How to Approach Differing Fatwas by Scholars

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The importance of knowing one's religion is discussed, as well as finding the right person to ask for. The speakers stress the need to practice religion and find the right person to ask for. The importance of finding the right person to address questions about one's religion, finding a chef to ask if they have a record of their experience, and learning to be a federal council member. The importance of finding the right person to ask for and finding the right person to share one's opinion is emphasized. The Sharia Mcasting System in Nigeria is discussed, along with the importance of research and evidence analysis for decision-making. The speakers stress the need for a choice between conservative and liberal views, as well as the importance of human beings' values and their influence on others' actions.

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then handed Allahu Allah Stein who wanna study he wanna stop hero. When I will Double Diamond Julian Pacino and CEO Dr. Medina Maria de la, la la la, la, la La,

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La La La La La La La La sharika or shadow no Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Allahumma de Sleeman kathira ameba all praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, there is no doubt that each and every one of us come across if it's not daily, it's very often that you come in issue that you are wondering what is the Islamic

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ruling in regard to it? If it's your own, your finance if it's your an act of worship, if it is, has to do with the dress code, it has to do with food has to do with many, many things in our life, in relationships and so forth. And also these issues. The Muslims, when they don't know Allah Subhana Allah directed them very clearly in apply for a victory in quantum law to Allah moon. If you have no knowledge you ask the people around here that people have knowledge if you don't know if you don't have the knowledge

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that's why it's been reported Mission Viejo cada sallallahu Sallam female Johann Anna Lou Islamia Alamo for inertia and the east.

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Why didn't they ask when they didn't know. And the story goes back to a man who was injured so badly in his head, and he had to take a shower.

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So this soldier companion told him, we couldn't find an excuse for you, you have to take a shower. So he took a shower infection It looks like he got worse. And he got a very high fever and died. So in evisa salaam was angry at them because you do need to let him take shower ask him to do such thing. You know, he can just do Tim and he said Why didn't they ask you what why didn't they ask when they don't know in Nima Shiva is what to remove ignorance is asking, seeking knowledge. And the famous Hadith in Bukhari Muslim that didn't have his or Salim said in the end of the days, people will appointed ignorance among them, and they will ask them all these seek their opinions and they

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seek their you know,

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their wisdom and answers, and those people will answer them with with ignorance, fear for Balu they will be they will mislead themselves and they will mislead others. So from this Hadeeth uniform and Mahadeva This hat is entails that we should ask the people of knowledge. So ask that people have knowledge. And that's something that is very well established in the audience and then make perfect sense. That's why the first thing I want to say that is so important when you have a question about your deen anything related to what you want is related to what is correct and right from our religion. From a religious perspective or from our from Islamic perspective. We asked the people of

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knowledge and people who have knowledge not just somebody seems to might have knowledge or somebody because he's very outspoken person or somebody know how to resolve

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Buddy Well, that's the person has a nice voice but doesn't mean have a nice has a good solid knowledge. You know that's everybody has a special specialty. That's why Mohammed bin serene nomadic Nana saw him in a set of Pato in the huddle. ilma Deen fumble amento Dena Co. This is a matter of Deen This is a matter of religion. You must know where you're taking your religion from. And remember Muslim Rahim Allah mentioned that in addition in his introduction, so that's why the one who's seeking fatwa should put an effort to look for the most qualified person to answer him not because someone with a beard or have a turban or have a job, it means he's qualified for fatwah.

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That's not the case. And it is a very sometimes stressful and it is hard for you to find a chef to ask. Okay, and you might say and I also it is very hard for an average person today to recognize who is that chef? Or who's the chef you know what I go online and I see so many people doing photo I see in TV people given photo and the live question and answer session you know somebody lead the prayer I go to the mustard I don't know if chahatein is a qualified to give federal or not I don't know if I am qualified to give it or not How would I know that as an average person how would they know that just an Imam mustard is qualified to give federal or not this quick points number one that ever

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person known to be giving photo and among his peers and people around him scholars and the approved of his federal they approve him practicing photo shahidullah lol me bill fat what that means he's a he's a qualified Mufti and somebody that at least between you and Allah subhanaw taala you, you're good to ask the person to that somebody became very well known that he's a Mufti. Yeah, I'm sure most of you for example, in Houston, we're blessed to have chef de la sala, for example is a

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well known in the Muslim world well known around the world that is a Mufti. Okay, as I didn't check his degree and then examine his own, but Colossi became Stefan and the nurse and Adam lll, it became known that this person is a person of knowledge. Also, that this person, well known among the scholars to be a Mufti, the scholars themselves, asked him to answer questions and things of that nature. Another thing that helped today, in modern days, degrees, if somebody has a higher degree of Sharia, let's say have a master of a PhD, you have a bachelor even to certain extent bachelor in specialized in and that's that's given indication that this person, you know what I he has knowledge

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and he study that Sharia a membership of a council of fatwa if I know that this is a member of the Federal Council that is respected and well known, you know, an only hire Mufti is that somebody I can trust effect to a council not an Imam council not or not a not an activist council or like say, we have a Houston Muslim organization council doesn't mean necessarily that everybody in that council necessarily as a Mufti, but if it is the the amount or the amount of the shoe, that's a different story. Also, one thing to be help when that person has a record of it was published and known books that he published and wrote.

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That's why Mr. humanoid is one of the methods that recognize that this person is the Adam method and the MakerBot and emammal hobby Rahim Allah Paulo kulu. Now during fuchal to be here, I don't know who add him, anyone study his work, he will know that this person is color has a lot of, you know, work online, that is specialized them and so forth. Or you ask someone that you trust if that person is a trustworthy Mufti? Let's say you come chahatein for example, is it trusted website to go to seek Federer from somebody trust me and you ask is this Jeff is somebody I can take photo from? So you ask someone that you trust to have knowledge can tell you as well. Also, one of the things you

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can ask the Mufti himself. Let's say you're on the situation, are you are moved, are you capable of getting fatter? And if he says yes, if he says yes, and you think he's telling the truth, it's enough for you between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. So these are seven or eight points I've just mentioned right now will help you to answer this question. Another question that people have a lot when it comes to photos and seeking federal chef, do I have to follow a map? Do I have to follow a share who belong to a specific method number one

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Number four point number one I want to mention in regard to this, there is a famous forum, I have been happy with Shafi, which is kind of your molecule Shafi when henneberry, the former labs, and they are very well known and all named after four great scholars, which is the whole oma recognize their status recognize their

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their knowledge, and recognize that they were among the greatest scholars in history of Islam. But also we recognize that they are like any scholars like any human beings, they are they did what they have mistakes, they say what is correct and what is wrong, and is not a lot for a person ever to think that there is a human being or a scholar that all his photos, all his statements are correct, that that's just not correct. the only one who's infallible is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam when it comes to the de Pont number two, that when we say a madhhab, it doesn't mean necessarily that this is the opinion of Abu hanifa himself, or it means the opinion of all the Hanafi scholars,

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and that's a lot of people don't understand that. When we say this, the Hanafi position in the Hanafi position, it doesn't necessarily reflect the opinion of Abu hanifa. And madhhab is not just one person's opinion. It's a collective work of scholars over centuries. And those were scholars who came in the hands of your Shafi or the Maliki, why do you call them so they call them madico Shafi because they took the foundations the principles, the methodology of Abu hanifa him own law in how he drive rules, how he compare between evidence, okay, and they will follow his principles. That's why they will be called a follower of the hand but but very often the scholars will disagree with

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their email and they will come with a completely different photo you'll find metal for example, Malik will say something the manipulator later will adopt another opinion or the shaft theory or the hanabi era, or the enough and the famous example of what hanifa his immediate two students, Abu Yusuf Mohammed Reza Shivani. Some researcher said that they disagree with 50% of his opinions. So how can you call them hanafy? Because they follow the same principles, but they come to you know, a different conclusion. So this is something to keep in mind. Also, keep in mind that inside the one myth have multiple opinions. A lot of people think heavy it means one position or mannequin means

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one position, no Manichaean Mahatma Khalid, madaket and Masada. The mannequins in America have different position and issues than the mannequin Hijaz and the Hanafi in Egypt, and my popular now have an Iraq will be different than Turkey will be different than the subcontinent. And they are all still Hanafi madhhab. And so understanding that will not make you rigid, so it will not make no sense, you know, to think that it is just because you raised in certain culture, and you were told that this is the Hanafi opinion or the Chevy intervener the medical opinion, it doesn't mean that there is no other opinion exists inside the matter. Yes, I recognize that there is something called

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touchy hat and meta without going to details on this. But it's still these opinions. Some of them are stronger than others. But it's not like a done deal not because someone said oh, this is scholars, he is the tutor presenter of the method that was certainly to be put on, you know, it can be challenged to claim that this person is the only representative of that method. Also, I want you to understand another fact before, I hope these points will help you to come to an answer on your own without missing anything. The next point is that the medallions are not for the mother hubs in this history of Islam are not for for the only the famous one. But as mme, we have way more than

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format hubs. And we have mme that ruled for example, Syria and Palestine and Jordan and Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, all the way to Morocco. Like I was there for more than 240 years.

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And that's the official method that is followed Egypt a laser beside his method was fall. So you will find many different methods to Fianna 34 goofiness and so on. So to think that this only for mothers and by the way, these men that have their opinions and their filter still preserve is not like something vanished. No, but these four modahaus are the one which is became very famous as among the folk Aha. And the theme of these modahaus comes from different because of different reasons. Number one reason the great scholars, those four were, were very great scholars very well known very high in status and that's why they became very famous. Number two political reasons the

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For example, made it mandatory for the Hanafi to rule that's why the Hanafi madhhab became the widest method in the world. Because basically the influence of the government, you will find some government will support the sharper image to have the hamburger method, the Maliki method and so forth. So for a political reason also money if I have money, I build schools I print books, I support students I give a scholarship you know so that's why these Madonna became famous understanding that will answer the question Do I have to follow one particular mother? The answer is no because so you understand now it's not even for it's not you know, these opinions different up

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which opinion inside them that have that you follow? Okay, do I have to stick in one of them? No, there is no any proof there is no any record and history of Islam that Muslim were asked to follow the opinion of particular scholar or a particular group of scholars before the former that had became way known after the death of these demands. These motherhood formulate before nobody we heard that somebody said we have to be Goofy's. We have to be agencies. And these are schools Mackey's Madonna's these are schools and fifth, but never was mandatory and people dealt with dealt with it this way. Anyway, so the answer for this no for an average person for the average Muslim, he's not

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entitled to follow a particular method of his own or his culture or his or whatever method that he think he belongs to. He asked the album and the album will answer him so this album happened to be a hand if you happen to be a sharpie. It's basically you just take the end the answer from that argument followed follow what are called answers first, I had a degree in quantum Platinum when you ask the scholar and the scholar answer you

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they question what if that scholar that I know and I'm asking is not I know that is not very qualified? Do I still can can ask him The answer is no. It's how long to ask an ignorant person a person who has no knowledge Oh facet

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in continuing in Zurich, he Heckle me. He said that is not allowed free to ask someone who's a scholar who's facile

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but I love what they have no pain Rahim Allah said he said the word facile is a little bit ambiguous. I'm saying this not to drag you guys because that's very practical. Because there are some scholars can be facade and I mean by faster by beta have a bigger like some beta and upgrade and stuff like that. That's first also faster by being someone who is who clearly sold his Deen for rulers or for money or for you know, we know we see sometimes people who are CO and he claimed to have knowledge but they also sold out. And we see is that persons even with this fist and no pain Rahim Allah said you cannot say that this person's federal will not be acceptable unless the federal

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has to do with that fiscal itself. But somebody let's say we are somebody He is known of El but you know what he just defined for some of these dictators and evil things are some facade he Mashallah have this rich man. He bribed him with money and he gave him fatawa and that's so that the enemy can pass. We know that he gives these pathologists because of the money he received. Like what if I have a question about salah and I know he has, can I ask him if no pay him said yes. And if we close that door, it will be hard because in Fisk have became so common in a salon apphia that's no pay him or him Allah. Also, what if I don't know the status of that year? She has all these point nights that

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you told me about? I don't know. I'm gonna I feel shy to ask him if he's a Mufti or not. I don't know if he gets it or not. I just don't know.

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You know, I can't I can't tell that we say if this case. If you think if more like in your heart that this is person of knowledge, you can ask. If you have doubts, you're not allowed to ask him.

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You're not allowed to ask him and and Adam has been obeying the law of attachment alveda kobina law. And Adam is what is between you and Allah Spano. Todd, and you should know who you choose to be in that position. You know, I'm saying this because today unfortunately, people just take photos from guests online or in TVs or, or people tweeting and not photo unfill only photo and film and a pizza and understanding their religion and head on and head on in what does that Islamic perspective is, and that's one of the area that in modern days, it abused so much, so much and unfortunately, the abuse came from people.

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Who we expect that they will contribute to the DEA and into protection of deed? Which is you will Academy Fokker Islami. He is a thinker. He is a Dyer.

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Okay, what that means he's not a scholar Mufti. But she is Mashallah very wise, you know, open minded, die, activist, whatever you go. He given that title and all of a sudden he talks about the objective of Sharia mcast the Sharia. Then he talks about the Nawaz. And then the new contemporary issues in Islam. He talks about CSS, Sharia politics, and he talks about a PETA and voila, I'm Bara on Jihad and spees I'm part of a tower and every major thing that you can think of, and make the Quran and make Mr. shahadi and when you say how he comes at, don't, don't don't he's not a chef. He just someone who's an activist. No, no, he's not a chef. He's just a thinker. He's a Dyer who is an

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halaqaat. Islamia he is an all these titles type if he is like that Why would he put himself in the position of getting fatwa and and and making you know answers to a major issues in Nigeria and that's that's that's something should everybody should know what is their limit and not canceling the role of those people? Those people are important and they are in play important roles and Shetty out and Islam in our Tao in our community in our oma but they should stay where are they good?

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Nev Karina G. Bella Malik Rahim Allah,

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no da da da da da da

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da da man came to Nairobi. arrabiata is the shape of an obeah it was crying. Then they said yarrabah you crying and he was crying even more? He said yes. He said, Is anything like problem? The halifa died, the Muslim are defeated. He said no worse.

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They said what what's worse than mustard? I saw the mustard men, the stiff tm Allah Allah. Akbar of Islamic Ummah, Navin Ababa, Sydney minister rock,

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he said, so some people giving federal and the mustard, which is something so dangerous in Islam, that they deserve to be locked up more than the thief's the thieves take your money.

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But those take your deen away from you. Take the Sheree our remand Malik Rahim Allah said something similar. What is interesting, but not their butthole mentioned the story. He said, What if Malik and robbia live today and see what I see?

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Then it no Josie mentioned the story he said and what Abdullah bar will do if he lives today in Baghdad and see what I see. Then Eben Salah said, What if those all of them come to my time and see what we see? Then even ham done? And it all came later on the transition? What am those people alive today to see what we see?

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I guess we all can see can say what of those scholars alive today to see what we see and witness. Now let's open it. Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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100 Allahu wa salatu salam ala Milena via Banda

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What if I have multiple question answers? I go today in the lower the time of globalisation's and information is so available Google give you multiple answers. What should I do? What I have shifts and halacha said hello. You know, do it. Don't do it. What should they do? There is a lot of scholars talk about this issue and no pain Rahim Allah said what is and this is important to keep in mind. It is obligatory upon you as an average Muslim. To make a choice.

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You have to make a choice. It's not every time somebody will make the choice. If you you have, you might say chef, how can I How can I make a choice? I'm not a chef to know what is correct. What's stronger opinion? I'm not I'm not like that. You know, what can I do? I have no favorite hair loss and we're not asking you to be a Mufti and to analyze the evidence, the details of it, no. But it's like when you go to a do doc to doctors, which is very common. You go to a doctor telling you this diagnose and this is the recommendation regimen for it and the cure. And another doctor tell you no, I don't agree with that. I think you should do that. You in the end of the day going to make a

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choice that's right between this doctor and doctor that makes you a doctor. Doesn't it? Same thing. It doesn't make you a Mufti. It doesn't make you a share. But in the end of the day, I have to adapt and this very quickly show on one minute

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Sir, I'll give you tips that you reflect upon. Number one, look at the principle that the Federal is based on. If you hit a Mufti, that effect was based on evidence on an incident and the practice that early generations versus someone has felt was not based on that. Oh, I think so. You know, I feel the American way is this way, you know, that you can tell the difference between the principle that the Federal is based on number two, look at how much this answer related to the issue itself? Somebody asked answer questions, you know, by your because of your specialty, specialized in finance, he's saying something that makes no sense in finance at all. That means the shift not even

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understanding what the situation is, or as a medical background, or whatever, you know, he said, All this is head on, because this is pork, and you're a chemist, there's no pork in this items. You know, for example, it's not made of that I'm this my area, I know what I'm talking about. In this case, you can make the project based and see who among the two answers fit exactly the situation. Also, look at the issue itself. If something has to do with the masses, I would recommend that you take always the opinion that goes with the majority, the opinion that agreed upon by a council of the people who have something has based on wisdom, it means I will go to something who's older, have

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more experience, something has to do with certain culture, I go with people who are related to that culture more than the other, something has to do with finance. I see two chef, the chef Mashallah specialized in finance, this one is specialized in app data, I'll go with the one that you have more background on this area. Number four, you know, it is always good to go with the majority. But it does has to be said majority is not always correct. And it doesn't mean it's dirty. I'm not entitled, I don't have I'm not sinful if I don't choose the opinion of the majority. But I will always recommend the opinion of the majority and the contemporary issues in the issue where you

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know, it has to do with the masses. Also, number five, you always look at the righteousness and the knowledge of the two scholars or this people adopt these opinions. If you know them, who have more knowledge and more taqwa. I like the position of more textual Why? Because the one who have more tougher as I can tell, Fear Allah subhanaw taala more, his step one will prevent him from saying something based on ignorance, and he will always have that conscious and will keep you in the safe. And also it shows you that even if I don't, even if I asked someone who have less knowledge, it is okay. In Navy Solomon his time in their body a man asked one of the companions and the companion

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answer his answer his question did not refer him necessarily to the prophets of the Lord is also it is something that you have to understand which is something think about it after the hook but sometimes the way to choose between the opinion to see which one is much better for your deen

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much better for your deen and by the way, a lot of times they said the much better from the the more strict one that's not true. Sometimes the easiest opinion is better for my Deen some people have given them the strict they might not follow it. Some people when you give them the easiest one actually it makes them more committed. So you have to see which one will make you better person closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala among the areas that you can use as well you always can choose for yourself hmm for yourself that safest and for the general public the more the easiest one so for yourself you might choose personally the strictest one but for the public if I'm an amendment

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domestic and I have for me I might not do that but I know this will be much better for the community I choose the easiest one for the general public and that's one of the way to choose also when it comes to laws right you might go with the easiest, but when it comes to the human beings right my wives right my kids right my partners right I go with the most strict opinion you should get a man with a sufficient Okay, we met Allah azza wa jal. Also, some many scholars said if you do all this and still can can can share these tips really didn't help much. And I'm still confused. In this case. Any one of the opinions is be sufficient. Share I'm still confused. We said you asked your

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heart as in the business of heavy wasum is stiff dealbook see where is the stuff the callback comes after nine points, some people Mashallah the jump to the heart straightaway. You know, why did we delay that to the end? Because sometimes you're not really asking what is your variable

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comfortable with, you just might fall in following your desires in your house was Sherry,

00:30:06--> 00:30:53

Luda, Alisa Diane? How may Allah Subhana Allah and zanaco COVID-19. I hope this will help you if you need to listen to this, again, to come over or review this point. But this, hopefully we'll help you to deal with this massive amount of tariffs that we deal with. And in our life today, when we search for an answer for questions and federal law for our contemporaries, and we bless the handle on Houston, that we have many scholars and many students of knowledge and amounts that we can come and ask, believe me in the United States also blessed to have multiple Counsel of felt, in many countries, many societies that don't have that. ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless all of us and to

00:30:53--> 00:31:27

bless our knowledge and to bless our Messiah on the map amount, and to bring to the more truthful scholars who will lead them to what is hot and what is true and to encourage them to show them the way to generate and encourage him to pursue it. May Allah forgive our sins and our parents sins and protect all of us. Law morpholino having no afterlife I know I couldn't Missoula law Minnesota can die following ivdr innovia and winding opium pushing up so hard to know afia Tina Viola dinner with reality. Noah Halina, Makino young Sharon Peter Navarro, Amina Matan. Well Elena

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da da da da da da

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da da hamana hamana hamanako Muslim Allah Hamas reaction Allah Muslim the reality on the other Geraldo De La Habra delay in early human Eman was a unifi caloocan aku makara here in

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San Antonio Mina Rashid in Overland our ham no off you know off on local Huda Toka for Latino and Latina Latina yada yada yada eco acid hottie met another Gerardo economic system beside the hottie Armada in beside the hottie I'm out another learn to su Kanaka in economy, nobody mean something to Hamas and Ivana Vienna Mohammed Rocco Mona Satya from Kuma