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All you need to know about FASTING for TRAVELERS

June 15, 2016


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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh this is what he bisutti, the Vice President of Institute, and I wish you all great Ramadan Melis, Allah to accept from all of us. One of the common questions that I received during the month of Ramadan, in regard to fasting during traveling, is it allowed is not allowed. Is it better to fast not too fast today with all this modern means of transportation

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would be no point from breaking it fast. A lot of you asked this question and

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a lot of debate that this issue quite long time ago, it had been a model they allow Anwar law. And so, he had been debate, they used to dislike fasting during traveling.

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And even in Omaha, abas zuri. Remember by him and I, some of the some of them had been rated from the the scholars that he said, so even allowed to fast while you are traveling. And this is a quite

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a kind of an opinion adopted by the library and had quite a little bit in extreme but to say it's not allowed which hold on, but they base their argument on what the prophet SAW Selim said, Lisa, meaning a cm for suffer. It's not from the righteousness or the good deeds too fast, during fast, too fast during traveling, and this handy dandy jabber only allow an advanced Muslim. So the process is it's not from righteousness, it means it is the opposite of righteousness, which is also the said, because I was listening the Quran from in Canada you have an hour and I suffer for it am in Doha, Allah have made that must for the person who's sick or traveling to make it up other days and

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other days, also on the vessel allow you to send them when when he was traveling with the companions in the conqueror of Mecca. Some of the companions were fasting in some form or not fasting. So the process I intentionally stopped drinking water in front of everybody to ask them to break the fast but some didn't. And he continued fasting. And while they are so tired, exhausted, they start falling pauwela unconscious and obese, I suddenly was told, he said that there's people still fasting. And that's why they got so tired. The process arm said without a human without a car. And there are those are the disobedient, those are the ones who disobey disability. And this way, I

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mean, this is a slot comes shows clearly they said they committed something wrong and this is Muslim in any job. But are they allowed.

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Also honest are they allowed. The law said that once we're traveling with the prophets of Allah, and those who broke their fast, some of us break the some of us are fat, and some now those who are fasting, this tall, falling like on the ground, like the fly, and while those who were not fasting, they were able to put the 10s and to do the camp. So the process on them said those who did not break their fast those who broke their fast today have taken all the Agile on the road and been agile. And it's headed also inside.

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in Ibiza Salam also said in several narrations have been the rate of the profits of thunder in the Muslim, madam because a man others in a lightweight one to talk

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to him, Allah loves from us to take advantage of the breaks that he gives us, as he wants us to be committed and to fulfill the obligations that he made upon us. In the mass majority of the Muslim scholars believe it is an optional, you fast or not too fast. It's an optional, and I think this position of the vast majority of the scholars is very strong, because and this is a position of many follow him Allah, this is the Malik shocky.

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And the vast majority of the successors and the companions before that, and their evidence that actually allow

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the temza had been Mr. smme said jasola should they fast while I'm traveling? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him and this man used to fast a lot known as the person who passed the law. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him so much faster if you wish you can fast and if you wish, you can break your fast and the heavy portable Bukhari Muslim also reported that the prophets of Salaam he said I went I traveled with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was a hard day.

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And in ob sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the only one fasting and Abdullah and everybody else broke their fast so that's also shows you the process Allah fast one he

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Traveling is headed also in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim NSW. Malik said, we used to travel with the prophets and allow new ideas and some of us will be fasting and some were not. And no one ever had blamed us or fasting or blame those who break their fast and everybody except the other group and this hadith in Bukhari Muslim and Muslim even reported this from another companion which is outside of Hungary.

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And maybe sallallahu Sallam said,

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he said to the companion, if you wish to break your fast if an ambassador said he was fasting that day, he was fasting, the dead

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and behind. So as for the verse on the last panel, data set, indeterminate fit determining how fast other days that for those who choose to break their fast, so it doesn't mean that if you travel or you're sick, you have to make dates even if you fast, no one will understand that the verse doesn't really lead to that conclusion. The verse says, If you break your fast because of traveling or because of sickness, you can basically make it up later on. As for what it is not from righteousness, any don't think that fasting during fasting during traveling, it's an extra righteous things because some people said, No, let me put myself in hardship and difficulty thinking that this

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will increase the age of the person. That's not true. That's what the press I'm trying to say. You need choosing the hardest white on yourself does not mean you have chosen the most beloved one or your reward will be more or reward will be more. So that's what we'll Ireland. This Hadith means this hand It means the last point I want to end with is when should you break your fast if you decide to break your fast when you about to leave your home when you leave your home. So if you put your luggage and you're about to leave the house to the airport, you can basically break your fast some LMS said you should wait until you leave the city. But to be honest with you there's plenty of

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narrations shows that it is the moment and this the opinion, Kamala the moment your intention there, you put your luggage ready to go. That's where you break your fast. Mohammed bin cap said, I have seen NSM mnemonic of the alarm, Ananda Ramadan, and he was planning to travel and he said his camel was ready. And what's cool is basically the things that he's going to take with you traveling is on the camel, and he wears the clothes of traveling. But he called for food and he broke his fast. Then he arrived start riding his camel. So I told him Is this the center he said this is the center and this had no relation to a book by tirmidhi Jafar had been debated, said I was with me, Bassano

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Valley, which is a companion and we were traveling in the ship. So he said while we still in the river, and we can still see the houses around us. He broke his fast. You didn't start the traveling? Yes. So I said to him, we can see the houses he said it's okay. I said Is this enough? He said yes. This is this and this narration reported by me though. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us and give us your kradin So allow us to be in