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AI: Summary © The importance of choosing one's path for success is discussed, including the negative consequences of alcoholism and gambling, as well as the importance of staying true to one's beliefs in the afterlife. The afterlife is emphasized, with affirmations and feedback as ways to help people succeed. The importance of strong belief in the afterlife is emphasized, along with the need for guidance to stay steady and stay in check. The speaker also mentions a video about a person who wants to relax themselves and the use of armrest as a way to avoid unnecessary harm.
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All right

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laying down

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right now

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everyone want to sell to people whenever we left the show that we're putting on so

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many of us have a level that we

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will fall

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to your knees under somebody that I talk a lot and I happen to about 80% or something similar.

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I was one of the most interesting aha moment has

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to do with money. What's up the water? Let me

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see he was not happy about again earning coffee but yeah, you had an event after a couple of hours go to Poland and Zahida, you'll say,

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Well, Phil Lobo, what are you wearing that also called the basketball team. And now someone can either have a wall or accent and have 100 and some a lot of a sudden was shot on the morning that they are called appointments that have been around a long time.

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This week, we continue our series on sort of what we saw, beginning with verse number nine Allah subhanho wa Taala sentence in the heart of the matter is the intensity of Ebola. When you actually look at the end of the day on a Sunday, Kathleen

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surely this Forman guy has to watch his most uprights and gives her news for the believers, those who do good that they will have a mighty reward.

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Allah Azza wa Jalla tells us that a poor man a loss eternal speech does two things. First, it guides to that which is most upgrades and righteous.

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Notice that Allah azza wa jal did not say that the Koran and guides that that which is most popular, nor did he say that the Koran guides to that which is easiest.

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He said that the poor man guides to that which is most uprights and righteous.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us here that we should expect to make some very hard decisions in our lives. At some point, we will have to choose between what is easy and what is right.

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If you're a young person in the US, it's easy to have a boyfriend or to have a record.

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That's what everyone else is doing. If you've never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, people will look at you funny

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and question you about it.

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You will have to explain yourself because it goes against what people expect. And when you explain yourself it will be uncomfortable. But Allah subhanaw taala said, when I took on Xena

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In the account of factors known as Sabina don't even come close to Zina. Certainly it is an indecent and evil way

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to wait for marriage is difficult.

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to approach the girl's father is difficult

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to work and to save money until you have enough for the dowry is difficult.

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But it's the right way. It's the upright way.

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Another example, if you have a store, it's easy to sell lottery tickets, and alcohol.

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It's good money. People are always ready to buy lottery tickets and alcohol and every other stores doing it.

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If you don't do it, people will look at you funny and will question you. Every single person that walks through the door looking to buy those things, you'll have to explain to them that you don't have it.

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That will not be easy.

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But Allah subhanaw taala said, you know Amazon in the middle of nowhere basically what I saw was that marriages may now appreciate God. But can you move on to click on

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Oh believers, intoxicants and gambling and IOC and drawing bots to make decisions are all evil from the devil is handwork. So stay away from them completely so that you might be successful.

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This verse does not just apply to drinking alcohol, the profits of a loved one in the southern self learn I also love to hear some of them feel hungry are so upset.

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I'll say one more thing I will show you guys what was going on

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WhatsApp via Skype or whatever he has done that he had while he was staring at us while we're setting another one to shut off.

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The Messenger of Allah

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curse 10 different types of people that were involved in alcohol. The one who produces is the one who has it produced. The one who drinks is the one who transports is the one to move in is transported. The one who serves is the one who sells it the one who profits offense, the one who purchases it that alone for home ministers.

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As Muslims,

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we must choose what is most upright.

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Even if it's hard,

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even if it's not what's popular.

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These tough choices that Allah azza wa jal places in our path are actually medicine for the soul. Madison is bitter. It doesn't taste good. And yet, it makes us healthy and cures us. The prophets of Allah it was some of such booklets in German so the precariat Well, how could it not sure collapse?

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Jelena Jasmine paradise is shrouded behind you're surrounded by unpleasant things.

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Whereas the Hellfire is surrounded by pleasurable things. Meaning that there's no getting to paradise without experiencing some degree of difficulty. And if we find in our lives, that we're just moving from one pleasure to the next, constant ease. That means we're probably headed in the wrong direction.

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The second thing that Allah subhanaw taala tells us at this time

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is that the fourth man gives good news to the believers.

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Why the Los Cabos Allah

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choose to mention good news at this exact place before him.

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The answer is because he just got done telling us that the quarterback is going to have us make difficult choices.

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We're going to sacrifice popularity. For what is right, we're going to have to sacrifice convenience for what is right.

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The natural human reaction is why should I

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Why should I deny myself a little bit of fun in this life?

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Life is too short.

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You only live once. These are the slogans we hear every day. Why shouldn't I do whatever I want? Why should I do what everyone else is doing?

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Allah subhanaw taala just gave us the answer. Of course man isn't just about telling us that we have difficult choices to make. It also promises us that if we make the right choices if we choose the righteous path, Allah has an even better reward in store for us. After we die far better than whatever we came up with this life.

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This is one of the most central teachings that we have with the sun.

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Our way is a way of delayed gratification.

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Whatever tough choices you make today, if you give up something in this life for Allah subhanho wa Taala you will get much much more in return but it really really matters. After you die.

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No matter how much fun you have here, no matter how much money you make, it will all be gone. After you breathe your last breath.

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The fun things agenda. Have no no.

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Allah subhana wa Tada tells us also intersperse that faith is skin separable from action.

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Allah had said we measured only Nina Nina Yama Solly house

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and give good news to the believers. Those who do good.

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Allah Allah uses those who do good to explain who the believers are.

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This is a concept that is very, very easy to understand. And English we say Talk is cheap.

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Anyone can claim that they believe anyone can claim to be a follower of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu.

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Anyone can claim to love Allah is so young, but the proof

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the proof is in your actions.

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Many of us are parents.

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Imagine a parent's as a child.

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Imagine the parents is telling you over and over again how much they love their child.

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But when you look into their lives, and see how they live, you see that there's some love. There's no infection. There's no hops, there's no kisses, there's no gifts, there was no time spent together with anyone in their right mind to say that the parent actually loved her child.

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No, we would not.

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We would say that the parent is a liar.

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Allah subhanaw taala criticizes after the Kitab the People of the Book for claiming to believe or claiming to love Allah. But then not following the final messenger. Some of our body for southern Allah says, Who will include two three Ebola totally ruining your physical health as opposed to Luba Kamala, who

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say to them for profit, if you really love Allah, then follow me. Allah azza wa jal will love you and forgive you your sins for ALLAH forgive Paul and his most Merciful.

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It wasn't enough that the people of the book claimed to love Allah. Without backing it up with action and following the prophets of Allah by sometimes their claims were empty.

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The same applies to us.

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We can't just say that we believe

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we have to prove it. Allah subhanaw taala says, I have a nurse or a neutrophil am poor to

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perform live

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do people think and I want to say say that we believe that they will be left without being put to the test.

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We asked Eliza jokes to give us her faith that is true but with actually a full

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body silence see me I think what?

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happened it

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was shocking shopping around the topic that you want to get early? Why should people fall away from it so you can kind of name and be shut up or shut up and I was able to come in and argue or Sue with dairy that was when he suddenly suddenly I mean he

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was having a way to seal the deal.

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Next, Allah azza wa jal tells us of a third thing that the poor man does after number one guiding

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House to the uprights way. And number two, give me good news for the people of faith. He says, whatever, let me know what I'm going to ask about the outside of data, open up that email

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and then warn so do not believe in the hereafter that we have prepared for them a painful torture.

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Notice how a lot of struggle it's either focuses on the fact that this group of people rejects the idea of the afterlife.

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Allah Isaiah could have said many other things here, he could have said that the format warns people to not worship idols or awards of people who reject the prophet or warn some people who reject so for me,

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but instead, he focused on people and their belief in the afterlife, of course, and foreigners, that Allah has prepared a painful lesson for people who have rejected faith in the afterlife.

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Here are some animals Allah is dealing with the opposite scenario. Just a minute ago, he addressed people who believe but don't have

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now he's addressing people who might do some good actions, but don't believe.

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Why is belief in the afterlife so important?

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Isn't it enough that people are nice to each other and kind.

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We say this in casual conversation all the time. Regardless of the beliefs that somebody holds. If someone is a generally nice and helpful person, we say, Oh, he's such a good person.

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Allah azza wa jal is trying to show us something different here.

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He's trying to show us that all true morality. And all true righteousness is based on belief in the afterlife.

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Without belief in the afterlife, true righteousness, and true morality is not possible.

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And that might sound like a very old claim at first. But if you think about it for a few minutes, it makes perfect sense.

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Because anyone can be nice in time, so II is at the times of plenty. Anyone can be polite and kind when everything in life is going okay.

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But someone who doesn't believe in the afterlife, won't be able to keep it up. In times of hardship, and crisis. Within a belief in the afterlife, the majority of people will choose what's good for them.

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Over what's right, in times of crisis.

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We recently saw an example of this during the harder parts of the pandemic, panic buying, where people rushed to the stores to find out more toilet paper that they could ever use, stockpiling it and leaving other people without the supplies they need.

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They were even situations where people were fighting each other and love aisles over the suppliers.

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firm belief in the afterlife prevents this type of behavior. Because you understand that it's not worth preserving this short life, if it means losing the afterlife.

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Another reason why so morality is based on belief in the afterlife is that most people, most people will do whatever they can get away with.

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Take up drive a car.

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You have to apply for your driver's license, you have to study the rules. You take the test, you sign your name, you agree to follow the rules.

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out on the street, the speed limit is clearly posted. You know what the penalties would be if you drive over the speed limits? And yet despite this, how many of us have you ever driven faster than the speed limits?

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Some of us drive faster than the speed limits multiple times every day. Why?

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Why would we do this? If we clearly know the rules and we clearly know the penalties. The reason is because we don't think we'll get caught.

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We know that the police no matter how hard they work, they can't be everywhere at once.

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They can't catch everyone.

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And those who regularly break the speed limits are willing to take that chance of not getting across.

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That's exactly how most people who don't believe in the afterlife. live their lives.

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They will do whatever they think they can get away with because they are only afraid of being punished here in the dunya.

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As people of faith, however, we understand that we are accountable after we die salah, who has perfect vision, who has perfect knowledge, there is nothing that escapes his accounts, my consequences in the afterlife

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are purples.

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This means that people of faith, strive to do the right thing. Even with no one else's look.

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That makes three things that the program does it guides to the Right Way. It gives good views to the people of faith who do good. And finally that warns people who don't believe in the afterlife.

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After Allah

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tells us these three things that the poor man does, he tells us something very important about ourselves.

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We ended up going inside and we shall we do?

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What Kennedy said when I told him

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and human beings will pray for evil, just the same as they pray for good things.

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For human beings are ever hasty.

00:21:25 --> 00:21:35

Allah azza wa jal is telling us about ourselves, human nature, that as human beings, we don't always know what's best for us.

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The example he gives is our dua, we pray for all sorts of things. Some of the things we pray for are good, and they will benefit us if we get them. But some of the things that we pray for are bad. And Allah subhana was ominous keeping them away from us, no matter how much we made.

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There's a story that demonstrates this lesson. Actually. One time there was a man who was flying on an airplane, the playing football that we're in the air, he is in his seat in front of me has a snack right next to him. He has the armrests. He wants to relax itself, the child has to move his arm wrestle down, but he finds it won't move.

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He tried, I was pulling, pushing, moving in this way in that way. But still, nothing's happening. He tries to press all the buttons that he can find around this area, and still he can't get it to work.

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Finally, he brings the flight attendants to come and help him. The flight attendant policy tells her I've been trying to move this armrest for the past 15 minutes. And no matter what I do, I can't get it to punch. Sir. The flight attendant said that some armrest that's the lever for the emergency exits. If you had managed to open that while we were fine, we all die.

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The point is that people don't always know what's best for them. Sometimes we take a loss of common words out for something and we are certain that only if we had it, it would fix all our problems. But in reality, Allah azza wa jal knows it would only make our lives worse.

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We are hasty as the last sentence of this verse. And so we shouldn't get too attached to what we think we need.

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It's okay to want something. It's okay to work for it and to pray for it. But when Allah says no,

00:23:45 --> 00:23:55

when Allah decides that it's not for you, we need to submit to His wisdom and submit to this plan for us.

00:23:56 --> 00:24:16

We badly need a lot of guidance when it comes to our job. And when it comes to everything that we do in life. Without stem authority outside of ourselves, it's just too easy to be led astray by what we want. And what we're attached to.

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Allah's guidance keeps us steady and keeps us in check. It's like the prophets of the logo. It was some of them said, of course,

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that Oh, I know. The Koran is true, whether it is for you or against you.

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When we open up the word man and read it with an open mind and we'll find ourselves in the pages. Sometimes we find that we're the good guy but Allah is promising paradise too. Sometimes we find that we're the bad guy that Allah is telling us to repentance, and to change our ways.

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

Allah subhanaw taala is always going to give it to us straight

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Sometimes he motivates us. Sometimes it scares us. Sometimes he convinces us.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:26

The Koran is meant to be read like the law is talking directly to us. And this is why it's so important to read the Koran regularly in a language that you understand, so that you can check yourself against what a loss a pronoun was, is second,

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our way our D is about accountability,

00:25:34 --> 00:25:35

and submission.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:48

None of us are perfect. Every single one of us has a mixture of successes and failures. Each of us has things we do right, and things we do wrong.

00:25:49 --> 00:26:02

But we don't try to justify those things. We Own up to them. We admit that they are wrong. We don't try to pick and choose what parts of the cell, we're going to believe it.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:16

We can choose to believe in the law and rejects the prophets. We can choose to believe in the forehead and rejects for some of them. Some things come as a package to

00:26:18 --> 00:26:45

if we try to pick and choose, we're not really submitting at all. Instead, we're building our own religion. And you can bet that if we are left is to build our own religion, it will not give us that bitter medicine that we need. It will not hold us accountable and ultimately it will not improve our souls or bring us salvation.

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From a Sunday Sunday, it off cabana on a football it allows us to be

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somebody who certainly will just say hello to somebody on

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camera all the time, or whatever the lighting in the HMI with machine learning

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00:27:14 --> 00:27:17

five logging in and you're having

00:27:18 --> 00:27:28

all the answers Santa Lucia was in the ship here with Shaheed was done there Dean one summary level to believe what amount of

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time and money in the long run so if filing under subpoena people in

00:27:37 --> 00:27:41

America have to have power was looking at the state was also going to tell

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you about that or something looking at cinema

00:27:48 --> 00:27:50

70 What exactly do we

00:27:51 --> 00:27:52

carry well

00:27:54 --> 00:28:00

Festival last year football was global and then we use it all along the metal standard

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00:28:13 --> 00:28:13


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all along

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uncomfortable in your knee. Oh Ross

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the ADEA

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here seri unnecessary is no sale almost every win on the

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money and related era and one on the

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morning mr. Baris?

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Oh sorry you know on

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the summary you will have

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a very is long

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gone. The anywhere in the world. We have staff who work with me

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on Huawei

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All right well

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thank you

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I would love it

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not rush

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the ATM cannot hear me staring at your cell phone

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so you're all alone let me know that I'm terrible at appointed to the army and all

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boys love

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love song Love hearing on

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one camera level go for 100

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Oh along with

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me on the blog

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on the blog

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oh my god

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oh my God

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