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No hunger Allahu Allah Stein who want to study he want to stop Pharaoh. Wanna be la haematuria fusina Omen sejahtera Melina Maja de la Vela mo De La Hoya you Bill Farah howdy Allah, wa Chateau La ilaha illAllah who the hula sharika shodhana Mohammed Abu hora pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hometel, Sleeman kathira, Mr. Bhatt, all praise due to Alon His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last

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and final messenger. I'm grateful and thankful to Allah subhana wa tada for all his blessings upon us. And also, I would like to thank him for allowing us to partially open and to be able to have some of our community members coming and witnessing Salatu Juma and those who could not do it yet and we are very limited number as we open in gradually, because of that nature of the spread of the virus. As you all know, in our area, it's still very high. So I asked each and every one of you who coming to make sure that you reserve ahead of time so we can get, reserve the spots for those who are coming. And number two, if you're not just make sure you cancel a reservation so you can take

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that spot for someone else. And also, please make sure that we all follow the rules that you guys are very familiar with. No social gathering, please pray your son at home. So after the Salah, you immediately leave that place, don't congrat congratulate congratulate, don't gather an alarm number to the door exit, please.

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And make sure that you keep your mask on all the time covering your nose and your mouth. Unless you have a shield between you and the people. Okay.

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In the bass Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, as reported in the law, you need a partner who can you need to combat he or who has suffered? The prophets of Salaam said that the believers you'll need a partner who knew zillo who will buffer will make his champon weak, your shed line gets weaker and weaker and weaker. As basically as you live longer your shape and get weaker. And in the same way your camel get weaker and traveling when you traveled a long distance and the camel traveled for a long distance, you know get weaker because it's always working and you know, not resting not have enough time to rest and also loaded

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during the traveling so he sends a lot of sudden giving that example of how the ship can become weaker. And that's a very good news for us to know that as we stay strong and stay on his courses movement and believers our ship man can get weaker and weaker and the weaker the ship and get the weaker the influence you will have on you so what the thing that really hurts the ship on the most what the thing that will make the ship on so weak and his influence is so weak on you. Number one is the Corolla that you constantly mentioned in the last panel that you constantly engaging in thicker your tongue always engaging in sapan allow him get allowed either La la la la Manisha biology, like

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all kinds of Vicar of no pain Rahim Allah said, where the Kuru La Jolla Kumara shavon Lima who de kassiopi will make it to the mean of BB. He said the Corolla is exactly like someone whipping someone or hitting someone with a hammer or an axe. You just basically destroying that thing that you keep hammering it. That's how the Corolla is to a shavon place in the head judge said ship on this dream looks like tall Solomon dream and he said you know your face when I was appointed to you I was in the size of a camel and now I am I look so skinny and so weak like that as for like the birds, Coloma donek, how did you like what happened to you? Then he said kinda as empty Bucky

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tabula, you killed me with the Koran. The more you read Koran, the weaker I get, and the stronger you get. The more you read Quran, the weaker I get, and the stronger you get. That's why the best form of Vicar that to weaken your shavon is to engage in reciting the Quran more and more. So you can do the math as we say

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If you don't read or and so often your ship on is getting stronger and stronger and stronger against you.

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That's how it is. So if you engage in muted reading on a daily basis, that's well make the ship on weaker and weak, for instance and nebby Sol Sol himself is a Muslim. Carla Shivani ruminal Beatty, Lady Yoko v Surat Al Baqarah. A shaitaan runs away from the house or SoTL Baccarat is recited. Also Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said an intermedia had even made it be mushir, he said, and the last two verses of Surah Baqarah, the last two verses sort of Babylon. Now my sons just memorize it reasonably. So. And we'll talk about how important these are. These two verses in nebby salaallah alayhi wa sallam said that if it is recited in a house, that szczepan will not enter this house for

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three nights. So if you cannot read certain Baccarat you can read at least the last two verses in Surah Al Baqarah NW sallallahu Sallam said if you decide to Eitan kursi before you go to sleep, the whole night, a ship on will not come near you and W sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me bass, Allah obika Murakami have been the Afghani Mata our the veal Mata we don't do you know what's the thing that protect you the most? He said yes he also like I said,

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you're a big fan of openness and this the to the versus that it will be very powerful in protecting you and I shall they allow I know Ottawa, Canada will be Hema coolala in the know and maybe so Salam will read it as a form of weed for him as a form of protection seeking production from Allah Subhana to with a loss of Hannah data from the shape and by reciting these two verses. Also, a Pavani reported that and Mujahidin Abby Herrera todo De La Hoya and one oh god in a police hanaa own zealot. In fact you had to look it up on zero Medina Orion yeah and the assignment sheet for the mineral mineral Adam, what we have here nema unzila Surah Al Fatiha billion surah haffi like afia

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shafia, that when SoTL Fatiha was revealed to Muhammad so Salam upon was an absolute pain aboard out of the line and said because alfalfa is a protection is a healer.

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Also among the thing that from the Corolla that is so powerful on protecting you, especially when you feel fear when you feel the influence of the ship and when you feel this this is the ship on seduce your influence you're making you scared or terrified sometimes we get just for no logical reason so terrified and that time would you say when you if you cannot have you read Quran that's one option. Another option is an str that Billa you say? Ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim caribou Josie Rahim Allah that said unless the other is a protection protect you from a shavon you seeking protection from the one who created the shaman and control all good and control all evil and

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are also below him in action. shaytani r Rajim came as a state with the GC and general Oregon br o became in hamasaki Shelby nuoro to be corrupt be a boon well in mines on the community partners of a status Billa in Buhari reported that

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basil de la and analysis soul Alliance a lot of them can have a widow hassanal Hussein your own or either Kuma bikini Mattila he Tama mean coolish a pan in Warhammer woman Korea in in llama wilcannia all Cana Ibrahim over you are going to be my

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boss saying the verses that I decided seeking about you ask Allah for protection from the shall beat you seek refuge with a law from the Shabbat here of my best saying that nobody salsa lamb used to make this start with for any seeking protection with a law from the ship and from all evil and from all harmful things by saying oh he lucuma be can imagine law he mattamy Sri Maha I seek refuge with the powerful words of Allah from all evil. And abubaker sneaks in jasola Tell me something to say in the morning and in the night. I'll call in the VESA Santo Bakker to say Allahumma out there or Sinatra or animal Abo Shahada, you the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one who knows what is

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done in public and in secret, or up Bakula in America, the Lord of everything and the king of every thing.

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Or the king of everyone. I shadow Allah Allah, Allah and I bear witness the older you are the only worthy of worship

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Although became insured in FCW, I asked you to protect me from the evil of my own soul will surely shape on your Shirky and protect me from the evilness of the shavonne and his tricks. Shirky, our Saraki all correct. any tricks or Shirky, you need to fall into Sherlock or to follow his command.

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Also the other came in relation to read the Koran. And in stanza before you read the Koran, VEDA karate, or RFS stated Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim.

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and that's why they in the salon outside the salon so in the salon when you start to salla Allahu Akbar off duty status they are the newest origin Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Okay, and enough for a fact. And you don't need to repeat it again when you read the second song. But also if you are outside the saw and you want to read Quran, you say, Are there strategy before you start? And

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also there's many different ways to say that the famous one I wrote the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. But also, I will do biLlahi semi aleni min ash shaytani r rajim. Abbe de, it's not the NFP that can

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be rubella his semi elimina ship on the regime. Also, oh the villa is semi anally misshapen or regime. Min hempz when he went after, and this came from Allah,

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Allah Allahu Allah will catch up on our Oh Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim in Allahu a semi early. So you see, whatever any format of these are similar to them, it will be sufficient will be sufficient. The current law in general is a great protection for all of us. In the law, Mariah Carey ibmc kalimat, the prophets of Salaam told us that a lot told john you're a prophet, you're here to deliver these five orders and commands to the children of Israel. And in the fifth one, he said, I order you we gather all the children of Israel and mosque and then in the temple is the say or the mosque, feed messed it had the kind of a suit they were sitting on the wall of the temple

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or the mosque of the place of prayer in Jerusalem. They all gather around the all of the tribes games. Then he told them

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how to order me to murder you or to tell you these five commands and the fifth one he said, well I'm going to come and 10th cotulla i ordering you by the order of God order for the Almighty Allah to remember Allah and to mention Allah so often. It's like someone who has his enemy chasing him. Then that person went and he found a protected

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castle and enter the castle unlock the doors and the enemy couldn't penetrate the walls of that castle. The enemy is the shape on and the castle is the Corolla. And when you enter that ship, I have no access to you.

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In Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Mo will ever say la ilaha illallah wa watashi Kerala homolka Al Hamdulillah Khalifa do 100 times it will be equal to so and so then he said what kind of his alumina ship on if he that he can do a protection from the ship on that day, when you leave your house and you see some light or kill to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah ship and you're protected from the ship and, and your trip, and we certainly would appeal as Harold and Mary and naturalizer solemn when he used to go to bed before he goes to sleep. He would say Bismillah Well, Dr. Jim be will be Allah Bismillah I the name of Allah, we're about to Jambi I lay

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my I lay on my site Allahumma Fridley than the Yarra forgive myself. I want you to think of this for a moment. This is a pseudo law saying that

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this is Mohammed sauce I'm saying that who needs more protection? Who should fear the ship on more? Me and you or Mohammed Hassan? Who should be seeking forgiveness more and compare him sallallahu Sallam and us

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compare his life and his connection with a lot and compare your connection with a lot

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that should inspire us to do more than he would say or love forgive my sin. Was that video I was the shade Bonnie. Yanni Allah suppress my shavon will *ery honey

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set me free with misogyny and make my skill heavy. Watch me

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In other words, Johnny fin de la la Yeah. And he made me among those who are in the highest level and gender reported by widowed and shatavari Rahim Allah continuously.

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So he asked me a lot to protect him from the Shetlands every time he goes to sleep. In Nevis also Lim said when you see Bismillah the shippon became like a size of a fly. And we say, curse damaged that damn the ship on or curse the ship on or the ship on became so big because he gots it. That's why it's not from this ship on on a large ship and yet the album is ship on them and they'll be solid allow it while he was lm set it upon ladipo terisa shavonne for inuyama mithril bait when I can Bismillah for indicator Alta Dalek. dasara, Hakuna Mitra de Bab

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Bismillah will make him so small Yunus it will be so small and little and powerless. So that's one of the things that in nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to say in order for to protect ourselves from the shape and I asked a las panatela to protect us from the shaper none of the best tool that you can use you use his tools so when the shape one comes to you do the opposite which is fine comes to you Oh, you saw sleep it's you know what you tired good sleep You don't need to pray. You know, you don't need to pray. What do you do? You know what pray three hours, usually Priyanka, I'm going to pray three, because he told me just to miss the salon, about to give $5 $5 you know,

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you have $2 change, give it an A stood, maybe $5 are going to need it. You know what I'm going to put the seven, do the opposite. That's one of the best way to so the chiffon will know every time he inspires something that you do more good. So when he knew he backed off,

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you know, that's one of the best tricks that you can do and treat your shirt that way. Every time the shipment comes to whisper you can spy something man, do the opposite and the complete opposite of good.

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And you will see how this will empower you and we can in your SharePoint as you go. I ask Allah Subhana Allah and then finally I can be my seminar.

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And hamdulillah salat wa salam, Ala Moana live in a van,

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trying to keep our hotbar short as possible.

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But it is something that everybody heard about. And

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it's in use that's, you know, can be ignored and law people like seeking guidance if there is anybody, really any

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care anymore, because unfortunately, it became an issue that people don't care too much about, especially the young generation, which is the issue of Palestine.

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And it's a sad reality that many of young people don't, you know, care much about this issue.

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But I still an issue, every time you touch, it became alive again, so quickly, which it shows you even if they don't talk much about it, but still it's a living in the heart and the mind of every person.

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And something will not be will not go away. Because this concept of Palestine is connected to or appended to our belief as Muslims. It's connected to Mohammed Salah Alison and connected to the Koran connected to the future of Muslims and as well as well connected to the past.

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And I just want to share

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mainly one point, it's good to keep in mind

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for the longest time

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that politics of the relationship between the Israeli and

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Arab countries are the countries of the region was always based on land for peace,

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land for peace land for basically compromising from both sides since the right wing and understanding the politics of it help you to formulate a good argument point.

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And since the right wing in Israel when the elections have been running the country for a quiet time

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there is a new policies in place, which is the normalization of the situation. No compromising its normalization. It's not about it's about to normalize what's happening and that became the goal so there is no need anymore to give up land No need anymore because actually sattler are the one who making those right wing when by giving them land and expansion. So for the for this game to continue you

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to police them. So what's the strategy became to normalize the relationship to normalize what's happening in Palestine, I became a rely to rely on reality that everybody normal, normal world, and it's something acceptable. And what you just so in

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the declaration of a full relationship between Emirates and

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Israel and three more countries coming up soon, online. And before that there is many things we know that this leadership established long time ago, nothing new. But now coming into public, it's part of what we call to make it part of the norm to normal normalization of the situation.

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And if this been understood the American policy for a very long time, it's been, you know, the two states, regardless of this is how effective or not there is a hope that is this there is that, okay, but for the new administration that we have, there's not any more need for that it is the same policy, normalizing what's happening in Palestine. And you have to accept that, and you live with that. And that's how it's going to continue. And that's it.

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And that's one of the dangers of playing that game.

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You know, nobody hates peace. Nobody hates to see the Palestinians progressing and earning, you know, steps and the Hub's is growing, nobody hates that. We do not have people who said either 100% or zero

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is no logic. But what we don't, we cannot be fooled.

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We cannot be told that this was, you know, something that we gained, we gained nothing.

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Out of this, it has nothing to compromise, it's just a complete endorsement to

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Netanyahu have been politically having an unrest in his country. And this just a gift to him to tell those people you know, what I'm effective, I got America on my side,

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get off my back.

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And for me, what is important is a message we all have friends, neighbors, who are Jewish, you know, Jewish friends and organization, synagogue, blah, blah, blah. I'm part of many organization that there is a lot of, you know, people in this organization who happened to be Jewish, or related to Israel or awareness, have a message that I think, to present the vast majority of the Muslims around the world,

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many of those looking for an acceptance.

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And when I say

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normalizations, can comes with building relationship with governments. But acceptance will never come through governments.

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If what you're looking for and accepted that's only comes from people.

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And people do not see these governments and political entity, are true representations of what's in the street of the Muslims world in the Arab world today.

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They don't represent

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the pulse of the people.

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They represent their own interest, not solely the interests of the public, that's why you still going to be hated, you're still going to be rejected, you're still going to have, you know, the norm of the street of the average person is rejecting you.

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And these words,

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you know why? Because they are connected with the brothers and sister in Palestine, who are suffering every single day of their lives.

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And hersa on the West Bank, or any anywhere you look.

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Because the people are connected, and the fear one another.

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And the only way you will see change, when there is a change happening in the streets of this oppressed country.

00:24:14--> 00:24:21

When the Palestinian people can live with dignity, with respect, with safety,

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with freedom

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that's when you will see a change and a general acceptance.

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And that message should comes from us as an American, Muslim, Jewish, whatever, because we know what that means.

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We know what freedoms and respect and and living with dignity and providing you with your basic human rights. how important this is.

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And I hope we don't ever lose sight of the goal and how we frame this question.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to

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bring true peace,

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peace, that based on justice

00:25:16--> 00:25:21

to this open wound of the of the in the heart of the Muslim world, and to help

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the leaders of the world to do what is right. And the end of the day, all hearts are in the hands of Allah Spanner to add.

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But at least if we cannot do what's correct,

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if we cannot say what is correct, we still can maintain believing in what is correct. And seeing things the way it should be.

00:25:50--> 00:26:00

But this, just a few words that I want to share in regard to the incident. And the news, even though my member is not always as a political,

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you know, talks or subject, but I hope this helped to, you know, framing the conflict, because a lot of young people, you know, a conflict conflicted with the issue of why no peace, we want peace? Yes, nobody does. But you have to understand how that whole picture looks like. And for 25 years is Clinton time, we will sold hope, but nothing on the ground. It was a false hope.

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Man last night, Allah your homina yaku melphalan our yaku also Allah May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us and make it easy for all of us and protect us from the evilness of this virus and its impact in our family, in our homes, in our community, in our society, in our country, and the world a lot. I mean, we ask Allah to forgive our parents and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to put mercy on them and to forgive the living in the dead among the believing men and woman. We asked a Lost Planet Allah to bless us and to bless our family or wealth or health. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us the strength to be always a strong against all shippon or desires. And we asked him to

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protect us from the evilness of ourselves and the evilness of wishing upon Allah minion Silikal who dealt with our FFR Lina went to Tina for Santa taco and to the cafe ruins a car on top hamanaka hermetic winters and idealistic yamawaki mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali wasabia Jemaine, it's a day where newbies also lambson increase your Salam Salam and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam so make sure that you do more than the average days.