Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 034B Tafsir Al-Baqarah 253

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the use of messengers in various positions in Islam, including football, race, and culture. The importance of giving gifts and superiority to people who have not been given anything is also discussed. The history of the Bible and the confusion surrounding its significance is also discussed, along with the use of "naive" in relation to "arental." The conflict between Islam and religion is also discussed, with some people claiming to be the only people who can say theirs. The speakers emphasize the importance of having a strong will and being tested in different situations.
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim just number three Danica rasuluh those messengers, folk Bala Barbra whom Allah about some of them we calls to exceed others. We prefer some messengers over other messengers tilde tilde means that what does it mean that what does that mean that it is pointing towards something? In the previous verse what was mentioned?

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That was in Nicola Amina al mousseline, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Indeed you are of the messengers, which messengers, Allah says those messengers deliver Rasul those messengers, some of whom we preferred over others. So, in other words, this idea is a continuation of the previous This is directly connected with the previous verse

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DeLuca also a Rasul is a plural of Rasul and a Russell messengers who are sent by Allah. So those messengers, Allah told us about the messengers that fuck bla bla bla whom Allah BB, we prefer some over others fuck Bala from football Allah Ufa, Bleu de Lille, Fair Board, lamb and fuggle is extra superiority.

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When a person has been given something that others do not have.

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And follow is also used for a gift. Allah says Allah who will foglia Aleem, meaning Allah has a lot and Allah gives a lot as well. A lot of gifts, a lot of extra things to people that that don't necessarily deserve, that they don't deserve at all actually. Because if you think about it, what are we who are we to claim that we deserve what we have, it is the grace of Allah upon us that we have what we have. So fuck Bella is to give preference to one over the other, to give something to one person that has not been given to others, to give superiority to some that has not been given to others. So the messengers, Allah says that we preferred some of them over others, meaning all of the

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messengers are not equal in their position in their status, in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala they are of various degrees of various ranks of various positions. How that some Allah subhanaw taala spoke to directly and others he did not. Some Allah gave scriptures to, but others he did not. Every messenger every prophet did not receive a scripture a book. It was only given to some prophets. To some prophets, Allah gave very great miracles which were not given to the others. Some prophets there Dawa was very successful when they call their people they accepted and others will come on the Day of Judgment with only one follower two followers, only a few people who believed in

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them. So Allah has kept differences amongst his messengers as one foot Latina Barbara whom are labyrinth. Allah says the sort of Bani Israel I have 55 that will occur the football bar one a beginner on a bar of when we have certainly preferred some profits over others. Why is this? So? Why is it that Allah gave preference to some over others that Allah gave a special characteristic a special quality a special gift to one which was not given to others?

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First of all, remember that it was the decision of Allah subhanaw taala it is the decision of Allah. So there has to be some hikma some reason behind it. Secondly, we see that Allah subhanaw taala has kept variety in all of his creation.

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If you think about it, no two individuals are the same. Even if there are twins, yet there are differences in them aren't there one may be more bright, one may be more successful in their life compared to their other twin, one may be more healthy, one may have a very happy life and the other may not one may have very good character and the other may not. If you look at your fingers, are they all exactly the same? No. Even the fingers of your one hand are not the same size the same form they vary. Likewise, trees, plants, seasons, everything is unique. Everything is different. Why? Because this is what brings beauty in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala if everything was the

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same, if everything was only black, or white, or brown, or beige, or pink or purple, one color would there be

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Beauty. No, because of the colors that we see, because of the contrast that's there, because of the different textures, different materials, different tastes different fragrances. This is what brings beauty to the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. This is what makes us appreciate the creation of Allah even more. And this in reality shows the greatness of Allah, his great knowledge, his capability, because people, no matter how creative we are, what happens when we do one thing, the next time we do something different, what we have done previously definitely has an effect on our actions, no matter how creative people are, yet, they cannot be as creative as Allah, Soprano, 30,

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whatever we do, has been affected by something that we have seen something that we have done previously.

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I remember I watched a documentary once in which they got a group of artists, basically, they were testing them as to how creative they would be. And they were driven from particular place to the other. And on their way, there were certain signs, certain billboards, certain things that they saw in the elevator, you know, in the building in the car out on the street. And when they came in, each artist was given something to draw.

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And at the end, when they saw the results, they were so similar. They were so similar. Why, because each artist had seen the same images, the same scenes, so it affected what they came up with, it affected their final product. So no matter what we do, we are not that creative. There is some kind of redundancy in our work. But Allah subhanaw taala what he has created, there's so much variety in that. And this shows the perfect knowledge, the perfect ability of Allah subhanaw taala. So when Allah has kept differences in his prophets, this is not because, you know, one prophet was not as good compared to the other know all of the prophets of Allah who are chosen. All of the prophets of

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Allah were the best of his creation. But some had something that others did not have. A love preferred them because of their virtues over others. So for Allah Baba whom Allah about

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men whom amongst them meaning some of the messengers, some of the prophets are those who men Kalam Allah Who whom Allah spoke to Kalama, you can limit the claim kefla meme Kalam Kalama word statement, and Kalama he spoke there were some messengers to whom Allah spoke to how directly such that those prophets heard Allah. Not that Allah sent a message to them through an angel but that Allah spoke to them directly. Can you think of any messenger who was spoken to directly without any intermediary in the middle? Musa alayhis salam because Allah says that very clearly in the Quran McCallum Allahu Musa that Lima, Allah spoke to Musa directly knew the Musa al Hassan was called and

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yeah Musa that all Musa Musa al salaam had a conversation with Allah at the Mount floof

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likewise, Muhammad Sallallahu Salah when he went for Murad, the journey of Meraj Allah also spoke to him directly, because remember at a particular point, Angel Jibreel said I cannot go beyond this if I try to go I will burn. So you can only go only you have the permission to go and when he went, Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam directly, so min Han min Kalam Allah amongst them are messengers whom Allah spoke to directly without anyone in the middle. And this was a special gift that Allah gave to some messengers.

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Well, Rafa, and he raised Rafa green he raised Baba whom some of them meaning some of the messengers he raised them in what in the legit in in ranks in position. Some other messengers Allah elevated them in their dollar jet. The Rajat is a plural of the Raja. And what is the raja Arranque a position degree, then ra gene, we have done this word earlier.

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So some messengers were raised above others in degrees in this world and also in the Hereafter. And this is very clear from the Hadith about the Islamic journey when the prophets of Allah said and when for Islam. When He ascended the heavens, one after the other, he met a different prophet at each heaven.

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Ibrahim Renison was in the seventh heaven Musa said I'm in the sixth house gonna listen, I'm in the fifth Idris or listen, I'm in the fourth and so on and so forth. So every messenger was placed at a different heaven

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So what does it show that the Rajat of the prophets very, they are not all the same. They are different in their dollar jet.

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And in many ways in this world also Allah subhanaw taala elevated some over others in their project, for example, Mohamed Salah radiocentre. How did he have a very high donnager compared to the rest of the prophets, that first of all, he was sent not just to some people, not just to his nation, his local people, but rather he was sent to who all of humanity will now also laka Illa, care Fattah, leanness, bottlenose all of mankind entirely, he was sent to all of the people, but we know that for example, Musa alyssum he was sent as a messenger to who but he saw eel recited sunnah was a messenger to who, but he saw you there would only send a messenger to when he is like you. So every

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messenger was sent to his community, but Mohamed Salah Sena was given a donnager greater that he was sent to all of mankind. Likewise, we see that Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he was a seal of the prophets, the final prophet after whom no prophet was going to come. So he accomplished what you could say. other prophets could not accomplish. How that when he was there, the deen was established. The previous nations when they rejected their prophets, when they disbelieved in them what happened? Their nations were punished by Allah subhanaw taala. What happened to the people of New Halina? What happened to the people of Lutheranism to the people of Ibrahim our listener, their

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nations were destroyed. The people were finished when they disbelieved in their messengers. But when he came to the Nation of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Allah subhanaw taala just did not destroy the people rather, he made the deen established, he completed it, he perfected it, no matter what the opposition was. He perfected it. And yes, those are disbelieved. They were punished as well at the hands of those who believe. But the point that I'm making over here is that Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was successful as a prophet the way other prophets were not. He was successful as a prophet the way others were not. Because he received the idea that Aloma commanded to lacantina Today I have

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completed, perfected my religion for you. Well, at month two Aleikum near Mati And I perfected my blessing upon you have completed it for you. So he received that I have from Allah subhanaw taala, that the mission is complete, either Ajah Nossal, Allah He while fat, the fat came, the victory came. So he was given a de Raja, that others were not given. Likewise, we see that in the hereafter. Bismillah he will have what sila which is the highest rank in Jannah highest rank and Jana that will be given to only one slave of Allah. Only one servant of Allah, in a janitor for those many servants of Allah can go there. People on the day of gentlemen, the seven types of people under the shade of

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Allah subhanaw taala, many can be there. But when it comes to the donnager, of WA sila, it will only be given to one individual, one person, one of Allah and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that what oh, do an akuna Anna who and I hope that that will be me. I hope that I will be given that status, that great position. In a hadith we learn that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said when you hear them, we'll add them giving the other Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, sometimes we're in the masjid and we hear the event live. I'm not talking about the event that goes up from your phone or from some alarm clock in your home know when it comes to live or then so when you hear them, then then

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reply to him in the same way as he has said. So when the admin says Allahu Akbar Allah what what should we say? The same? Okay, when he says a shadow Allah, Allah Illallah what should we say the same when he says I should wonder Muhammad Rasool Allah, same thing, but when he says hi Jana Salah then law Hello and a poet they live in La Jolla. AlFalah. Same thing la how long ago they live in. So he said that reply to him in the same way as he has said, and afterwards meaning after the more than completed or then then send Salawat upon me. What do we do at that time typically are talking or we just sit there staring, lost in our thoughts. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said Sen Salah wet

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upon me say Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Allah wa salam ala Muhammad and are the early Muhammad send Salah whitened Salam on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after the event. He said that for whoever sounds solid unto me, Allah will shower him 10 times with his mercy 10 times with his mercy and after that, after saying this without them

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To learn from the Prophet salallahu Salam, ask Allah to grant me Allah sila

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and the most known dua, which we are to say after the event that mentions this, that oh Allah give the Prophet salallahu Salam that was sila.

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It is a stage in Jannah, which is reserved for only one person and I hope that it is me. And whoever asks Allah to grant me with Sita, I will intercede for him on the day of judgment.

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So, for Bella Baba, whom Allah about minuman, Kala Mala, one of our Ababa, whom the Rajat, it will be given to only one individual, all of the prophets cannot be there.

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But this does not mean that just because Allah gave a special rank, or a special quality to a prophet, we dismiss the rest of them, or we disrespect the rest of them. Or we think that they're not that important. No, every prophet of Allah was a great man was a great servant, every prophet of Allah. Yes, they were different in their positions, but every prophet of Allah deserves that we respect him.

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And it is not allowed for us, that we start comparing the prophets and we say, Oh, look, this one is greater and this one is lesser, this one is better than him and no, this one is better than him. No, this is not allowed for us. Because once what happened was that this is mentioned Bukhari and Muslim, that once a Muslim man and a Jewish man, they were both having an argument. Whatever the argument, it was, we don't know but they were having an argument. And in the argument, the Jewish man he swore an oath. And he said, by him who gave Musa superiority over all human beings, meaning by Allah, the One who gave Musa superiority over all human beings. Now that Muslim man he got very

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furious. He said, How dare you say that? And he slapped him across the face. He was so angry, and he said, over Mohammed, do Salallahu Alaihe Salam meaning you are saying that Allah gave superiority to Musa lism over Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam even, or you evil one, how could you say that? Because what he meant was that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the best of all the people is the Raja is the greatest is the highest amongst all human beings. So that Jewish man, he got offended, and he went to the Prophet sallallahu. What is it true?

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He trusted Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam even though he didn't believe in him, he went to him to complain. And the Prophet saw a lot of sudden when he heard the complaint, he said, Learn to fugly Looney idol Ambia do not give me superiority above the prophets. Don't say that I am the best and the others are not No, don't say that. Don't say that.

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Because the people will become unconscious on the Day of Resurrection and I will be the first to be resurrected.

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And when I will be resurrected, I will see Musa holding on to the pillar of Allah's ash. And I do not know whether he was resurrected before me, or that he survived the entire period when all of the creation was unconscious. So yes, Mohamed salah, a lot of cinema had some little jet over Musa Arneson Abu Musa said I've also had his own kind of dollar jet. So the point that I'm making over here is that yes, Allah has kept differences amongst the prophets. But it does not mean that we dismiss others, or that we begin to compare them and especially in cases of dispute and argument, this is something that's not permissible.

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So we are only human beings, we are the creation of Allah and it's not up to us to decide who is better and who is not. Allah has kept these differences and he is best aware of who is at the highest level, he is best aware. So we accept this, that one of our arbitrable, whom the Rajat Allah did elevate some over others, he gave some certain miracles that He did not give to others. Some had more followers compared to others, some were more successful in their mission compared to others. Well, attina and we gave isa restarted Sanam Ibn ammonium, the son of Meridiam, or SR escena. Almost every time that he's mentioned in the Quran, what is mentioned along with his name, even a Maria or

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ISA, even Imodium, Raisa son of Maria, because he's not the son of Allah soprano daughter who is the son of Medea. So, Allah gave Teresa the son of Madame Alba Yin at the clear signs, the clear evidences but you know, there's a floor enough. But you know, Vega noon, and beginner is a clear evidence, clear proof, a clear sign, something that proves the correctness of something.

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I have the Arabic in front of you if you don't

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See the Arabic How will you understand the text? Don't fold your juice and hide the Arabic away okay.

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So, you saw this and I was given clear evidences, what are these clear evidences that he was given,

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clear evidences that proved his prophethood that prove the fact that he was indeed a messenger of Allah. What was he given?

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Now you tell me, what was he given? What miracles was he given, he would make a bird out of clay and he will blow through into it to the bird would come alive by the isn't of Allah, what else

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he would heal those who were sick, what kind of sick,

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for example, the leper, likewise, someone who was born blind, different things he could do different miracles he performed, and all of these pointed to the fact that he was indeed a messenger of Allah. And if you think about the miracles that he was given, for example, raising the dead, a person is dead.

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He is dead. There is no life in him, and he Silas and I would bring him to life by the illusion of Allah. This is something amazing. Amazing. was a similar miracle given to Musa Lisanna No. Does it give it to know how to Santa? No Ibrahim Reza? No, it was only given to her ISA and SLM right, so this shows how Allah preferred him over others and giving that miracle and giving that the raja what a year now who and we strengthened him we aided him meaning his harness and I was aided bluehill codice with the pure Spirit a Yoda YOU ARE YOU DO TO EAT Hamza yeah dal

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a yet Are you are you ready to eat is to help to assist someone to add to their strength, that they have some capability but they don't have enough strength. So you add to their string, you assist them. So Allah helped recently cinema through who through rule l codice. What is RO?

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RO aloha spirit. So, but the word rule is not just used for the spirit, but it's also used for a being

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and the word rule is also used for revelation. So three meanings of the word rule, first of all, spirit, secondly, being and thirdly, Revelation.

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What does the word produce mean? Kudos from cough dal seen we have done naka de su earlier monopod de salud Angel satu Allah subhanaw taala what does it mean pure? So ruderal kudos, the pure Spirit. What does it mean by this that a silencer was helped through the pure Spirit.

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Some have said that what this means is that the rule of ServiceNow meaning his spirit was pure in itself that he was not inclined to disobeying.

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You know, some people, they're so nice.

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Even in the most frustrating situations, they're smiling. Even in the most difficult situations, they are happy. And other people, they just need a reason to be upset. They just need a reason to be angry to get stressed out.

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So people differ in their nature. So Allah subhanaw taala had given her a sinus and I'm such a nature such a disposition that was very pure, he was always inclined towards righteousness towards goodness. This is the reason why he was not harsh and rude and rebellious towards his mother. This characteristics are mentioned in surah Meriam as well, in great detail.

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William akanji, Berliner ously Yeah, I am not Jabba are asleep. Jabaal, meaning someone who oppresses others and are asleep meaning one who is disobedient to Allah, he was naturally inclined towards doing good. So Allah helped him with that.

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You know, some people, they have a lot of difficulty in controlling themselves. They're always controlling themselves. They're like, I have to stop myself from listening to music, I have to stop my tongue from saying such and such, I have to stop my mind from thinking such and such. And other people. They don't have that problem at all.

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They don't have that issue at all. It's easy for them. It's not a problem for them. There is music, they have no interest in it. Bad words don't even come to their mind, no matter what anybody says. Like, yeah, okay, sure, why not. So people are different in their nature. And if a person has to struggle with his own self a lot, then it becomes difficult for him to deal with external situations.

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And if a person is content on the inside, he doesn't have too many personal challenges, too many personal issues, then he can worry about greater things. So he saw an s&m He had a great mission. So Allah helped him with a pure soul.

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Another meaning of rowhill codice over here is Jibreel.

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Because the word rule, like I told you, it's also used for being and in the Quran.

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In particular, the word rule is used for Gibreel over and over again. Tennis is a little Mullah eager to wear rule houfy Happy in Europe the human colleague

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to rule refers to Angel Jibreel. Likewise netherby Ruhul Amin the Quran it was brought down by who? The row hurl Amin it refers to Angel Jibreel. So what this means is that Allah helped recited Salam throughout his mission with Who do you believe?

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Can you think of an incident when Gibreel helped resolve this?

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When people were about to capture him and kill him, Gibreel is the one who came in and formed him and by the permission of Allah lifted him up. So a year the National Bureau headquarters, eastern Sudan faced a lot of challenges throughout his mission, a lot of difficulties at the hands of money is for you. And when he was facing all that opposition Gibreel is the one who looked after him. Gibreel is the one who protected him. This is just like the Prophet said a lot isn't when people will be coming to kill him. Like once he was sitting, resting against a wall, and the people were going to go up and throw a huge boulder on him so that he could die there. And Gibreel came and told

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him leave. So this is how Allah subhanaw taala helped to resign his son and through Gibreel as well. But the question is why as you build called Wuhan, kudos, the pure Spirit. Why is he called pure?

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Because Gibreel is who an angel and angels don't sin. Simple. They're pure. They're righteous. They don't have the desire to sin to disobey Allah. They're pure in their nature. Another reason why do you believe this called kudos is because he brought that through which we purify ourselves. Gibreel is the one who brought revelation to the prophets of Allah. And with that revelation that people purified their hearts. They purify their actions.

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So what a year dinero Biru Hill kudos we strengthened him with the pure Spirit.

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Well, oh sha Allah. And if Allah willed ma not equal Tattler he would have fought a katana from the letters of the LM cuttle is to kill and Ecotec Allah is when two or more people are trying to kill one another. They're fighting with each other combat.

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So if Allah wanted Mahkota tele he would not have fought, they would not have fought against each other who, who would not have fought with each other, a Lavina. Those people who may embody him after them after who, after the prophets, meaning when Allah sent prophets to mankind. And each prophet was distinct in his position in the sight of Allah and His rank, he had special qualities, special gifts that Allah had given him. So each Messenger when he came, there were those who believed in him. And there were those who this believed in him.

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When the messenger was there, or even when the messenger was gone, what happened to the people afterwards? Did they not fight with each other? Were there no religious wars? Of course, there have always been religious wars here, look at history. And what do people say religion is the root of all evil. This is what people say. It's because of religion, that people have had so many wars, so many conflicts, if there was no religion, people will be all fine. But this is not true. Because how religious are people today? How religious are they today? Not that much. Many people, even if they claim to have religion, don't really observe it. But are people 100%? Fine? No, there's still so

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many conflicts. So Religion was just an excuse. So anyway, the people after the messengers they fought with one another. Why? Because of the differences that they had. Some believed others did not. Some follow the messengers and others did not. Take the example of restarted center. There were those people who believed in him. And there were those people who did not believe in him. After he started salon was gone. What happened?

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Those who believed in him, the disciples were the persecutor. Yes.

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Are you familiar with the story of the boy and the king?

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It is said that the monk to whom that boy would go to was actually a Christian monk, someone who had believed in your isa salah, but he was in hiding, because he knew that if he came out, or if he showed his practices and beliefs to others, he would be finished and that's exactly what happened. The king had him killed. And every person who believed in that boy was also killed. There were trenches that were

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Doug fire was lit in those trenches and any person who believed in Allah who believe in or recited, his son was thrown into that trench, burned to life. So there was a lot of conflict between people, after the messengers had come.

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But was this because the truth was unclear? Meaning why is it that so many people disbelieved? When the messenger came, he brought the truth? Why didn't every single person believe in the messenger? Why is it so? Because Allah says mimbar, the merger at home will begin at after the clear proofs had come to them. After clear proofs had come to them, meaning it wasn't that the people were disbelieving or fighting with the believers, because the truth was unclear to them. No. They knew what the truth was. But they did not want to accept it. This is just like, we know we should pray. But sometimes, what do we say? I don't feel like praying. I don't want to pray.

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We know that we should recite Quran. But what do we say? I don't want to. We know that we should listen to our parents. But what do we say? We don't want to we know that we should not consume haram. We should not take interest. We should not take rubber. But what do we say? Oh, I have to? I can't do without it. We have a list of reasons is the truth not clear to us? It is but yet people choose to disobey. People choose to disobey Allah subhanaw taala yesterday was mentioned that out of 1000 people 999 will go to hellfire because the majority of the people disobeyed Allah disbelieves. So this is exactly what happened. Allah made the truth clear to the people, but yet they did not

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want to accept. And as a result, there were so many conflicts throughout history, over the name of religion.

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Take the example of the amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. At the time of the Prophet sallallahu said himself, what happened? Was the truth not clear, it was clear that Bucha had not known that he was the messenger, that Abu Lahab did not know that he was a messenger. Yes, but they did not accept, yet they persecuted the believers. So Allah told us over here that if he wanted, he would not have allowed the people to fight with one another at all wants to truth became clear to them. How that Allah would not give the people the ability to fight or Allah would force the people to accept the truth. Because when is it the people fight when they have differences? When people are

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united, when they have the same faith, same practices, same beliefs, then there's less conflict. So in other words, Allah could have forced guidance upon mankind, people would not have a choice. Like for example, if a person ever dared to disobey Allah, immediately, he would finish immediately his nose would become 10 feet long, then obviously nobody would disobey Allah right? Allah could have forced us but is this the way of Allah? This is not the way of Allah. Allah has sent the truth through the messengers, he has made the truth very clear through the bayonet. And at the end, he has left the choice to who to us, that we make the decision ourselves, we choose to obey or we choose to

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disobey, but at the end Allah who will recompense every person accordingly. So when OSHA Allahu maputaland Medina mimbar, the human body manager at MOBA unit, Allah gave people freedom, so as a result while our king but if Tala foo the people, different column, people differed with each other, for men whom so among them were those who man Armineh those who believed were men whom and among them were men. Kafala those who disbelieved people deferred, they had the choice, some believed, and others disbelieved. Well, oh sha Allah, Allah repeats that if Allah wanted Mahkota Lu, they would not have fought still, even though there were some who believed and others disbelieve, still Allah

00:34:11 --> 00:34:19

would not have given them the ability to fight with each other. That sometimes it happens that people have many differences, but yet they are tolerant.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:24

People may have very differences, but yet they are tolerant to each other.

00:34:25 --> 00:34:59

There are some sisters who have shared that when they accepted Islam, their families were very okay with their choice with their decision. They were actually supportive. They were like, yes, it's your decision. It's up to you and others, they face a lot of opposition from their families. So if Allah wanted, he could have done this, that people despite their differences would be tolerant. They will be forced to tolerate each other they would not fight with one another at all. But when I can Allah but Allah, ye for our Lu, he does

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

You read whatever He intends you read from irida Royal Dell intention, Allah does whatever he wants. So in other words, whatever that has happened so far has happened with the will the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. Why is this mentioned over here? In the previous verses we learned about witch battle

00:35:22 --> 00:35:32

for Lutz and dilute how the Bani Israel were persecuted, and how they took revenge and Allah subhanaw taala gave them victory. So we see battle after battle in history.

00:35:34 --> 00:35:39

In the name of religion, you look at the seal of the prophets of Allah said, what do you learn about?

00:35:40 --> 00:36:17

What do you learn about the battles? Right? You learn about Islamic history, what do you study battles, and you wonder that people do anything else but fighting. They did many other things, but we remember the fights because they disturb us. So anyway, Allah subhanaw taala told us over here the reason why is it that people fought with one another so much over religion, what was the reason the conflicts that they had, the differences that they had, and Allah allowed for those differences to exist? Why? Because this life is a test.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:28

If you did not differ with anyone at all, if everyone agreed with you, everything was the way you wanted it to be, then life would be pretty boring.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:56

It would be because when we are challenged, then what happens? We think we use our mind, we research. Sometimes the best in us comes out and sometimes the worst of us comes out. So this life is a test and Allah is testing us that what do we do in different situations? This is the reason why we have conflicts and differences within the home, between husband and wife, between parents and children,

00:36:57 --> 00:37:34

between a person and their in laws, okay? between a person and their relatives, okay? Likewise, people have differences at their workplace, in their school, outside in the street, with strangers, with friends, with acquaintances, whoever, people have conflicts, differences. And this is because Allah is testing us that what do we do in different situations? Because Allah could have done such that there will be no conflicts at all in our lives. But Allah deliberately allowed for those conflicts to exist. So there has to be a reason. And what is that reason? A test?

00:37:35 --> 00:37:42

You know, sometimes people ask that, why can't my life be so good? The way others people's lives are so good.

00:37:43 --> 00:38:08

Why can't I have a very perfect married life the way others have? Why did this have to happen to me? People wonder, right? That why is it that I'm always having a conflict with my husband? Why is it that I'm constantly having problems with the people that work? Why can't things be just fine for me? Do you ever wonder like that? Have you ever experienced something like that?

00:38:09 --> 00:38:17

That why can't my brother be just okay with me? Why do I always end up arguing with him? And my children? Why don't they just listen to me?

00:38:18 --> 00:38:25

Why, what's the reason now? It's a test. Allah is testing you that how do you behave? What do you do in this situation?

00:38:26 --> 00:38:30

And it's a constant reminder that this life is temporary

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