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Are you

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not so fearful for what happened to the labor

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force in our mean sea

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level for them or

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the other Why should one

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wish to lash me

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right shall we say that Mohammed and Abu

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yeah a

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couple more of a parte

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de was

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proposed by the government and so he'd have a hollow cabinet have a hollow cabinet has all the

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SMEs in the region healthier heavier on is

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what couple 100 eaters gonna be he was

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the back yeah a

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couple miles apart

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and then

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when I tell him to coordinate the

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effort in electronic medical in this type of field of

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philanthropy headed

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by shaman

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a shaman

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a couple of words about the party are called to party

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on to

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the wider apartment has

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a wide interest

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in a world

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of law who will call and say that we

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are making it less suitable for

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100 And some law was

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gonna put them on Edit did not

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Kitab over let's get you

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to the letter opener and a beam of reason to allow us to witness the culmination of Mahesh

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great pilgrimage to a snap to

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that kindness and violence. But the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminds us that this has this pilgrimage and one of the pillars the foundations of our religion or the monopoly

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all Guney a listener that comes

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in a lot a

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lot. We can wait a bomb is solid.

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Native of Sami Ramadan, Mahajan, beans, they can pilgrimage to the great house. None of us all of us to do this at least once in our lifetime

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to fulfill this great, great obligation

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Alhamdulillah. The habits

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and the rituals associated with it are largely concerned with are largely built around the struggle and the life of our great spiritual patriarch Ibrahim Abraham Lincoln Center.

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We reflect

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on what a lot I mentioned. And certainly he brought him on as

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he says, I was

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on Rocky

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Washington washi in

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the heavy balance in the middle between Jackie Romney and pulling each other who had their who invests in us you're all stepping in the Abraham McCann uma Ibrahim was an uma

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Ibrahim was an Omer meaning he was a leader

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And he was a leader was alone.

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This reminder for us, all of us in our various capacities, we have to be leaders especially now. Because if you

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are or not a leader you will be a follower.

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And if you're our follower, I can guarantee what you will be following will not be a snap.

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Or you will be following will not be a snap. And by be his name say his, his Islam but his his name is not Islam. Islam is the religion of Allah, all of all the walls as made known to us by His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sena. So, our forte is built upon the paren and the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's the foundation of Islam. And Islam has many foundations. Now Allah bless us to follow the way he brought him he was an ummah, blesses the homeless, now blesses to be leaders. So Omar is from the same group as email.

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And if meaning

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may Allah bless us the disease, and Roma means Ibrahim Manas. He combined with it in himself, the epitome of virtue that you find scattered amongst a puma. So in a group of people, illogical you might say so and so is seven senses on this person, so and so is a trustworthy person, so and so is a courageous person, either him being Uma, epitomized courage epitomize honesty, epitomize all of the virtues that you might find scattered throughout.

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And again, we have to strive to be virtuous people.

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Because this world is trying to make us virtual, less.

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All of contemporary social movements. In your magical movements, intellectual movements have their objective, by and large, to ship a human being of his of his or her virtue. I'll give you a small example. Islam teaches us to bear patient in bed

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abuses that

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end up creating way more psychological harm for us. That case, there's no forbearing teaches us to forbear to humbly

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abusive and slights

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this society tells us no those are micro aggressions

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and they have to be redressed. So every little thing becomes a source of resolving to someone other than ourselves to solve the problem,

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human relations on the job counselor school the therapist.

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So I invite you of having the ability to do something every one of our parents that are responsible taught us to do largely

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can repeat after me because

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you can repeat in your head Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never give up parents teach you that.

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Now they teach you Sticks and stones may break your bones in words of microaggressions

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that you need someone other than yourself to address.

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This in our society. Islam is about inculcating virtue into your individual

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patients for borders clemency, the ability to bear slights and just bless them all.

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And not to go on to break down and knock down

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the road our society is moving, we'll probably have more therapists then then the population.

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Moving to the virtual less society.

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Ibrahim was a paragon of virtue

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was an ummah call it and in that develop the obedient for Hanifa

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And then he was naturally inclined towards other fields. And all of us had that natural inclination was we remove all the dross that covers it, because everyone was when I will gather us as souls before those souls were put into these bodies. And they asked us to be rock people, we also say hidden there, and are not your certainty. And we bear witness to that. And then witness

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that witness to the Oneness of Allah is something that is in our human disposition.

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And this is what it means to be heavy, heavy, if no one that was moving and it wasn't amongst the idolaters.

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And many people sad not an idolatry. I don't worship stones and statues and carvings.

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Allah Allah mentions in the Quran that

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they now have

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one or

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the other.

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of a compromised summary will be Regina Anna Dasari he'll ratio.

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Team member

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Have you not seen the one who has made his words for ruins his garden? This is the archaeology of our time and place. Now we know find many people worshipping idols and statues of

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metal. But how many people worship themselves?

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How many people were *ting themselves. We have Muslims in the midst of this abortion debate this controversial I don't want to get into it. I want to point one thing out. Because this has nothing to do with this man. You have Muslim love to some of my sisters who adopt the slogan, my body my choice.

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My body my choice.

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This is from liberalism.

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This is not my body. This is a law have been in their lives in

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the first Thursday in the infusional

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by choice

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or love Your call is their last choice what we do with our work. Not our choice at this point that out to say this, their brothers and sisters, we're following a religion, a way of life even more completely. And their way of life is based on a revelation is not based on our choice.

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They say

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they have no choice.

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Allah chooses.

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Allah chooses.

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And we follow and that's what it means to be a Muslim Samana. What Ana

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Pena cannot see or we hear and we obey, we seek your forgiveness all unto you as our image

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of all of that is being

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if we rebelled against the law, what if that what would that be if we follow his now

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we follow Islam. So Allah says he was not amongst the idolaters. Neither was we stones or images, more worshipping himself.

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Moshe worshipping himself

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shaking around in the interview, he was deeply appreciative of his blessings.

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We should ask our look at the blessing that we have.

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The blessings we enjoy. That is beautiful investors

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have the ability to gather the funds to repay this massive parking lot.

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This beautiful world. So people are preying on dirt,

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the parking on on rocks.

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You come the joy you break your accent.

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That's the reality of some many, many Muslims with ease become in easy regard easily. They have good relations with our neighbors. Well, people who are directing the traffic, they're not even wisdom, but they're assisting the wisdom

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because Allah Almighty God has put a goodness in there.

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Those are often the blessings that we enjoy. We have to ask ourselves, are we thankful?

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always thankful?

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Are we thankful?

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And faithfulness is submitting ourselves to our work was bestowed those blessings upon us. Are we rebellious?

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I don't want to do them, I don't accept them. And you notice

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this is not kiss them. This is Islam.

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This is a revelation from a law time, brought to us by a messenger the final lesson guys, we must learn to believe to humanity. That's the foundation of our religion, not what we might have what we dislike, and we have natural thing we have natural propensities that might lead us to have difficulty in accepting some aspect of the religion. So something else Oh, my God says in the context that people are doing what you do feel that

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he went to the bathroom with John, I live with the dean and the cat.

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Ibrahim, who has some more.

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struggle in the wearable unit don't like this or that struggle against yourself, struggle to overcome that thing, so that the thing that you do not learn becomes the most beloved thing to you.

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This is the way of struggle. And again to go back to this whole idea

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of virtual listening virtuousness when warranted, not to struggle,

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not to struggle against the difficulties and hardships of life, and increasingly what we find those who have been proven, and I use the word consciously tell them not to struggle, they get upset, they don't shoot up a bunch of people

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as opposed to struggle against whatever you might find agitating you within your soul.

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Though they'll struggle against it, Vince your age,

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you don't like this policy, don't organize yourselves to make a better policy.

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Have a good range.

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And the Muslim you're sharing their heritage when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when asked specifically for counsel, there are so many Yahoo Messenger on see

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of call me for this lovely taller than that. questioning

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how soon consuming the color similar honey with some colors

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that we can come in there for the video.

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Of me repeating it over and over and over. Don't be complaining. We're sure your lessons become angry,

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become tempered

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portfolio was smashed on Windows downtown.

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Venture rage

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is a pathetic teachings. And our time is running out. So we'll skip ahead to this

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young woman who

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truly hadn't before this paren was we do this Emma, those who accepted the guidance of Allah Almighty God as given to them by the prophet or messenger sent to them during their time they will call Muslims, the follower of Abraham. Abraham will call Muslims.

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The followers of Moses were born Muslim. The followers of Jesus will call Muslims, the followers of hundreds upon Muslims. This the Abrahamic trajectory was semnac among those who are seven is the meaner mill

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beforehand before this Quran was revealed what we have in this court n. So in Muslim is the follow the ancient way. We started with the Hajj mentioned the hunt, and the pilgrimage at the center of our site and follow

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what we have

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been based in our teams

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And the Kava is called an ancient, the ancient house. And if the house is ancient, that means the religion is ancient. We follow an ancient way, not a newfangled way, we follow a faith that connects us to

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virtue virtuous, spiritually elevated, define chosen individuals who lived 1000 years, 14 143 years, 1400 50 years, 2000 years 3000 years ago. This is an ancient way, because as they say, at the end of the day, there's nothing new under the sun.

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And in terms of a human being and his or her relationship with herself or himself, his whole relationship with their fellow human beings, his or her relationship with their Creator

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is nothing new. And the ancient wisdom is what will sustain us. The ancient wisdom is what will give us and provide us with the armor to shield ourselves against the destructive dehumanizing tendencies of this modern and no postmodern world.

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Post modernity is, a is the handmaiden of atheism

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is the handmaiden of atheism. You're naming one postmodern thinker philosopher, who is a believer.

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And if you can't, I'll show you an anomaly. Because the overwhelming majority, if not all of them, are atheists.

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And the atheistic thought is was pulling us in driving us apart. There is you NCAA

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is was one of our virtue and that's why so many of them if you study the history, committed suicide

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because they themselves couldn't cope. Everyday, bested themselves of religion,

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which provides us with coping mechanisms after they've divested themselves of meaningful personal virtue, which provides us coping mechanisms.

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I will take each employee any day

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24/7 I will tell you the ancient way we pay them a lot of time and place versus us to circumnavigate that ancient house at least one time in our lifetime. A political poll we had there was talk for a while he was when he said he didn't mean your palms.

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Sweat was Mrs. Reagan Bush.

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He also he was

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in a Wonder Woman

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will set the mood as the

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law most

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and hamdulillah amongst the beautiful aspects of the hutch is that it brings people human beings every continent, representing every so called race ethnicity

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to get

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that run

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never saw a person this color.

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Yellow, whatever. Speaking all the languages to be found on this planet gathered together in a great display of brotherhood and sisterhood.

00:24:13--> 00:24:21

And that great display of brotherhood and sisterhood is what inspired Malcolm X to write in his autobiography and reference

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the hope that he had on

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to Islam and addressing the increasing it this increasingly contentious and difficult problem of grace

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Allah blesses us to embody virtue and goodness and sinister. Allah Tala blessed us to take the brotherhood and sisterhood on display at the heart of brotherhood and sisterhood on display in this masjid, Allah bless us and empower us

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To take that out to the wider society, present an example of how things can be phased in and not have to be the way they are.

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Things do not have to be the way they are. And we religious people in general, we're gathering of awesomeness, we can offer an attribute, and we say that attribute to things being better.

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But to do that, we have to be Muslim. We have to be Muslim. We have to embrace an analysis of religion, to shape our actions, to shape consciousness, to shape, the way that we see ourselves, our world and our relationship with the world and our relationship with our Lord. That is something that's ancient, something ancient, not only ancient, but that something that has sustained us as a human family, to bless us, help us to get to the state that will be blessed to make our contribution. Everyone has family members feel

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safe, and sound they their prayers. For us their first answer, and they our prayers be answered on this day of prayers in this day to be victory Little

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Mermaid a box

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prayer. Now we're all about

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what we need