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I must be

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the one the right.

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Did you just I want you to say

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what country? You go boy.

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Know, so what I want you to believe.

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What it means for me to be a

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Sharia law is the front. And so now basically the Hadith of the Prophet. So for me, that's an individual endeavor. Yeah, if there's a majority Muslim nation, which wishes at the top level, and at the bottom level to implement Sharia law, Sharia for Muslim people, it's not for non Muslim people. So this we're living in a you've got 66 million population, the vast majority of which are not Muslim, only 4.8% of the population when they say 6%, but I think

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it's more than 6%.

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What could what could What country are your parents from? Egypt? Egypt, right, right. So how about but how would you feel if in Egypt, you were living in

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for many hundreds of years?

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Already, we know how it feels. So this event

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is only applicable for Muslims. It's not applicable for non Muslims

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to live under Sharia law.

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I was a Muslim majority country at that point in time.

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But like returned to them as well in Israel, Palestine

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was crusades. Yeah. Which

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was a issue.

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Yes, I'm sorry. What do you know? What do I know? I know.

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I know a bit I don't know. What is the basic tenets of Islam? What what is what is the basic tenets of Islam? God, can you believe that Mohammed to the final messenger, okay. That's one of those. Believe in charity. Okay. Why is it called as a car accident? Now? What else you got to

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get so as a car?

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You've got halau? No, that wouldn't catch classes it No. So perhaps I don't know the rest. But unfortunately, James James, listen, I'm not here to try and catch you out yet. I'm just here to try and educate you. Because

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you wouldn't. You wouldn't disagree with me that I probably know a little bit more about Islamic

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religion. But exactly right. So

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I was born a Roman Catholic, most Roman Catholics don't do

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important thing. To build barriers, to build bridges of communication is for you to understand you need to be I'm not saying this in any kind of patronizing way. But you need to be educated because you only know two or five pillars of Islam. But what I've seen of Islam, what I've seen of my country, and the effect the effects of Islam in general has had on the world. I mean, look at what the Palestinian Israeli tell you something sorry, James. James, what you're doing here? Yeah, this is a fallacy, a logical fallacy, because what you're doing is you're taking a social population, what happens in society, and you're reducing it to one factor, which is, in this case, Islam. But as

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we've discovered, you don't know enough about Islam to be able to make the link

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from the Quran and Islamic countries.

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For an unbeliever to quote, yeah.

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tell me what countries have actually benefited from Sharia law. There's not one process.

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And you'll know that there was a European what was referred to in history as European Dark Ages. At the same time you had the Empire, which was at that time, most of the scientific knowledge was transferred to two European countries. Now, the Renaissance, which started about 1485, which goes to the early modern period, was literally taking and borrowing from the Arabs. Yeah, in order to further a civilization. No, I agree that there were a series of decisions that were made by Muslim countries from the, from the early modern period, onwards, that were problematic for themselves and for others, and that's why we're facing some issues. Now. What I'm trying to say to you is that

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there is a difference between Muslims and Islam. You have to have a you have to know as well as the holistic approach when you're looking at extrapolating from history. You can't just take one snapshot of some phenomenon, taking place, let's say and then make a case of from that.

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What country now?

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But no, that's a very good question. Why needs to be it needs to be now reduced? Are you talking about economic prosperity? Are you talking about social prosperity, educational prosperity, so why are we talking about economic?

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But they do very well, economically. They've just let women drive it. Yeah. I mean, wow, yeah.

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They drive that policy not to drive. You know why? Because the prophets wives used to ride camels and horses, there was no restriction from a Quranic or Islamic perspective that would otherwise stop women from driving. Now, your your assumption is that in our country of 29 million people, or 29 million over 1.7, or 1.8 billion individuals, yeah, that is that we should take the as the old beyond and Angela, what represents Islam? I say, false analogy?

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Well, certainly there are.

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There are ones that jump very well, economically.

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And we look at human rights. We're talking about here today is exactly what Saudi Arabia and

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the West has been brought, you

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know, the perpetrators of human rights abuses, I would say, from the pre Napoleonic Wars, you know, I would put it to the Age of Discovery onwards. Yeah, for around the same period of time, we talked about the West has been at the fore of Imperial and Empire expansion, and that has had a catastrophic effect. I

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mean, my own family were involved with the

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views on the Empire and all this. And I'm not saying that was so bad. What I'm saying to you is, what you have to understand is that when you talk about human rights, what exactly are we talking about slavery, because that happens more and has happened more in the West than any other place in the world?

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slavery? Yeah, what's going on in Libya? At the moment, Christians are being held by Muslims. Now, you said to me, why don't I like this one? I'm gonna tell you like, not let me speak

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to you on YouTube for months. And I've seen the way you talk to people. You follow a primitive of belief systems, so

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one believes

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the primitive

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I'm against Islam, because I'm sick of Muslim grooming gangs. I'm sick of Islamic terrorist attacks in this country. I believe in. It's hard because yes, you

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54% of British Muslims would have reported a lot of Muslims to British law. So we've got a huge problem in this country, and how are we ever going to tackle it? When people like me speak out about Islam, and I get, oh, you're a fascist?

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You're saying that I say, but I want to, I want to give them credit. Because what you said that I believe has a lot of merit, and we should not overlook the points he made. There is a problem. You could say with grooming gangs, I've looked into the statistics, some of them are skewed. Other ones would definitely suggest that there's a disproportionate Asian influence 84 to 90.

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Yes, the predominant victims are white or black. They're not targeting Muslim children, and they should be tried for racial hate crimes and the white. No, please let me finish the book, if it was a white if it was groups of white men going out raping, Muslim, burning,

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because you've made a very passionate and passionate case. But I want to counter it by saying, you know, 2014, there was an Act of Parliament called the modern slavery act. Every year from that year, they've been collecting data as to how much human trafficking has been happening, who is habit? Who are the victims, and who are the perpetrators. And what we can find is that off the top 10 countries of which people are being trafficked, five of them are Muslim majority countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Nigeria, which is half Muslim excetera. Now what the point is here, the perpetrators of that kind of modern slavery or otherwise known as human trafficking, are actually

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white men, but grooming gangs.

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Before we talk about Libya, which we both against what's happening there. Let's talk about what's happening in our backyard. So I'm saying to you, that if you really have a problem with grooming, I believe in my personal opinion, Human trafficking is a heavier problem is a bigger problem. You know, why? Because people are being enslaved in our backyard, and we're not hearing about it. So who are sleeping and eating and trafficking? What happens when we realize that it's white men doing the enslaving can kind of silence say, Look, I'm not making this a racial issue.

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Just because, just because, right? It's, it's majority white men not doing it. It doesn't mean now we're gonna say that, okay, there's a white problem. And that's what you need to adopt that same feeling.

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Yes, I don't think

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America will talk about human trafficking in America, they concluded that the majority of people that are actually trafficking ethnic minorities happens to be white American men, the same thing applies. Same statistic applies here in Europe, look at the data that the parliament actually before 2014 up until this day, they had the modern slavery act. And after that they went to commissioning every agency

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and the victims of that are always ethnic minorities but white

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slavery every time slavery is talked about it because white on black on colleges, where it's

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everyone's done it through history, even though even the African African

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that we have

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today, we're talking about British policies that potentially we could change it we have a voice to change. So why are we talking about Libya, which we know

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has an

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icon right.

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so as you can see, guys, I have a freedom of speech right now. You're not allowed to

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wait one second.

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Hey, man, George.

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Are you speaking today? Speaking

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of free speech.

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So yeah.

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But if I create the speaker's Bell and watch you on YouTube for one

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day and you meet someone,

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you change your perspective.

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Cuz he's picking up a conversation with him. I thought he just looked at me and told me she

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spoke to me and that's it. Like I said, I've got my partner and that was mostly my work. We tend to.

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Some of them are, some of them aren't.

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their views are a bit

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