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Episode 1 of Gems From The Quran series – Ramadhan 2016 presented by Sheikh Muiz Bukhary at Masjid Noor, Maldives.

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milania Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam either

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in our Habib in our property our unit Mohammed Abdullah islandwide he was happy

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to sleep back

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for the call of loss Ababa What's it for and disease by the hour we will be learning Amina shape on every gene.

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main question

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what do you

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know now gray bouhanni

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knows novena

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long horn la Vina

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off he was along with

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you said before we move

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on to 1011 z zone it

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recommends by placing a loss of Hannah mozzarella with no doubt our creators sustainer nourisher protector and your we asked my surgeon to shower his choices the blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until that if

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at the very outset, I have to say that I think a lot of Medina that he has really united us once again, I'm really happy to be here. I'll be here in Shama, Dinah, for in the beautiful islands of the Maldives for 15 days, and we hope to present a series titled gems from the forum. We are on a daily basis every day after Salatu inshallah, and it must be noted here inshallah, we will be picking an ayah or two from the noble for an we will study the ayah we will cast a critical look into the aim to study the ayah in sha Allah, and we will try to deduce as many lessons as possible, and most important of all, we will all strive to implement those lessons in our lives many of us can

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afford Allah make it easy to do so. I mean, I also pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses this gathering and makes this gathering a gathering where the angels showered us with their wings the Sakina tranquility of a lost animals Allah descends upon us and made me the almighty make high mention of us in the seven heavens I mean,

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so inshallah Allah for day one of this series, I'm going to be touching on the first iron that I read for Minaya to the beginning. And then at the end for Anna Germany lotto agent to call Shan moto soldier, the army crusher dealer will

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be touching on this area in sha Allah and also I will be touching on the roof we'll move on to part two we'll discuss what that is about that. So let's start off with the idea I'll make some more time he states his local hardship, low ends and

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if we were to sit down this fall on either

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upon a mountain Elijah village now I don't know for sure I'm not the I'm going

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along with you will see that mountain humble itself, you will see that mountain humble itself due to the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You will see that mountain split asunder and break into pieces due to the fear of a visor Virgil Patil kill it and reboot the NASA island with your own. And these are examples that we cite. But you can imagine not reminding us these are examples that we signed on to mankind. The fact that they may wander so deep that they may reflect a loss of chemical data, open the doors of understanding for all of us, I mean,

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so many brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There's a

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small point to be derived. It's an important point.

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But I touched on it but it's briefly it's a point that is related to al Qaeda at the very beginning itself, Allah subhanho wa Taala states, low ends and if we were to send down the Koran, so there are scholars who now discuss as to why Allah subhanho wa Taala use the word sending down because remember in terms of the Quran, there is nothing that is brought about in the Quran as a coincidence now, Allah subhana wa Jalla has brought about every single word every single letter as we will discuss, we talk about open Macaca for a reason in the Noble Quran there is a specific reason and a number of lessons to be deduced. So why has our makers kind of Medina use the word sending down and

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if you were to analyze other I had a loss of Hannah Montana State, we sent down the rain, we sent down the rain, we have sent down the forests in zelner, who feel a little further when Allah subhanho wa Taala was talking about natural Father, what did he It was a state we sent it down on during the night of power.

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Talk about Israel and Mirage, the amazing Nigerian, I'm sure most of you are aware of it when he was in and he traversed from Mecca to

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Arkansas and from there onwards onto the heavens, the why it is evolution and go up the heavens to up the heavens for that particular journey. You understand Today's a sample point to be derived here. And to establish that point then we bring about an authentic and authentic narration of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And please remember, whenever I mentioned his beautiful name, son, Nepal while he was sitting, there was a slave girl, a servant, if you will, okay, who was brought to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was brought to the promise of nihilism because her employer had complained against her. And she was brought to the messenger Santa

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Monica University, and also the one he said, when he when he was wanted to have her free from that particular bond from that particular bond, because the third one is sort of a while evaluating them and the teachings of Islam were against slavery at that time. And if you were to study the teachings of Islam, you would always find the encouragement to free slaves, free slaves, that are hungry that slavery is no longer prevalent. So at that point, the puppets have a lot more Anyway, it was in them wanted to free her. So he asked her a few questions. Now listen to me attentively. Question number one, who am I? And then he goes around the night to these words, who am I? And this girl? She

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responded saying you are the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the next question, important question.

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Where is among those who

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did not ask her many lawyer who is a law or Who is God? But instead a specific and direct question? A lot, there is a lot and then this girl responds, pointing her finger towards the heavens. This one is in the heavens, as a lot of states in the normal for an odd rock Manu Island now she's the one who will lead ecola personaggi one out when the palapa Santa was evil Obama beta morpc.

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in a number of places Allah subhana wa Jalla states that he has ascended over his throne

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in a manner that benefits His Majesty and His glory. And we all know that algebra last kind of Medina is above genital fieldnotes. The SAP of in the sense the roof of Jericho is actually about man, the throne of Allah subhana wa jal. So this girl she responded saying this. And you know what our beloved Prophet Muhammad said, Bob Marley when it was said and said to that, he said it when he was in and said,

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in a minute,

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for a minute, free her, free her, for indeed she is a believer. Now there are people who dispute and say that we can't take the statement of a girl who perhaps may have not known about the fundamentals of Deen, we're not taking the statements of a young girl here. We are taking the acknowledgement of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he acknowledged here because it is his responsibility if she was wrong, you would have had to correct her you would have had to teach her the right thing. But he said after Haha, and those two lies in it no stop there. He went on to say for in the Herman Miller not even Muslim Amina. She is a believe she is a believer. So as you can see, as you can see, the

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answer was correct. The answer was correct. But you know, sadly, these days, many of us in Morocco, many of us, including our children, we fail to understand the fundamental principles of Islam, we fail to understand the fundamental principles of Islam and that is why it is of utmost importance that we seek knowledge. It is a work in progress. No one today can say I am a learner. I am a chef, I'm a movie and I don't have to seek knowledge and if anymore, no one no one on this earth can say so. It is a work in progress.

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And we keep seeking knowledge until we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah azza wa jal open the doors of knowledge for all of us. I mean, you know, talking about knowledge, the other day someone was telling me a story. It's a joke, actually. But the interesting story, it's a story about two boys, two boys, who are very mischievous, very naughty boys, they were very naughty boys, like, you know, not like,

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very naughty boys to boys, they were always up to some mischeif some trouble. Until one day, the father of the two boys goes to the school or the message and tells the demand or the teacher, to you know, give the boys a small lecture, give them small lecture. Now, the teacher also was aware of the mischeif of these two boys. So the next day, he thinks about it, and he thinks, Okay, you know what, I'm going to give them a small lecture. The next day, what happens is only one boy comes to school.

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So the two things about it, I think, you know, what, let me just advise this boy, and the next day, I can advise the other boy. So he calls this boy to a corner, maybe calls into his office, or whatever it is, and he advises the board. Be a good boy, please, your parents obey your parents, and don't always, you know, be up to some mystery. And in the process of advising the boy, he asks the boy a question, when he's alone, and what he was meeting his ways of life in your life. I mean, fear a lot, be conscious of a lot of ways a lot in your life. So he asked the boy, where is a lot? Where is God? The boy, young boy, he shouts, he says, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Boy, yeah.

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So then the teacher, the mom says, again, raise the bar.

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Again, the

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third time, the mom says, Yeah, is a lot. Finally the boy loses. And he starts to cry. And he runs away from the office, he runs away from the school, and he runs away to his house, he goes home, he goes home and the other boys at home as well. He runs into a cupboard, a closet, a cupboard, he goes in and he hides himself and he starts to weep and cry. And the other boy, is wondering what has upset my mother so much. He goes to the cupboard, he opens up the cabinet, it says, By the way, including, it has upset you so much.

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The young boy inside the cabinet, looks at his mother and says,

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We are in deep trouble. We are in deep trouble.

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This is what has happened.

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I don't know. God is missing. And they think we have kidnapped God. And they're asking us where is God?

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Do you understand? So this is a traffic. It's an iconic story, but still the level of our knowledge, the knowledge of our children at times. From this, we understand, it's a story of the model, if you will, that we have enhanced our levels of knowledge and also kind of mozzarella opened the doors of knowledge for other elements. I mean, okay, coming back to the last panel, hotel estates, low ends and

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eligibility, if we were to sit down this moron upon a mountain, and I want you all because this is a parable, you know, I'm the only one available and this is from the Pentateuch. This particular parable is from the parables of the one of the examples of the format. So whenever I was presented with Allah puts forth or cite an example, it is important that we imagine the example there's a lot of imagery think about a mountain. I'm sure most of you might have seen a mountain. What a hefty structure is a mountain, the mountain is a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But how strong is a mountain and I think about Kenny Medina is stating the

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analogy. If we were to send down the arm that we have the four arm that we read the four iron that we love, especially during the month of Ramadan, because it is known as the month of the more on shadow Ramadan, and the wounds individual for this for iron. If it were to be sent down upon this mountain, you will see the mountain humble itself and split asunder in the sense of break into pieces. You too mean has shifted due to the fear of a muscle hammer down. Now I want you all to strike a comparison to your hearts. Think about your hearts. Think about your hearts in comparison to the mountain. How much of soft and tender So just imagine what a great effect the words of our

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makers of Hannah Medina needs to have on our hearts. The scary part is, if the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala and not having an effect on your heart, then your heart is harder than even a mountain men Allah subhanho wa Taala series. Allah says in the Quran, that even the mountain would break into pieces. The thing about our hearts, our hearts should, you know make into a million pieces out of the love for Allah Subhana Monza Island out of the love for Allah azza wa jal, we should introspect, we should concentrate on the verses of the Quran, we should study the verses of the Quran. Remember the reason behind that question?

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of the forum. The main objective, the main purpose behind the revelation of the Koran was not to pay lip service to the Quran. It's just not to take the Koran and read the Quran, like how characters, the reason behind the revelation of the Koran is guidance. So how do you secure an Hidayat by studying by making art by pondering and reflecting on the forum? And that is what we hope to do throughout these 15 days. Insha Allah, Allah, may Allah is the task of all of us. I mean, we're supposed to ponder we're supposed to reflect the supposed to deduce lessons from the Quran. I'm not undermining or at the foreign, but in comparison to the ultimate objective. This reason is

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secondary. If you read the Koran merely just reading the Koran you are rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In one thing, I didn't realize that it isn't as important as an additional two surah along the lines of these words, that if you would read the Koran for every letter, you get 10 rewards. And he's

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gonna say I'm not saying at least to me is one letter but instead, Elif is one letter. Lamb is one letter mean is one letter with an individual go to lead. And it's

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me Amy 30 reports.

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30 reports. This is just me reading the four R's. Then think about pondering reflecting and deducing lessons from

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think about how you're going to be rewarded. But what's kind of more time now talking about the devil? I just read live let me just make a little more in regard to Elif, Lambie, you know and Islam I mean, there are almost about 20 opinions from the scholars in regard to the meaning of Prophet bukata and Islam me cast iron sword for ha ya seen Jaime Miocene off you understand there are a number of letters as such, which are known as rueful Macaca out in the Arabic language, and that can be translated as the disconnected letters, this connected letter fulfill macatawa now these labels come in a number of places in the Quran, like I mentioned earlier to Rem Koolhaas per se to assure

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you will get it in a number of places. And why has a loss of Hannah Montana brought about these letters, there are almost about 20 opinions of its scholars. Okay. There are minority of the scholars who think of these letters as abbreviations or acronyms. Alif stands for something lamp stands for something mean stands for something, but the majority of the scholars state

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that no one knows the meanings of these letters, except a last kind of more time. Now we have two groups of scholars one group that states that they are like abbreviations and each letter stands for a particular meaning. Another group of scholars the majority of them say we don't know the meaning except philosophy kind of moves on. Now this group of scholars as this group of scholars that what is the purpose behind about bringing the provocateur it we do not know the meanings, do you understand where they're coming from? I mean, what's the point of having it in the Koran if you do not know the meanings? Yeah. Now this group of scholars put for two reasons. Two reasons as to why

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almost kind of Masada has brought about the

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Reason number one is that it adds a flavor. It adds a beauty to the facade. Let's say for example, Sudoku, Baccarat, how does it commence?

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Me, Danny can kita Mona Hawaii, Buffy. Yes, if you want to only start off then you can kita bonanni Buffy is obviously beautiful. But that is not mean as a flavor to it as a flavor to it. So if I'm conversing with you, when suddenly I start a B, C, look, I can see everybody looking at me. Why? Because it's out of the norm. You're wondering what's going on? Maybe the chef has lost it perhaps what is going on? Why is he singing ABCD is maybe you remember at the time when he was in school perhaps now it's to grab your attention, it is to grab your attention and during the time of the Arabs to win the supplies a lot while evolution started this was with these proof that they were

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implanted and they would wonder what is going on? What are these words? What is this recitation and they would listen in gloss. Say for example, the last idea of supersize

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Toby is on the talisman, if you want to remove them from the rulings of the jury that you must drag them in, but if you remove them as it still does not alter the meaning in any way providing value when avoiding but you tell me which is more beautiful. Someone reading via

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email upon me or lying in Moscow Mia

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on me maybe

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the one with the understand. So these first A Reason number one is to define what it is to add a flavor to the pot.

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The second reason that this is just mind blowing, it is mind blowing why they state that it is to highlight

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the knowledge of loss potential data. In comparison to our knowledge. You open up the Koran, you can be a scientist, you can be an astronaut, you can be a doctor, you can be a researcher, you can be a movie, you can be a chef, you can be an island, you can be a party, you can be anyone. But when you open up the Koran, when you start talking about Torah, the first word and if lamb mean, you have to acknowledge that however much knowledge I have, my knowledge is nothing in comparison to the knowledge of a bottle of water. There are still things that I do not know it humbles us. You see the beautiful lesson, and then certain scholars mentioned this interesting story that took place between

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moussaka Sullivan.

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This is super Kev. This is beautiful story between moose Islamism and how the lizard was the maybe one of the days we talked about it because the story is so interesting, and there are so many lessons to the right.

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Now the reason behind or if you will, the second rule or the reason behind this particular story, okay. They mentioned as far as I mentioned, that one day musculoskeletal system was addressing a crowd authentically, he was addressing a crowd, and a man stood up and asked him yamasa who is the most knowledgeable person on the face of this planet? Who is the most knowledgeable person on the face of this? Now musala is that true Santa's not out of pride, he was not proud. He just bought I am a messenger of Allah, I have spoken to Allah subhana wa Jalla. So who can be more knowledgeable than myself? So he looks at the man and says I am the most knowledgeable person on the face of this

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planet? The minute he said that Eliza was a reveals under Mossad is that person I'm almost there is a special slave of mine, who has been given knowledge from me who is more knowledgeable than you.

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The minute Masonic psychosom heard that he immediately don't the gobs of a student, and he said, if so I want to go and seek knowledge by him, he immediately became a student. So from this, we understand that he was not proud he did not say, oh, how can there be someone more knowledgeable than me? I am the messenger of Allah, I should be the most knowledgeable person I know. He said if there is an individual that let me go seek knowledge by him. And he immediately undertakes a journey to meet hadiya Alicia. Now in regard to her the arrangement for Sunday's a smallish data for Mr. Scholars, some scholars state that he was alive just individually that it was a rule and some

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scholars say that he was an angel from the angels of Los Alamos. And some scholars say that he was a prophet of Allah, and that is the most favorable of opinions, that he was a prophet from the prophets of Allah subhanho wa jal, because three things took place. And one of those things or if you believe in two of those things that he did, he could not have done it out of his own accord and he states the noble behind

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it, not do it out of my own accord, it was from Allah subhanho wa jal. So if the command came from Allah, he had to be a prophet from the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You understand? So he was a Navy mean? And we are the law, according to the final group of scholars and personally I feel that is the most favorable of opinions. Anyway, now Muslim, Muslim goes and meets How did that person Okay, and they, okay, so Muslim, Muslim, he asked that question, um, can I spend some time with you, you know, like, how can I hang out with you for a while? How did I reduce my looks at those lenses?

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Because he knew of the temple of Muslims. That was syrups he said, I don't think you can stomach certain things that I might do. So moussaka says, How can you say so, when I have not even stayed with you for even a day you know, along the lines of these words, he was conversing back and forth until finally agrees, and he tells me that was enough to accompany now they start off a season they get onto a ship and they undertake a seizure, you know, this is the point that I want to highlight, as they voted the ship or the boat. How did it so that was ample tells Moosa is that was so many points towards a bird, a tiny bird. And this is almost a doozy. The bed, do you see the tiny bird?

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Because there was a tiny bird at the helm of the ship, okay. And this bird had a tiny beak, a tiny bird and a tiny beak, and the bird was dipping its beak into the ocean.

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Hydraulic features have profound and powerful lesson to scientists. Almost like you see the bird. Do you see independence, tiny peek into the ocean? And then he strikes an example and he says, your knowledge and my knowledge combined? Who are these two individuals, the most knowledgeable people on the face of this earth? the two greatest genius isn't that time Musa and how the how the Dalai Lama declared by Allah as a knowledgeable person about your intellectual capacity and my intellectual capacity.

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Your knowledge and my knowledge put together, okay? In comparison to the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not even like the drops of water that is in the beak of that burden comparison to the ocean,

00:25:16--> 00:25:57

in comparison to the ocean, and I would say what Allah His method Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is above all of these examples. And even the ocean can be quantified. Like if we had machinery, we could quantify the ocean or we could state that there are this many liters in the ocean, we don't have that kind of technology. But if we did have we could say the Pacific Ocean contains this many liters, yes, because it is finite, there is a limit to it. The knowledge of Allah subhana wa Jalla is infinite. No shows no boundaries, no limits, does the knowledge of Alaska Hannah Montana have any limits no limits. So this is what we declare, when we say and if

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this is what we declare when we say

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hi, ie, song. So

00:26:17--> 00:26:57

now you understand how important it is to make the book a small lesson in terms of poker. But now insha Allah The next time you really plan me, we are not going to read an Islamic just anything I mean, it will depend on the knowledge of us handling the infinite knowledge of Allah azza wa jal, and you're also going to ponder on the limited knowledge that we have, that we have the limited knowledge that we have, with this limited knowledge we cannot question Allah we cannot question the degree of Allah. We fail to understand the bigger picture at times it is among what I leave with a hobby he is the all knowing he's the well informed it is almost panic more than our knowledge is

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like the drops of water. That also is not our knowledge. We are no genius. We're talking about Musa and Elena masala masala, our intellectual capacities in comparison, in comparison to them fades away again. So this is where we stand with your brothers and sisters instead. And that's why it's important that we highlight the spectrum. We should not go to either one of the two extremes. We should not think of ourselves as Mr. know it all. nor should we go to the other extreme where we completely disregard the knowledge we do not seek knowledge we must seek as much knowledge as possible. May Allah subhanho wa Taala open the doors of beneficial knowledge for all of us. Now

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let's cap off the AI. Allah says no enzyme that had the Ananda Gemini level Indigo Hashimoto Satya Nadella as you can see my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. If a mountain is to crumble, and break into pieces due to fear of loss of animals and what about our hearts, what about ourselves, we must most definitely work on our hearts. And this month of Ramadan is an amazing opportunity. It is a season of goodness given to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala to better ourselves to rectify ourselves to rectify our character to enhance our link with the poor and to enhance our link with a lot to do so that this is an amazing opportunity. Don't let the month of Ramadan slip away from you, except

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that you will rectify yourself except that you get closer to Allah Subhana Medina except that you mental tober except that you work on your heart and beautifying it may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all to do so. With that I conclude I asked the lions to forgive all of our sins, to accept our good deeds and to keep uniting us for the next 15 days. And just as how universe we're the brothers and sisters were wearing it online. The brothers and sisters were weaving into the television channels all of us just as hobbies united here for this course. For gems from the Koran men unite us in the gardens of Genoa Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I look forward to

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seeing you all tomorrow, same time for up to four o'clock disciple the hammer said Mr. Levin, wonderful somebody Baba bobcats.