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Ahmad Saleem
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inshallah we're going to carry on our discussion in the book of sorry Quranic character, the series that we started, and we are in the chapter of alpha to lessen the calamities or the perils of our tongue and how it can affect affect us.

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Our fists discussion in this matter, and before we begin, I just wanted to address this a few brothers have messaged, they said, Is there a way we can do these sessions after the Sunnah? And I just wanted to reiterate that, that the Sunnah is to pray our son as at home, unless you're going to be staying in the masjid to Russia. Then in that case, you can pray anytime from now until Russia. This is not from the sunnah to pray the Sooners in the masjid Rasulullah Selim in the Buhari and Muslim numerous Hadees he has mentioned that you know that that you know we will come Aqaba do not turn your houses into graveyards. If you get a chance, you should go and pray as soon as at home and

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most of the time it also la sal Allahu alayhi salam would finish the salah. And if he has had Italian with the Sahaba, he would sit into the Taleem otherwise he would get up and go home. And then he would pray the Sonos and where we have the Hadith that he would be praying the Sunnah. And then he had, you know, he would touch a shot of the Allah Juana to move her feet, and she would retract her feet and he could do the search there and then when he would be done with the search that she would extend her feet and all of that, right so those Hadees are telling us from that, that the Sunnah is to pray this to not unless you're going to be sitting to the masjid and you can pray

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anytime after that. So the fifth mob has or the topic that the fifth thing that we're going to be discussing is

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about a person

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what should a person do if you happen to hear libre?

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Because this is something an inevitable reality of ours.

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In it few Hadith are mentioned. So the first Hadith that has mentioned as an alum, I know who I am but he this Imam no way he mentioned and it's not a hadith he explains he says know that whosoever hears a Libra for the first time if you hear an Yello ha ha You have to turn it away. You have to tell the brother sorry we cannot listen to this

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while yes Judah ILAHA and you can be a little bit more harsh to that person saying Moscato Yes, Joe dance example. So let's stop it this is not enough. We should not be talking about this right.

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If you cannot do it with your tongue then you should definitely try to at least divert turn away go somewhere else. And if you cannot you've had a call modulus leave the modulus use state you make a statement by your own actions by leaving the mattress. Okay. And and then an Autobahn or the Allahu and it's a long Hadith as mentioned that and this is this is this hadith and body. It is mentioned that Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was sitting

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for for Kalu the Sahaba as they said

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Aina Malik Ibn duchaine This is a hobby his name Malik had been the shine. They said where is Malik? Shane we don't see him where is he?

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And in another narration it says if not duchaine, where is he? For call about the home cataloging app has so few of them are sitting in for call about the home radical monastic.

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The Sahaba said this right? That Nikhil Munna now you have Allahu wa rasuluh woman I said Yo Allah rescued us we'll go burning gotta that Mauna Kea who does not love Allah and His Messenger dialogical Manasa

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these are the Sahaba stocking for kala Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam learn to hold value

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provinces that have overheard them and he said Don't say that.

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Give me the farm we say this eight Whoa. Bien Yatta we say this all the time right like we we pass a running oh this guy doesn't even come to the masjid or that Muhammad

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Allah eg for Salah we you know that will make this comment like and we will make a comment not ever thinking that this is a river

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to Rasul Allah says, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam lotta cool Dalek Don't say that.

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A lot. Allahu Allah La ilaha illa Allah, you read will be daddy kawaji Allah. Did you not see this person? He said La ilaha illallah Don't you see that this person is a Muslim. He says La Ilaha illa Allah and His only purpose of saying La ilaha illallah was that he wants to please Allah.

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So there's a lot of learnings here for us. Number one.

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The image sometimes we have of Sahaba was everybody was perfect.

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Yes, they had the highest level of Eman but they were also humans. And this these are the

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Tell us about the reality on the ground. They were not the supernatural being of, you know, yes, they had the highest degree of Eman. All of us if we were to work all our lives, we will never ever be able to attain the Eman that they have.

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Despite their Eman, they had deficiencies. Then what about you and I?

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What about you and I passing comments, discussing about other people in doubts. Right? Recently somebody said, Oh, I was invited in this out and they were talking about this and this and then they started talking about Masjid politics. And then they started the entire Dawa was all about that I will speak and this is not in our message, by the way. I was you know, I was in ECAC for some event and we were there and the words were saying the same thing. All our doubts on Saturday nights is like a Liebert festival

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then the question we ask ourselves is why don't we find any crucial and Salah Why don't we find any connectivity and Salah why can't we connect because if our entire life we were not doing this even consciously it's unconscious Kabira

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unconsciously aura, we don't even think about these things. The second thing is somebody can say La Ilaha illa Allah and he can still be incomplete.

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But we cannot doubt that person's Iman we cannot say this person is less Iman

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because as the hola they say us lol Eman. The essence of iman is in that person's heart. He said La ilaha illa. Allah

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the increase of that Eman is going to come with his family with his practice with his Assam or with his ability to forgive with his ability to look and meet that person that you may fully disagree with.

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But you still love him because the brother on the other end says La ilaha illallah you may disagree with his lifestyle you may disagree with his sins you may say but if he says La Ilaha illa Allah and he's your neighbor next door. He doesn't come to the masjid he wears shorts he does everything haram you can think of

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what's my State of the heart when I look at that brother?

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Do I feel the same? As if I see a brother in the masjid and if I don't and there is some problem

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and that is what Rasul Allah is fixing here he says, Allah does a lotta colada Alec Allah Tara hookah de Cala La Ilaha illa Allah, do you not see that he has said La Ilaha illa Allah, you read to be Daddy God Allah He wants nothing but the pleasure of Allah with that statement of his Allah Allahu wa rasuluh Islanders. Hubbard said Allah knows best Allah and His Messenger knows best when we can testify for that person's Eman.

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But if I didn't know my Nara watch her who went to see how to hold it and when I felt Fabiola Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in Allaha or de Haro Rama Allah Nah, man, Allah Allah Ilaha illa Allah EBITA li Viva Valley CA Guajajara Allah

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rasool Allah said, listen, indeed Allah has made Hellfire haram on that person who said La Ilaha illa Allah

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yep Delhi and all he wants from the statement be thy Lika which will Allah He wants the pleasure of Allah for that person. Allah has made Hellfire haram

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I'm gonna gotta hurry. Johanna what are we doing? Like every person knows I did that person. Yeah, see this is this is this this? That is? That's all we're doing.

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Honestly, ask yourself when you go to a doubt or when you go somewhere where you are the most religious and everybody else is in your mind less religious? Do you really look? Do we really look at those individuals and say man, you did nothing. We have already passed our judgments on them.

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And Rasul Allah is telling us in Hadith in Bukhari

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Allah He were too quick for that.

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May Allah grant us tofield to practice?

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Now the question happens, why do we do a lever?

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Now we've heard all the dangerous at ease about it. For the last three weeks, that's what we'll be hearing. But then the question happens from Karthik when

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why do we do that? And we know all of these Hadees and a lot more now. But yet, every single one of us either we have heard Liva in the last week or last two days, or we were in Imagineers rarely but was taking place with some kind of a we've heard it, including myself. We've been in situations where it was awkward for you to get up.

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Right It was awkward for you to get up. I was invited to that coronation thing at Alpharetta city hall yesterday, right same thing

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but they were all a bunch of Muslims. And they were talking about things. And I was like, Yeah, I need to leave Mantis in a cage so I can get out. Right? But there are situations in which you can't get yourself out. Because you have to receive that thing. And you're sitting here and then everybody around you is doing it. So we've all heard it. So then the question happens to understand our own fcr our own psychology, and to understand why somebody else is also doing it.

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Okay, in that there are a lot of things listed. Let's see how many we can get through number one. The biggest one is who are more Howard Atul Intisar Lee knifes,

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you feel that you have lost the battle with that person, and now you're trying to win that battle. But you're not strong enough, you're not a true Rajul you can't face that person. You cannot go and tell that person to his face those problems. So now you start Riva and it makes you feel like ah magic,

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I am winning now. Because I'm creating an entire campaign around this person behind his back. I feel that I'm winning, his value is lowering.

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So it is more how Allah tool in TSR Lin knifes, it's nothing but an attempt to become victorious to satisfy your own knifes against that person that you believe you've lost the battle.

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was sci fi and yes, via Elmo a BB a leave a la vie Saudi here, I love it. And this effort is so that they'll turned out, I'm really upset that this person, he got this or that he has a better car or a better house or a better family or a better job or better this or better? Whatever it is, in your heart, you're burning. And with this lever, you said, Did you see what he did? And when we say that

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turned accordingly. And that's what's happening psychologically inside. That's what we're what is happening.

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Number two

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second is you develop a hatred for the other person

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for reasons beats, anybody's, you know, imagination.

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You don't know.

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Okay, you develop a hatred. And now because you have developed this hatred and you have created this image for this person, you're not willing to see the reality. You're not willing to accept the reality. And in your mind, you have developed a hatred for this person. It could be your family member, it could be your brother, it could be your uncle, it could be your job, your boss, it could be anybody. You have created a hatred, I suppose. I can't see him. When you have hatred, check yourself, all of us if we check ourselves, where do we fall in the labor? If we take an account, you will find yourself that you will always find yourself doing the bulk of the people you hate.

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You will never find yourself doing Zeba of people you love

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mashallah, I love the brother so much. Let me tell the world about some bad things he does. You don't do that. It's hatred that delivers that labor. Right? So you know over here I'll hit the little hurryin While Bo Lila home and you not only you have hatred, but you hate their guts. You have bold inside you have you have this filled, filled inside for the other person.

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So what do you do? How do you satisfy that hatred? For you have the quarter al Musawi, my yearbook? money because you go and tell other people, all the bad things you know about this person? You expose, expose to the world? All the things that Allah has hidden. You tell the world did you know this person? He did this? Did you know this is happening? Did you know his daughter did this? Did you know his son did this

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And why does he do this, so that his hatred can be because it's not nice to be in a feeling of hatred. It's a fire, it burns you. So you have to satisfy that fire somehow. So you satisfy that fire by doing Riba and you feel cooled. But then that hatred when you see him again, this guy or this girl, you get hatred again, and that gets inflamed. Now you need to satisfy because you're burning inside

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and inside psychologically, you feeling the burn, and you want to get rid of this? How do you get rid of it? Let me talk to others about it. Let me talk to others about it. The bigger lever that happens sometimes

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is SubhanAllah. Somebody will say

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they were somewhere in the gathering and they heard overheard somebody talking about someone. Now they will come

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Feeling good? saying let me go and tell you that that person was talking about you You don't hate him You don't hate this person but you're trying to do

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which is the third reason you're trying to win points so the third reason why we do Reba is points point system. Look I've saved you 10 times I've told you all the things people were doing I told you when there was a they were about to fire you and I told you this is coming and you were able to save yourself look all of this I'm protecting you. But in reality this person is having a point system with that person

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and he sees some muscle Yeah, he sees some benefit going up in benefit there is some benefit that I will get from I'm just picking it up you're not there's no benefit here and there's a guy the guy's like What benefit do I have for him? And the next thing you know you have a WhatsApp message in the community right like this is how our this is happening. So just an example that yeah, there's some muscle huh? So I keep on feeding information. And I keep saving.

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So the other person thinks Wow cow mashallah he saved me so many times. But in that saving that person has done even a bigger sin, not just Liba but now Mima

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which is even a bigger issue.

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And subhanAllah that's even bigger than

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the fourth reason is you have bad company.

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You have bad company, you're hanging out with the wrong people, you're going to the wrong doubts.

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So the author he says a suburban Robair

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is my work. multiforme al Julissa, you are sitting with people.

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Those are not the people you're supposed to be hanging out with.

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But since you already there, and they started talking of Calcutta, Karnataka Jana.

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Like, you know, in the end, you're like, you know, let me eat food. I came here for food, but the extra, you know, appetizers of haram that we get in that food Subhanallah

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that is why, you know, when I get invited for any private doubts, I'll call them and I'll say, what time is the food going to be served? They will say 730 I'll show up at 830

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Because I know this is standard time, it's never going to be 730 Right? And sometimes I'll show up at the door at 830 and I'll see there's only four or five cars for cars on the Gobi Bacani econo right I literally sit in the car and I'll do some calls and stuff like that because I want to walk in with as limited time as possible. And you'll see there are people like here that I've been to their houses they'll tell you that I showed up as a practice this this is only because I have to go and meet anyways. But if I can minimize the pre food time and I can be there right when they're eating food. I have a way to divert the conversation about the food about this about that and stuff

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and as soon as I eat food, I'm gone

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that their brothers here in the community when I was in their house, ask them that's what I did without them knowing that I was doing that. Now you're like a CHA next time it's gonna Sadat Kenny bowling. Next day, Saturday, Chico wheeling you right?

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they're here so well, they know they know my plan. Right? And other reason is

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the person he does this era that refer to knifes, you feel like you have a low status. And you want to elevate your status. So with you going around and talking to other people about this, in this, this, this, you feel like my body which is only armed with this information, but I'm a big thing. Now I'm a big shot, I have all this information. I can tell you what he decided about he said and I can tell you what you said about he said, right, and I can tell all of you what they said.

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Right? So now you feel like refer to knifes you feel like you're have a lower status and this way. So you will find that most of the time when people are doing riba they will very rare, most of the people that are doing it, but you will find them they will very, very, very rarely be in positions of sea level positions.

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Because in C level position, you cannot be a person that's doing Cuba.

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If you are a gossip monger in those workplaces, you know, and if they happen to hold some sea level or director level positions, then they will not be able to sustain those positions. This is somebody as an HR I'm telling you, we let go of more directors and chief executives because of gossip than performance.

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As a matter of fact, subhanAllah you guys would be laughing laughing at this. There. There is a assessment that is done for people when they are about to become directors is anybody I don't want to expose anybody here but like if you're a director level, you probably know this.

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So there is an assessment company

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called The Hogan. Anybody heard of that? Hogan assessments? Right Hogan assessments is a company they have developed this assessment test, called the dark side

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to psychological test,

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and it tests your ability to function when all * breaks loose.

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And then it tests for your integrity in that mess.

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And the test costs $15,000.

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But I was being interviewed for a position before I moved in, I decided finally that that was the last interview I ever did in the corporate world. I was being interviewed for a Chief Human Resource Officer position. So they flew me from Canada. And they said, you're going to be on a two weeks on an island all the fun stuff and I was like, Man, the best interview ever in my life, the last one too. So I, they flew me and then they put me in this Hogan assessment test.

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And after all of that,

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they came to me and they said, you can enjoy the rest of two weeks. Because in that test, we discovered certain traits you have that does not fit our culture.

00:21:16 --> 00:21:18

You are too religious.

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And we are a very open culture company. So your value systems collides with our value systems as a company.

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Technically, you're perfect but from value based system you will you and I are going to be mismatches. And they paid me for one month's salary without just for that interview and they said go back home. That's when I learned about that dark side then I started researching and that dark side test is actually a test to ensure that if anybody goes to the sea level, it tests for Riba.

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Are you a gossip monger? If if it shows that you are you have the trait of riba you will not ever get the position

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Oh sea level is like chief executives. So if you have a director let's say you have like manager, then executive manager, then senior, then the assistant director, director, Senior Director,

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VP, Senior VP, and then C. Those are the levels in HR. So C is like Chief Chief Executive Chief Marketing chief, this chief that those are called C level positions where you're you're in front of your title is the word see? Right? So one of the things they test for that is this thing so a lot of times you will see people doing riba because they want to refer they want to rise above the rest is like a mess upset.

00:22:43 --> 00:22:43

I'm the best.

00:22:45 --> 00:23:04

superiority inferiority complex. Yeah, yeah. both Yeah, both ways. Either they have a superiority complex, complex, and they feel like they need to convey all the message to everyone or it's out of the inferiority complex and they want to prove themselves that there's something because they don't have any value. Okay.

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We can go more

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number one of the other reasons is it harder dad job mean as Harville mousy and other times sometimes we do Hiva is sometimes I'm SSA better no just sitting will be like your heart Subhanallah it knows a hearing it not so smart. Such a nice person and Subhanallah then he committed sins. Allah who I said to many community

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you're you're doing Zeba but in reality, you're like amazed at how somebody like this can commit this thing. So many times we end up committing Zebub out of that job. Because you see a phenomena and your brain says one plus one equals two Why is this not adding up? You make a statement about it? Yeah, Habibie cave Allah Subhan Allah, Harvard graduate and this and that. How can he do this?

00:24:02 --> 00:24:06

We've done this already. Like we these are the site and that's a form of Riba.

00:24:08 --> 00:24:11

Now you've done riba but you felt inside

00:24:12 --> 00:24:18

Balaji Mamilla but a strange he's a very strange how can this happen? How dare these people do this?

00:24:19 --> 00:24:25

So when you're doing the odd job in a sense of the job, sometimes you will end up doing labor. Right?

00:24:27 --> 00:24:35

And these are deep psychological things because we must understand come get Karakura here. Why are we doing this in the first place?

00:24:37 --> 00:24:48

And all of this the root cause of it as Imam has already said, there's like nine other things by the way, so maybe I will get to it. Number 6789 and nine other things 10 Actually 10 other things will stop

00:24:50 --> 00:24:57

11 So we did almost six today we'll do the next five but I'll end with this Imam Ghazali he said Why does a person do libre?

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said a person does Liba because he has

00:25:05 --> 00:25:20

a small portion inside of his heart. He has a depletion or hinder who Noxon, Philippine, he has a defect his Yaqeen is not complete, that Allah is in control.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:37

That's the root cause. You really don't truly, truly believe that if somebody did something to you, right? I burned your pancakes, for example, right? You really don't believe that Allah is in control of this, you feel like my sneaky I must take revenge.

00:25:39 --> 00:26:12

So oftentimes because of our lack of your teen, in this element that Allah controls everything, we start believing that others have control over us, others have power over us, others can harm us. Hence, my responsibility is I must do something counter about it. Now this is different from a person speaking up against injustice. That is why Allah says law you are a biller who Jaha Ramona su e

00:26:13 --> 00:26:14


00:26:15 --> 00:26:35

Mon limb. Now a person has been transgressed upon Abkhazia to hear that in that particular case, that person Allah says Allah does not like that evil is spread within the community, except for the person who has been transgressed upon, he has been given the exception to come out in public and say,

00:26:36 --> 00:27:14

something someone has done wrong to me, who's going to help me? And if any person chooses to help that person who has been transgressed upon, right in that process, any conversations that you're doing to gather information that becomes part of help and that's where like investigations or anything happened, like event of bullying happen, and now we have to investigate. I chose Nick alcohol, who did he did he hit? Did you hit in that particular case, you're drying your purpose of gathering information, you may be doing rebar, but then those are exceptions that are allowed, and we'll get to a entire chapter of exceptions that are allowed, right? Because a lot of people they

00:27:14 --> 00:27:52

want to learn rebar, the exceptions. I want to begin with exceptions. Can I know the exceptions? When can I do a demand? So yesterday, when we started the rebar I got messages literally from brothers and sisters. But can you tell us what are the exceptions of this? We'll get to the exceptions. But let's first understand why do we engage in the first place in JAMA? Alright, we ask Allah that You know He grants us the trophy to practice Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim assuming Kathira alberic Allahu Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed came about Chuck Todd Ebrahim, Allah libera human Academy de Majeed. Allah Who Medina full Santa Taqwa

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was a Kia antihero. Manchaca and our you have molar Hyderabad Alameen

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Allah Who Muslim Helena Elisa and Anya Allahu muslin and Hassan Allahu Allah ibn Amina NIFA Allahu Mata Hiroko Leuven, I mean, Allah Who Mata Hari l Sanatana. Amin al Khatib Allahumma Bahadur, Alsina tena min al Khatib, Allah who might have been the mafia peruviana Allahu Mata hit alumina I'm in Cali Denis Allahu Mata hit Apollo Burnham in Cali danas Allah Humam, la Apollo Barnaby nor even Eman Allah mon la Kulu BANA bill in my habit in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be more Habitica Allahu some idea Rockman masala Houma Tada hurry healthy him Hamid

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he wants me he wants him to see me and give here

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is Akuma La Jolla

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