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Come on,

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And by the law, it happens 52 times a year.

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So repeated event, that we go through it or practice it, or

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it's a learning experience that is repeated 52 times a year,

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we spend almost 26 hours every year in this learning experience.

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It's a very unique experience. It's an experience that start maybe with a fewer number, but keep increasing. Russia, so many of other learning experiences start to shrink. But this experience, it's

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usually a smaller number, get bigger every minute. It's having every single week, and you have to

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attend. You have to be attentive, you have to listen, you have to obey, you have to do it as a Muslim.

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It's an interesting that the number of people who go through that experience are not motivated by money, not motivated by

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mandate on them to go through that learner experience. They're motivated by their belief and faith, and Laura for almost an hour. Because they know it is one of the most beloved after for sure that Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So one of the obligatory is of Islam, one of the obligations of Islam, that every Muslim must fulfill.

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It is a learning experience where people are people. It was given to men and women. It's given to those of highly educated and those who have no education, the rich and the poor, the small, and the people who try hard.

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And to the people who

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are interested in religion, those who are righteous and those who are not that religious.

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It's an experience that everyone must come to, it's not only meant for people who are, like,

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attended No, actually, it's most of the people sometimes come to this little experience and not that committed in their daily life.

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It's an interesting experience.

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It's I believe, as all of you know,

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the gym we attend every single week, the Juma prayer that we attend every single week. It is because of this prayer that you are now witnessing, this day became one of the most beloved means to us.

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a citizen of this particular prayer,

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he calls upon the believers because only the

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use of faith to motivate to bring to make them

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to make them committed to permanent commitment in a new deal

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when the call of the Juma prayer is called, so what is the auction

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rush? Come fast

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to the

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vicar Allah which is remembrance mentioning Allah subhanaw taala because that's what it's about.

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They both said, submitted.

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We saw the profit or send them in we heard the process on them while he is in his members.

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to say that

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those people who don't attend to the Juma who don't attend

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and we don't stop such practices. I was honored to seal the heart and

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the intention the need to three weeks in row three times. This will be sealed with the seal of

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this is the

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this is the day where he looked at the interpreter, guys, and this is the day where he's standing down.

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And this is the day when the judgment will start the day. And this is the day, when the process of observing, this is the day that tomorrow will be started. And in this day, there is a short period of time, no one will ask Allah subhanaw taala something unless Allah will answer his or her call.

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And because of that, I've chosen this act of worship this, this has to be in a such a great thing to be in a such unique to be in a such important because it's such important.

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Every time I think about

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how things happen over time, there is no excuse, we don't stop. There is no.

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Every July we come

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in a time of peace in a time of ease and a time of hardship we still come to do when it's raining is not really wistful, come to tomorrow.

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And the question that they're always asked myself, me and so many Muslims, especially those who give

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when you give a summary.

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And by the time you look at your other side, and you see this people rushing out the door,

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isn't it because they were so bored by the

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Is it because the so bothered by being captive audience?

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Those who sleep during the

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day, and busy with their gadgets, and writing or text messaging, or those who are all playing in the car and drawing things on the carpet on their palms or whatever.

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I've been doing this because we don't value the hotel.

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Is it?

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Also, when you say then the person comes home late to the hotel, about the end of the football people start coming in Russia? People ask you sometimes chef when is the Juma then you tell them? It is 130? He said no, I mean this a lot.

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Is that because they really don't think it's worth their time?

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it is the people who are addressing the people? Or is it the people who are receiving?

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Isn't the speaker? Or it is the listeners?

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And that's a good question. Is it really because of

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all these rules and regulations?

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Because I'm just

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you know, I'm just sleeping because I'm tired? Nothing?

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Is it because you're really not benefiting from it? It is because he just you know, just something popped my culture.

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And today I would like to talk to you about this issue, this issue of how can we change our attitude towards?

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How can we maximize our benefits from corporate? And

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how can you really work out every week from this from this. And we know that this Friday seven have made a difference in my life.

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It has changed my life.

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Because I can tell you,

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there is always a space for growth. And if we don't grow

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if we then can simply change and grow and improve ourselves.

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Because then we did things the thing that doesn't work and doesn't move forward.

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So what's what's a few

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combined points? Maybe you don't need to do all that well in the perspective of the lessons because I gave the same talk to my colleagues and

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other points

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as a speaker, but

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you're the one who listened to my speech to attend. How can you benefit from the to the max, how can you make your experience of Joomla is different every week, regardless who's the speaker regardless if he's a good speaker eloquent speakers or not?