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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of achieving a "haste" or a "haste" level of strength for personal success is emphasized in Islam. The "haste" or "haste" level of strength is also crucial for achieving success. The "haste" or "haste" level of strength is also crucial for achieving success. Additionally, the "haste" or "haste" level of strength is also crucial for achieving success. Additionally, the "haste" or "haste" level of strength is also crucial for achieving success.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who are early he will be here woman's Oh Allah, all that. All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings mpsp upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, as Ramadan coming to an end,

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one of the great lessons of this month that we should always keep in mind that Ramadan is the month of strength. Ramadan is the month that teach us to be strong,

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and strength appear in the month of Ramadan in so many ways. When Allah Subhana Allah told us that that purpose and the ultimate purpose of the month of Ramadan is to achieve taqwa where Allah subhana wa tada said, Yeah, you have Latina M and o quotevalet, camassia, mocha makuti berada Lydian emin publikum la la quinta tahune that ASEAN was prescribed upon you. So you might achieve top one, you might achieve top and the top one is the strongest level of Eman. If you look at the full meaning of a top, it shows a great deal of strength, that you're able to commit yourself, not only to what is obligated upon you, but also to what is recommended and to prevent yourself not from what

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is haram and forbidden, but also from what is not recommended. And just dislike that level of commitment to avoid that area or what we call it today in modern language, the gray area and wish to be had. It's a great deal and a great level of a taqwa and demonstrate a great level of strength. The month of Ramadan, teach us a strength and abstain from the Harlem teach you the to abstain from what is heroin. So when Allah Subhana, Allah says it is forbidden for you to eat. During the daytime, you abstain from that, when Allah said it's haram for you, to intimate with your spouse during the daytime, you abstain from that, when it's not allowed for you to all these things which

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is considered, you know, prohibited for you to do during fasting time or while you're fasting, you stay away from this, that's give you a strength. Because it is a big difference. There is a big difference between those who are controlled by these sins by these desires, and those who control these desires. And that's another level of strength. It's he is and she is a weak person, the person that who is controlled by their own desires, while the real strength when you have that control over a desire, when your desire want to push it towards something and you see the best in something else. You know, your logic and your mind and your Lord telling you that does not the best for you. Even

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though if your desires telling you you know what I would like to do that I

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have strength can be demonstrated in many different ways. And we all know what to not be subtle seldom said at middle covey high your own alignment and movement of life of equal inhale, that a strong believer is better than a weak believer and there is good and all.

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Also, we know that one of the common theme in the Quran, speaking about the concept of Islam, and as these it means,

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and so one of the meanings of the word is it means a strength. Alcoa also appear in your commitment and your suburb in doing what is correct in doing the good deeds. It required strength

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to be able to fast these long days. It requires strength to be able to pray in the night. It required strength to read your outcome. It requires strength to make your night prayers. It required a great deal of strength to give your setup. It requires strength to fulfill the obligation. That's why what we call the obligations in Islam.

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Tech Hanif

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Len phenomenal cool firewall mashup. It's called tech leaf because even this word was in Arabic And it's also used in order to and and and, and the word Colfer. It means there is a lot of bit of you know it's a it's it's there is a burden. There is a

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An effort needs to be given.

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And in no pain Rahim Allah said, it's cool. Because in the beginning, it is a burden. It is hard. But after you engage in it you just enjoyed. Last night somebody was telling me that or somebody was saying that

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before night prayer, I was so exhausted. I was so tired. I was so sleepy. And I said to myself, you know what, just take a break. The moment I started my salon,

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the moment I engage, and I finished my first door knockers, he's just another differently feeling. Have you tried selecting fetcher? It's hard to wake up for it. But the moment you wake up and you start praying, and you make the world war, II just enjoy it. So in the beginning, it is hard, until you will be able to have that strength to control that wildness of yours. You know, taming the horse require the strength, to break the horse to be able to control it and to ride it. It's required the strength. And it's amazing things about horses. I don't know if you guys know that or not. The horse can tell,

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can tell if you are scared of it or not, can sense your fear and can sense your confidence and strength. That's why they always say if you want to ride a horse, you always come to the horse and pets, you know head and talk to it to show to demonstrate that you're a master. You know you're strong, but they can sense your fear. The point is that required a strength to be able to control your neffs

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is to be able to control as I said, your soul and to control your your desires. Also, Alcoa comes when your ability to control your emotions.

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in Ibiza, Salim said lays a shadow bisola. In nimisha, legal idiom liquid of surrender. A strong person is not the one who rustle very well. It's the one who can control his or her anger. They control their emotions. That's a strength. It's a meme. It's a moment of weakness when you said I gave it to him.

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No, I just gave it all to that person. I let it out. You know what that's not something to be proud of that shows your weakness.

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didn't show your strength, your ability to restrain yourself

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the strength and also in controlling your tongue. That's why I'm fasting. And when someone in the Visa card for example, an OSHA timer, when someone curse you in some say bad things to you. You say Allahu Allah, I'm fasting. I control my tongue. That's a strength. I control my reaction data strength.

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In Islam also appear in wealth

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and wealth, the strength appear in wealth in many different ways. One of it is your ability to control the money love to be controlled by the money.

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That's why Ramadan people are generous, generous, people are strong, a stingy and miser people are weak.

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Those who can let who cannot give a week.

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But those who are able to give and to have trust in Allah Subhana Allah and to give for a sec are strong people. And by the way, that's an attitude. Even those who are in business know this very well. Those who are very hard to invest to too risky, they never take risk. They never take initiative, and you might lose money by that. But you know what those people don't grow much

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strength, teach you how to control the money not to be controlled by money,

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strength and wealth. Because a little earlier, Pyromania does self love, the upper hand is better than the lower hand.

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It teaches you, you know, I will never forget the brother who told me once that he want to be a millionaire.

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And I said to him, why would you want to Be a Millionaire? Because any goal that you want to achieve in life, you have to ask yourself the purpose behind it.

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And based on how convinced you are about the purpose, that will determine if you really can achieve it or not. You want to be a very famous

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sports person. You want to be a very famous doctor, or a very this or that. You ask yourself why?

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That's the most important question that you ask yourself. What that will means what that will lead you to be

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And his answer,

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it's still until today, give me a goosebumps. He said, Jeff, I want to give this a cat of a millionaire.

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I will amaze a cat to be 100 200 $300,000

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I don't want my cat to be a couple of $1,000

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I want the cat because the cat is a higher reward.

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And you know, this person made his first million dollars in a year or less than a year.

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When you have that commitment, when you have that, you know, strength, money is a strength.

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Also among the manifestation of and just before just for you to think about this more. We know that Russia, you know, the Soviet Union of those old enough to remember, you know, was very strong militarily. But what break it, it's the economy.

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That's what give strength to countries

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and to society and to community. It's a strength when clearly Islamic Center, you know, I was very proud. I'm very happy and pleasantly surprised.

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When they looked at the report of last year, you remember last year in Ramadan, we decided that we're going to collect money and we're going to give you know from it to organizations and I said your dollar will be maximized. You know, the benefit of your dollar will be maximized. If we put together in a pot, and we start getting from it. Then I found that this year, our report says that we spent about $202,000 200,000 200,200 plus $1,000 on supporting knees and families and half of that were towards poor

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members of our community. And another $100,000 went to organizations and you have it in your messages in your email distributed and laid out. That's the power of coming together. And that's another strength, the strength of unity, which is Ravana teachers, we pray together, we fast together, we break our fast together. And the strength of unity comes from the family. And I think that this would this Ramadan, teach us the most we might lost the unity of a community as a communal, you know, afar, or salata, tarawih but we win in many homes, the ability to pray together as a family that strength Ramadan, teach us also another form or let us reflect upon another form of

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strength. Number one like any other ibadah required knowledge and knowledge in itself as a strength.

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Take it

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as an advice from your brother.

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If you information about Islam, if your knowledge about Islam is so little. It is so hard for me to see your Eman grow.

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The more knowledge you have about your religion, the more your Eman will be strong.

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One of the biggest struggle we have with the new generations and complaining about a man and weakness of a man and a lot of people talk about it's because they are ignorant of their religion.

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They don't know their Deen The more you learn your gene, the more you're stronger in your deen and that take it in any other area other than the dean. The more knowledgeable you are an economy and medicine and science and engineering and business in any area of strength comes from knowledge.

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The more knowledge you are knowledgeable you are, the more strong the stronger you are.

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strength comes when we able to say what is right and to stand for it.

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Strength is not only to have good principles in life, but strength is to stand for these principles to defend these principles

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to act upon these principles as a strength.

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I asked Allah subhanaw taala by his names and attributes to forgive our sins and to get us the benefit of this month. And to give us the strength of our Eman and to make us finish this on Yvonne. Strong, as many of us to start strong and even we finish it stronger Allahumma amin acota Mathematica slovan allottee Welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Medina Ba ba ba

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You know what also strong strength

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is when you have

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what we call it early with him, when you aim high

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as a strength

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versus those weak people who barely want to pass by, who just want to be, you know, the day pass by or to just you know, achieve any level. Those who aim high there are strong people. And I'm Yvonne teach us this because Ramadan is all about achieving the highest reward, achieving little paddle and what's in it. It's a beautiful concept. Have you think about that? How am Yvonne inspire us not to aim low, not just to pray the five daily prayers, but it is to do way more beyond that. And that's in itself a strength and that attitude if you have it in your life, you don't just want to go the days goes by or you pass by. You just don't want to survive, but you're looking to thrive.

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My brother and sisters, I know into this

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you know what also strength

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and the strongest of it all.

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To be in the sight of Allah.

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Woman as a domain Allah Hippo

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who is stronger than Allah

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who will Aziz will be huge Abbas para matar strength when you feel you are near him, when you rely on him, when you depend on him.

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That's a strength.

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And nothing can bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Like raising your hand, I'm praying to your Lord. And Ramadan is the month of

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the month that connect you with the last panel Tada. And bring you near to him.

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I saw the Aloha said, Yasser Allah.

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Can you teach me what should I say if I witnessed a little puddle?

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By the way,

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from today, all the way to the end of these last 10 days. And since two days ago or two nights ago. If you care for each and every night, I guarantee you, you will witness that you didn't need to look at the sun in the morning. You didn't need to look online who said what and all the chef in Egypt sewed the chef on Bangladesh witness set or the chef and astroglia saying oh, this didn't need that. Just care for every night of Ramadan, to do something good.

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And to pray and to make.

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So here

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one of the drivers of the process to follow him in the car Who wouldn't? To HIPAA for me, you're a law You are a fool. And an apple is beyond forgiveness. And Apple is to forgive. And not only to forgive, in a sense that no, you will not be harmed by yourself. No, no, if it means it will not be even in your record in the Day of Judgment. And if it means that not only forgiveness, it's forgiveness and replace that with healing. replace that with gifts and replace that with generosity.

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It's even beyond the words Rama

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LFO is to protect you from anything that can be harmful.

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Even if it's not a sin,

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and that include include any harmful physically, emotionally, religiously. And you can just imagine

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this local f1 raffia. So very general, and very powerful.

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One of my colleagues said I was walking to the mustard.

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Me and my father in one of the Muslim country.

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And he said, we're going to the rest of the night of the 27th.

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And he said I see this car with a bunch of kids, you know having the blast the music's on like having, you know, having a good time, like the people of Wisconsin. Okay, so I'm having their, like their fun day night. So my father kind of looked at them and I walked to them and he said yes about Yeah, the young men. Yeah. And he, this is the night of the 27th Challenge little quarter. You know, you put your effort in it and you have to at least at least you don't you know spend that night listening to music and or at least gently turn it down a little bit not like open like that.

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He said, they said okay, and start a conversation and I said to them, can you learn this?

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Then I took them what initial introduction, llama in the careful to HIPAA law for fun. So they repeated after me several times.

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And after they got it,

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years goes by.

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And he's telling us the story should use goes by and I was visiting one city, one of the cities. And I was visiting one of the massage. So one of the community came and one of the religious leaders of that community came to him and he said, she has an article, how are you doing? He said, Article Salah, he said, Do you remember this year than that? He said, I forgot about this incident. But he when he reminded me I remember he said, I'm the one who was behind the driver.

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I'm one of the kids that night. I said this to her maybe 10 1520 times.

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My life change

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has strength

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to believe in what you're saying?

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You remember a few years back when I told you hear the story of the three guys who used to work and Dennison

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as labor work hemmati and you know what that means? The is to clean donkeys and no, and the disease and transportation, one of the lowest kind of job And about that time. And at the one night they said to each other. You know, one of them said if I became the halifa, what do you think I should do to you? One of them said you should give me money and this and I shall I hope you will, the other person will never be a believer.

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You're Hammad how you can be a Hollywood.

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You know what if you ever become Hollywood, put me backwards in a donkey. And look me, basically to the street of kotoba saying that I am a liar. And I know nothing.

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Just to make the story short, this man sold his donkey. He became he listed because he knows this career will not lead him to what he wants. He sold it. He became he enlisted in the in the in the fire in a Sherpa. And in the police force, he became the chief police of October, until the moment comes when the halifa died. And he his son was very young and they were worried about civil unrest inside the city at that time, they appointed three people to look after the young halifa. And it ended up from these three one who is who's our man.

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And he became in charge of the whole entire country. And he defeated the Crusaders who took the north and territory of an undead us at that time. And he is very became very famous and loved by people. Then after things settled for him, he called his two friends

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while he's sitting in the throne of one of the greatest civil a greatest country and dynasty at that time.

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And he told them hey, what do you think?

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As for you, I'll give you that what you ask the property and the money that you wish

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and asked for you. He asked his police chief to take him and do what he requested. He was told Martin soft Asahi back wasn't the sheriff nice to do this to him after an opportune deposition. He said no, I did what he wished for. Leah lemonis and Allahu Allah cliche and

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I want people to learn a lesson when they see this man like that backwards in the dunk, that they know that Allah is capable of doing everything. And anything. That's a strength.

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That the spirit I wanted to end Ramadan with. That's the spirit I want you to have in your heart when you raise your hand when you raise your hand a lot every night. That the spirit I want you to have when you donate, that the spirit that I want you to have when you break your fast when you ask for agenda. When you ask for forgiveness. When asked for your future. When you plan for your future.

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I ask Allah subhana wa tada the most capable the woman was capable of everything is to let us live the life of the lucky and the happy one. When you're zacchara you're committed to Shahada on yada yada yada, yada yada tonight, along with Ivana da da da da da

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da da, da I'm well in our Bella Tina yaha you Amira? muslimeen Oh, NASA Jemaine el hombre Hamid. Aloha, Minnesota Kahoot our power. Hola Hina. Ella for an hour have no idea no, the reality in our muslimeen are sallallahu wasallam Alana Bina Muhammad Ali salam, Kuma

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