Torch Bearers Series – Sulayman ibn Mahran al Asadi al A’amash

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Fame is based on what you get in life. But, greatness is based on what you give in life. Sulayman ibn Mahran was known for greatness.


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The speaker discusses the importance of being a "character" in a culture, citing the example of a woman named Hadith who was a poor man and did not get much wealth or power positions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning to control one's personality to be a "character."

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So the man had been an Amish. So great scholars of Hadith. He was among the tambien Rahim Allah Tada.

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You know,

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fame is based on what you gain in life. But greatness is based on what you give in life. And that's exactly what an Amish rahimullah was. He was very poor. He didn't get much he didn't have wealth. He didn't have power positions, the government or anything like that. But he have contributed so much knowledge. It's unbelievable. I can tell you and I tell this to my students. When I teach torchbearers and we talk about the Amish, I tell them just randomly pick any book of Hadith. And flip the pages, I guarantee you, you're not going to go through five, six pages, unless you find a hadith reported and narrated by amateur Rahim Allah. To the extent that some scholar said, happy to

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have you the sanada Ahmed Mohammed said, six people have saved the sin of the prophets of Salaam for the Ummah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, one of them at Mashimo, la slimani been Mala. But with all I said about him, and there is much more to be said. And you will hear when you join us a shala in the class, there is one thing about the Amish tell him Allah that his personality was completely different than any other scholar that you study. And that's in itself, one of the major points of discussion that we discussed together getting the class, you know, in order for you to be a great Muslim, do you need to change your personality? You know, do we have to have every scholars to be a

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carbon copy from each others, they have the same exact way of dealing and yet there are certain standards, but we have to understand people are different. They have different personalities. For example, our mesh was not a very social person. He doesn't like to socialize with people much he doesn't like people to ask him too many questions. You know, one time he was

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visited by someone who is he likes to argue and somebody like to act like he knows so much. And he doesn't know much dilemma. I can't stand people like that. So he came to visit the Amish and he starts talking and stuff. And I'm just, you know, waiting for the moment that this guy to leave. So he the guy told him, I hope you're not being bothered by me being here. He said, I'll tell you the truth. I'm bothered by you when you are in your home. So what do you think? Oh, I feel right now.

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Hey, Mama. Yes, it is maybe not the nicest way to say it. But that's how he is. You know, one time his students told him we hungry, can you feed us and he's very poor. So he's nice enough to bring me food. So he said we still hungry. He got another ball off, you know, like a soup or something like that. Then the ad they said we still hungry. Then he brought the mistake of a and he dropped it in front of them. They said What is this? He said, I give you my foot and I give you my wife's food and you guys ate it. And the only food left in my house is my goats food. So maybe it won't be sufficient for you. So he has this way of talking, you know, once he was walking into a place to go,

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Hey, man, it's a public place where people take a shower like a spa today. In he found he saw this guy with no nothing covering his hour. So he closed his eyes and start walking like a blind. So the guy was, you know, being sarcastic. He said, Oh, I know you're Amish. And you're bleary eyed. He said, since when you became blind, he said since it dropped your pants. So he's wet. You know, that's him. But that's his personality. Not every scholar like that. You know, one of the scholars i think is a Fianna is to say, couldn't get a job or Advil for medicine. It was like a humiliation to study under him. But you know what, at the end of the day is they learned so much from him or him.

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Oh, lo, Donna, not everybody needs to be perfect. And that's one of the major discussion that we have in the course. You do need to be perfect to be great. But you know what, if you contribute few sincere if you

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maintain and control your personality, even if you don't change it, you still can be a very great person. And also we know that not everybody, it should be taken as a role model in every actions in every aspect of their lives, except those who have lost on the love audio audio send them looking forward to discuss more points about this color and so many others and torchbearers or cinematic moments.