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The negative impact of staying late on one's sleep cycle is discussed, including the importance of not speaking after Asia and the risk of waking up early. The "lee of Hope" and "lee of Light" elements of Islam are also discussed, with night owls and single individuals as potential risks. The segment concludes with a reminder to donate to the foundation and a news announcement about a free online class for parents. The potential negative health consequences of sleeping after events include loss of rewards and negative health consequences, as well as slipping late.

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Alhamdulillah Hello bill Allah alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, while he was he a Jemaine about our hotbar today is about a PSA, which is staying up late.

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And we'd like to begin with the fact that there really isn't such a thing as a night or a morning person, meaning genetically or someone is predisposed to being a night or, or a morning person. And even though there are some theories and some articles that try to state that they even state that it's 5050, meaning 50% could be genetics and 50% could be your habits, and many other studies showing or indicating that there is really no such thing. It's whatever sleep cycle or schedule you get used to you become that. So people always put themselves in one corner or the other. But it's whatever you get yourself used to. And if we look at it logically, we know that that's the case for

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a number of reasons. Number one, a lot of people have switched, there were people who are night owls, so to speak for many years, and they completely switched and became morning people for multiple years, and then they could switch again and so on and so forth. The other thing, as we'll see in the second hub, but inshallah that it is actually worse off for the health, it's not good for your health, to stay up late. So it's also It can't be that Allah subhanaw taala created people to be nice people and made that worse for your health. And the next or the other argument is that Allah subhanaw taala or why would Allah azza wa jal makes someone a night person and then obligate them to

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wake up early before the sun rises and pray fudger

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and many other things in Islam oriented towards the early mornings.

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We know from the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim

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that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Cornejo chronoa cabela one Hadith about

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that the process I'm used to dislike sleeping before it and speaking after it, and it's speaking and this is talking about salata, Asia, the Asia prayer pro seldom used to dislike sleeping before Asia, and that's obvious you sleep before Asia, what are the chances you wake up and speaking after Asia? So the law said, Manama Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam koblin Asia what are some are bad haha the process never slept before I shot and he never stopped and spoke after it. Mmm No, mahalo explains some of the wisdoms behind that. He says that talking leads to sorrow leads to people staying up late and staying up late will lead to missing pm and will lead to missing fudger other scholars

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mentioned part of the wisdom behind that also of not speaking after Asia, is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wanted to conclude

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His day with salah and not concluded with the level which is vain talk, which is what happens in regular conversations. Why? Because, as in the Hadith, the five Salawat expiate what is between the meaning what is done between them of minor sins. So when you finish Asia you from fudger until Asia, you've exploited everything that has taken place throughout the day. Now, when you speak again after Asia, you are now increasing the chances of saying something that's inappropriate and getting into vain talk. So now you end your day with possible sin as opposed to ending your day with Salah that expats everything before it.

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The scholars didn't make an exception for hosting a guest meaning you stay after Asia because you have a guest and you host them and you speak to them, or a man with his wife, or for a Muslim I'm a general benefit or something that will benefit the believers and they cite how the prophets Allah wa sallam would sometimes stay with Abu Bakr and Omar who are like his ministers discussing issues of the affairs of the believers that will bring some kind of benefit to the believers.

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So the wisdom behind the Prosser lamb sleeping immediately after Asia or not liking to talk after Asia. Number one is you will miss them. And for many people who are night owls, clam is almost non existent. Because they naturally start to get sleepy in or around the time of PM, that's when they've had it and now they start to fall asleep.

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Amara, the Allahu anhu and he was the halifa he would walk around after Asia, encouraging people to go to sleep, he would come and he would to a group of people and say it'll Joe. Now Lola hierzu, come Salatin out, Judah, he will say go to your homes, perhaps Allah will benefit you through or give you the risk of a Salah or at 100 a night prayer, or a night prayer or some or for fudger.

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And in this narration, he sent that to a group of companions. And then they told him we're actually making Vicar of Allah xojo. So Amaro de la and who sat with them and made the cover lots of data. So you see a clear exception for what you're spending your time on.

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The other clear and obvious wisdom is missing.

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And night owls almost never are able to wake up for fudger. And if they do, they wake up miserable. rushing the solar, without focus, their heart is not into it. Sometimes they're sleeping in the solar or just battling sleep throughout the entire summer. And this is not the kind of worship you want to present to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there's no denying the relationship between sleeping early and waking up early for fudger. And there are people part if you look at their success for waking up for virgin, they're very serious about where their bedtime. They're very serious about that. There was a man and he would wake up for tm for a year and a half. He said the masjid was

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across the street from my house. I would even put my toothpaste on my toothbrush and have it ready. I would have my sleeping clothes ready I would have the bed prepared. And immediately after I leave he said my roommates stand and talk and gossip. I come back brush my teeth I'm in bed and I'm sound asleep I don't even hear when they finally come back from Asia. And I set my alarm for 50 4pm before verger but he said most of the time I would wake up on my own before the alarm even rings, but the secret was simply sleeping early. That's it no other secret formula

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from the other wisdoms of sleeping early is that you don't miss out on the Baraka the blessings of the early mornings in Muslim Dr. Muhammad Allah and the Viva La Selim said Allah hum are emitted Allahumma barik lumati fee boo Korea, Oh Allah put Baraka in my oma in their early mornings, you find a lot of the classical scholars would write their books after fudger or people would go to the market or business after fudger because there Allah subhanaw taala put time that Baraka in this time,

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and from the other wisdoms or other rewards that are great rewards that we'll look at in the second hug bench Allah Apollo cola was tough for a lot of the money welcome. mean Jimmy No, first of all, Mr. Fairey ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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And hamdulillah lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, while he was a hobby of mine, there are certain things to correct and things to know

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The first is that a strange notion that some people have that you have to sleep and then wake up in order to prepare. But you could if you're up all night and you have energy and the time for cram comes, while you're still awake, you can still go into class immediately. You don't have to fall asleep and wake up in order to to make the ultimate pain valid. That's a very strange thought that a lot of people have but those scholars have mentioned. The other thing is that there is actually no prohibition against sleeping after fudger many people feel guilty because they fall back to sleep after fidget because they hear from people here and there that you shouldn't sleep after fudger. The

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scholars in general they dislike the idea of sleeping after fidget no one is saying is prohibited. they dislike that idea for a number of reasons. Number one is that you miss out on the time of Baraka and the time of risk. If nobis rhodiola on Houma, he the companion he would tell his sons, when he told his son boom, autonomy officer at into Casa movie hollers up, he told him wake up, you're going to sleep at a time when Allah subhanaw taala distributes the hours up. And Reza isn't just wealth, it's whatever you benefit, cool my entire family, whatever you benefit from is risk.

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And also the same is narrated about auto observer of the law on that he would prohibit his children from sleeping after fudger. But the scholar said, that's due to a reason meaning they had work or some chores or something to do. But if someone has nothing there is no harm in doing that. But the scholar disliked it for that reason, and also because you lose out on other great rewards. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that whoever prays fudger in a congregation, and then he sits and continues to make thicker until the sun rises, and then he prays to rock out, he will get the reward of a hedge of a hedge and the ombre, Tom matin Tom, Tom, meaning the full reward, the full reward

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the full reward. Now of course, this means the reward, it doesn't mean you don't have to go to Hajj now because you did that you get the reward of Hajj, but it's not written as you made.

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So there is nothing clear prohibiting it and the scholars also disliked it because of the Hadeeth have some somewhat of an agenda where or GW Silva where he is a Muslim mentioned that after fudger the porcelain would sit and he would make the Quran he would turn around and the companions would talk about the things that needs to happen Ninja heylia and they would laugh and the process would smile. So they saw that it wasn't from his habit to sleep after fudger but we know that there is no prohibition. And an example of such is when Amara gala and when he was the halifa he came to visit. So hey, roomie. rhodiola and so he came to sohaib wakad to Saba Saba who are known Nomi and he was

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asleep. This is after fudger so I'm going to go along who sat down waiting for sohaib to wake up. And once I woke up and found that Omar sitting there, he said ameerul momineen Gaiden Allah Makati was Habana mo matassa. He said the mute of the believers is sitting here on the seat. And so he was just sleeping. So Omar says Mark into Hebrew and tada, I know Martin talofa, Kubik, Yanni, he says I don't want to in a sense, he's saying I don't want to disturb you from asleep. That was like a mercy for you, like dressed for you. But the scholar said, I'm not alone did not prohibit him. So there is nothing prohibiting sleeping after fudger. Another important point to remember is if you know for a

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fact that someone sleeps immediately after Isha, then don't visit them after a show. And you would think this is not something you would have to remind someone, you know, someone's clips after a show. Don't go to them after action, but you won't believe how many times people will know this person slips immediately after this person said, one of his friends called him. And he says, I know you'd like to sleep immediately after a show. But I wanted to come over and chitchat a little bit. So by the time we got to his house, it was already an hour later. So it just made him stay up an hour now. Then he came and continued talking to him for hours. The other person is used to sleeping

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early. So he said, I just couldn't help but yawning every 50 seconds, I'm yawning. And I'm trying to suppress the yawn, and the person would notice it, and he would just keep saying you're tired. Hmm. And then he'd keep talking. And then he would say that again, and just keep talking. So it seems like things that are that are common sense. But unfortunately stuff to remind people of that.

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We said earlier that there are health benefits as well with sleeping early and some detriments to your health if you sleep late. And the argument is that Allah subhanaw taala would not create people who are night people

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Make that bad for their health, further proof that there really isn't such a thing as whatever you get yourself used to. And the problem is we've heard about night owls on morning larks for so many years, that's become embedded in our minds. And we're convinced we're one of the two. But the truth is, you are whatever you want to be. But studies show that those who sleep late or stay up a lot, they tend to have higher blood pressure, they're less likely to exercise because of their habits, they're more likely to gain weight because of eating late at night. It's harder to control diabetes, and they are more susceptible to depression and poor mood that has been linked to that. Whereas

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those who, and at the same time, those who stay up late there, they're more likely studies show they're more likely to be single, they're more likely to take risks, or more risks. When driving, they're more prone to making errors because they drive in the morning to haven't slept a lot. And they're also shown to perform worse in school, they tend to use more alcohol and tobacco, to die sooner, have a higher rate of cancer have a higher rate of heart problems, from strokes, to heart attacks, and so on and so forth. Whereas those who sleep early, they besides reversing all the negative things we mentioned, they also tend to have better energy, a stronger immune system, better

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skin condition, better memory, and better happiness. And even without these studies, we naturally know that what Allah subhanaw taala set as a plan for human beings will always be the best thing, you reverse Allah subhanaw taala his plan, and you stay up late, and you reverse the sin of the process. There is no way it can be more beneficial than what Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did, just without any studies, we know logically, it can't be better.

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So it's a call for us to make sure we change our sleeping habits, and we raise our children upon these good habits. So they're always used to having a good bedtime, and all the good things that come as a result of that. And especially during holidays, and some for a lot of parents. In the holidays, they let the kids stay up to one. It's not about whether they're school tomorrow or not. It's about developing these good habits and these good habits that will bring so much good and Baraka and obedience to Allah and good worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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With that,

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for lahoma.

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Original haka Hakan, was open Atiba original bottle about Bolton and Tina alohomora Giada de Nicola homina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina Norma sirona fala hombre de la Matamoros. Didn't you as roofie robotic? Were you the V animasi attic? Murphy hibben maruf

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SME ah. So long mobarak I know both Ratan alameen wa early he was a big main vocal bonus off camera Han Kamala.

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While you get ready, I'll just read the announcements. Number one is a reminder again to donate to the masjid. You can do it here on the credit card machine or online at the mustard org. The weekly classes will continue as usual. That's just what at 730 on Fridays after a sharp, useful knowledge with myself tomorrow at 6:30pm walking the journey with the Quran which is to run on and look every Sunday at two. And

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we haven't been advertising this but there is a virtual Arabic classes on online Arabic class every Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 4:30pm for the youth and it's a very well qualified teacher who's been teaching Arabic for close to two decades.

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More information on our websites at the office on our WhatsApp groups. There's also a class that we also haven't been advertising too much on Juma is called hustling with faith every Sunday for girls ages eight to 10 at 11am. It's a very beneficial class from a very energetic sister. And then girls ages 11 to 15 at 1145. And then there's Thursday thoughts which is for girls 14 plus every Thursday 5pm every other Thursday at 5pm. It's also an online class, but again refer to our Facebook page and WhatsApp groups for more information on all of those.

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There's something a lot of people in Houston are excited about there is a renowned author and parenting expert Dr. Leonard Sachs is an author of a lot of books on parenting. On Sunday, December 13. He's giving a lecture on evidence based parenting and it will be a free live online session and details for this program will be on our Facebook page and WhatsApp groups as well. And please ask

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As usual, just wait until the brothers are sure row by row out of the room so we can leave in an organized fashion.

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Allahu Allahu Akbar. Shadow Allah, Allah La La shadow.