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The football game is a brief advertisement, featuring a brief advertisement and a brief announcement. The speaker also talks about their health and how it may affect their health. They encourage people to stay safe and pray for their families and their community. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a coffee machine.

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masala Sula, who will Buddha will help us heal our war and has been equally all over getting

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broadly to be law here

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what is salami Vina loving Mohammed in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The first part of the football is meant to discuss specifics on religion, and deem Islam.

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So I will say today's first half of the flipbook is about being grateful. And I'll place a point in front of you and then give a public service announcement about our community. So number one, when you are happy or when you were young, What did Allah subhanaw taala say for example, you read surah toecap this morning? What's the last idea of surah? Is the law that's sort of right before it fully.

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Call on hamdulillah what's the first word Ahsoka? And hamdulillah tagging levy

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simple point I'll put it in front of you. When you're when God says you want to be grateful sugar and dar thinkful. What can you say? I'm humbled enough, except most of us have been triggered so Thanksgiving is coming up. You're going to be triggered by this word Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, whatever kilograms and he hops, but at some point in between this word thanks, thanks comes up. Now I want you to ask yourself, when do you say thanks to your kid when you say hello to Hello say thank you. Come on, see it. And you solicited come on there. So if someone comes up on the member and says Alhamdulillah, to sugar to Allah, you feel either guilty or forced to do something. So today, one

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shift right if I can do good on hamdulillah

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It's like someone coming up to you in the machine and saying, if

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you're like, do you mean that nicely? He's like, are you trying to point out a foul? Can you imagine brother like even feels like it does? Green janma and

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you'd be like, is this good? Is this bad? Because we have a negative connection to be some of these words are still federal law. It makes you like, there's something bad. So I asked you today, if I came to my friend, and I said, Thank you. Thank you for coming to gym. I saw your shot. Thank you. What is the first thing before I say the handle or say things? What happens to me? Joy? I become happy. And then I say, Oh, look, I'm happy.

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I'm happy. Thank you. Yeah, Allah. If you want to make some room friends, there's some a few folks waiting. That's a perfect

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let's make room friends. And there's room in the back. So as you are sitting right now, seeing okay, brother, what should I say? I'm humbled a lot for I'd like you to go to November 6 2019, just one year ago, and named me three things right now you can do in the car on the way home? What are three things you didn't have last year? You have now.

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And a lot of you might be like this, and I have to deal with these and you might say negative things. But how many people pretty Ramadan had do more I've taken away a minute. And when Joomla was taken away with my first time in my life, when we're little we hide from Joomla Oh, let me just get out somehow. But this was the first time in my life

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Joomla was gone. If we want it to go we couldn't and many of the youngsters it might just be kind of a normal Yeah. Oh my god canceled kind of COVID but 30 years, 40 years never missed the Joomla never missed the gym, I went in there work whether they were driving a car or an Uber. They did. Joomla was forever. So I asked us one moment now

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are we going to just start Joomla again, and now we're in our 15th week. And now we're going to brothers, it's getting really full please be careful. And then

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somebody gets COVID much.

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So I would like us to right now say 100 Thank you Allah for this to see the blue carpet yellow bee.

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Thank you so much. So number one point of the football be grateful by doing what by being happy by showing gratitude through happiness. Now I thought

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our service announcement for the football is two days khutba when the when it is full, we will close the door. So right now if you have a spot mean the shape came at the same time. This is a big deal when that door closes.

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And next week, which I believe is the 13th or something, we will have the same but even tighter. So if you're here come on time. If it's full, we're going to close the door. And now as someone who works in the X ray department we have many studies if you want and Juma on November 20 will not be healthier. What should we do brother go home and sales

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because we're either gonna play Russian roulette with our football and then we'll all lose it or as we're going into the colder months we pull the trigger back

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and you're like yo I didn't have this pre Ramadan I didn't have a place Ramadan was empty here. We've wept in this month. And I won't see it close down because Alhumdulillah brothers Look how big do my god yeah, that's the issue. So within the name of our family, this week, the door will be closed. All you need to save 100 Because I know your heart like what Brother and you want to argue. Join number two next week. We will open the door he isn't enough at the right time and then we will close the door just like we are right now. And November 20 We're going to take a breather.

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What about my mom now I'm asking you has COVID made an impact on your opinion of Allah subhanaw taala Do you think I'm going to hell remember doing COVID That that gone out? That what you think of Allah? Is that the opinion that Allah is some like someone at a restaurant keeping your ones intuits? Where are you going to say? Allah Ya Allah when you give me Joomla back. I'm going to pray even

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so here and I'm sure dads are making Okay, I'm gonna go to this Masjid. You do what you think is right. Our community will take a break. So in the moment between the sittings of the football 100 Thank you for every July.

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Thank you for every dollar you gave me. And when I depart, saying

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That was a great setup.

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Yeah, if I get to see it

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then please give me like to see it again between the sittings of the DA is not rejected. What would you ask for? I'm gonna ask what happens

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in every situation

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on November 20 I'm not really like yeah I get a day off I'm gonna sit I'm gonna bother I'm not gonna talk

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safe inside the free

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please pray for your family please pray for the coming results for our nation please pray what you will do for the next four years. Please pray for Your forgiveness of your family your parents the increase in the suffering of COVID and those who are also sick these respiratory issues are very high

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Please pray for the women

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thanks pray for all those who are injured by the results of what happens to our for our community even your neighbor who has the big flag

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make dua for all of us

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and Hamdulillah

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I mean

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he also has been

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getting a lot

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alone. You are peace. You are happiness. You are joy. Let me experience

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you are the Lord of happiness. Let me experience happiness blooming guess

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the Hallmark day Jana

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How are you now?

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And in the one moment you asked so what do I do in the hour of Joomla when I'm not listening to someone talk?

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Every Joomla putting November 20 Don't just sit for five minutes. Think about paradise not about what not about what someone told you it's going to look like what is your agenda After you get past the first six rapper rapper videos that you have in your brain like yeah, I'm gonna do that yo. Okay, once that's done, what is that going to look like? Am I going to see this first row and say, why don't we go talk for 1000 years? I never got to know who you were. Would you give Jana? As much time and you'll give the ESPN top 10

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but two guys running around kicking a ball grabbing balls if that's what they're into great.

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I mean

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once a week thinking about it because I'm gonna

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remember all those crazy days we will think about it as if it is so in a world where they're like you'll just think about in your head and you could manifest like an iPhone 12 Why not manifest gender you can be confident if you talk in the in the mirror whatever you say to the mirror will happen so then look in the mirror and say

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hola hola in the US Luca Jana wama later

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on Oh ALLAH I'm asking for Jana What do you say? Don't say oh Allah I asked no Allah I'm asking what do you say what are also becoming a naughty one masala

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and for everyone who's saying But Brother How do I say things in the law how long

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it can down useless

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are you there levena

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Slow luminary here send me more Destiny Ma. Allah. Mohammed you want

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gamma so late Allah

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Allah MOBOTIX from what do you wanna get my

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email wider or legal on the machine? If we penetrate the man mind, the man mind says you told me say Alhamdulillah

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Want to say Alhamdulillah so when you're like well what else can I do? A lot more Slovenia.

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Hola my Slovenia a lot my Saudi

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and we've talked about before if you can make salawat on the prophets of Allah when he was salam you're making peace and blessings upon Allah favorite president so you know I'm not good I didn't pray for you I'm not

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you don't think good of yourself being good at the greatest human being ever created in the law that yet certainly what is it about William ha and if you wouldn't want anyone well what are the cruel law

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hola hola hola

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hola Hola como