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2017-06-24 – Ramadan 2017

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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among the common mistake that I see a lot that people have this belief about something called hotmail or an inbox a solemn never had a special two hour or a special occasion called hotmail or an

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ns sometimes when you finish hotmail calm he bring his family neighbors and basically they make do out there is nothing wrong when we have hotmail caught on people bring sweets I have no problem with all of us. But what our problem was you'll have this believe that Huffman code on an every mastered means like something very special and it's from this another time and that someone didn't make up for it as if he missed something from the sun. You know, Capricorn is a great act of worship after finishing cosmopolitan is a good thing to do inshallah as acceptable no problem to care to be there while a good a bad a finished you know to be among those who are making drama last 100 include you

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among them but what's the mistake is that you believe it or not, and if somebody didn't make up a call on their salada CRM or they're a bad at home Yvonne is incomplete finishing the whole quarter on Inter Milan in Ibiza Salam used to review the whole point onwards Sabrina Coronavirus, something good to do. No doubt about that. But

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the issue of making it something that it is mandatory or there is a belief attached to it.

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Not necessarily to be the case. So let's make it easy and people let's focus on enjoying the recitation of the Quran may have lost planet Allah accept from all of us.