How to Soften Your Heart

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How do we get there? How do you just become like this?

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Because all of this is reflecting on what it means.

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But we're not we have not talked about how do we do it? How do we be those people? Because we're not those people

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look at us

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with a bit of introspection.

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We don't have those people at home. We're not those people out the workplace, we're about those people anywhere.

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So how do we be those people? Because those people existed, by the way, we're not talking about theory, we're talking about people that walked on the surface of this earth and they existed, they implemented the theory

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you know, with complete honesty and complete protection, they implemented the theory. So, the Mohammedan, humble about the lab,

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he was asked this couple back in the

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labs and

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the lab can assign an accessory how do we seek help Pon de Pon having decided

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which literally will be short,

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which would mean having no wishful thinking or having no

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thought of longevity of our future, you know, recognizing that temporary

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in the short term. So, this is a Yeah, how can we do this?

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So, what do you think?

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Because this is important,

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this is the key to this, how will you get there?

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If I want to give us a key?

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submit yourself to God,

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he never

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would have had the pie do not know.

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But then he stepped in

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it is a divine grace.

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It is a define grace.

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Meaning what

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that is, that is the perfect answer.

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Because getting there being those people is not that much, you know? And it is not it is not about any math. It's not about any calculus. It's not about you know, so you do this. step one, step two, you get there, make a right make a left, you know, you're here, you'll be there No.

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Which means what practically for us?

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It means that you need to surrender to a man in military and submissiveness.

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In every word, you know, every single meaning of the word.

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You know, humility, submissiveness, and you asked him for that divine grace because no one else could give it to you.

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That is what it means.

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So you,

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you even knock the door and keep on knocking. Competitive opens, knock the door for last.

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Stand by the gate, wait for it to open. As long as you're standing. It will open for you.

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Once you move away, once you get back to the door, you're done. But keeping facing the door and knocking until it opens. There is no there is nothing else.

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But some, a few practical steps that will help you stay by the room. Because ultimately it is a door that will be open to you at one point, if Allah sees that you're deserving.

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But to be able to get to where Allah sees that you are deserving, he will need to have

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frequently remembers thick. That is why the remembrance of

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the remembrance of you know, the hereafter the remembrance of the factor the reflection and all of this is of extreme importance. That is why the province of Southern said about victory that it is better than spending open silver and

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Surprising spending golden silver, confronting your enemy and smiling capillary Max and they might even get your next

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because of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala will keep you from being lost and being

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becoming forgetful and needless can will keep you standing by the door, as long as you remain happy remembrance and your heart and you keep on knocking the door, and you stand by it and you keep on facing. You wait for it to open, you're fine, you turn your back to it, you're gone. So you wait there and you have this good frequent victory and you have to tackle the topple over all of the phenomena around us, you know, the alteration of day and night in the famous American

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lions of liberty early in the creation of the heavens and the earth in the alteration of the late day and night are Signs for people to understand. So the operation of the light

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reflecting the sun, take it for granted. Don't take it, you know, like, it's

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just a natural phenomena is

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created, and this natural phenomena created is bringing you closer to your finish line to your finish line. So that's reflection is

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the importance somebody saw lot more. So reflection not only on this, but reflection on everything going on the reflection on this. That's why the prophets are sometimes said like Pharaoh vichara hasn't been the set frequently remember the interrupter about enjoyments that is that reflect reflection salaryman? emphases in reflection that I have lots of reasons. We were just in the car coming here, we looked at the lifespans of different trees. Do you know that the lifespan of a pine tree car certified tree

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is 5000 years old,

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a pine tree some trees have a lifespan of 50 and 75 to 300 years, but some of the you know, red cedars and stuff, they have a lifespan of 3000 years and there is a particular fine tree that is 5000 years old.

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It was there before

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and it's still alive.

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Though that tree have seen generations and generations of human beings,

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many of the trees that you see around you will outlive you and outlive your sons and daughters and children and grandchildren, the trees that are around you isn't an opportunity for us to reflect on this

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So, badly

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he was why the palm trees and the palm trees left on the you know after him and he died.

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So, it is important

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if there is like anytime after the event, I only have five more minutes, just five more minutes.

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the reflection is the work of the art the work of the mind that what is the body and

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also like practical steps that we can do

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to be peaceful

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the things that we can do in addition to the things that are common things that everybody knows such as succeeded about, about

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the Iraq War except for

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visiting the graves and watching the

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you know the finance

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and all of this which is which is certainly important and helpful.

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And they should take priority over other things because the advice is the Prophet sallallahu Sharapova state privacy but also he advises the province of Santa

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Rosa and he said that no one should sleep except my

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Wi Fi.

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No one should go to sleep except to having his will say this will Britain and underneath itself

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not necessarily underneath your pillow but

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If you have it somewhere visible, you know somewhere visible, where you see going back and forth, you see that

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that will be helpful.

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Also, if you buy your own

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cafe, that you will be sure to like and keep it somewhere visible in your class, every time you're trying to put on your high suit, you will see it next to nice suits.

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That is good. That is how you think it is more. No, it's not more, some of you may say, it is more No, it's not more your speed reminder, keep in mind, you will do this and you will stay enjoy you know the good things of life.

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But you will always be reminded frequently be reminded, it will not it will not be out of your visual theme, you will see it is in your drawer. So every time you open your drawer you see your caffeine is in your closet. So every time you dress up, you see. And in addition to the other things that I just mentioned, which are which are prime importance, visiting the graves, Washington the attending,

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and so on. Finally,

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the company of good people that will remind you of a lot of

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if you don't find the Moran's you find it you will find them in books, you will replace your practice harder, you will live with them and you will

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remember them fondly at all times as if you were in the company. Because the more you know about them, the more you have this feeling that it becomes a very 3d feeling of their presence. They feel like it will be like that generated the most the greatest is around you surrounds you by knowing more and more and more and more of the car.

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And as Sahaba you'll feel like you're surrounded by them and then you will be impatiently eager for the meeting. Like

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you're not gonna have them in the process of selling by without did not want to make an affair afterwards if you

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had burdensome emotional dependence is burdensome on him to make a vacuum there were two times when he didn't actually make a profit for

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one time he came back from Sam for like a quick visit to Emma Nina the same time to make a man and he made a

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surgery in the home and he was in tears when he

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reached the part of the show.

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And the second time is

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when we went to Jerusalem and Hamas

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or you know pleaded to the left because he was very happy not to do it

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the second time

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to make them

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So he then you know after

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his wife

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she kept on weeping and so on.

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Tomorrow I will get

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the nice

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So is basically to be surrounded.

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And you can do it through learning more and more about the Sierra. You can have this like 3d feeling of the presence surrounding you. And then they will be your friends and company. If that which does not never think of the people around you as beneath you, because that is arrogant. But if you don't find the statures that we're talking about, in the people that are around you, you will

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Find them in the car.

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be in the company of the good people here. But don't be contented with the good people that are here now and make sure that you are surrounded by the company of

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the greatest. People probably haven't started from

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