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This episode talks about verse no.201 of Surah Aaraf, seventh juzz, where Allah SWT says indeed who fear Allah SWT when they are touched by an impulsive shaytaan and as soon as that happens they remember Allah SWT and they can see clearly. A story of young man full of taqwa, who responded from his grave.

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Salaam Alaikum Welcome to America to do brothers and sisters, welcome back to our series people have called on where every night I share with you a story from one of our pious predecessors and how they interacted with the world. And so this is actually a very powerful stories panel. It's one that

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you know, that truly, you know, I think relates to many young people today in particular that are struggling with what Xena doesn't have the eyes, you know, the fornication of the eyes, the fornication of the hands, and unfortunately, sometimes, you know, full fornication full adultery. And this is narrated by the mom and Kathy Rahim Allah to Allah and also Harmon Sunday could have been, shall we, in the stories of Pablo de la on home. And it's about a young man and this young man, you know, Shabalin fear I didn't know before I sell them. A young man at the time of the Prophet sly, seldom tantalizing with messages who was you know, well known for constantly attending

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the messages. So this isn't the highway robbery. This is someone that always used to go to the masjid, the estimated hadith of God, one body and minify Sahaba, so that he could hear the Hadith being recited from the mouths of the Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them. And, you know, in particular, honoring the law of time who, you know, saw this young man as one with great potential. So I'll mow the lawn who takes this young man as a student. And you know, this young man was always seen following on top of a lot of time, what can a level of wouldn't shake when he had an old father, that, you know, he used to constantly go home and serve every single night, his mother had

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passed away, so it was just him and his father. And every night when he left the masjid, as he was on his way to his father cannot follow up in law, there was a beautiful young lady that used to constantly call him to commit adultery, and somehow to LA, he would always Ignore her, he would head to his father's house, and he didn't pay attention to her. And then one day, you know, and that's how it works, let's say pond, right, he catches you in a vulnerable moment. One day as he was walking, and she started to tempt him as she always did. He actually followed her and analyze he went behind her lambda alpha and the beta alpha, just as he was about to enter into the house behind

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her. He remembered the AI and this is the area we're covering today. Now we're in the southern sort of sorted out off verse to a one to the color code of law. He remembered these words of a loss of Hannah Montana in Edina taco neither master home party Foreign Minister a party to that Carol, either on mobile seen on that, indeed, those who fear a loss of Hannah Montana, when they're Touched by an impulsive shape on, you know, shape on gets them, you know, just quickly, they're touched by a whisper of shape on an impulsive shape on to that cuddle. You know, as soon as that happens, they remember last time, there's a moment of heedlessness. And then right away, they remember last antifa

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Mobile seat one, and they snap out of it, suddenly, they can see clearly. So it's like it's a moment of vulnerability, shake bond gets you on an impulse, he gets you into a moment of heedlessness to do something you're going to regret. And then you know that tuck what kicks in and you remember a loss of Hannah Montana. So he remembered a loss of hundreds or he remembered this ayah from sort of above. And as soon as he remembered this idea from sort of that horrible nazionale he, you know, he collapsed completely in front of this young lady's house. And this, you know, handler, this young lady actually picked him up from either either A or B and she dropped him in front of his father's

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house. And his father, you know, brought them inside the house, and they thought that he might die. And, you know, his father, you know, read called on on him. And this young man woke up. And he feared a loss of hundreds so much. And he felt so bad for what he'd done, that he started to share the story with his father, his father said, What happened? What caused you to fall into this? So he started to tell him what happened. And then as he was starting to tell him what happened. And he was saying that, you know, I remembered an idea from the poor. And his father said, what was that I have that you remember. And as he started to recite that I again, he passed out again, but this time he

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didn't wake up. So So Pamela, he actually passed away. And on we'll hop out of the law, tada, and who was called to the house and he came, and he was very aggrieved. And they took him and they actually prayed to NASA on him that night. And Pamela This is where a miracle happens as all model the law of timeline who buried him and he cried, and they prayed on him. A lot of know how powerful the Allah and he said, Yeah, Fattah, what do you mean half our karma of the janitor? He said, Oh, young man, he recited the 46 I am sure that whoever fears the standing before his Lord will have to gardens to gentleness and when almost all the law of Thailand has said that the young man actually

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responded from his grave and that's why I've been caffeine has this section shot when he had to had death in public he young man who spoke from his grave, the young man actually respond

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tommorow the allowed time and said yeah Omar caught up on email Abbeyfield jannetty Malati Allah has given me these gardens and gentlemen twice meaning Allah has given me even double what you assume of Allah subhanho wa Taala to give me and what this shows you is that you know again the ion switches are off Yes, Allah will catch you sometimes, or I'm sorry the shape on will catch you sometimes where you don't expect but if you have that consistent relationship with Allah subhanaw taala you'll eventually overcome that impulse and Allah Subhana Allah is most forgiving and most merciful. And Allah subhana wa Tao reward that's what we asked a lot of grants that same consciousness and that

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taqwa that we that we meet him while he's pleased with us, and that loss of hundreds out allows us to overcome the whispers of shavon and the corruption of ourselves alone that I mean, does that mean little hideout inshallah Tada, I'll see you next time on our series people have got an was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.