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What Are Recommended Acts On The Day Of Eid?

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Next question. Dr. Zakir is, could you explain what the recommended acts are on the David on the day of EAD?

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The first thing is that you should have goosal it's mentioned in Malta page 240 added number four to it.

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Nothing that it's most likely the theme that Abdullah Omar Mello presents him. He used to have a bath, he should have goosal before proceeding for the Salah. So, it's a Sunnah, that you have to have a bath before moving to the masala for the insula.

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Number two is that it's also not that you should wear good clothes, adorn yourself, you should beautify yourself. You can wear new clothes, you can put oil in your eyes, put oil in the hair, you can wear perfume, but not sure all these things for the men the woman are not recommended to a perfume and run themselves. And they got but nice they should be they should be veiled. This talking about the men when number three is that the Prophet always had dates before he left his house for offering the Salah. Its mission of say Buhari on the number to the book have to eat and eat number 953 the Prophet eight dates before he left the house for offering the pizza. And the fourth act is

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that the seller should be offered in a masala

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in a place maybe on a big round, maybe in the town on the outskirts of town where all the people can gather in one place. It's mentioned in the hadith of SIBO hidey

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hole number two in the book have to eat added number 956 Bravo Mr. Salam on Ed. He went to the masala and he offered the salah and offering Ilana masala sooner rather than in the mosque. The Prophet Hadid is there, which is mentioned in say Buhari or in number two, the superiority of mostly the Harmon and Medina has his number 1190 The Prophet said, praying in my mosque that is praying most of the Nabhi is better than offering 1000 times Salah anyways, except most of the harem, that's Makkah. But yet, for the Torah, the prophet preferred leaving his own mosque and go to the governor masala.

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That means during each specifically praying they're preferable than praying even in the most intimate setting. This is the importance of praying in the masala for the mo it's mentioned in several hurry on number two in the book have to eat and eat number 96 it says that most of our solemn mates returned back after offering it sir to his home, he's returned back in a way different from the way he had gone. I mean, the route of the Prophet going from the house to the masala was different and the route of coming back or different. And this was maybe because he wanted to use a lamp different people you know what the ways and maybe the blessing would be two different types of

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people and the way he's recently met people right and then furthermore, it's very important that it's up to them Salah as I mentioned earlier the gathering is bigger, psychological is better. And we can you know show the God consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala further is the sooner that we should go early to the muscle

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the earlier the better, you know so that we can be in time we have to do with good deed it's also mission and industry remedy. Any timber 530 that the Prophet peace be upon him is to go on foot manage to go to the masala or free eat Salah is to go on there. So now we're walking to offer your Salah and mentioned in the Hadith of the Salah Surya is number 171 that promises of Salam is to recite the Kabir immediately after leaving home in the time marriage masala till the time he finished his Salah is to say that like beer, and the most authentic telopea is what if Massoud had decided mission in that company? And in the shaybah is recite Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La Ilaha

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Illa la la hora. Allow

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us to recite Allah. Allah La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allah akbar wa la Hill hum. Meaning allies greatest allies the greatest, there is no one worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is the greatest ally in security, all praise it to Allah subhanaw taala This is tarbiyah and should be recited the moment you leave the home till the time you read the salad till the sliced when disturbed me outside masala these are the few recommended acts that should be done during the day.

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