Your Insurance With Allah! Part 2 of 3

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necessarily means.

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You know, last night,

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a doctor, I give him a call late in the night, because my son was like coughing, coughing, like an asthma. And it was worried about like coma, and I just want to consult.

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after a hang up for that phone call, I asked myself

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not because a call. But because the first thing came to my mind, the first thing really came to my mind was to call the doctor to ask, which is the right thing to do. I say to myself, you know what, the first thing should have come to my mind is first to turn to us, tell us to pray to my wall first to protect my child, and to even to come, then I can do take the necessary news.

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And that's not something I want, I wouldn't do it.

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Because the

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greater in your heart, and the more trust you have, the more giving back you will receive from him.

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one of the things that the prophets or someone told us that give you that key fire that protection of Allah.

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah guarantee for these things, the kind of people that follow that Allah provisions, I was given enough on sufficient privileges, because sometimes he gets money, but it was sufficient.

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sufficient money, and whatever was based on our income is, I remember, kids in high school, you know, we're different is like, once a week, we better 10

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to $20 or

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$100 a week. Now he graduated, he made maybe $3,000 a week.

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And people they have, you know, different ways of spending the money. So it's about how this provision can be sufficient. Not necessarily how much how much, how sufficient is this income for you.

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The purchase will be sufficient

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to provide you with and if you

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have to get into the into paradise

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for sending them

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into the house and when they enter they'll say Bismillah R Rahman as

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simple, no big no big deal

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and there is no deductible.

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You just say simply every time you

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me to the master,

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the master the

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art for the sake of Allah for whatever reason you do for the sake of Allah that will be also considered something that will then return or give you his protection and

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also the pockets or sell himself mentality remove

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woman cassava remove in

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the pockets of Allah as reported by LA

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Unified they're considered to be their main concern. This slide is the is the next slide here after

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give them a lot of take care of the movie models and affairs. But goes through their concerns are divided over so many things to think about.

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Think about

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things many schools test reviews.

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What do you think about which is not a bad thing to think about. If this is your main concern, this is

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the province of the MMP women. He will be all over the place.

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Which area we will buy and which status he will die.

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Also the province will allow themselves

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honor to start your day with us which is after the sunrise.

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I will take care of

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the property

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in my garage

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I keep saying a lot more

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than the parts are some of them said,

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mahama coming

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along, we are sufficient, when it comes to all the matters of this world we live and the next and the next,

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ask and seek His protection and a minister.

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As an aside, those who seek a lot of protection, you will be granted, they will be given whatever they asked for. That's why, for example, and this sufficient in aid in different areas, for example, teach how the person teaches, he said,

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sufficient for me,

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to the

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income source,

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sufficient for my husband is sufficient for me,

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makes me be satisfied with what you've given me. So, I will not look for any other humans or seek any favor from any other women or

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also, the prophets of

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if you say Bismillah

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to Allah,

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will feel

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better than a

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confederate will be working to

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the product and if you see this,

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a lot

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upon leaving the house, there at the end, it will be said engine will say this person have been guided to be

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protected and all his needs will be provided.

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So, she will say the other person will take another shot to attempt to deceive the person say how can you deceive such person like that, that Allah granted him his protection and his guidance?

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Simple Bismillah

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to Allah,

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Allah, and this was one

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of them said they are

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a treasure in paradise leading you to trigger and

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also the perfect

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was taught by debris to say

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this loss to

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the profit.

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These are sufficient for you to protect you from the jinn from the evilness of the gym. Or any thing that can help me from this. This type of

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heart from the gym from magic UI obviously has said

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you read it three times in the morning and three times in the night. And you add to it. So the last three CEOs in the firm as reported by subido also report the last two verses,

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the last two verses

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they will be sufficient for you.

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Because of the amount of a gap ticket and let me end with this.

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With the

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emissary of La Vista happiness Kapha

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woman is

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besotted with

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the profit or loss of sin is actually reported on this report by tirmidhi and others, that the Prophet himself whoever seeks to please Allah Subhana Allah even if this would displease human beings, Allah will protect him from

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and whoever seeks to please people, even if this will lead to displeasing Allah. Allah subhanaw taala will leave him to his own.

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No protection, no guarantee protection.

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That's why we asked the governor

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to give me an advice. He said anything you know, is basically

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he is the one in charge