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belong under Al Hamdulillah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala should have been a mega mousseline.

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Mohamed Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA and it was so seldom does lumen cathedral cathedra

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out of my money walk

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on Saturday, which is a holiday on service.

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it's early morning, the weather prediction is for rain later in the morning and in the afternoon, all the way into the night.

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weather predictions here are pretty accurate

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to the almost to the exact minute, definitely the hour. So I'm out

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with a hat without an umbrella hat because of the sun.

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Which one of the

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what comes to the packaging with a clean atmosphere is high ultraviolet radiation. And the sun is basically sun rays are basically extremely harmful.

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So it's not a good idea to expose yourself to the sun,

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sunbathing and so on which

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white people do is

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one of the primary causes of skin cancer.

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Of course, they use sunscreens and so on, which I guess is a bit helps, but

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it's not something that

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that is recommended. So it's much better to stay out of the sun

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or at least to make sure that you are adequately

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sure shaded.

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So my hat is for that reason.

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I'm already transferred on it the time.

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the rest of the atmosphere the place here is so beautiful. The roadsides are like gardens,

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much better planted than they would have been. Had they been planted by human beings because this is a lot of answers gardening and the variety of

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wildflowers is unbelievable.

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All kinds of colors, whites and purples and yellows and so on. And

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if I didn't know about Allah, I would say that the distribution is magical. Because it's never wrong.

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The color combinations the

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the flowers is never wrong.

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It looks beautiful, no matter what the mix is.

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So it's not magical. It is a whole lot of my Rob gelato.

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Who made it so that we can remember him through his eyes.

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And that is what he said in a vehicle this hour to a lot of the work to leveleleven Aha the IRT Khalid Al Bab

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la Maga I mean Johanna I mean what do you love insha Allah.

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I go on these walks.

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Almost always alone. I like to walk alone. I do not like company when I'm walking.

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this is my time for contemplation for reflection for vehicles

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for taking some notes

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for listening to something useful, but mostly I don't listen I just think and I

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though because

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this is not to tell you what I do it is

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to remind you of what you can do.

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In general, we can all do this and we should all do this.

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Walking is the one exercise which needs nothing because Allah made yours and he made gravity so

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you don't have to get out of your bed in your hole and you start walking you won't fly because there is gravity and the earth is always there no matter where you are.

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Just a matter of putting your feet on it.

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To give you an idea after coming to America, thanks to the call here in Massachusetts i My osteoarthritis which

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also generally again inherited

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flare up.

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First year I was fine second year, started seeing some signs of this

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See continuous pain

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my walking distance reduced drastically You won't believe how introduced and

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third and knows the 40s or third year it was it got to the point where

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if I walked

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not even half a kilometer, I mean less than that

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I would cramp up, I'd just freeze

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and I wouldn't be able to walk anymore. And this happened to me a couple of times, literally in the budget from my, from my house to the masjid is a two minute walk.

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If I walked slowly to three minute walk

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in that thing, I got cramped up.

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And I was thinking to myself that

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you know, this is not nice to become

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handicapped like this.

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But what to do

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the, my legs started losing strength by arm started losing strength

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and general condition, I mean, you know, and obviously, I started putting on weight because weight because, I mean, I said, my work is at the desk, I'm writing

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almost the whole time. So I work like

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12 hours a day, seven days a week, at least. So

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I'm at the desk and on that whole 12 hours is sitting at the desk

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because every 10 minutes 20 minutes was get up and walk and all that all this is charity never works. Especially not for creative work, when you are writing, your writing, the thoughts are flowing, you get up and start watching the thoughts also flowing.

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At least they do for me. So none of that was doable.

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And obviously the results are bad. And as severe back pain in all kinds of stuff. And on the low you have

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a beautiful friend and my dear friend and he's also my primary care physician not satisfied he examined everything and he told me with you know the choices that I can give you an injection in your spine.

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then hopefully, the pain will go away is the sciatica also and

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then if it gets worse than that then we have looked at surgery.

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That was not a very nice picture. What I like about Dr. Saad is he speaks the truth he doesn't, you know, he doesn't close it in chocolate and so on. So

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he told me so I said okay, this picture is clear. It's not the picture I want to see but that's clear.

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So when I came here to Bennington, I found

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the kitchen did not have even the halal food towards two or three times a week they serve

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meat or chicken

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and it's labeled callous, but when I checked, I found that it is not the beer.

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It's machines routers, machines water is haram

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what I put myself on regimen

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from now it's just always five weeks or three weeks ago and my regimen is I'm completely vegetarian. I eat tofu I boiled eggs because the skillets and pans are not

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are not exclusive. So they sell bacon every morning for breakfast. So I don't eat anything which is fried eggs and so on. So boiled eggs, tofu, they sell a lot of dough for more tofu here than I've ever eaten in my life and I certainly

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do not intend to eat any more tofu. Anyone who comes close to me with TOEFL is going to have some face some serious consequences from me in the future so please be warned.

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So I have

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that supporting TOEFL and

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an x and then whatever vegetarians think they have the serve the sticky rice which they have the temerity to call basmati

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in Allah when Allah

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so I eat one meal in 24 hours at six o'clock 6pm is when this update that's that's the new law each no work was nothing in between just this one meal in 24 hours. I eat fruit is nice fruit.

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And the biggest realization for me is that food is not important. And believe me for Hyderabadi

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who was

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I won't say addicted but you know who thinks that

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otherwise the biryani is worthy of being mentioned in my hotbar and I mentioned it more than twice

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for me to say something like food is unimportant. And believe me, this is a huge change in perception and hamdulillah I'm very happy that this perception and perception happened.

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So I'm reading this, I have put myself on a schedule where I walk

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an average of or at least on average, at least five miles a day. I think about this here, I was in a situation where I couldn't walk more than they told me less than or less than half a kilometer. And I'm walking five miles, eight kilometers every day. My record until now has been 7.7 miles the other day I went for a walk in the forest and all up and down and so on.

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Yesterday I walked to six point something miles. So I'm doing this

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I'm also doing weights in the gym for about 45 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes not

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and the result is hamdulillah me

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osteoarthritis doesn't go away. It's a degenerative disease and it only gets worse

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if you are that way inclined if there is genetic predisposition to that or if

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you know, whichever way the will of allies to test we ask Allah to save us from all the tests then you will get it if you get it he doesn't go away.

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And it only gets worse the longer you live it can only go one way and the results but

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the effects of it on a daily basis this is in our control 100

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So what has happened now is

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my weight I've lost in five weeks I lost four kilos for four points on NICUs

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I was hoping to lose 20 kilos in five weeks but I think that's not a good idea. Anyway Allah subhanaw taala decide what is best so four point something kilos.

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Then my obviously strengthened my legs and my arms and so on, has hugely improved.

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And my stamina has also hungry ly improved to this extent. And not my

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best dream did I imagined that I would well I mean I have walked in my life I was known to to be washed away a walker.

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So on my childhood by growing up years to fully

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I was known as YAHWAH Yeah, hopefully our walks Have you

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heard about this? I walked from the top of Windsor hills from behind John Palace, Jr. Park from behind KBR park all the way to Golconda fort. I walked out twice

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and what back I mean, you know, this is the days in schools

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not only transport I walked at times and believe it or not between the back of

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back of children palace and it wasn't KBR Park in those days it was a big wall. It was kulturen palace and

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Gordon afford

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the only habitation that I passed through was a piece of toilet jockey that came in between and

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the few houses around the hood of chattels

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that's it otherwise all the way

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from the back of John Paris to Bergen afford was just open land.

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And you know,

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I have seen in that in that walk,

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peacocks and

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uncountable me I don't even know how many

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black named hair which is rabbits,

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wild boar. And on two occasions leopards

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this used to be horrible.

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Anyway to come back to this. So my big realization in life is that and hunger today in the history in the history Canada and now 70

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In the Gregorian solar calendar, I'm 68

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in the 20th of this October,

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if I live that long, I will get into ethics in it. So

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lesson for myself is that there is no age for

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putting yourself in trouble.

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There is no

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As to change your waist

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is no edge to.

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And I'm thinking specifically with reference to this and we'll dispense with reference to other bodies.

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We have the thing up Kakkar status on Friday tomorrow. Tomorrow it didn't cover my hair today.

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Sunday Omar who veto Southern Baptist.

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So think about this, or what can we do you know our time is over. If your time is over, it would be in your grave. Right they would upgrade and as on you and you will be nervous. Time is not over until it is over.

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Allah subhanaw taala creators created us for a certain lifespan and we will live that lifespan, what he gave into our choices how we want to live the lifespan. If you want to live the last part of your life,

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in a hospital bed on a wheelchair, that's your choice. And that will happen to you without a doubt if your legs go weak,

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so strong legs means no wheelchair. So decide which one you like more.

00:16:07--> 00:16:09

I just go to a

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store that sells wheelchairs and look at all the nice fancy models the the motorized ones and whatnot. The wheelchair that drives you to your shop and right mix coffee for you or something I don't know what they do.

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And ask yourself if you like that.

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Your choice you want to have that no problem. Keep sitting on your cinnabar forever walking here saying made it to the New York automobile company that was Monica Tamati. Just because Nikki bolts like they will have the ability.

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The Time won't end or what you can call life.

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here because the which

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literally what you could really call life will be finished

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my strong suggestion and request an integer

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is don't do it.

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For those of you who are listening to this with concentration, and if you need go back

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time, the

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time the span

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between cars passing.

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I've been walking now I think from the Academy

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from the college I'm now about roughly

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maybe two miles away

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and three cars past me.

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So you can watch you can imagine what a peaceful environment this is

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the law so this is why

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my realization for myself. One is that you can turn around your life and believe we all have this, this whole thing hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala put this in my heart. When I came here, suddenly I decided this is what I'm going to do. And I think it was me one day, I had this opportunity so I just didn't use it.

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But yeah,

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it gave me that thought back back again. And he made me do it.

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So here I am

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on my walking on my money walk and it's a cloudy sky.

00:18:26--> 00:18:29

flowers everywhere. I'll send you some pictures

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and hamdulillah all I can hear is birdsong.

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Lots and lots and lots of small birds here in America huge number of small birds and they all have voices and they are all constantly engaged in the legal philosophy.

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They love hearing them Salah

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so I saw and said I'll leave mnemonic up there must have had their daughter centered me the

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language of the Burj but of course I am not. I don't understand the language of Burj Burj, we know they make the Coronado hotel. And

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so that's what I'm up to. So, key realizations, takeaways from this.

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You can turn your life around absolutely at any time of the day or night. applies to physical, which is what I was talking about applies also to attitudes applies to behavior.

00:19:28--> 00:19:34

You can decide to pray at any time in your life, you can decide to make a foreign throw and turn towards Allah subhanaw taala anytime in your life.

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And none of this can be done once you're dead.

00:19:40--> 00:19:57

So let's understand that, right? Let's understand in your life, literally means that anytime in your life. It's not any day after you're dead. So the time to begin is now right now. So stop listening and do something about

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the fantastic Golden Oriole which

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She took off so in front of me what kind of Sahaba

00:20:06--> 00:20:10

one of the nice things are that people have I want this every car that passes with you.

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So beautiful country, this part of the country and very nice people.

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Okay, I think I should stop talking.

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Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was