Nightly Reminder – The Quran Revisited #03 – The Crosshairs

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The transcript discusses the historical context of the title "Game of Thrones" and how it relates to fasting during legal rulings. The title is a reference to a woman named Hamada and provides insight into the meaning behind "arrogant day." The speakers emphasize the importance of reading and using appropriate phrases during a legal procedure.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen level 100 Hassan Hassan al Jamila shadow Allah, Allah medical hopko Medina shadow no Mohammed Al masala La Rosa Rahmatullah Laila mean. We begin the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the granting of mercy all praise and glory be to Allah Lord of the worlds and these finest peace and blessings be upon the one whom he sent as a mercy as the world's. We testify that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion with Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet and from this Allahu alayhi wa sallam was his prophet and a servant that is messenger.

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Welcome everybody back to our nightly reminders we have been discussing how to revisit to reconnect with the plan

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and reflect on it deeply as it was revealed for it was revealed for that deep to double. And we said the first step is to cleanse the receptacle what we receive this quarter and with which is our heart so that we can be deserving of the guidance that exists in that book. And the second thing we said is to clear the distractions you have to sit with the core and don't give it the leftovers of your time, give it your undivided attention for the time that you have dedicated to Quran.

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The third, which is tonight's inshallah, discussion very quickly, is about not limiting the Quran.

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The Quran did come addressing certain things, but was intended to be extrapolated from to be reflected on to

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benefits so many other scenarios. And so

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I gave this reminder the title of the crosshairs and you'll understand why hopefully in a minute the child law, but considered that Allah xeljanz said at the end of social borage

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in no luck or no Majeed follow him. This is a vast or an encore. And that is Majeed. Follow him fooled in a guarded, preserved tablet, meaning it's inscribed up there in the heavens, in a low Hill muffled but this quote an was described as Majeed of the meanings of Majeed is that it is vast, you can visit the same idea over and over again and get different benefits from it, different lessons from it, and the scholars can write, you know, 1000 lessons, it's an endless ocean, and then you'll come and read it and perhaps a level permits for you

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what he didn't permit for them, not contradicting the primary meanings, but at the same time, something extra relevant for you.

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And I want to tell you that in the whole law, he actually points out the fact that one of the greatest blindfolds have sheath on that he fastens on people's heads, that prevents them from benefiting from the Quran, he says, is first showing on to deceive them into assuming that the N is addressing a people other than himself and addressing an era a time other than his time.

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And this is profound. So I'll give you an example just from Budaj edge. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the believers who were persecuted for their belief for their email and burned alive for that. He says subhana wa tada in the Latina fraternal meaning Minato milania to bufala Hamada boo Johanna Hamada Bukhari those who persecuted the believing men and women by way of burning

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and then don't repent for them is the torment of the Hellfire and for them is the tournament of eternal burning. But did you catch that and Hassan mo Hola. He read this is this is speaking about the the persecutors

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but he benefited from it in a very different way. Meaning you don't have to limit this idea to the persecutor. It doesn't just apply to persecutors. Allah said these persecutors if they don't repent. So it hasn't said how generous is Allah how forbearing is Allah? He interjected. If they don't repent, to tell us that even someone as monstrous as that, if they repent ourselves, forgive them, you know reminds you of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said Allah laughs from the condition of two people. It's just remarkable. He says one that kills the other and they both wind up in general. So one kills the other and he dies Shaheed and that person the killer

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was a was a disbeliever at the time and then Allah opens the doors for him and he becomes a believer and dies. So he winds up in general as well look at the cut off of a la selligent. So don't limit your understanding. So this only applying to the persecutors you know another example is Malik el Medina, Owner of the Day of Judgment, you can read that

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in a state of like fear and feeling like subjugated by your boss or subjugated by some enemy, and you say you know what, a law owns the greatest day so for sure he owns every other day and it empowers you. Right? gives you the courage you need to face adversity. In another instance in your life. When you're feeling

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Hot tea or arrogant you read Maliki or Medina and it humbles you. It breaks you so I don't even own this little day. How can

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I dare show arrogance when I last saw a gentle smile to the arrogance on the day of judgment

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and turn them into the size of ends to be stepped on by the people. Depending on what you come to the Quran with, it can give you so much. And so that's the idea of the crosshairs in every area is a lesson for you. This Quran is Majeed. It is vast. So you look into the area and you know how, in video games or in movies and they show you a sniper or something that's looking for his targets from a distance. And then he looked he locks No, that's not it. That's not then he locks in on it. Lock in on the meaning in each area for you. I'll give you an example extra I just heard or read check it Fifi. Clothes has amazing reflections in Arabic. He's one of my favorite contemporary authors. He

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wrote yesterday because people are supposed to be reflecting on certain calf on Fridays are expected to.

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He said don't think the story of the boys in the cave is about just some boys in a cave. Nothing to do with us. He said did you notice how Allah zoa Jen said that they resigned or they fled to the cave, a cold dark tight cave. And it was the place where Allah azza wa jal had awaiting them.

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Mercy so like when your house gets tight or your chest gets tight, these tight moments, these tight spaces could be the spaces that have the greatest potential for a lot to open up doors for you. So kind of hola to Allah. If he can bring it to the boys in the cave, this tight, cold stony cave, he can certainly bring it into your tight chest he can certainly bring it into our tight homes. We're in we're in this Corona lockdown or otherwise. So extract from the meanings. Use the crosshairs on every single area. Lock in the meaning that is awaiting you there in Sharla Donna with the lead tomorrow, we'll have some final quickfire tips if you will. I don't know why I'm using all of these

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words, crosshair and quickfire. But just a quick checklist of tips on what to look for when you're reading through even the translations of the Quran. And then Monday night in Sharla. We begin on the legal rulings the outcome related to fasting Ramadan. Zack luckily and everybody said I want a camera Toma