhammad SAW them and they started to push him around you guys know those scenes from like movies and TV shows and where the bully starts to pick on the little kid on the playground they start to push them around all the bullies surrounding start to push so they started pushing the Prophet Mohammed sauce on them

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right so the Prophet Sal Sanam is trying to defuse the situation. He's saying, Look, just Just let me be just leave just chill. It's okay. Just relax. And they're saying no, we're not gonna relax. Get out. stop preaching. Stop telling people stop converting people stop this. We're not gonna relax. So the profitsystem says, guys, just relax. It's okay just relax and say no. So it escalates and they keep pushing, pushing. One of them takes their shawl you know, the re that the show, he takes his shawl off, and he wraps it around the neck of the Prophet Mohammed sauce Island. And he starts to choke out the Prophet Mohammed sostenere.

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He starts to choke him out.

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And the Prophet Sal Salim is gasping for air. And vaca Siddiq looks up and sees this and he gets up and he goes to the man who's choking the Prophet, so Sunnah.

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And he pushes him.

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He says, Get off of him. To leave him alone. He's not bothering you. He's just worshiping. So you're gonna hurt a man who says My Lord is Allah

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and so they turn their attention from the Prophet Mohammed so silent, they turn into a buck.

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And they said, Man, you want some we're gonna give you some. So they begin to pummel Abubakar Siddique. They begin to beat him up and one one of the people of course, he's known to wear his sandals his ship ship his jumper, right.

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his sandals have this hard marble on the bottom of them. The rest of the people they usually just wear their sandals normally with leather, but this man had a certain style where he would put rock and marble on the bottom of his so that they were hard. So he takes up a sandal and he gets down on a bucket acidic

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He puts His knees on the chest of a bucket of Siddique, and he mobilizes his arms. He takes a sandal and begins the beat in the face of Abacus and beak

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to the point where a book of study called the aileron gets knocked unconscious.

00:20:16--> 00:20:19

His face is bloody, he's bruised.

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Later on, he's in a coma he comes to, and he wakes up and his family is all around him. And his family, obviously, they see the abuse that he took, and they say, What are you doing? What are you doing a buck? Why are you sacrificing your health and your happiness for this man, Mohamed seuseungnim Why you sacrificing your health for him and Rebekah Siddique tries to get up but he can't walk. he stumbles and falls down. And so the Boko Siddiq wakes up and the first thing he says is what he says Where's Mohammed?

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And he says, I need to go see him. And his family gets frustrated and they say, Why do you always want to sacrifice yourself for him and some of his family they leave. But the details the rest of his family says I need to go see him. So they carry him to the house of the Prophet Mohammed sauce on them. This is a man who couldn't walk. He's being carried to the Prophet Mohammed Al Salaam, carried when he enters the doors in the house of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, and he sees the prophet SAW some of his back, he jumps out his legs regained their strength he runs to the prophet SAW sent him he hugs him from behind, and he says as long as you are okay, I'm okay.

00:21:32--> 00:21:34

As long as you're okay.

00:21:35--> 00:21:35

I'm fine.

00:21:37--> 00:21:39

I'm down. I'm ready to roll.

00:21:41--> 00:22:27

The proof of love brothers and sisters, imitation and sacrifice. The question we have to ask ourselves, if we really believe that Allah is one, and that his messenger is the Prophet Mohammed Salah. And we love this prophet. We love this man, Mohammed is so sad. And the question we have to seriously sit down and reflect about is are we imitating him? And what are we sacrificing for him? Do we sacrifice our sleep in the morning? To wake up for fetcher? To follow the example that he set for us? Or is our sleep more beloved to us than following the prophet SAW Selim? Do we value our money, our paychecks this transit item that we have? It's not even real. It's just numbers in our

00:22:27--> 00:22:46

bank account? Do we value this more than we value supporting projects that the Prophet Mohammed says that I'm taught us to support? Do we love our neffs and our ego so much, that we don't follow how he treated on a sense of his wife and his kids?

00:22:47--> 00:23:06

Do we want to follow our own example? Are we willing to sacrifice the hunger of our neffs and follow the example the Prophet Muhammad SAW said and that's the question that I asked myself and ask all of you today, and I hope that we can find the answer that will please Allah and pleases messenger akuti call you had I was stuck at a lot of you What? What decided muslimeen almost the match for stock photo in the hood.

00:23:20--> 00:23:33

lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah enamul mbi with mercy Sedna, Mohamed Salah la he was selling them. While early he was happy he woman Debbie RMB is sending Elijah Medina Ramadan, the man whom I mean.

00:23:34--> 00:24:09

So we know now the stories we know the point the proof of love is to imitate in the sacrifice for the one that you love. Brothers and sisters, today's homework, I know that a lot of you are almost on summer vacation. But today's homework is to go home. And to take a piece of paper and to sit down for a moment by yourself with no one else around or take your iPhone. Or if you have an Android phone, May Allah forgive you, you can take that out as well. And you can open up the notes or the memos. And I want us all to write down six things, six things, right? That's it, not more than six.

00:24:10--> 00:24:31

I want us to write down three things that we think about the Prophet Muhammad SAW some of them, three positive, obviously, they're all positive, but three very strong, loving, characteristics that we love about the Prophet Muhammad SAW some of them that we wish we could have. And I want us to write those down.

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

And I want us to make a goal that before and into Ramadan, which is only a few weeks away, that we make this our goal to inculcate those three characteristics and I want us to take three more minutes to write down three things that the prophet SAW sent him warned us against, that we have. Look in the spiritual mirror in the mirror of a club of the heart, and ask yourself what are three things that I have that the Prophet says

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I'm said be careful, these three things. And I want us by the time Ramadan comes to have worked on ourselves to the point where we have reduced if not eliminated those three things because 10, skia, and spirituality and to so wolf is wonderful, only if it's practical. If we sit and tell these stories, and we shed tears and our hearts, love the profits, also the more, that's beautiful, but if we don't translate that love into something that transforms us into a different person, then this may become a proof on us and not for us on the Day of Judgment asked a lot to protect us from that. So we need to make sure that we take this clip, and we use it to transform ourselves, not just sit

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here and feel good about the legacy that we belong to, but become someone who starts to help that legacy and help create that legacy. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to purify our hearts. I ask Allah smart Allah to purify our families, our friends, our communities, our nation, our Oman ask Allah Spano, tala, to protect us and to help our beloved brothers and sisters who are being oppressed all over the world, whether it's an ashram in Syria or Bangladesh or Burma or Pakistan or Egypt or Somalia or Sudan, or here in the United States, all of the people who are being oppressed and who are downtrodden, whether it's from a physical oppression or a financial oppression or a spiritual

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oppression, ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable

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us to help ourselves and to help us and to aid us in transforming ourselves to bring us out of the darkness into the light. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to enable our hearts to love him and two love the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in De La Hoya Malika to you so do another nebby Yeah, you're living mo sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Nima Olam, sagana Mohammed Wada.