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Be Humble O Believers

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Said trade are the third characteristic of the believer of good values good moral conduct is one of humanity does we find that sometimes it's not the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah incarnate immortal soul speaks directly to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to carry out certain actions, or to do certain things, or to stay away from certain things. And sometimes, these commandments are these recommendations are these prohibitions as aluminum for undiscussed and not just for the profit, some of them, they become also action that we need to carry out inside our lives as well. Because these are traits and characteristics, which are generic for the human being, to imitate the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, Naka, Candela comfiness all in Delhi. oestrogen has an image in Kenya.

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Indeed, for you to emulate, and to copy the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the best example in Him, to emulate and to copy him. So amongst his commandments that we find a lot simpler than addresses the prophets of the Lord seldom, and says to him was Africa demonic, meaning lower the wings of humidity,

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softness of kindness of goodness, to whoever amongst you happens to be your followers amongst the believers,

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that you find that compassion and mercy and kindness and goodness and humidity is a way of the prophets of the law.

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And then a similar verse inside,

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which also uses the same wording or the same word of lowering the wings of humility, of compassion. And he in specific, a lot Kinder mentions to whom should we lower the wings of humanity and compassion towards work with Jenna hacker.

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elimina Rahman, aka Roberto Malcolm Nava, Jani sahira. specifically to one's parents. Lower the wings of compassion, of humility, of kindness and goodness, mercy towards whom? towards your parents, and then supplicate to Allah subhana

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wa COVID came out on piety, Samira. Allah show mercy and compassion to them. Just like they showed mercy and compassion to me. Once I was a young individual, was being nurtured and being brought up by them. And as you find numerous traditions,

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it have moments in your hammock, manifest.

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Show mercy and compassion to whoever is upon the earth. And you find the one who is above the heavens will show compassion towards you. Man Yeah, habla you

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know, if I do ever show mercy and compassion to people, that no compassion and mercy should be shown to the individual, either between human beings once they reside on this earth, or May Allah forbid, inside the Africa there'll be no compassion or mercy from Allah Subhana Allah towards those individuals. And as we find that the concept of humility is not just mere words. It may sound very harsh for some of us. But Islam, sometimes just contextualized it becomes more just mere academia, rhetoric, theory, illogical practices that we find to say that we should undermine them or not to be worried about them. But sometimes the spirit of Islam is lost. We don't see trees. That's what I

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mentioned earlier to stick around to read through the seed of the Prophet subulata. To see how we combine the Quran and Sunnah is as a living embodiment as a living individual. So we take humidity of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we find that he would sit with the poor. He would sit with children who would stitch a Mandy's own clothes, he would cook his own food or milk, his own chin, who would mend his own shoes, who has fixed his own water bucket. These are the small examples about these are great examples in this era, of how the population we find is no individual can be more busier than him. What can afford alayka avina. The blessing of Allah panda is so immense upon you,

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so magnify some glorifying from being hard to moonbeam from being the seed of prophethood to being the husband inside the house, to being a statesman to being a person walking on the streets. Yet we find that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is humility.

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The way that he conducted himself, we find a vast difference, unfortunately, our practices and the practice of the profits and the loss of them. And as we find in the heading as soon as

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that when our Asia from the Lord was asked, how was the Prophet Salalah sort of inside the house, how would he be customers we depict this image that life is own, a scholarly virtue, life is all during this life is all done

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it Can anybody be more busier than the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if the entity to the home, then you take care of the face of the house, he would take care of whatever needs to be done inside the house to participate inside the house. You know, so expensive, but sometimes we think it's not manly. We think he's not manly to clean the house, to wash the utensils to tidy up to take care of the home. I don't know where this concept comes about that for some of us. We think that as Muslims, it's not very manly to take care of the home, to wash the dishes, to iron clothes, to scrub the floor to help one's family members inside the house. This is how he describes the profits of a very

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humbled individual. But when the other one was given, as if he doesn't know his family members, then he will leave the house. Until that moment in time he is taken care of Shawn will be taken care of the whole and in there you find a sin as possibly some elements extracted, you find not just Baraka you find per account. If I'm blessings, that in coming out in seeking one sustenance, one's risk, that person is taking care of the home, then Allah Subhana Allah bestows blessings upon the individual, that may be few moments out of the house. There's much blessings have been placed inside that person's time inside their wealth, that you can read through the seed or many of the small

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moments of work that we find. And you find seven 810 children, families in that small few hours of Baraka inside the time. Baraka inside the lives. You find a muscle and you find him

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to be inside the stuff see that we find hundreds of pages to see that we find approximately

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just over the age of 14, and some regiment trying to deduce that how was it possible to write some 40 odd pages in a day? How is he able to do that?

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And we're not talking about copying and pasting or typing we find handwritten with an instrument in ink with a blunt instrument at times, you find Baraka Baraka inside their life, Baraka inside the time, humility in their lives on both held Allah raises them, raises the man and woman in the body.

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Well, if we do it perish, it ends, that which live in Allah Subhana, Allah remains and multiplies it magnifies the increases in then say continue until the end of time by the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and as we have to remember, that we are all just mere creation of Allah, that is the beginning of humility, that we understand that only for the essence of all of us, we all human beings, the only difference is we find in some, that we find but give rise to certain remnants of the earth to various types of dust clean is all about infancy, they discuss about the creation of the marriage salon, put it all together and if you find that some of us are different, in color and some of the

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different in nature that we find

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in some authentic narrations that we find, that human beings are all different in the way that they are, that may be able to finally go through 100 writing bees, until you find the right writing bees. So person needs to know the psychological development of human beings, to see who they are and what they are. But what we all share is a concept the essence of what we are, that love created us all in the same fashion the same manner. And then given a certain virtues, will loafer learn about the kumada burden theorists alike has given virtue over others by permission. He makes somebody rich he made someone for to give someone accepted when I sit in the law, and live with Allah Subhana Allah.

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But as I mentioned, the giving of wealth for giving yourself the blessing is a key element behind it. To see how we conduct ourselves upon the earth. Another person will really get

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is what made you the inheritors of this earth to resign upon this earth. One of our battle confocal

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near broken femur,

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and he's very subtly ranked over other individuals, whether it be preference web for property, whatever it may be. For what purpose, Leah Blue accom FEMA calm

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You with that which is given to you provided to you. Because everything we've been given is from Allah. Everything is from Allah says it shouldn't

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just be. This is from our own mental arithmetic, my own ability, my own skin, my own mindset. Well lo 100 can be boonie Omaha, Muna shader, Allah Buddha, the wounds of your mother's, and you had no knowledge. You had nothing, nothing to proceed nothing to understand nothing to have of your life. But

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then a lot of information in North America, sorry to

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interrupt I'm sorry

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that you don't use the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah, for who

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is Swift, quick in punishment, just Iseman, the blessing to be placed there for you to use them. God, Allah has placed blessings upon all of us, by hearing about all these blessings apparently hidden, for that purpose to see who first is going to be grateful and humble in front of Allah Subhana Allah, and after you find the real believer, delivers these blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, there and hidden,

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apparently hidden and follows a life of humility, of humbleness, that you find passages in the Quran, which speak about Islam. And it speaks about the opposite about those individuals who don't have good character, good behavior, no humble individual, you find a very strange depiction about them. And so it's sort of like a man with a lot pandadoc speaking but look man the advice he gives to his son speech, firstly, the advice I give to the sun

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in the moon, in

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the first lesson, our ama, that he teaches he said that to ship Bella, narrow commission with Allah Subhana data, then commandments they continue about establishing the prayer, about honoring the good and forbidding the evil and not raising one's voice while walking upon the earth in a state of arrogance. And raising one's voice to Allah mentioned in unconscious working the Sultan hammy. Allah says the most wicked of speech. The most bad speech is the voice of the brain, donkey.

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can pass when they speak in general, this humility in such a speech in the field,

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persons give me an admonition or warning or sometimes some something that's justified by my own moment in time that the whole your life becomes screaming and shouting at people, your whole your whole, your whole demeanor speaking becomes one of rhetoric looking down upon people or being harsh towards people. That's not the natural demeanor of the human being in a swamp the the Sultan hmil is the brain of the as the brain of the donkey. As we raise the waist, hat they find it sort of Islam. So the astrophotography is a once again about

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about characteristics and behavior. A lot of hunter mentioned one attempt she said, the man or her don't walk upon the earth in a boastful manner.

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own kind of the Muslim walks in a boastful manner is wise for forming the power of

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performing a show the strength of the courageous sadhana that remains today. And the first thing that person reveals their shoulder shows the strength, oh, Fie, McCann, jihad, President have become humble, they become weak and humble person shows this strength shows the

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document shows the strength shows the physical force, doesn't show become a sense of humility, and humbleness as a Christian say that they slap you one cheek over the other cheek. That's not what Islam says. Islam says if you have to be telling in the principles of shame, in the other person retaliates, according me, shows for shows my own strength in Nagaland.

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Tula you know, walking upon the earth. In this manner, you know that you're able to reach the height of the mountains, the peak of the mountains 1000s of feet that we find, and you know, that you're able to penetrate into the earth. So how do you walk in his manner upon the earth? Then I'll conclude the verse good with a little careless to interrupt.

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Because numerous things are mentioned that we can dislike,

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this is disliking, but lots of panaderia to walk in a pompous manner, in a boastful manner upon this earth. So humility is the way in the lies of the believer that we find the Koran always makes us ponder over our essence. If you study to find them

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to Jews of the Quran, just about a clarifying and just numerous passages inside speaking about the essence of the human being for example instead of being mahalo Holika Yahoo being the suitable

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for young girl inside Amina holy. Let the human being look at that which has been created from

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holy come in mind that has been created from gushing water

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that comes from the loins. another facet of total insanity has enter an insanely

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long definition Chicken makura in the middle, I'm Sheldon Knepper telling me I'm

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super insane Have you not seen has not come over you have the thought come over you that human being mankind

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was nothing

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then we created a UV minuite for the surgeon from the MC semen then we gave him the ability to see and ability to hear like what you find inside sort of our buffer that we find also to know the I mean he had a mental fatigue

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for muscles civilian from America.

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It isn't even being that we created the human agency in college.

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What did we create the human being from minute 14 from semen.

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Water I find despicable water, it's uncertain musala Allah describe the heat is endangered you may even remember to put me into shilada, while

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pointing towards this, because why? To show the essence of the human being and the end result of the human should be one should be one of humanity towards a loss of one of the other. But before you find the human being as opponent documents becomes full of argumentative behavior, justifying their cause, justifying their needs, justify the practices justify even May Allah forbid the operation, our mural under

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this don't mankind see that he has been created

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the human from the semen that for the human being has been created from for either who has seen the movie and he's argumentative towards people that don't have any idea inside. So

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that we find what

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gives this example is being argumentative towards Allah Subhana Allah fantasy

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he forgets his own creation which has been created from and then he begins to argue who is going to recreate me resurrect me and I'm amin dust bones on you here lady and

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in the woman gave life in the beginning will give life a second where resurrect once again the concept of birth what

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is replete inside the code is always there inside the code and then you find inside the

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method and certain Baccarat 286 vs subramaniya and Medina and so to speak that. But you find inside the sutra you find find occasions speak of and back to shore, about resurrection of bringing the human being back to life once again. Till eventually find sort of

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the mutual loss zamyla Dena cafo and then you lay your bathroom on Bella Robin, the tobacco

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lobby Mohammed Do

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you see that I'm in London and kung fu and then you battle. disbelieving individuals they believe is their creed. Whenever they need to be resurrected. When they've ever been brought forth in front of Allah Subhana Allah indeed you are going to be brought forward and you're going to be asked and that's when the the human the the Muslims I should visualize their life. There is a bath when

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there's resurrection, they standing there's Recompense. There's been that they've accountability the day returning back in front of Allah Subhana Dada, whereby every individual will be delivered to ask about their actions. The Quran mentioned Academy and setting up Sarah Shea in Jeddah Allah

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subhana wa.

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In turn up from shaking, gentlemen, man is always argumentative, always tries to justify nylabone doesn't want to accept doesn't want to step down, wants to carry on argue, argue carry and justify carry on same thing for purpose.

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a Nancy menu

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it says Susan has defined there are some people who argue about Alaska they'll speak about loss of data or argue, just begin to argue. For what purpose, no guidance. They have no claim. Just like just becomes jeton argumentative approach towards others when you become

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an eater the inability to listen. When you argue the People of the Book would acid with goodness with kindness, with logical explanations and understanding towards them. It is a bit of a shotgun and reviling television that we get involved in debates over what was the final statement that we say to somebody individuals from a single

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doctor to the hellfire. The man said, Hey, he's leaving, he's leaving. Your task is to ignite faith is to remind faith. Remind him about Allah get them to think about others get him to think about Islam, and guided life. without loss. There is no condemnation. It's easy to condemn people, or to condemn how Muslims condemned them.

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to condemn them this person, the person because they sinned by default, they'll be punished by people they go to the Hellfire but evil May Allah forbid a non Muslim,

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Muslim who cares that major sin for the machine underneath the grace at the mercy of Allah under command of Allah and Allah insha.

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Allah wants companionship or loved ones can forgive him so pontedera no one can ask for love. But apparently we think we favor Muslims who will carry on major sins combat and openly carry them out. disobeying Allah for the opening, we pray for them, that in the action could be rejected, or may even be rejected by Allah and Allah on the final day. And thus we find that the concept of harmony one song that we find, of reflecting of humbleness, that a person becomes one doesn't begin to challenge mankind. And may Allah forbid that some people begin to challenge God.

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Some people can begin to challenge God rather than becoming humble, and humility can begin to pose questions. You know, even as Muslim we should be very, very wary. When a person says such question says, Why did Allah allow this to happen? Or why is this happening to me? Or why am I suffering as a Muslim, we should be wary about such calibers, which we very rarely use such words. Because these are words of copper, of words of disbelief, that we are questioning Allah Subhana Allah, the infinite wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah, rather than becoming humble, and accepting that is going to be very challenging, very difficult, the various obstacles, various challenges that come in the life

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of the individual, and a person needs to override those challenges, nice to see and they say, the light of Allah, the rule of Allah, the light of the end, to find that even though this may be difficult, is upon me massage. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel, as they say, deliverance in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that rather than sharing the concept of humanity, rather we find a process of pressing humanity, or we find what is classified as superior complex. We find that some of us that we think we're better than another individual, a superior complex that we find is visualized. We don't need to hide the bodies, visualize the Muslim woman

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clearly visualize how people treat other Muslims how they discuss with other Muslim, how they employ other Muslims, how they engage with other Muslims, a superior complex, which is nothing but a complex of shape.

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this was the month

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of Emily's, this is legit, he is in front of Allah Subhana Allah, when Allah says that what is the matter with you? That you refuse to prostate with that which I have created my own two hands, as separate them put them in an alley? I reckon. Are you locked individual? Are you special, any individual, their special random belongs to you? Call me I'm better than Adam at a salon. I'm better than a human being.

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cullompton even when you create a need from the

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from the from the mind from the crane.

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This is logic. The same logic exists, may Allah forbid amongst some Muslims that are better than another Muslim.

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Today, we have I mentioned all this Howdy, speaking to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in the La Jolla and the word Allah

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In a while if

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Allah revealed to me to be an tawanda, to be humbled, to be full of humility, so no individual both oppresses one individual for another individual, or no in the individual begins to claim a right over another individual that we find, in essence, a simple explanation is handy. We're all equal. We're all similar individuals. And it should be no boasting over another individual that we find. And then a similar highly refined manner because of

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what measures the low app that we are putting in there is giving a subtle phone doesn't diminish your wealth. What matters is the lower abdomen we are filling in there is a person doesn't show humility and positive and forgiveness except for the person increases in honor and dignity, what matter where there has to be delay and

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you find a person does not show humility towards human beings or become a humble individual.

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raise the rank of this individual in a heavy in the collection of saying of Mr. Muslim, can we please dissect this hadith before the concept of humility that we find once again practices

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mela Casa

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La Casa, they find that sadhaka is not decrease or wealth is not decreased. So here we find the sharing of one's wealth.

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The man is from Allah Subhana data, once again, if you began with to see how you deliver the wealth that was bestowed upon us, secondly, we find forgiving others is a way of a believer. When I look around and describes about racing towards paradise, and racing through the forgiveness of Allah

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that we find, then Allah describes these individuals.

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what are thinner and

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then Allah mentions a different dimension about who these pines individuals are, because someone just be stopped on a life on Sunday usually quickly by retuns or praying or fasting or performing hajj, it stops there. But the Quran goes into inner dimension, what piety is, listen to what it

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is. So to study this ayah what is what is paying the author mentioned about prayer and foster giving, then it goes into the inner dimension of calling of Islam is

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sort of algebra that we find when we tell the meaning,

00:27:36--> 00:27:44

which literally means those who swallow the anger when I seen and Enos and swallowing of anger from the mouth describe

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the person who has the ability to revenge. That's what

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humility is humility is a person has the power and the suta Cobra has the ability and the ability to rebel and a sense of respect towards the individual back to the individual, to seek the right way, whatever it may be, but they don't do it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, and then we find a third humbleness. A person does not show humbleness, except for the Allah, that raises the rank raises this individual in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah, then in the sight of the human beings, and then we find the other thing, whereby we find that person has the ability, very strange, that we might present the ability to do certain things, but doesn't do them. For McCullough, we find whoever

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avoids wearing elegant and expensive garments at the humidity for the sake of a loss can't afford them, as shown the images, display the wealth, but doesn't want to do that. Shine humble as for the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah will call him before the hands of the creation date, gentlemen, so that he can choose whichever governments of the government paradise a believer he wishes to when adding this Unlimited, very simple to piano description, or descriptive nature, the day of judgment that we find. And as we find, as I've described, when people know enthrone we're not worried about the wealth and the power. There will be the humble lives, spreading the wealth and power to influence

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people or to help the needy for the sake of Allah. That's what humility is. Humility isn't to show your your pump and your charade to show your wealth.

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Just about what's wrong with displaying your well what's wrong with when building multi levels of buildings and plazas and skyscrapers what's wrong with them is showing outwards.

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In essence, you study in great detail is showing arrogance. It's showing pride because many of them when a person builds a skyscraper feels that it's not enough that my competitors by business rivals have been something that goes beyond me. So I need to demolish and build this even more. studied the psychological development here.

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When people do certain things they do for someone to show power to show strength, not necessarily show humility or to show so they went, but to show that we have mind, we have power, we have the ability to do certain things. Real humility is to show deliverance of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala identify you as a handy speed when you say about clothing.

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Clothing needs to arrogance that you've had a great discussion to take place amongst the late 18th century and 19th century 19th century discussing clothing.

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Why am I discussing about clothing whether passenger wear trousers Where should I wear a suit wear a tie? What Why am I discussing this? You know, some of you might think is trivial, studied the deep inner nature of white discussing this in the late 18th century, 19th century, because people used to post people used to boast that to dress in this manner, is a sign of civilization is a sign of bend forward. So, in the late 18th century, in a Muslim country, we had a dress code we had the way that we live your life. So to wear a suit, it shows your discipline in Division One.

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In English, oh, from sia, you don't know a word of English, you don't know where the French. But this shows the in society and modern individual. I'm a qualified individual, because I'm following a dress like a Westerners. So that shows I must be a privilege special in the interview when he has a

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limp. So

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definitely remember

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to dress that up. For this reason. Me we may laugh and joke about it today. Understand the psyche. The reason I like when if I speak about clothing that we find it should be highlighted because we are practitioners. We have teachers, we're here to benefit the people teach ourselves, we find the original speak about the government that training. People don't justify save. When you save a person that's arrogant, I need to speak about person who's showing arrogance in their local government in trends rather than discussed in great detail was getting psychological content. Even today, having your comments training is a sign of pride is a sign of wealth, a sign of being in authority, the

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people they're calling the training yards and to show that I'm the ruler, I'm the Emperor, whatever it may be. And the professor he warned against this, that any person who trains below the below the ankles, forefinger.

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Whatever is underneath the two ankles will be inside the people who are not doing it out of arrogance. Gentlemen, Howdy, howdy samaki. Don't speak about arrogance. So remember I said a person who doesn't have an arrogance

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is even more punishment than arrogance. And a person just generally doesn't is punishment for the individual. Know that once again, we condemn any individual. We don't judge and boosted by the size of the day, or the size of the government.

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We can all conclude this is sort of the profits or loss of at least

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an ISO 16 profits I mentioned. It's a mistake of sort of neasa 16. profits are mentioned by name. They're looking through the mentioned follow the path follow the guidance I received from Canada both of

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these comment was when as we began we Syrah Where was he thought Where was he government reboot is here and you'll find the answer is there. As you began to configure or shorten Hasler, how would he dress? How would his government be? How would you encourage the companions around him? What do you say about them? What do you encourage them to do? What do you remind them to do? That doesn't even say good companions to raise your government raising even more raising even more. And then when you look at who was saying that they saw him progress, and we found that his comment was above his ankles, at least at a sock, and then half of the shin that we find when you find a shadow foot below

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the ankles of the individual Alhamdulillah europeen alanine Academy of suddenly was an Amana Bina Mohammed. He was

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a measured by person dressing in rags in the state of poverty say this is a humble individual. We find that concept pretentious humbleness a peasant showed this face of animal humbleness inside society. This is not the benchmark of humanity that a person now wears tattered clothing, ripped clothing said this is a humble individual person with according to their needs and their wants, and what he has bestowed upon them to show the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah as it should not become boasting about their wealth and their property will become visible that this person has boasting about what they own and what they

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

possess. And if you find a prophet Elijah throughout his life, at all moments, even moments of enjoyment or moments of lightheartedness that we find, was always still in sitting amongst his companions of humility, racing, with a companion racing with the with the cameras that we find the camera the progress of never lost a race, never lost the race, but one day and lost a race companion, traveled to Africa in a manner that How is that possible. And as they say, the old old fossils have to drop one day that it doesn't make it makes no impact. It has no impact upon my life upon performance.

00:35:41--> 00:35:47

And here, we need to conclude that as as we may celebrate certain things in our society in the world around us,

00:35:48--> 00:36:31

let us think openly the winning of the World Cup, or the playing of the football, that Muslims get very emotion about it, and say, well, the damage simply is good for society is good for communities good for this? The simple answer is, it may sound very harsh and simple for us. It has no impact upon Islam. It has no impact upon Islam, it has if I can use something that has no impact towards Allah Subhana Allah, whatever person scores a goal or performs a center and deliver that Allah Muslim or praises Allah Subhana Allah, it has no impact. And we should be honest, if you want to watch and enjoy this for no harm inside them, but don't try to deliver this message, that this is

00:36:31--> 00:37:15

some form of delivering of Islam showing the word Islam, this is just 1.00001% of what Islam is that a person professes a Muslim name. And then the person perform a surgery, the person prays inside the language by default every Muslim should be doing. So we should exploit this this offense and try to deliver that this is some form of humility. humility, is devotion commitment towards a lot of humility isn't to lower yourself and to shake your enemy's hand or to do whatever they tell you to do. That's not humility. Humility is the belief in a conviction. These are teachings of a law. This is a life that I love kind of tells me to lead inside my life I need to follow inside my life and

00:37:15--> 00:37:36

that we find is measured by the glorification of Allah Subhana data. That's what humanity is measured by how much you glorify Allah hunter and how much you remember how much you believe in a lot of data, how much you encourage the life of living according to the rules and regulations of Allah subhanaw taala And likewise, second you find humility is how you treat fellow human beings

00:37:37--> 00:37:55

it's not humility, that you take the workforce of impoverished nations for impoverished Muslim countries and don't pay them this salary make them work in the heat, pay them peanuts and and people who come who are non Muslim enough to come there and use the expertise and their skills and you treat them

00:37:57--> 00:38:26

with generally many, many shoulder wings of mercy compassion, firstly, to do the most normal thing we should be unfair to non Muslim companies is but wings of mercy delivered to Muslims, Muslim mercy, compassion, kindness towards them. And then we find that the end result of what is a bad man once again, about characteristics that are suited for con that we find a lot described who are in bad recognize where a man is

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no suit them for fun. And Alina, young Shona homeowner who woke up on the earth in the state of humidity. Why the huddled

00:38:46--> 00:39:28

individuals, when you say time may come and say they say that don't know what they're doing inside their lives, disturb them calm Sonoma, we must give each other objective in life, we'll have a purpose in life. We have a mission in life. We have a cause in life. We live in this environment, we can believe in something don't just become an average individual. Anybody can be the average individual. Amazon is not an average individual. A Muslim is one humble in front of Allah. And that inspires the individual inspires the individual to go to lofty aspiration. lofty achievements, just like we began with their progress and becomes the most humble of individuals inside his home, and

00:39:28--> 00:39:42

becomes the most humble individual outside as a leader as a statesman, as a prophet as a society around him. But yet for many of us, the opposite exists inside our homes and environment around us. May Allah give us all a dopey inability to return back to them.

00:39:43--> 00:39:46

The practices of the prophets of Solomon, here are

00:39:47--> 00:40:00

what is apparent what is hidden, to deliver ourselves to and shoutout. So when the sooner we know everything about him externally, internally, that we feel content inside our life, with the content that I'm trying

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

My best, as I mentioned, and you all have been moving in I mean, unforeseen. That's how we should engage our allies that the population is closest to the believers in their own self, that we should engage ourselves. That in moments of anger, of sadness, happiness, of joy, of wealth, property giving, taking Coleman's work, life found me friendship. How can I deliver myself? How can I deliver myself? Am I am I delivering myself?

00:40:32--> 00:40:46

Or is it just as a directory directory you mentioned that this is the sooner this was the sooner said, as soon as deeper, deeper penetration, deeper implementation of displaying within our own source and to the wider community around us.