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What Do You Wish For

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Bilal Assad

Channel: Bilal Assad

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I love you.

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brothers sisters, I have a question for you.

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What do you wish for?

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What do you wish for?

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What do you desire?

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What do you anticipate to reach? What do you anticipate to reach brothers and sisters? What is it that you yearn for? What is it that you longed for?

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What is it? ask yourself that question.

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What is your ambition?

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Do you wish for a beautiful wife? Or a gorgeous husband?

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Who has got popularity?

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Everyone looks up to so they can show up with him or her.

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deserve a beautiful mansion and lots of money. Is that when you design

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or do you anticipate to reach a firm, lifelong career?

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Do you anticipate that?

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Do you yearn for luxurious dwelling a land of probably one day to buy an island of your own? Do you longed for fame and popularity and fortune?

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Do you miss having all of that?

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If this is what you are desiring and the disadvantage and yearning for

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the mighty brother or system,

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you have been deceived. You have been deceived by this world. All of its fortune, all its beauty. Because this beauty which you see in front of you, as a man describes it in the Qur'an is like a flower that grows in the ground.

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It gets watered from the rain and then it blossoms. It has a nice fragrance and it looks beautiful.

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But then it only lasts for about a month or less. And suddenly it starts to wither away. And you have no more attention towards it as if it never had existed before

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and becomes soil and