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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena be about the who Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira about all praise due to align His praise and blessings Bs and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters,

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one of the common phrase that we say and it's very popular in our culture, and culture across the globe to say Happy New Year and the beginning of January and sometimes for those who follow also, the Hijri calendar they will say Happy New Year.

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Human beings like to have always an end and a start for everything on the line. So Matter of fact, you know that it's a new year. That's word phrase New Year is if you think about it a little bit it's relevant because it's not really a new year to you. We just agreed to make January to be the beginning. That's right. And if we say that the year starts in February it will be the new year started in February it just we come to agree into that. Then you you really for each and every one of us it starts in the day they are or they were born that were you really your birthday is what's the New Year start in your life but anyhow

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I want to say that for us as a Muslim and they want to take this good this out first.

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The new year it's something culturally people agreed upon and

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celebrate and recognize as a beginning of a year to organize their lives around you know the 12 months of the year.

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For us as Muslim we don't believe in celebrating something called a new year and a form of celebrations or any rituals or any some a bad dad like some people send a message Hey, enjoy your year with sada endure Book of the Year with the salata, les midrash as if the angels goes by their January Oh by The Guardian calendar or Allah subhanaw taala goes by that that's that's not correct. This is not an Islam This is not neither the Gregorian calendar nor the lunar calendar. So that's number one. Number two, we don't have any concept of celebrations like people will do an actual celebrations, which is include a lot of wasting money. In just last night, millions of dollars were

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burned in the sky. You know, in one country, the estimated over $12 million just in one and 10 minutes, you know, the whole 10 $12 million just burn like that, and some of them even way, way more. There's way higher price tag and so many other celebrations. It's not part of what we believe in as Muslims for many reasons, but one of the reason for it, what Allah subhana wa tada said, were leadin Li shadowed a zoo. They will not witness Zoo pilot, Zoo mushrikeen that zoo is basically the celebrations of the mushrikeen the celebration of that people who are not Muslims, that's Muslim, we don't celebrate that. But that's one thing. The other thing is the other thing is that I can wish

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you a Happy New Year. Absolutely. Like I wish you a Happy Friday. Happy week. Happy afternoon. Happy night having morning. You know Good morning stuff like that. Absolutely. I can say Happy New Year to you as somebody telling you how can you I wish everybody a very Happy New Year successful New Year. That's not part of celebration and I'm saying this distinguished because online, you get a lot of people attacking and you know you're not allowed to say this you're not allowed to say that. What's the scholars or human lawyers talking about? I'm talking about people who will have certain ritual and then you year on a certain you know, as structure celebrations cake, whatever people do, you

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know, we are like count down. And after the countdown, everybody jumping. It's really even for us as Muslim. The day doesn't start at 12am. The day started a treasure doesn't start from the midnight yank. The actual first day of January didn't start 12 midnight. It does start after salata after another

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Today, so there is a lot of differences here, you know, an A we have to as Muslims to keep that identity to keep that, you know,

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because these things Allah Subhana Allah legislate for us, he identify for us the day and the night and the years and how it goes. And there is a whole entire discussion I remember a few years back if you go and some old lectures and talks, I talked about even the whole entire Gregorian calendar how that was started, and and is it really an accurate way of calculating the year and a comparison between the Gregorian calendars or Lunar calendars and how lunar calendars are more accurate in calculating that days in the month and the seasons and stuff like that. There's a whole entire interesting talk about this, if you search it, and you look at the research done in this area, and

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you will see how these month were determined by sometimes very funny way to say this is 28 days, this is 31 days, you know, several months after each other's 3131, you know, July and August 30 wise, like two months right after each other, because these month represent great grohmann kings, and this, the greater the king is he deserved 31 days, the less famous king, he gets, like 2030 days. So these two great kings, we have to give them two great days, you know, two great months, and we're going 3131 there's a lot of interesting things about the whole concept. And this is maybe something you should, if it's interesting to educate yourself about it. Otherwise, it's not really

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an important because that's what we have now. That's the culture it is, we're not going to be able to change that. But what is important for you just to have that confidence in what Allah subhanaw taala have given you. We don't have a problem with people have. A lot of people around us are non Muslims, they have their own systems, they have their own, you know, calendars, I'm happy to see people are happy. But it doesn't mean that I have to do assimilate, or I have to give up or I doubt the value of what I have and what I go by.

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But really my talk today is not about to this, this is an introduction, what I want to focus on when we say I wish you a Happy New Year.

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You know, words are not enough to make the year happy. wishes are not enough to make our years a happy year. Happiness is something that we should earn something we should work on something we should seek something we should acquire. You know, and I wish that every time when we say Happy new year or a year that we think out we've asked ourselves how can I make my year a happier happiness? It is one of the goals of Sharia law, the magma Casa de Shara and tudge muslimeen What about the Lhasa da one of the goals of Sharia, for you to have a happy life? Actually, it's one of the ultimate goals of Sharia one of that, you know, principles in Islam, but it's so many things. And

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Islam shows you that happens is something Allah loves to see. And that's why the believer is happy in the dunya and happy in the

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happiness. It's a lot of people are asked what is happiness for them? And people have different answers. Some people think happiness and money but reality shows that money is never was a source of happiness. It helps be honest, you know, but it's not really what is happiness. That's not what happened is it to be happy is to be to be rich, or fame or power or to be very skillful in some you know, something that's not necessarily well make you happy. But happiness is something inside the heart. It is something that shows you that you are content with what you have. And never forget the story of two fishermen went fishing. So the first one caught this nice big fish. He got it, he put

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it in the back. He bagged it. And he said, I'm going home, even when my kids were going to have fun cooking this fish today. So the other guy said, hey, it's too early since you get this big one. You know, I'm sure there's more you can catch. He said no. But that's all what I want. He said, no catch more. He said Why would I catch more? He said so you can sell the rest. And he said Why would I sell the rest? He said so you can make money. And he said, why would I want to make money? He said because when you have money, you can put it in the bank and you can invest and you combine things then you sell it and you can have more money than he said Why would I have more money? He said

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because when you get a lot of money in the future, and you became a

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You can spend a relaxed time with your family and kids and enjoy your life.

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And he said, Yeah, but that's what I'm gonna be doing right now.

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Our this whole circle, you know, to go all the way until a Kim have old so I can spend a good time with my family. It's that feeling that inner peace. When I'm happy with what Allah, Allah has given me. That's why a lot of him a lot that is the head. It's not an authentic version but a statement from so many of the early scholars, and some attributed to the prophets of Psalms, but it's a weakened ration as a Hadith, but it's an authentic narration from the early scholars, which is an aside to faith and happiness in three things. And that either

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were either totally or subpar. Either I've never studied for that happiness is three things that when you are giving, you're thankful and grateful to Allah, that gratitude, that feeling of being thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, it is a secret recipe for happiness. And also, that whenever you commit a sin that you repent, Allah subhanaw taala and when you're tested, that you're patient, you listen if you can master these three, you will be a happy person. Assad, it is in believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala it's when your soul and rest we are not made of body A lot of people think happiness, it's about satisfying your body just think about what you doing to be happy

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eat that has to do with the body. sports entertainment, you know, building your muscle fame money, it's all about the body

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and the body is a temporary things it's a very it's soon will vanish but if it's about the soul, and I'm not saying only the soul I think the body is needed to be nurture as well. But it has to be a combination of both that when you look for the thing that make you happy, it has to be both you have to make yourself from inside your soul happy and your body happy.

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That's why Allah subhana wa tada said, Man I'm you know signing him in the can

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mean fella No,

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Allah promised those who believe in him and they do good deeds they will live in good

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and I basically live in Norco Buddha remembrance of love the hearts are in serenity in Ibiza Salam used to say yeah, Bella Bella, you have been a bring wrist to my heart by calling the salon it's about it's a time for salon

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You know, a lot of people don't see that and they think you know what, oh they have a different lifestyles they have a different this they have a different that. That's not me. I'm not that religious. I'm not that this I'm not. You know, they don't even want to try. A lot of people think being religious, that means you'll not be happy. I remember when I grew up, some of my peers in high school and middle school keep telling me, why would you go to this hold on classes and chill and study and stuff like that, you know, come have fun with us. I said I do have fun. I play soccer I used to do you know, go out and spend a lot of time and I'm having a lot of good fun. You know, I as

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I am today, I'm most likely I do more fun stuff, then the people who are rich in our community.

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You know, being religious doesn't ever stop you from being happy. Being practicing your religion to never stop you from being happy. wearing Hijab will not stop you from enjoying your life.

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You know growing your beard is not going to stop you from being happy. Coming to the message will not take away from your happiness, actually it will add to your happiness. And that sounds something so important to keep in mind. As we think about happiness. Unfortunately, a ship on try to always connect the concept of happiness to hold on things and make you think about the hidden things I will never forget someone was telling me. One of my friends is a very really rich man. I don't want to mention names because very famous actually, when I was overseas before I came to America, so this extremely rich guy. He said

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once and he was telling to my friend, he said use your rgbd and he couldn't leash her arm and he said everything how I'm hot. I'm hot. I'm hot. I'm hot up. So my friend told him. Yeah.

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But it's not us. He said so every time we ask you something.

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He said no. The problem is not us. The problem is you all what you're looking for out of the hat on things.

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It's not me. It's

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The problem that you are so poisoned, they so dipped in the head on that you can't see any more of the halibut. And a lot of beautiful families here, they go enjoy themselves and you know, they go to cruise to Alaska, they go to trip to Turkey, they go to trip to, you know, to the beach with their family, and they stabbed like a lot of things that they did. It doesn't have to be the head on things that you look for.

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That's why that is what nothing can you know.

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Nothing can ruin your life like the sins, even if it's a temporary joy. It turned to pain and the heart as you live, as you remember it. Can we learn from that? foolishness? teeth? Can you remember your sins and how you feel about them? painful, terrible.

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Don't let this feeling comes again. I have another thing to replace it which is a Toba to repent Allah, which is a Lost Planet Allah loves,

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you know, in order for you to happy, you have to take that, you know, if you want to call it risk, call it risk to make that change to make that commitment. Most people would rather be certain they are miserable than taking the risk being happy. And changing that attitude will help. One another thing that is so important for me to mention before we end is the issue is you have to have a positive attitude. You cannot be happy if you're negative. If you see everything wrong. If the even if you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you say oh, this is the train. You know that is never going to be positive thing that you can think of. They're always thinking negatively you always

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expect the worst. You know what, change that happiness, it's about being being positive. You know what, if the daughter's clothes, say to yourself, another door will be open. Or as I say I don't say another door will be open I say go ahead and open the door. But how work outdoors works. If it's closed, just open it. You don't need to wait for another one to open. Just be positive you know, and take this action take the beat basically always things in the positive manners. And you will see how this will change your life. Don't let your worries control you. Don't let your fear take away your happiness worry worries often gives a small thing a big shadow and make you worry about about things

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like worry about death or about sickness worry about you know poverty worry about this worry about evil I worry about the future. Worry doesn't empty tomorrow's from it to sorrow and fear. It's only empty today's from it to strength. Remember that?

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Allah Subhana Allah to give us this happiness that we all seek in the dunya and akhira economism Mustapha Romani,

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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You know, I just want to I can't emphasize enough about happiness is connected with you to control your emotions. And one of the hardest things to control is worried.

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And that caused a lot of anxiety, a lot of hesitancy. And it prevents a lot of people from reaching their full potential let's make this year let's make this coming months an opportunity for us to reach our full potential potentials. You know what, don't worry that you're not going to be able to do A's in your exams or your schools. Don't worry that you're not going to be don't say I'm not going to be able to eat or I'm not going to be able to accommodate this I'm not going to be able to master that no.

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You know, always make sure that you do your do your part and leave the rest for the last panel dad worries is not going to take you anywhere. It's like being in a rocking chair,

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rocking chair, it gives you something to do but never gets you really anywhere. You know, happiness has to do a lot with the people that you surround yourself with.

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So make sure that you be a source of happiness to people. You know when you are happy people around you will be happy. But if you're around people always worry always negative always, you know, saying bad things. That's it's very hard for me to see how people can be

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You know, happy You know, when the beginning of the year, we always like I do this every year at the beginning of the year, I go to view all my

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subscription, if I've subscribed to something that I don't need, so I cancel it because sometimes in your phone and your, you know, you pay for things like let's say for free for the first month or a year, then after they get charged, I have an idea for you. Please cancel all your subscriptions to, you know, to your issues and to other peoples or to people who have issues, who people who pulling you down, just move on. You know,

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I want you to be positive, I don't want you to be pessimistic, pessimistic, pessimistic. Be positive, be optimistic, you know,

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make sure to try this. If you want to know what's happy live is happy new years, try to live for something bigger than yourself. Think about yourself.

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You know, if everything you do in your life is about you, I don't think you will enjoy your life much.

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But if it's about somebody other than you something bigger than you, you will feel the happen. Try to live for an idea. Try to live for an issue that or a case or something bigger than you for something bigger than just your own personal benefits. I'm not saying don't care about your own benefit, but think about other people, about society, about community about the bigger issues. And that's why for us as Muslims, I see, our one of our mission is Islam.

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That I live something way, main way bigger than me, in its essence, and its history and future.

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Um, part of that

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that's in itself is so inspiring.

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You know,

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they say, if you want to happen is for an hour, take a nap.

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If you want to happiness for a day, go fishing, if you want to happen is for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.

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And try that. See how that will work for you.

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Make sure that you you live that and again. Just try to stay positive. I know it's hard to do that with all the experiences we've been having and we still having an issue with the pandemic, but try to stay positive man. They say I heard someone said that before. If you stumble, just make it part of the dance.

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You know just stay happy. Just try to stay positive. You know he wouldn't live put you in a tough in a hard situation. Don't say why me I suggest that you change that to try me. Make that challenge and z on strong. You are with Allah. You are facing this world facing this the future while Allah subhanaw taala beside you that's why Eman is the secret behind all this points in order for you to enjoy and maximize their benefits in your life. May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us and make this as a very, very happy years and years to come to all of us filled with safety and happiness and tranquility.

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And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins and to help us to repent to him. Law minister local who doubt our FFR Lena attina for Santa taqwa how the care anti romantica and totally you how Amala ha la ilaha illa Anta su Hanukkah in economic noblemen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa como de Sala to Hong Kong.