Waleed Basyouni – Confronting Your Problems A Khutbah By At Isgh Masjid Hamza On 12 09 2012

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers address the challenges faced by humans, including job losses, social problems, and illnesses. They encourage the audience to find solutions and use their faith in Allah Sub hang wa taala as opportunities. The speakers stress the importance of trusting in Allah's methods and finding ways to express one's values. They also advise against ignoring problems and not giving hope and loss of the soul to anyone. The speakers stress the importance of praying for success and finding ways to achieve success.
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In a hamdulillah hinomoto who want to stay you know who want to study he wanna start Pharaoh one or two below him in surely on fusina amin sejati Melina Maja de la velomobile Allahu Allah yoga lil fella howdy Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wa shadow Wanda Mohammed Abu basura Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Allah Allah Muhammad Kamal solita Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in Naka, hamidah Majeed

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de la All Praise to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worth your fortune, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhana wa tada created this life and made it filled with challenges. Allah subhanho wa Taala promises that this dunya as it's called dunya, something lower, it will never be perfect for anyone. It will not go smooth all the time for anyone. No matter how old or young you are, no matter how rich or poor, you are,

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healthy or sick, a Muslim or a cafe, a good door or an evildoer a righteous or not or not. Every one of human every one of us will have his share or her share of challenges and difficulties that they will go through. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Yeah, you have in San Jose, in caca different in big in caca de la on bigger Canada.

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p. All human being, you're all going to live in challenges, you're all going to face challenges, and catch it means tough ones hard one. That's the nature of this life. Leopard Huracan al insana Fie Cabot, we created human being, and we let them live in this life in this world, your life. And part of living in this earth. Part of living this life is to meet these challenges to go over these challenges to deal with these difficulties in life. And also, in a hurricane in Santa may not fit in am shajing Naphtali, we created human being and we promise every single one of you that they will be tested, they will be tested. And if you notice, all these three verses refer to all humanity did not

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specify a one category, or one group of humanity. We're all going through this. I know that there are so many of us here today, when we reflect about own challenges in life. As I said, no matter what is your gender, what is your age, everyone has his own set of challenges, every one of his own

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set of problems that he or she deal with it, it might be a job that you lost, or a business that you're struggling with. Or maybe a boss or an employee that he giving you a hard time and making. And sometimes it can be very painful and stressful.

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Also, a marriage that is not working out, or a date that you cannot climb yourself out of it.

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It could be a love, that you are not able to fulfill in the hallway, someone that you wish to marry a young man or younger, who are in love with someone and he couldn't get that one that they love. Or sometimes that challenge will be a social problems, maybe your laws giving you a hard time. Or maybe you have relatives who have taken your rights and been abusing you. Maybe it's even somebody close to you. Maybe it's a problem dealing with parents, maybe it's a problem dealing with your teenager or teen ager boy or girl as a son or a daughter giving you a hard time or you so worry about them. And I can or maybe it's a sickness, it's a physical sickness, maybe it's a stress, I can think of so

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many things every individual can go through. And also not only as individually, we have our own problems. We as a community, we have our own challenges as well. As a community we have our own challenges was there always so many times we complain about the shortage of volunteers, the shortage of the financial support from the community. We sometimes have the challenges a community, some people feel that they've been discriminated against. Maybe it is as a community we see that the high rise of the number of unemployment in our community, us as a society

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We have a problems. And just last week, one week from today, or last week, we're all with this what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, as a society as a community, we have a lot of challenges ahead of us. Actually, globally, there are so many problems you can think of. There's so many problems, social, economical, environmental problems. But as I am sure, and I know that all of you can mention so many problems out there. I'm also 100% sure that there is so many solutions out there. As many as there is a problem out there, as many as there are solutions out there. Because the prophets of Allah, they sell themselves my answer, allogrooming da, da, da, da, da, da, there is no disease,

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there is no problem unless there is a cure or a solution for it. That's what the prophets of Salaam said. And in the pain, Rahim Allah said, and it will be very, very narrow minded to look at this hadith and only see it in the physical illness, physical illness, this is a very general statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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It's not what happened to us. And live is the most important thing, actually, the most important thing is what we doing with what happened to us in life. And that the question that I want to raise with you today, my husband, I'm not here to remind you of all your pains. I'm not here to talk about your challenges, and remind you of it and how hard to get out of, but I'm here to tell you that

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you will not live a life of free of challenges. But what I'm here to tell you that you do need to face them alone, you can face them with an advice of a sincere friend, or a support of the community, or a support if your family and that's why we can all face our challenges. And we can overcome brothers and sisters.

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In this short talk, I would like to share with you some principles, some point a few points, that it can help you to overcome these challenges in life. And one and the most important one for me is to start with well be I think I'll be less apparent that every time you face a challenge in your life, I want you to always have that faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala that you know, that you don't ever give hope and a loss of Hana to heart when use of Le Salaam years after he lost his son, which is, you know, any person will think that son has already gone years after that.

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He said to his children.

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Yeah, Benny, the Habu factor has Sumi

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E. While I assume you're wrong

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the only disbelievers are the one who worked for Sega last but not the only disbeliever are the one who are not going to who are going to lose their hope and trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We all should remind ourselves, every time we meet a challenge, in naramata, Allah, Allah boomin and machiney that allows Mercy is so close to the mercy mean, for me hit our canoe, but put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala in kuntum, meaning if you are a believer, what Allah can Allah, Allah, Allah moot, he said, put your trust in the one who is the old living who never dies, who is alive, who is beside you, who is capable of helping you has to be Allah, Allah is my sufficient, La Ilaha Illa who I have no other one to consider. I'm a complete and sufficient except Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, the Almighty, Allah killed and he killed

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him, I put trust on him. And he is the great Lord, the Lord of the great through all these verses, and inspire us and inspire us to always remember that to put our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala it's needed that you let Allah soprano try to do it his way. We don't always understand Allah Subhana Allah His method. We don't always understand the laws of Canada, Allah has a way of handling and doing things. But in the end of the day, I have the trust that is handling it. And I have trust that the one who's handling is the Most Merciful, the most caring one ever. You can think of Rahim Allah who soufiane one of the great scholars of the tablet instead, he said, I never wished that

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Allah Subhana Allah and that my own parents will handle my judgment in the day of judgment will handle my affairs. I always feel more comfortable Allah handling this, then my own parents, which is you will think parents

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Will any absolutely they will not put you in Hellfire or absolute parents will get you the best would wish you the best. And with this he still say I will never wish my parents will be my judge.

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He said I'm so glad that Allah is the only one who's determined to judge people on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because he realized what the prophets or Sallam said, when he saw a woman picked her child after she lost her child. I can imagine you lost your own son for a while and you're looking for your son, and you pick your son and you basically grabbed him Did your chest she was doing that the prophets of Salaam said at Alona and Harvey mukhiya, you have enough? Do you think that this mother will ever throw her child in Hellfire with your own hand with her own choice? They said no way at all sort of law. He said well, the law will be da da da da da da da da he Allah is more

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merciful with you than this woman with her child.

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Don't ever think for a second, you are away from Allah subhanho wa Taala sight or Allah subhanaw taala is not hearing and seeing what you're going through. know Allah. Allah always has way, even with looks, that there is no way out of it. And we all know the story of new Sally's Sara, when his people saw that it didn't end the sea. And when make it even more difficult that Moosa told the benissa in the tune of Israel, no one allowed to bring weapon everybody leaves his or his weapon at home. So now the the told Moosa you told us not to bring what not even if to, to protect ourselves. At that moment, you might ask, what is Allah Subhana? Allah his way out? How can you get out of us?

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How can get us away out of this? What will be the Why did in the sea, and an army well trained army again a citizen and their citizen even they don't have open to protect themselves with it.

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But look, the answer of moosari Sir, it's the lessons that we heard and recorded by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Cal, in

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the No way, no, Allah with me, and he is going to guide me.

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I want to encourage you today to get your your life back. I want you to stay filled with hope, with trust, with Pelican, and Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because you're dealing with the Most Merciful subhanho wa Taala.

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I have a friend

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who had a flu.

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This guy was one of the most active people I've ever met in my life.

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We'll go around, pick somebody from the airport, drop something here, very active brother.

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And he got a flu, but the virus strike his spine

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and are paralyzed. He was in the hospital. And every one of us was thinking, the person that you cannot see him sitting, is now maybe we'll be sitting in chair for the rest of his life.

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Those are very difficult news for us, I think more than him.

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So one of the Friends of a doctor was going to visit him in his room

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and and was thinking about it, who would to tell the man How can you? What do you say in a case like this. But this brother, his heart was almost filled with a man almost filled with one of the righteous people that you can see.

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And when that brother walk into the room to talk to him, he said they saw this big smile in his face.

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And he said before I say anything, he said Alhamdulillah now Allah Subhana Allah giving me a chance to settle down and to finish memorizing the Quran. I don't need to be going around and running all over the place anymore.

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And six months he finished of the Quran, in two years he was walking with a cane to the mustard

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after a therapy

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at that moment, he never forgot that Allah Subhana Allah beside it. He never forgot that the loss of Allah there for him

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that heartful filled of Eman.

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It just remind me of for the loss of Canada Allah said as the process of them related to us and in the history of Omni appdb failure from the Abdi Masha I will be according to your expectation from me. So whatever you expect from me, you will get

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I want to remind you also of the second point I want to share with you today that you know what, with difficulties comes is, as Allah subhanaw taala said,

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In nemorosa you saw in the madrasa you saw a bass Alhamdulillah

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So when

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I was panicked, and I said with difficulty comes ease, an ambassador, I'm so glad that Allah said with it. And he said he didn't say after difficulty is come, it didn't say that he said with it. That's why I want to let you know that if you go into harch, I want you to know that your pay day is coming.

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When you start saying to yourself, you know what, this is not going to work out between me and her or me and him is just the divorce, when you just want to willing to give up and your son and you said, This boy is never This girl is never going to go straight is not going to change. When you are willing to quit. When you're willing to say you know what, I can quit this habit, I can change myself, when you are about to say these words, that's not going to work out, I'm just giving up, I'm going back to the bad way I used to be whenever you're ready to throw the towel, I want you to remember that this is the moment not to back down. This is actually the exact moment you should dig

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your heels in and you stand your course. And to push forward. So many of you, I just give you an example to keep in your mind. So many of us have either children or witness children or maybe heard about the experience of delivering a baby, you know, and never forget my wife when she delivered the baby. When she's about to deliver the baby in the hardest moment of that contractions and delivery upon delivering the boy or the girl. That's right. At that moment. What's everybody telling that woman in the most hardest difficult, challenging moment of this experience? Everybody tell her what back down, let's back off that just suck that baby in.

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And hold on. No, everybody telling her Push, push, push, push forward. So you can go over and overcome that challenge. And I'm telling you at that moment of difficulty What you need is to push forward not to back down is to look for more solutions is to stand your curse and to show your Lord that you trust him subhana wa Tada.

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Look at the moments of victory in the history as recorded to us. Hector in the state as a rustle of unknown unknown called cootie boo Johanna sorona. When the messengers of us will reach to the level that the think that Allah forsake them, that Allah will not giving them a victory when it reached that level that when the victory comes.

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That's the almighty wisdom.

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Which is leading me to the third point.

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Allah subhanaw taala as we believe as Muslims, he doesn't do anything, unless there is a wisdom behind it. Because one of his name is Hakeem, which it means al Hakim will be hikma. Yeah, and he the one who made orders, and this is related to his legislation, or related to whatever he decreed upon us in the studio. with wisdom, there is always a great wisdom behind it. But we as a human being, our knowledge is very limited. That's why our ability to know that every single wisdom, behind every actions, we have everything that you're doing in life, it's a it's not possible. Otherwise, we all have the same knowledge of God, which is makes us similar to him and that no one's

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similar to him. But Allah Subhana Allah wants us also to investigate, to look at what Allah Subhana Allah want from you, when he puts you in that torture. So many people come to me Sure, I Please pray for my circumstances to be changed, yada. Make this you see a difficulties or problem in one country, you always ask about I hope the international community change their position from this, I hope victory come from that you will have your own problem, your debt and stuff like that. I hope I win this or have a gift that you always think about the circumstances that are around you. And you forget that may be the only reason Allah put you in that challenge is not to change your

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circumstances. It's about you to change. It's maybe Allah subhanaw taala want to send you a message to tell you that you need to change yourself

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and need to wake up and to remember what Allah said, in Allah, Allah you may become whatever you may be unforeseen alone will not change your situation until you change yourself first.

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So many of these challenges in life, it is May Allah Subhana Allah want you to pay attention to how you treat your wife, how you treat your spouse, how you treat your kids, how you manage your finance, how we as a community as a community having a problem, maybe we need to check how we are handling this problems and our relationship with our community or maybe our allies.

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Buddha law, it's a wake up call from him to us. I 100% believe I have no doubt in my heart that these challenges in life is not ever meant to break you apart. It meant to you grow to make you grow strong.

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Because the value of the person is not when he or she stands in the time of ease and comfort, actually, the value of you will appear and will clearly determine when and how you stand in a time of difficulties and a time of challenge that will make a man a man and that will make a good person recognized as a good person.

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My brothers and sisters

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and Rahim Allah once was ask Helen in San Jamar consumer up Tara. I'm up terra firma yamaka, kala, la la la, la,

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la, la la la

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Marina lemma Sabo. He was asking him,

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the person who became a leader, then he will be tested, or he will be tested, then will became a leader, he or she, then he said No way, you will be tested first. And based on the result, you deserve that leadership position or not, you deserve that high rank or not. He said, didn't you read what Allah said in the Quran, we have made among them, leaders after they passed the test after they were patient in the test and the kilometres that they have to deal with.

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Brothers and sisters.

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When we talk about challenges in life,

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don't ever be led by your problems. Don't let your problems cover your eyes. Don't let these challenges in life these bad things that are happening to you. Don't let it lead you. We should be led by our dreams, we should be led by our plans for the future. We should be led by our trust and love for Allah subhanho wa Taala we should be led by our faith, not by our problems, not by our negative feelings. We should be led always by our positive feelings and

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an attitude attitude.

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Don't let these problems take over your mind. And subtle, deep in your heart. Put it in front of you look at it, deal with it. But don't ever be led by it.

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And I want you to know that ignoring problems will never help you to solve problems.

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We have to deal with it. I'm not saying ignore it. Because so many people have problems in life and the ignoring. They keep accumulating. They keep getting one credit card after another. Taking one more after another. You know the problem between your response is just getting bigger and bigger. And reaching crossing all these red lines, all these red basically lights coming up and telling you this is a warning sign. Don't ignore it, deal with it. But don't be late with it.

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And also,

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my fourth point I want to share with you

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today is don't ever let these problems knock you down from inside.

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Always from inside, stay strong. Stay positive. They don't remember I said don't let it settle in your heart. Don't let it go inside your heart and take over. You know you might be knocked out from outside. But from inside you all stand tall and strong. When the Muslims lost the battle of effort

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in the beginning what Allah told them while

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alone, don't be sad, don't be don't feel like defeated. You are the higher, you are stronger, you are better even if you lost the battle. But you still from inside you're a winner.

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You know one of the most beautiful one of the most beautiful example was given to the moment what the prophets of Salaam said and there is an indication to this hadith in the Quran as well as

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the prophets of Salaam said method minca method inala the example of the Mothman like the palm tree and in Quran in surah Ibrahim have mentioned something similar to that when he said when I said Kelley mutton pay back a shot in favor.

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Anyway, one of the most beautiful things about palm tree that many people don't know the palm tree if you notice if you look at the her after hurricanes, you know Aftermath I look at any city especially looking Florida areas where hurricane or Bahamas strike you always see these palm trees stand up tall while these thicker trees knocked down. You remember the hurricanes that we have here. So many these thick trees are not under the street but plum trees you will not see very, very rare to find.

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palm tree that it is was basically knocked down. not wrong. Why? Because palm tree have the ability from the top, from the top of the tree can go bent all the way, touch the floor and come back again straight. And that's not exist in any other tree.

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It came back come back strike, when the Prophet Salim said the example of the movement, the nakhla, it is to inspire us. And to tell us no matter how things bend you, you should come back again. bounce back against right and strong.

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You should not let ever be defeated from inside.

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Brothers and sisters.

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah and the Minister of faith to be center

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, ala Mallanna, via the

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mighty brothers and sisters will never be able to solve a problems by using the same kind of thinking we use when we created them.

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That's a rule. You need to think about how can you deal with it in a maybe a different way? why this happened, what caused the problem? I have seen a lot of people come to me, especially in marriage issues or consulting me about their children. And I see that they deal with symptoms, they don't deal with the root of the problem. You know, heavy be the root of the problem that your kids not they don't trust you.

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The problem is, is not that he raised his voice. The problem is he's not convinced that you are taking responsibility of the house. He doesn't trust that you really the father figure, he has no respect for you.

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Maybe the problem young man, that your father all these problems, you have your father, because your father on the other hand, he's basically doesn't understand who you are. And you need to speak up and to talk to your father to your mother about you and what you want, and to express yourself properly. Maybe the problem is that you know what, there is no respect in the house, maybe the problem, it is a matter of time management issue. So don't deal with the symptoms, look at the root of the problems and deal with it.

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One of the also points that I want to share with you today, when it comes to problems, Watch your words. Watch what you say about your problems, how you speak about your problems. And I'm not in favor of speaking about a problem. And I'm in favor of speaking to our problems. But in any way, if you ever want to talk about a watch how, what's the language that you use? And don't underestimate that? Don't say that's the worst ever. Don't say I cannot further say I will try. Don't say it cannot be done. Ask how it can be done. And let me try.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:07

That's why in Islam, it the Prophet Solomon he said when a person say holla cannot be part of who I like whoever said, Oh, people are bad, he is the worst. What's your language?

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we should fill our hearts as I said at the beginning, what

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optimism. optimism is about seeing opportunities in your difficulties. Don't be pessimist who sees difficulties in every opportunities in their life. Don't be like that. I want you to be filled with optimism. Cannon abuso Southern cavalry headed as your gebouw

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he loved Salalah sell them optimism.

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And finally,

00:28:45 --> 00:28:47

two quick points. Consult.

00:28:49 --> 00:29:24

Look for people that you trust that they love you that they have knowledge, they have wisdom and consulted them. consultation is a very important tool in facing challenges. I said you didn't need to face it by yourself. You can have a lot of good people, you consult your spouse consult even your hour i'm in favor of consulting of children's and I'm especially if they're our elders, let them part of your life that make them very close to you. Especially if you have college in college age kids or graduate from college consultant A lot of us to say in the old days have been Luca severe adept.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:41

At the Kabbalah shower, the little kids you can use any made him behave them behave properly and represent them if they make mistakes. And if they became teenager, you're always ready give them reminder and when they grow after the teenager stage, you always consult them.

00:29:43 --> 00:29:47

Also, the last point that I have for you today is

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Make a lot of when you are in a hardship and calamity because the drought during that time is heard and accepted by Allah. I was once watching an interview

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In a TV, in a rich man in Emirates, and they asked him about his experience of live and what you have seen and, and he said something was very interesting. He said, there was one incident we'll never forget, I walked out of my palace one day, walking in the street. And he said, I saw this little mustard next to the, the neighborhood next to my neighborhood. And in it, someone who's like so into the dirt, raising his hand crying, so into the dirt, I felt in my heart. So something stopped me and walk into the master. I prayed to rock as he didn't even notice me. And he said, he was so interesting that he said to me, some must be going through very hardship. I waited about 10

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minutes, then I approached the man and he said, Hey, I saw you so yeah, any, any sad, and is there anything I can help you. And he said, with tears in his eyes, he said, my wife in the hospital, and the hospital holding, and he basically, he wanted to do a transplant, kidney, and there is a donor, but he want to charge him money, but he doesn't have enough money to pay for that transplant to be done. So he said, I'm gonna short in 5000.

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And that man offered immediately the money and he gave it to him.

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Then he said, This is my business card. You look like an honest man I can use, I trust any given time in your life, he said, That's nothing for me 5000 or nothing. He said, anytime you need help, just give me a call. He gives me back my business card. And he said, Thank you. If anytime I need help I know who to call.

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The one who have sent you to me.

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A da is a very powerful tool for using it. And I will guarantee you that there is no single route you have done, have went in vain. It's either something you will see it in near future, or something Allah subhanaw taala protect you, according to your draft from it, or something Allah want to keep it fully as a form of reward for you in a day, when you need that reward the most. When you are in front of your scale, and you see the good deeds and the bad deeds. And at that time, maybe that thing that you pray for it to happen, you maybe got it and enjoyed it and wasted it in the dunya and you cannot benefit from it. And maybe Allah kept it as a form of reward for you. And that will make

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you survive in the day of judgment that will make you closer to the prophets of Solomon and that will raise your higher engine. You don't know what Allah has planned for you. But what I know for sure, that Allah has planned for me and for you as the best plan.

00:32:39 --> 00:33:04

May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who are strong, and their Eman. May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who will be able to solve our problems and other people's problems. May Allah spirit Allah I know you're coming in with Philippine law minya silicondust I'm in an IV politic. Well, interferon Ana de novo nanto homina yada yada you Aloma Masek, Nicola hi Robin Sharma Kula yada

00:33:06 --> 00:33:47

yada yada calm and one in the midst of Athena fee Surya lamalfa. Rajan Han Solo Nasir masala do we cover Do you find the one and masala Fiona feedback Stan? Well Bora Bora, moto Philistine, Aya Yun la manzanilla huddle Mr. de la Baraka Tim indicated agenda Dr. Crump will fulfill Muslim in a fee Bella de nada Houston Nicola higher in homophone yada yada you allow minions located on January crom and Tara Nevada Valentina v Alina para Bettina whether we are here Minami Allah Hakuna Elena Allah Ameen whom Allah Eugene masala Hama, Salima barichara Muhammad he was Satoshi Nakamoto, Satya

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