The Day Khalid Bin Waleed Met The Roman Commander

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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Kondapur Batum with one of the superpowers call it invalid, Radi Allahu, and he levels up with the Roman Commander, the Roman General and he looks him in the face. And he says the Roman commander says to him

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that he looks like poverty.

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Nakedness starvation has compelled you to come in.

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He says if you wish, I will give you well if you wish, I will give you clothing if you wish. I will give you food I will give you and your army everything you return you come back the following year and I will do exactly the same thing. LOL It's been only the sort of the sport of Allah looked him in the eye and you know what he says?

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He says you

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we ever come here because we are hungry. We have not come here because we are starving. We have not come here because we are naked. We have come here to drink your blood as we heard that the blood of the Romans is sweet.

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This is Chloe pin Walid Radi Allahu

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