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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Ba ba ba ma Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman kathira all praise do to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters. So a letter to Amina Amina radi Allahu anhu

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Mahabharata Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hell cannot also lies or some of them your hospital Health Canada pseudo lies a lot so let me assume in a Shia Yani health care a housewarming party will be imminent a bada bada de la Cana amaru who deema who do I call it? Will you commute to your coma? canaille to karasuma Leyzaola in Amarillo who can edema? Well, Aidan who salatu salam and nokhada Amina melon betta

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she was asked if the prophets are seldom used to have like a seasons for a bad like certain days certain situation where he increase or do like an extra act of worship. She said no. In the B cell Allah Salam was consistent. It's not like occasionally you know, at one month he will like okay, you know, Raj upcoming there'll be an outcome and he will increase incredibly has an you see how to fluctuate during his year or days? No. In ob salatu salam, his Eva his act of worship was consistence of Allah and he will and he was wa sallam, and abuse Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He Well, when he starts an act of worship, he will continue doing it. And if he missed some of the act of worship that he's so used to it, and nobody so solemn won't be sad that he missed that. And he will make it up once he missed his widow Salalah Salim he overslept, and when he woke up in the morning, he prayed 12 Raka not only 1112 o'clock if acaba de Ashoka sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is the habit or the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It's an implementation to what Allah said in the Orion inanda to be Mr. De Lima, Amara la Javi kitabi first stuck in come out middle term and termasuk what a toto in habima Tamil una basura Allah Subhana Allah order Mohammed's are solemn

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by saying, stand you Mohammed firm, and st as you are commanded you and the believers with you, and the believers who follow you. So this is all of us to stood fasten, to be continue to continue to do the good deeds. And every time when you know, in this time of the year, a lot of people do these resolutions and what they're gonna do and you know, in the year 21, which is a good thing to do, by the way, but it's also so important for you to always check Am I am I committed to my data? Am I committed to my Dean to the act of worship to the good deeds? Do I How can I be consistent and my bad? And that's that's something very, very important for us to think about and to see what are the

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ways what are the tools the tips that I can do to ensure that I'm consistent and my bad and Nabi sallallahu Sallam mentioned in many a hadith that is a special place for those who are consistent and that a bad for many, a hadith mentioned this specifically that

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masala AB de la mina often head to head. Mazza doula Alamodome that my servant in the Hadith Sahih Muslim that didn't me saw some of them said that Allah said, My servant will continuously or will continue worship Me and offer the volunteer deeds until he will be loved by me, until he will be loved by me. In Nabi sallallahu Sallam for example see how the condition man half of our Allah our Baraka in Kabbalah very popular very well out of the Harlem Allahu Allah Hinata enough, whoever is consistent

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in praying for like as before the unformed work after the Hellfire will be forbidden to touch such a person who suddenly obito ala Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, Man, half of anathema to Ashoka. You could do meanwhile Isla Bonita habito vagenda in Nabi sallallahu Sallam also in the other Hadith, he said that whoever consistent and praying 12 Raka every day and the 24 hours that Allah Subhana Allah will build a house for such person in den in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was talking about the thing that raise your level and gender the thing that will terrify the project and will raise your sins what took up your angkasa yet What didn't I be so solemn said

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noccalula Academy in a gym at that you walk to the master to pray in congregation where it's about although he feeling macro hot yeah and you perfect your although even though it's not convenient because it's too cold he just woke up whatever the reason is, when divaldo sadati bad the Select any weight and the mustard when the Salah finish for the next Salah

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by what's he said after that, when you have to lie to him, those who are consistent in overs and offering such thing as shall be higher or matter be higher hire What can I mean the newbie will tell me what I did to him and he will come in the Day of Judgment free from his sense. Like the way he is free from since the day he was born.

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What are they allowed and how was offered Rasul Allah.

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Allah allowed to sell them

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she asked the processor Lampson he told her Carla judul Massey for in the heart of bottle Hydra and it did not make her job. She said yeah sort of lie did not I'm from an unsolved a new gays who migrates from a commitment to get that reward over the agent then he said, migrate leave the sins leave since it is the best form of HR, the best form of migration will have you the alpha mahalo shine and be consistent and offering and fulfilling the obligations of Islam. five daily prayers. So Ramadan had the cat and so forth. For in the heart of bodily Jihad that's the best form of jihad because you know a woman don't participate in war the the default no that is some optional exception

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some exceptional cases but by by default or the vast majority if you don't you're not unlisted in the army. So she said go solo What about us how can we get agile if we cannot go to the Jihad

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then individual solemn showed her that kind of activity mean decree law? I don't feel mahabhava for him No. For in Nicki Latina la habashi in habit la him in casati decree? And he said, but what about some woman in that tower, many women don't have income like men, or have lower income than men. What about setup, then Debbie solemn said and offer a lot of Vicar mentioned Allah subhanaw taala a lot, you will not meet Allah subhanaw taala with something more rewarding, then Vicar, then the court of law, the mentioning of our last panel, which I had, if you notice in all these hobbies, and so many others, but this is just an example show you the issue of being consistent. And I hope my hope today

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would raise this questions in your head and to say, you know what, I want to be consistent. Maybe you can pick one or two or three act of fortune, and you see yourself I'm going to be very consistent about that. My obligations I will be very consistent. My time I will I will be very consistent than my winter. You know, I will be very consistent learning. You know, just not jump from one vno

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one day this way and one day that way.

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In the Bissell Allahu Allah you only was a lamb. Yeah, and you can you could come in and howery by the cow.

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Y'all I asked you to protect me to leave whatever I was doing good and turn to be back.

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When lysogenic in Nell has an attitude hipness, a madman, he had a liar. Yeah, and he led us in a bad

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car to get a better idea to see a doctor but they'll be added hamidah worry about that in your general area. One of the things that tells us that when you do good deeds, these good deeds will replace the bad deeds and replace it and you find yourself start doing more good and less bad.

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Bye my brothers and sisters, thinking about the importance of this subject.

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First of all, those who are consistent and they're a badass that's a guarantee that you're free from hypocrisy.

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Lying half of alibaba.com when Fm munaf get in the car motorcycle como Casa de la coruna La la la la una hypocrites they don't they are never are consistent. That's why it is so important for you to fulfill your Eman to make sure that this man is strong. See how consistent you are in Nabi sallallahu Sallam said stuck

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steadfast the consistent one and two so you will not cover everything you will not do all obligations or you are sorry you will not do all the orders and fulfill all the orders nobody can do that 100% everything and God it's not something possible but you'll be consistent

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obviously with the obligations then whatever you can do from the volunteer level and higher America masala yes or no if there is one thing in the visa Limbo dimension among all the the deeds of the Shetty out, it will be the issue of Salah he said and you should know that the best of all deeds is a Sunnah. So that's something that will ensure that you are to purify your heart from hypocrisy. being consistent in your act of worship is one of the reasons for a loss mentality loves you. Also Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it for the life of those who continuously doing it for the last year and a half Allah Allahu Allah

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for the light means be consistent in doing what Allah order you to do. What is returned, you're allowed protect you, woman or digit What did you do ma'am? Mmm, the hour of your life

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should be consistent in your body and the time of ease and he will help you in the time of hardship. So one of the benefits of being consistent is Allah Subhana Allah offer you help. The time that when you need protection when you needed the most women adamantly hustle hard enough for them and harsh Allah matale one of the most beautiful points to remember that whoever lived upon something die upon that thing. If you're consistent in your evatik consistent in your law, Allah subhanaw taala will also let you die upon goodness a las panatela said in the Quran, in LA Vina upon or a boon Allah, Mr. bamu, tetanus, Jelani maluma, you get to

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know Mr. Karma

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those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala understood fasten, they will be giving the glad tidings upon their death when the angel comes and telling them don't have fear or sadness, fear from the future, or sadness for what you are leaving behind. Also, if you are consistent in your a bad, even if you miss it for a reason,

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even if you miss it for a reason.

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A lot of times I'll still give you the reward for

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a brother called me who's going through hardship, his father has a dementia

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and start forgetting things and you know, it's very hard to deal

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especially your father, the one that you always look up to him and and you seem to you know, changing like, can't even focused on have the the hackle anymore the sanity. And he was talking to me and very, very, very hard for him to see that I can know how I don't know how to pray, don't know how to do this to do that.

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Then we talked and one of the thing that I remember telling him, I said, You know what? I just want you to think about that. Was your father used to pray? He said yes. We used to read Quran he said, Yes. He may come to my every week almost Yeah. I said is your father used to do volunteer prayers do go to the master? He said yes. But now it's been a year or year and a half. Not a single one of these things he can do. I said but the good thing is the last year

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and a half or your father's deteriorated this way. The last year and a half your father is only getting pure rewards any before that date he will do the good deeds he will do some sin he will do some wrong That's right. That's how everybody is. Now he only gets good and because anything bad or wrong done is forgiving because he will never be held accountable for it. So from now on, it's only pure good only reward only multiplication of the his reward. So when he meets a loss of panel data, he will be in a very very high status.

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That's the result of what of being consistent in your data before

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I asked the last panel Jana Jana media commitment you must submit Islam had a mode inhotim uttanasana Mohammed Akuma matomo Stop

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena ba ba the who

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one of the thing also that I would like to end my point with today is one of the things that will help you a lot in being steadfast and being to be able to continue to the good deeds.

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Mom and Nana the critical Chicago has Nevada we've been ordered to make this drought in the end of every solar before you say Santa Monica de la alum anionic Rico Chicago has about about 100 and said after the masala when kind of alia could be a cappella a sentiment public sentiment and human mouth and he directed it is more likely to me that you see this before Sam because there is a solemn said and showed for each day to feed to the shareholders make a lot of but after the solid finish we should do dicker Suppan allowed him to allow lock or a low data. You listen any digit in the emphasis on liquor more than two after solid but in the salon the emphasis into our model than that

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they come anyway. So it doesn't matter this way or that way. But this is one of the draft Allah helped me and yeah, the critical issue is to always remember you to be always grateful to you, and to perfect my bad to you. So that's one of the thing that you always try. And one of the thing that also can be very beneficial. Finding

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any somebody a buddy who will help you, somebody will remind you somebody will, you know, inspiring somebody will. Somebody called me yesterday and last week and said, Sure, Holly, they have a request from you. I said what he said, I want you to call me every Friday to bring me to the must.

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You don't know how much this call made me so happy.

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Somebody else call and said she asked, Can you please help me? You know, every other week or so? Talk to me and tell me if I'm moving on. If I'm keeping up on my camera. I love you. I respect you. And I think if you call me you will make me though. You can find

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you can I don't mind somebody? No, I'm gonna cost you a holiday right now. I don't mind I'll be happy to do that. But I'm serious. It could be me or someone else. But take that serious.

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take it serious make this as one of the things that you resolutions and the commitments that you will do. How can be more consistent than my bad? Don't be ever if you if you are consistent in an act of worship, and You lost it and you're not anymore in it. Please make sure that you stop and said hey, I need to change that. I understand the pandemic and what is and how it affected us and coming to the mustard and things like that. I understand that. But other than this.

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I asked the last panel Adana to always open our heart to be able to increase and strengthen our Eman along

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with Leno Hamner laughing for unknown I couldn't miss it in a long Mannion everyman had a laugh in a few minutes a tall enough human totally well ferlin our Hamlet grammatically, I mean, it was really wordy. Dina Dina Dina zakharova Tina homina Well, who have been following along have never had alikhan holonic we felt like I'm in Slovak La ilaha illa anticipator Anika in akuna minal bonamy La Nina said okay either generally cannot attend Soren mosto Barfi interview admin mazovian me then Muslim unity Machado a lot of the Aloha TV longmans Soto lawman solo modify I know only for a home, only Coca Cola home yada yada yada Quran la mia yaku radical NFV and Molyneux Ola Dino imagina which

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I live in our home Wi Fi tener.

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La home Sophie terminalia. You also Leila O'Meara Mohammed in

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Hong Kong.

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Shadow Allah Allah llama

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a shadow.